Giving Birth To Pervy Ideas

"You look like crap," Amanda remarked as Richard stepped onto the long balcony that allowed access to both their apartments. Leaning on the railing she took a drag of her cigarette before she continued. "I thought you and Sallie did well. What happened?"

Richard leaned heavily on the railing as he took an offered cigarette and lit it. "Everything went fine till I blew it all with a small mistake."

"Small mistakes don't ruin a date," his neighbor chided him.

"Well... It started out good. Third date. The Italian restaurant you recommended. We were at desserts when she had this brilliant idea that each of us should share a secret. To get to know each other better."

"Oh Rick," Amanda groaned. "You didn't..."

"Richard," he corrected her. He hated it to be called Rick or even worse Dick. "And I did."

"Oh boy," Amanda remarked. "I told you to keep that back until the eighth date or later."

"It is part of me," Richard protested.

"Oh, I know. Yesterday you blanked out for a minute as those three women walked by. I mean I, as a lesbian, can sympathize with fantasizing about them, but your obsession with latex is ... well."

"It is not an obsession," he countered. " I just have an eye for women who would look good in latex and what latex garments might fit them best."

"You have to admit blanking out to daydream-design those latex garments is a tad weird. Well, you blew it. Mind if I take a shot at her? She is cute after all."

Richard shot her an annoyed look. "Well, you can have her though I doubt you have a chance. Unless you are a witch too."

"Aww. Someone is angry. No need for name calling though," Amanda said with a big grin.

"Ha! No. That's her secret. She is a witch or she thinks she is one. Made a big scene right there in the restaurant when she cursed me." Richard shook his head. "Maybe I have my flaws, but at least I am not crazy. I might just have dodged a bullet there."

"Maybe. Depends on the curse."

"Oh, not you too. Well. She shouted something about me being the model of my fetish or so. And to give birth to my perverted ideas." Richard rolled his eyes. "The sad thing that is I really liked her. Before I knew she thinks she is a witch."

Amanda patted him on the back. "Well, I think you could use a beer. Be right back."

Richard saw her walk towards her apartment. In some morbid way, it was hilarious what bad luck he had with women. His ideal woman who understands him is his neighbor and a lesbian. And if he goes out of his way to find someone else he finds a wannabe witch.

Sighing he let his head hang. He really could use a beer and then a good nights sleep.


Richard groaned as the first rays of sun blinded him. Of course, he had forgotten to draw the blinds. He cursed under his breath as his head was pounding. Hangover? From one glass wine and later one beer with Amanda? He really must be getting old.

He blinked against the sun and slowly his eyes adjusted. Only to see a curtain blocking his view. One that was strangely close. He used one of his hands to sweep it away and felt a pull on his head. The curtain ... was his hair? His mind struggled to make sense of it.

Then he saw his hand and his eyes bulged. They looked slender, feminine, and a far cry from his usual muscular build.

"Oh no no no no," he muttered under his breath. It sounded definitely too high in pitch to him. He pulled his bed covers away and let out a high-pitched scream.

The body of a woman. It couldn't be! This was impossible. Maybe a bad dream? He pinched his soft skin. It felt real. So felt the big slap he gave himself against his, face. Not a dream.

Mind reeling he made his way out of his bed. He needed to see himself in the mirror. Standing up proofed to be challenging. He swayed back and forth. Was he still drunk? Gradually he steadied himself and he noticed why it was so hard to stand upright. Under his hands, he felt a big bubble butt, tiny waist, and breasts so big he couldn't even guess the size.

While leaning on the wall he made his way towards the bathroom. His hand found the light switch and he gasped as he saw his own reflection. "Holy shit I look like a frickin' model."

Long brown tresses framed a beautiful and exotic looking face, that had large brown eyes, a petite nose, high cheeks and kissable lips.

His eyes slowly drifted downward and took in the many details. The slender neck and narrow shoulders. Slender arms with a hint of muscles underneath. His big bust was from this angle not as big as he had dreaded, but definitely upwards of D-cup.

The waist looked impishly small and it flowed into a big butt and shapely tights. New legs that were long and well shaped.

His body was perfect. The figure of a dream girl. His very own dream girl. Slowly it dawned on him. The curse. It was real! His ex-girlfriend has cursed him. It had not been a joke.

He made his way out of his bathroom. Still on shaky legs. He got better at keeping his balance in this over-proportioned body. Maybe soon he would get used to it and walk normally. Something he didn't want to find out.

He fished for his smartphone on the nightstand. It didn't take him long to find Sallie in his contacts. Maybe he should rename her contact to "witch". Shaking his head he concentrated on the matters at hand.

He heard the ringing and waited impatiently for her to pick up. The ringing changed as she declined his call. Angrily he called again.

"The person you have called is temporarily not available. Please..."

This time it was Richard who hung up. How could she dare to curse him like that and then ignoring him? He didn't know where she lived, but he vowed he would find her and make her lift the curse!

But first, he had to get dressed. Maybe some sweatpants and a t-shirt might fit. Standing up he saw his reflection in another mirror. Damn, he looked good. Someone with his body should lounge around the beach. Maybe in a bikini.

He already could envision it as he slipped into his usual daydreaming. Top and bottom both yellow latex with thick black stripes and accents. The top was a neck holder with triangle cups barely hiding the assets beneath. Below the band of black latex, that held the breasts from below, the yellow latex peeked out in playful ruffles. Those could be found on the backside of the bikini briefs too.

Richard shook his head again. This was no time to slip into his usual daydreaming. He had to get dressed and ...

His thoughts eluded him as his groin twitched in pleasure and his legs buckled below him. With a moan, he sank to his knees and against his bed on the floor. Confused he stared down his body to the part he had mostly ignored till now.

Waves of pleasure radiated from his belly to his snatch. It felt so good as it rhythmically pulsed within him. It was as if something wanted to get out. To free something from his netherly confines.

Then he felt it. Something was moving. Slowly gliding over the sensitive walls of his vagina. Alien yet strangely familiar. He didn't know how he knew what to do, but he pushed. Helped along whatever wanted to break free out of him.

By now his fingers had found their way down, unable to deny the allure of pleasure and need. They were the first to touch the slick something coming out of him.

His breathing ragged as he pushed with all his might and his fingers started to pull. Seconds later he let out a long sigh as he pulled it free. As his breathing calmed down he looked at what he was holding.

It was a ball of latex. Mostly yellow with stripes of black. He unfolded it and came face to face with a familiar bikini neck holder top. The same one he had just daydreamed about.

Another pulse down below made him grunt and drop the bikini top. The pleasure and pressure returned. Richard tried to catch his breath as another item made its way down from his womb to his snatch.

When he finally pulled another bundle of black and yellow out he instinctively knew that they were the matching bikini briefs. He dropped them to the side. His need took priority and despite all, he hadn't come yet. With abandon, his fingers dug into his snatch till he came in a loud scream of passion.

Exhausted Richard stared at the latex bikini. Had he really given birth to it? Logic took a backseat to the vivid memory of what just happened. Giving birth to his pervy ideas indeed. It reminded him of Sallie and the curse.

Lazily he fished for his phone and dialed again. He heard ringing and then suddenly crackling. The phone turned hot and he dropped it just in time to see a big lighting spark span from end to end of his phone.

That was impossible. A smartphone's battery didn't have enough juice to create something like that. As impossible as giving birth to latex garments.

His nose caught the smell of burning plastic a second before a small flame broke forth of his phone. Cursing he clamored to his feet and darted to the bathroom. A moment later he dumped a glass of water over his dead phone.

"Shit!" he cursed and flinched at his own breathy high feminine voice. With his phone gone he had no way to contact Sallie. He didn't even know where she lived.

His mind spun till he remembered. The record shop where he had met her. He knew she was fairly often there. She had admitted as much on a previous date.

Richard dreaded to go out, but what choice did he have? His gaze fell on the bikini pieces. "Might as well," he murmured. Thankfully latex was pretty stretchable and with some fumbling, he managed to get the top over his head and new breasts. Pulling up the bikini briefs reminded him of his long perfect legs.

Next on his agenda was pants. Jeans was downright out. He seriously doubted that his new derriere would fit in his old jeans. His mind conjured the image of his new body squeezed into a tight pair of jeans. But slowly the material got shiny as in his vision the pants turned into latex. Light blue with darker blue detailing to simulate texture and seams.

Richard blinked a few times to chase away his daydream. He had no time for it. "Oh fuck me," escaped him as a monster pulse of pleasure clawed its way out of him.

He barely managed to fall onto the bed when the next wave hit him. Again he felt the need to push and slowly he learned to time it with each pulse. It didn't take long for light blue latex to push out of him. Stretching his bikini briefs till he managed to pull them to the side.

This time it was longer and more intense. More mass pushed itself through the tight passage of his virgin hole. As the last bit of latex left him he finally found himself basking in the afterglow of an orgasm.


Richard finally slipped out of his apartment. After giving birth to a fake jeans latex leggings he had needed time to calm down. Of course, he just had to try it on. A big mistake. As he had looked in the mirror he couldn't help but dream up a matching maroon colored ruffled blouse. Then he gave birth to it after barely managing to peel his latex pants off in time.

To his shame, he wore all of it now. After going through so much trouble he might as well, right? Still, he didn't dare to go out as such. He wore some old trainers - way too big for his dainty new feet - and a t-shirt that got spanned tightly over the globes of his new tits.

Of course, latex pants have no pockets so he crammed keys and other things in his backpack. Then he had finally ventured out.

"I was joking yesterday, but looks like Richard really called a hoe."

Richard cringed as he saw Amanda leaning against her apartment door. Of course he had to run into her and of course, she mistook him for a streetwalker. With a body like that pretty much anyone would.

"I don't mean to be rude," Amanda continued. "In fact, I wouldn't mind a round with you myself. You do ladies, right?"

Richard blushed. Not ten feet away from his home and he ran into trouble. Now the girl he had secretly a crush for was offering sex to him. Something he had dreamed of and thought impossible. If he just had his normal body and she would still be willing. He shook his head and felt blood running through his head. Turning away he marched away.

Only to be cut short as someone grabbed his backpack. "Hey that's Richards," Amanda said from behind. "You ain't robbing him, right?"

Richards mind was furiously searching for an answer. "He ... Uhm ... my backpack broke and ... I ... Uhm ... he offered his."

Turning around he saw Amanda and her scrutinizing gaze. "I don't think so," she declared a moment later. "Let me look into it or we go back and ask Richard. Your choice."

They couldn't go back. There was no Richard. Not a normal one. He contemplated running away, but how far would he come? In oversized trainers and with this alien body it was a miracle that he hadn't fallen down in a heap yet. Reluctantly he let the backpack slide from his shoulders.

Since when had Amanda become so scary? She looked taller and was so confident. No. Richard mentally corrected himself. He must have shrunk quite a bit. He was still taller than her, but only slightly and thanks to his long legs.

"Busted," Amanda said triumphantly. "Car keys and his wallet. I think it's time we go back and call the cops."

"Amanda no," slipped past Richard's lips. "I can explain..."

"Explain?" Amanda asked with a huff of irritation as she grabbed Richards arm in a surprisingly vice-like grip. "How about you tell me how you know my name."

Richard cursed his slip of words. He had to think of something. No. Fuck that. It was too late for lies. "I am Richard," he half-whined as Amanda dragged him on.

"Try again missy," Amanda only said. Arriving at Richard's apartments she banged on his door.

"The curse, Amanda. The curse is real."

Amanda stopped her fist mid-air and looked to Richard. "Is this a joke? Did Richard put you up to this? April the first was like two months ago."

"It's me. Richard," he insisted. "Sallie must be a witch for real." Seeing the doubt in Amanda's eyes he searched for something to convince her. "You used to ash into the flowers of old Miss Blackbriar."

"Everyone knows that besides the old hag. Try again."

"The first and only time you smoked weed you had to violently fart for two days."

"I... I was drunk when I told Richard that. He would never..." She paused for a few moments. "Richard?"

"Yes. Yes, it is me. And I do know how unbelievable it sounds. I woke up like this and ... I need to find Sallie and undo this!"

"Curses are real?" Amanda asked shocked. Still not really believing. "You have to tell me more. Come with me."

She dragged him to her apartment. Apparently, it wasn't his choice if he wanted to or not.


Richard sat in Amanda's living room while she paced around. "Help me try to understand this. When did you change to ... this."

"I don't know. I woke up like this. It has to be the curse. It fits perfectly," Richard explained.

"Perfectly? What was the wording again?"

"To be the model for my fetish or so and ..."

"And?" Amanda urged after Richard had fallen silent.

"To ... Uhm ... give birth to my perverted ideas. Apparently, the curse is quite literal."

Amanda gave him a doubtful look. "Literal like ... ?"

"You remember my daydreams?"

"Your usual spacing out? How could I not?"

"Well, this morning when I saw this body I thought it was perfect for a bikini." He pulled up the t-shirt and the blouse to the side. "This bikini. Later I made the mistake to imagine latex jeans followed by a maroon blouse. The very same I am now wearing."

"You are bullshitting me, right? They just poof into existence?"

"Literally," Richard urged. "The curse is very literally. I freakin' gave birth to them."

Amanda gave a quick sharp laugh. Not knowing how else to react. "You are saying that if you, for example, image me in a catsuit then you would give birth to a catsuit. Like spread your legs and push push push?"

Richard didn't answer. Couldn't really. For a moment he let his defense fall and he couldn't' help but to imagine it. Amanda in a tight catsuit. Pastel pink would match her blue eyes and blond hair perfectly. The latex clinging to every nook and cranny. Zippers provided easy access to her breasts, butthole and snatch.

"Oh freakin' fuck," Richard pressed out when he finally could see the living room again. Alarmed he stood up only to fall down as a spasm of pleasure twitched through him.

His mind was in a panic. A catsuit had way more latex than pants. A whole fucking lot more and the pants already had been a big ordeal. Unsure how long he had till coherent thought left him he started to roll down the tight clinging pants.

Amanda meanwhile watched flabbergasted a big breasted dream frantically pulling at her pants. "This is a dream, right? No way this is real." To her amazement, soft pink latex pushed out of the girl moaning on her couch.

She really was giving birth and Amanda hesitantly made her way over. It was fascinating to see how her slight puffy mount stretched to the max and how slowly - push by push - more pink latex quelled forth.

Richard, if it was really Richard, clawed frantically at the rubbery material to get it out. Amanda sat down and pulled herself. It helped, but Richard winced when she pulled too hard. There was a pace - a rhythm - to each push and Amanda marveled at the sight before her. This was hot and she felt her own juices start running.

Suddenly Richard was trashing and Amanda needed a moment to calm her panic. She just came. Her feminized neighbor of three years came on her couch giving birth to an endless string of latex. It was the hottest thing Amanda had ever seen. And this was far from over.

She counted two more screaming orgasms till the last slip of latex was pushed out and Richard collapsed in exhaustion. She pulled the bundle of pastel pink to her nose. It smelled of latex and sex.

Slowly she unfolded it and saw the catsuit in all its glory. She had to try it on, but she gave a worried glance to Richard. "Richard? Rick?" He, or rather she, was out of it. Thankfully Amanda could see her breasts slightly heaving. She was just knocked out.

Biting her lip, Amanda dragged her - not strictly voluntary - gift to her bedroom. Her clothes flew off her but donning the pastel pink garment was harder than she had thought. It was easier after she remembered the olive oil in her kitchen.

Once done she admired herself in the mirror. It fit her perfectly and she felt divine. That and naughty. With a wicked grin, she made her way back to Richard.


Richard woke up with a fluffy light blanket on him. Confused he looked around till his eyes fell on Amanda. She sat nearby. Looking like a dream come true in a pastel pink catsuit. One he was intimately familiar with. "What happened?" he asked.

"You passed out. Sorry ... I didn't mean to ..." She let her hands roam over her latex clad body. "I didn't believe you till ... Here. Drink this." She handed him a glass of water. "You must be parched."

That he was and Amanda had to stop him from drinking too quickly.

"How long was I out?"

"About two hours. How are you feeling?"

"Like I am stuck on a rollercoaster."

"I can Imagine. Well, sort of..." She scooted closer and took his hand. Placing it on her tight. "What do you think? How do I look? Worth to be passed out for two hours?"

He had just downed a glass of water. How came it that his mouth was already dry again? Not trusting his voice he nodded.

"Well, if this lasts for a while you might want to wear pants with a zipper," Amanda suggested.

"Cheese Cracker. Paprika Cracker. Sea salt pepper..."

"What are you doing?" a confused Amanda wanted to know.

"Avoiding a daydream," Richard pressed out.

"Oh. Well." To change the subject she moved Richards hand to her crotch. "Look what I found out. Metal zipper. Guess you can do more than just latex." Richard looked away with a deep red blush on his face. "You look so cute like that Ricky."

"It's Richard. Not Rick," he automatically corrected her. Only a moment later his mind caught up. "And not Ricky either."

Amanda leaned over and whispered conspiratorially in his ear. "But Richard is way too long. If someone naughty like you has to wear her name on a choker Ricky would fit far better, right?"

Richard couldn't answer even if he wanted to. Amanda lightly grinding his hand into her crotch and whispering into his ear had the intended result. Thoughts of crackers eluded him as he already could see himself wearing in his new body wearing a black latex band as a choker. Slowly his name appeared as bedazzlement on his choker. Not Richard, but Ricky. Gleaming in his daydream. But it wasn't right yet. It looked too flimsy. Slowly it thickened and fake seams appeared. Resembling more a dog collar than a choker.

"Oh, you deviant..." He started after slipping out of his daydream and stopped with a moan as he felt Amanda's fingers in his snatch.

More animalistic grunts escaped him as the pleasure waves and pulses radiated out from his womb. He squirmed under her expert hands and when the choker made its way out Richard buckled in well-deserved orgasmic bliss.

"You aren't playing fair," Richard accused her after catching his breath.

"Poor little Ricky. Fingered off by her neighbor and all she got for it is a bedazzled choker," Gently Amanda placed the newly born choker in Richard's hand. "Come on. Wear it for me."

Richard let his fingers roam over the name on the choker. It was just like he had daydreamed about it. On the back, he found a metal clasp. Amanda was right. He could do more than metal, but he guessed only as secondary material. Looking up he saw Amanda close by. Waiting patiently with hungry eyes.

"If you wear it I have a special reward for you," she promised him.

Damn. It was hard to think when she sat so close to him. Dressed as a latex goddess. Giving up with a sigh he lifted the choker up to his neck. The clasp clicked and the choker fitted snugly.

"That looks divine on you Ricky. Well, a promise is a promise. How about instead of something coming out of your tight little snatch I put something in? I have a hard strap-on in my bedroom that begs to make your acquaintance."

Richard swallowed hard. This was more than getting fingered by her. Amanda wanted sex with him. He had dreamed of this day, just not in this way. Should he say no? Or yes?

He could already see her in her tight pastel pink latex catsuit. Above it, straps in the same pastel pink wielded a fake neon pink dick to her crotch. She looked so commanding that he could already imagine himself spreading his legs.

"I guess you don't want it," Amanda said and drew his attention. "Had a little daydream there, right?"

"Oh, shit," was all he could say before the now familiar erotic pulsing took over his logical thinking.

"Look! You are growing a dick again," Amanda said in excitement.

Richard couldn't help, but to look. The head of a neon pink dong slowly parted his nether lips. Growing longer and longer.

"Too bad you can't feel that one," Amanda said. Then she grabbed the dick and gave it a few strokes. "You can't, right?"

Richard whimpered a no. That was all he could manage. Finally, the dick was out and the straps started to appear, but somehow it wasn't getting easier.

"Double-ended. How considerate of you," Amanda breathed into his ears. All Richard could do was whimper and push. "You didn't come, did you?" Amanda asked when she finally pulled the latex strap-on free.

Richard shook his head.

"Can't use this here. Not properly," Amanda said while holding up her newest prize. "Let's get you in my bed."

She worked an arm under Richard and pulled him up. His breasts shifted and now he felt their total weight again. Funny how he had forgotten about them. How natural it had become to him while rocking in orgasmic bliss. Now their heavy pull reminded him again and his diamond-hard nipples strained against his latex blouse. Damn, he was horny. Again.

With shaky legs and leaning on Amanda, he made his way over to her bedroom. Funny. He had never been here before. Now he wondered how deep he was falling into Amanda's grasp and if he even wanted to get free again.

Soon he found himself laying on silken sheets. His eyes glued on Amanda as she swayed in a little sensual dance. Her hands roamed downward on her body till they found the zipper in her crotch. As she slowly opened it a wet sheen made its way down her legs. She was as horny as Richard he realized.

She made a show of slowly picking up her new strap-on. Stepping into the straps and slowly pulling it up. A cute little gasp as the inner neon pink dildo parted her lips and a sensual moan as she rammed it home. She pulled the buckles tight and then she was complete. The goddess in latex Richard had dreamed about not long ago.

"Do you want me?" she purred as she slowly climbed on the bed.

"Yes," Richard whispered mesmerized.

"Do you want this?" she asked. Stroking the fake dick.

He nodded, while his eyes are glued to hers.

She crawled close. Her head leaning down. Lips so close to his ear. The tip of her dick so close to his place of need. "Then we have a problem," she purred.

Alarmed and desperate he looked at her.

"You see. For me, the strap-on is something special. Only for those that I am dating. Do you want me to be your girlfriend? You sexy naughty girlfriend?"

"Yes! Please. Yes. I want you as my girlfriend. Dreamed about it for so long."

"But I am a lesbian. I date only woman."

"But I am one," Richard whimpered.

"You are a cursed man," she breathed into his ear and mind. "Or are you? Cursed man or blessed woman? Richard or Ricky?"

Richards thoughts spun in panic. What was he? Could he give all up? His life? For her? All his dreams so close in his grasp. All he had to say was... "Ricky," he said out loud.

"And my Ricky is a...?"

Ricky somehow knew there was no coming back. Maybe that was part of the curse. Or the blessing as Amanda put it. "A woman," she answered.

"Who's woman are you Ricky?"

"Yours Amanda. I am yours. Your girlfriend. Your..." Ricky screamed in ecstasy as Amanda pushed deep into her.

"Don't stop," Amanda commanded. "Say it again and again."

"I am Ricky," she pressed out between moans. "Your girlf... slutty ... latex ... girlfriend. R-Ricky ... girlfriend… oh my ..." She exploded in euphoric bliss. Silenced by Amanda in a needy kiss. Together they rocked in passion. Riding the surge of raw energy. Connected by the neon pink stiffness buried between both their legs.

When they finally calmed down Amanda's hot lips found their way to Ricky's ear again. "Oh, Ricky. My sexy little minx. I have big plans for you. Big plans. Tomorrow you will be lost in an ocean of daydreams, but tonight. Tonight I will teach you that there is more to sex than raw humping. I will show you just how lucky you are to be a woman. My woman."

And she kept her promise.

The end?

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