Nanites -- Chap. 7-8

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Chapter Seven

Story by Leslie Moore, edited by Dee Sylvan, formatting by Dawn Natelle

As Rodney rode in the town car across Manhattan, he thought about his luncheon with his old college friend. He thought about how tired he looked, how old he seemed, and it made him sad.

He chuckled and thought to himself, feeling sad? Was he feeling sad about someone else? That certainly wasn’t at all like Rodney. He’d never cared about anyone in his life. Feeling sad about an old friend must be coming from Jillian side of his brain.

The Jillian side of his whole being! He’d changed so much in the past six weeks. The only vestiges left of Rodney were in his mind. The nanites hadn’t erased his memories or his ability to see through his old eyes. But, he was living inside a new person. He wondered, am I going to be a woman who still thinks like a man? Or am I going to eventually become a woman with a few old memories of Rodney?

The nanotechnology had remade him into a completely different person physically. He’d lost an amazing amount of weight, he’d grown healthier and younger. He had never felt so mentally stable or happier in his life. He was literally starting another life thanks to nanotechnology.

Was abandoning Rodney a bad thing? It wasn’t like Rodney was the king of the world. In all actuality, the only thing different between Rodney and a crazy, homeless person was money. And Jillian would still have Rodney’s money.

He wondered if he’d miss Rodney as he became Jillian. But Rodney’s life sucked. Living a hermit’s life in the middle of New York City wasn’t good. It was simply surviving.

He was running all these oddball thoughts through his head as he sat in the doctor’s waiting room. Jillian was meeting with Dr. Kumar this afternoon.

She stopped her daydreaming when a nurse called her name. Jillian followed her back into an examination room. She weighed 128 pounds. She measured 5’7”. Her blood pressure was 125/75. Her temperature was 98.6 degrees. Then, she was led back to Dr. Kumar’s office.

Dr. Kumar introduced herself and invited Jillian to sit down. She asked Jillian to fill her in with a brief history. Jillian created an elaborate story of starting her transition last year. Now she wanted to update her documents to support her new life. She showed her fingerprint proof and the copies from her lawyer for a change request for ID papers.

The doctor listened to what she had to say, read through the papers, and finally, put them down on her desk. She folded her hands and looked at Jillian. “And what do you want from me?”

“I’d like a document from you. A paper certifying that I am now female.”

Dr. Kumar smiled. “I don't have a problem with your request. To provide you with a letter, I’ll need to examine you.”

“Of course.”

Dr. Kumar stood up and motioned for Jillian to follow her. As she did, Jillian noted the woman’s shoes and stockings. Both were pretty and she filed the information away for her next shopping trip.

Inside Jillian’s brain, Rodney was grinning. It reminded him that he liked his call girls to leave their stockings and heels on for sex.

Rodney had a brief thought about sex. What would sex be like now as Jillian? After having sex as a man for so long, what differences would he notice? Then he had an odd thought. What if the nanites prevented him from having an orgasm?

Jillian entered the examination room. The doctor asked her if she wanted a paper grown and Jillian shook her head no. Except for her panties, she took off her clothes. She folded them neatly on a chair.

Dr. Kumar was professional and thorough. She used a stethoscope to listen to her breathe. With her gloved hands, she manipulated Jillian’s breasts and watched her nipples respond and grow erect. She had Jillian raise her arms above her head then do several motions to touch her nose, to stand on one foot, and to follow her finger with just her eyes.

She had Jillian sit on the examination table and used a rubber mallet to check her reflexes. She asked her questions about smoking and recreational drugs. She asked her how many drinks she had each week. She looked in her ears and eyes. She had her open her mouth and say ‘ah’.

Finally, Dr. Kumar put down her instruments and reached under the table and pulled out two large chromed metal stirrups. She lifted them up and locked them into place. She pulled out a fresh roll of paper and covered the tabletop. “Up you go, but remove your panties first please.”

Jillian blushed. “Uh, I’m having my period, but it’s pretty light.” Jill started to get up on the table and lay down.

Dr. Kumar blinked and looked straight at her. “What did you say?”

“My period.”

“How’s that possible? I thought you told me you were transgender.” Dr. Kumar looked shocked.

Jillian was thinking quickly as she put her feet in the stirrups. “I had some internal surgeries, organ transplants.”

Dr. Kumar looked confused. She got out her instruments and warmed them with her gloved hands. She pulled up a stool and sat down between Jillian’s spread legs. Jillian tried to take deep breaths while the woman examined her and taking a scraping from the inside. Jillian lay there feeling helpless as the doctor finished up.

After the internal, Jillian was left alone to get dressed. After a minute, the nurse politely knocked and asked her to wait there in the examination room until the doctor returned.

Ten minutes later, Dr. Kumar returned with an envelope. She opened it and showed Jillian the letter. It was perfect, stating that Jillian Catherine Rodney was a healthy woman.

Jillian shook her hand and thanked her.

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Jillian. Good luck with your new life.”

Jillian took a taxi back to the penthouse. On the way across town, she decided to try out the new vibrators that Sarah had sent over. After having someone else examine her internally, she felt ready to explore and experience her own body.

* * *

Arnold moved everything from his car to the kitchen. The nanotechnology containers were sitting in the coolers. Then, he went online to buy small containers with screw-on tops. Finding what he wanted, Arnold ordered one hundred and twenty, enough for holding two batches of nanites.

Arnold planned to steal another six liters of nanites out of the company storage tank to sell off in the next few weeks. He’d done the math. Each liter of nanites was worth a million dollars.

His first customer would be the transgendered Rock Star. She lived in Hollywood and would be traveling to New York to appear on the Late Show next week. He decided to write to her in care of her publicist.

He’d got a copy of Fortune Magazine and indexed their list of elderly women who were rated as the richest in the world.

He also Googled ‘rich women who were ill’.

He figured he’d have all the doses sold before the end of the week. All he had to do was figure out the right way to market them.

* * *

Sarah called Rodney on his cell. He didn’t pick it up. Imagine that, she thought. Now he’s not answering my calls. She wanted to share the findings from the Federal Study and tell him how pleased the government was with their results. They’d probably study the findings for three months and then draw up another proposal. Hopefully, this would be a sixty-day trial.

Sarah was thinking back to their dinner the other night when Rodney told him how mentally sound he was feeling. Sarah was very impressed with the job her nanites were doing.

Sarah kept thinking about would happen if she were to swallow a dose of the nanites. Would she live forever with perfect health? She knew that as the government’s awareness of the nanites potential grew, they would step in and control nanotechnology distribution. She envisioned the government owning the technology and possibly outlawing it, too. She envisioned a secret society controlling the nanites for their own use.

Should she take a dose before the government has control? It might be her last opportunity at possessing eternal life.

She knew that Rodney was still trying to adapt to being a woman, but Sarah was looking past that and imagining what it would be like thirty years from now when Rodney/Jillian was still looking and behaving like she was twenty-five.

In the back of her mind, the urge to take the nanites was growing stronger. Who wouldn’t want to be young and beautiful forever?

* * *

Jillian headed into Rodney’s condo. In the past twenty-four hours, she’d spent more time outside his condo than he had in the past year. She had enjoyed roaming around New York, but couldn’t wait to get undressed and in the shower.

She’d stopped at the local green market and purchased some fresh vegetables. On impulse, she went into the shop next store and walked around for a few minutes. Picking out a few items, she carried them to the front and paid for them. Jillian smiled at the clerk and got a smile back.

In one arm, she held the greens for her dinner. She could smell the fresh herbs and vegetables. In the other hand was a bag from the candle shop. Jillian could smell the scented candles even through the packaging.

As she lathered up in the shower, she mentally went over the day. Going crosstown for dinner, going to the salon, having lunch with his old friend, then visiting the doctor. It was the most active he’d been in years.

She was not drinking large quantities of water and not passing any more waste. She speculated that the nanites had finished the transition.

Jillian dried off and moisturized her skin. She picked out a lavender and white short satiny nightgown with a fringe of lace. After primping in the mirror and fluffing her hair, she got two big towels from the closet. She pulled back the covers and spread them out on the bed on top of the sheet. She took the three candles out of their wrapping and set them on the table. Jillian lit them and turned off the lights. She slid under the covers and got out the two boxes that Sarah had sent over. Sitting up in bed, she opened the packages. The scent of the candles was flooding her senses. It was nice.

The first package was a vibrator. It had a large round rubbery ball, almost as big as her fist, connected to a handle with several batteries in it. It had a big switch on the side. She turned it on and the ball hummed and vibrated. She touched the ball with a finger and closed her eyes imagining where to put it. She turned it off and opened the other box.

The second box contained a dildo. It vibrated, too. She tried to imagine putting it inside herself and blanched. It was far too big. She set it aside.

Instead, she got out her lotion and started to rub it into her skin. As she massaged her breasts, she closed her eyes and let her mind wander. She massaged more lotion into her skin and started feeling warmer inside, too.

She touched her sex with her slippery fingers. She smiled. Jillian got an electric charge when she touched herself. This sexual current seemed to run straight through her body. She continued with just two fingers, touching and pressing firmly. After a minute, she had to stop to catch her breath. It was amazing. Jillian turned on the vibrator and touched herself between her legs. Her body responded immediately. Her nipples got hard and erect. She could feel her back getting damp against the towels she was laying on.

After ten minutes of lotion and touching herself with the vibrator, she was feeling a deeper warmth. As waves of pleasure began coursing through her body, she arched her back and brought her sex up in the air to meet the wand. She pushed herself against the palm of her hand.

With her eyes squeezed tight, she found himself moaning out loud and gasping for breath. This was way more powerful than she expected. Her groin was on fire and pleasure radiated through her whole body and brain.

This time, she took the vibrator and placed it between her legs and let it massage her inner thighs, and her sex. Thank you, nanites, she thought. She heard himself moan. As she panted, she reached for the dildo. As she manipulated it carefully, she could feel her body was taking off and bringing her mind along for the ride. She closed her eyes and moved it again and again. She felt it build up inside her. Then it happened like a wall breaking down deep inside her releasing the brightest sun in the sky. It was like riding an ocean wave across a warm sea under a bright tropical sun. Her orgasm lasted a long time and then slowly she opened her eyes.

Her legs were still shaky and all she could think about is that she wanted to do that again. Jillian marveled at her body and its pleasures.

Chapter Eight

For the past two weeks, Arnold had gone to work each morning to an empty office. All their research scientists and his boss, Sarah, were in Atlanta working on compiling the data from their Thirty Day Trial. They’d be busy for the rest of the week.

Arnold spent his time on his sale of the illegal nanotechnology to his sixty potential customers. He’d made up a packet of graphs and charts showing how the nanotechnology changed the women in the study. It showed cancers and arthritis disappearing. It showed spines straightening. It showed old age decreasing. Whatever the disease, it was lessened or gone completely.

The cover page told of the trials and how the government limited the testing to a thirty-day trial. Whereas these nanites would go on forever reproducing and protecting the body for a very long time. It mentioned this technology would probably not be available to the general public for a minimum of ten years. It noted that this document was part of an illegal sale of drugs that were not approved for distribution. It stated there were no guarantees or warranties.

Arnold wrote a disclaimer paragraph that the world wasn’t ready to accept a select few individuals tinkering with science and people’s bodies in this fashion. But, the scientific success offered something to those rich enough to pay for it, eternal health and long life. He stated that everything would be kept anonymous and private.

For your one hundred thousand dollar cash fee, you would receive one nanite dose. It would cure all your physical and mental illnesses and make you younger and healthier forever.

One page of the document talked about Subject A, an obese, forty-five-year-old man suffering from heart disease and mental problems who took a three-ounce dose of the nanotechnology. It described how the nanites had changed him into a healthy and happy thirty-year-old genetic female.

He saved space in his document for the test results that would come back from the Rodney/Jillian’s examination today.

He purchased a website on the dark web and posted all this information. He posted a phone number of a throw-away phone he’d bought. He looked at his list of the sixty people he would call and give the site address to.

He knew there was a chance he’d get caught by the authorities if he did this for too long. But, he wasn’t kidding himself. The site would only be on-line for one week.

The only way to contact him was his throwaway phone. Whether he wanted to respond to the people who called was his choice.

Then he contacted his sixty people. He was surprised that within twenty-four hours he’d made forty-five sales. In three days, all of the dosages were sold. By the end of the week, all transactions were done.

The only awkward part of the process was transferring the nanites into the three-ounce bottles. In their lab, everything was moved about in a sterile environment where everyone wore level four contamination suits with their own oxygen supply. When they sent the large container of nanites to the government to be divided into dosages for the test subjects, everything was done in a sealed lab using robots.

Arnold didn't have that luxury down in his basement. So he used garden gloves and tried not to breathe the nanites in while he was pouring them into the new containers. There was no data on whether the nanites could get into your system through the air, so he was taking a bit of a risk. He made sure none of the nanites touched his skin.

But while he poured, he was distracted by simple math. A hundred thousand dollars in hundred dollar bills weighs twenty-two pounds. Doing the math he figured that when he was done, he would have over a thousand pounds of hundred dollar bills stacked in his basement. When he was done pouring the nanites, he went out to buy footlockers.

* * *

Jillian awoke at eight o’clock in the morning. She was curled up in bed, still clutching the vibrating dildo. She was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t just go back to sleep and forget this day entirely. She didn’t feel sexy. She felt like crap. She’d overdone it and ached all over. All the contortions done during her throws of passion made her achy today. Her period was still with her and the cramps hadn’t disappeared.

She also knew that she was having a physical today. Arnold Blackstone was arranging everything. She was supposed to arrive at ten a.m. and have lunch with Arnold Blackstone at two.

She stumbled into the shower and stood there wishing she had a chair to sit on. After a few minutes, she started feeling better and by the time she’d had a glass of juice and a bowl of cereal, she had enough strength to get dressed.

A four-hour physical is an endurance test. So, Jillian dressed for comfort. No makeup, no holding spray, and no fuss. Her clothing of choice was linen shorts, bikini panties with an Always panty liner, a sports bra, and a cotton top and a sweater.

Jillian arrived at the hospital for her x-rays, MRI, and Cat scans. Arnold Blackstone was waiting in the lobby. He was polite and appreciative. He looked just as exhausted as her sister did the last time she saw her. Jillian asked about his son and wife and then she was escorted into the lab.

An hour later, she was in another lab where she gave a lot of blood. She had two mouth scrapings, one on each side. Then, she had the most professional physical ever. They gave her a mammogram, an imaging test on her digestive system, and finally, put her to sleep and she had an endoscopy and quick-prep colonoscopy.

It took her about thirty minutes to recover from the anesthesia. She checked the clock on the wall and was pleased that it was over.

Arnold Blackstone was waiting out in the lobby. He stood up and smiled. “I’m not going to be stupid and ask how you’re doing. I’m simply going to say thank you from your sister and me. There’s not much else I can do other than take you out to lunch. Okay?”

Jillian tried to smile. “Well, at least I was unconscious for the last part. But, you know what? I’m starving!

After some discussion, they settled on a fish place around the corner.

As they sat there looking at the menus, Arnold leaned over and smiled. “You know, you really skewed the Woman’s Health Study by consuming our nanotechnology. Your changes will have to remain secret for a long time. The public can never know that we were self-testing. Especially, when it has such far-reaching implications. But, you’ve opened other doors we never considered.” Arnold looked very serious.

Jillian nodded. “I never thought I’d end up in this body. It’s kind of frightening. Who could ever imagine that I’d change so much? I just wanted to lose weight.”

Arnold smiled. “Well, you got that wish. But following up on your mental health, Sarah and I were discussing this after we saw you the other night. I mean, I’m not a psychiatrist but brain chemistry is now being equated to mental health. Imagine how far reaching it would be if we could use nanites to cure depression or schizophrenia. It would take us a lot of time to develop the specific nanotechnology but we might be able to cure all mental illness, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, too.”

Jillian nodded. “Well, I know that I’ve never felt better.”

“I don’t think you’re fishing for a compliment but you seem to have made the transition pretty smoothly. I really would have never guessed today that two months ago, you were the man I sold our formula to. Well, it’s pretty incredible just to see you now.”

“I asked my sister this, and I guess I should ask you, too. She said that the nanites in my body are reproducing and self-sufficient. Does that mean I live forever?”

“Who knows? You’re a first. As far as living forever, I think there’s a down side to that. I don’t think society will accept you. I think they’ll decide you're a monster that needs destroying. Look how upset people get over genetically modified foods.”

“Hmm. You have a good point. I guess I’ll spend the rest of my life being careful and hiding my true self. Of course, this whole thing could blow up and my system could collapse in a month, too.”

“No, I know that won’t happen. Before we had the human trials, we tested on lab animals for several years. Any animal that was exposed to nanotechnology is still under observation in our center. Nothing has indicated that the nano system would self-destruct. The government wouldn’t have let us have the human trials if the nanotechnology had failed anywhere along the way. And from what I’ve heard from Sarah, the thirty-day test went exceptionally well. It was everything we could have hoped for.”

The waiter came over to take their order.

Jillian smiled at Arnold. “Maybe we ought to celebrate with a glass of champagne.”

Arnold frowned. “I wish, but I have to get back to work after this.”

Jillian ordered a single glass from the waiter. She ordered the fish of the day and a salad. “Well, I have nowhere to go from here. I have an open schedule and quite frankly think a nap is in order after all of these tests this morning.”

Arnold wasn’t hungry but ordered a burger. He asked to have his water glass refilled. “I can’t blame you. That was a pretty extensive battery of tests. You deserve the whole bottle.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret. I get a buzz from the alcohol, but no hangover thanks to the nanites. Although I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I was a little too frisky yesterday.”

“Hmm. What’s that mean?”

Jillian blushed. “Let’s just say I was exploring the leaning curve and overdid last night.”

“Well, I won't even ask about that.”

When Jillian finished her wine and her lunch. Arnold nibbled at his burger but hadn’t eaten much. He downed several glasses of water. After Arnold settled the bill, he saw her to a cab and thanked her again. As he watched her cab move out in traffic, he called Sarah in Atlanta and filled her in on the physical and lunch. “Your sister seems in good spirits. She’s really making progress on accepting her transition.”

“That’s good to hear. I guess she’s going to be our testing baseline on mental health now. It would be nice to hear that she stays content and happy. I know my brother Rodney was never so calm and collected. He was a constant problem.”

“There was no sign of that today.”

“How are you doing holding down the fort? Anything happening at the lab?”

“No. It’s like the whole place is on autopilot. I’m just finishing up some paperwork. It’s strange to be walking around empty halls.”

“Well, everyone’s looking forward to getting home for the weekend. We’ll have to return back to Atlanta on Monday. It looks like it’s going to take another two weeks to finish up analyzing all the data. But, all the info says that we’re going to have a sixty-day trial sooner than we thought.”

“Do you think I should order another tank and double our nano quantities back here in the lab? If so, I’ll need to order more equipment.”

“Let’s go ahead and do that. Good thinking. It can’t hurt to maybe even think about interviewing more staff, too.”

“The sound of success.”

When Arnold hung up, he felt the urge to use the bathroom. It was strange. For the past couple of days, he’d been going more than usual. He couldn’t understand it because he felt like he’d been skipping meals.

He assumed all this mental and added physical pressure was taking its toll. He almost felt like he was buzzing deep inside.

* * *

After Sarah hung up, all she could think about was extracting a three-ounce dose for herself before they put switches on all her nanotechnology. She didn’t have to take it. She’d just set it aside and have it on hand if she ever decided to make herself a guinea pig like Rodney had done.

Giving the dose to Rodney had been a bigger mistake than she realized. She had so much at stake with the government testing and if they ever found out that she shared it, it would be the end of her professional career. She’d been foolish giving Arnold permission to deliver the nanotechnology to her brother to take.

In hindsight, she realized what a dangerous thing it was to let Rodney take the nanites. They’d done no research on letting any male take the nanites. In her mind, she knew it was safe and wouldn’t hurt or kill him, but she never thought it would change him completely.

Of course, telling Rodney no was like standing in front of a train yelling stop. She was lucky nothing really bad happened to her baby brother. Sister, she corrected herself. Jillian is my baby sister.

* * *

Arnold stopped by the lab. The nanites in the storage tank had almost finished reproducing and coming back up to full measure. If anyone checked on them this weekend before they left again for Atlanta, no one would notice the missing nanites.

He was over six million dollars richer. He dumped his phone and had the site discontinued. He’d get another site up and purchase a new phone when he was ready to sell another sixty dosages. By the time the time the rumor about someone pedaling eternal life was starting up, he’d be done and gone.

He’d already made a list of people he’d contact this week to sell another batch. He was in no hurry and wondered how many times he could do this and get away with it.

In the meantime, he needed to find a secure place to keep six million dollars. He stood up and stretched. In the past couple of days, he’d been sleeping better and feeling good. All those aches and pains seemed to be gone.

He felt like he was vibrating. He figured it was all the adrenaline and excitement he’d been putting himself through. Even though he’d reached his goal of selling sixty nano dosages, he couldn’t seem to calm down. He’d developed a thirst that didn’t seem to be quenchable and he couldn’t stop going to the bathroom.

* * *

Jillian arrived home and decided that a mid day shower was in order. She wondered when her period was going to end. She wanted to take a long soak.

She’d stopped and purchased her own bottle of cold champagne on the way home. She opened it and poured herself a glass. This was the way to cure her aches and pains.

She tossed her clothes in the hamper and turned on the shower. As she finished off her glass of wine, she smiled. Life was on an upswing and she figured she might as well enjoy it. She giggled when she realized she hadn’t checked her investments in almost a week.

But, that was old Rodney’s hobby, not really Jillian’s. She made a mental note to find something that she would really enjoy.

* * *

Arnold headed back to work. He kept having to stop and rest. His mind was going up and down like a yo-yo. It was crazy. A month ago, he had stolen company property and sold it. Even though his boss had given him permission to do it, he knew it was wrong. And now, he had stepped over the line, big time.

He had set up a large theft and sale of the nanites without permission. It was all his doing. He did it out of greed and maybe a little anger and jealousy. His boss was going to get all the glory and fame and he’d have nothing.

Even his boss’s brother was going to experience a new life as a younger, beautiful woman without a care in the world. Jillian would live forever and be rich, too.

Deep inside, he was angry. All this confusion was swirling around in his brain. All he kept thinking about was that he was the one that had gone over to the dark side while everyone else was heading into the light. He was the one who had committed crimes. Sarah and Jillian were benefiting from his labor. It didn’t seem right. He hated Rodney for coercing him into stealing. He hated his boss for pushing into doing an illegal act. He hated Jillian for benefiting from all his hard work. He hated himself most of all and yet he wanted to hurt them all.

He hadn’t been able to get this vision out of his head since lunchtime with Jillian. Being around her made him angry. Her bribe had started the whole thing. She was the one to cause his fall from grace. It was all her fault. It was almost like he felt compelled to act out on this crazy revenge fantasy. He’d never thought about it this way before but it seemed to be consuming him.

He felt like an evil side of his brain was urging him on. After he checked on the nanites in the lab and dumped that website and email account, he decided to have a drink.

As he drank, he thought about his boss. Even though Sarah and Jillian were the stockholders in the tech company and they’d see the profits from their nanites eventually, he was really the smart one. He’d gone ahead and profited for himself.

He still had half the three-ounce containers he’d bought. Next week he’d steal another six liters of nanites from the lab. He’d put up a new website and establish a new email account. He’d even buy another disposable phone.

He’d never get caught. None of the people who bought from him would be telling. And cash was impossible to trace. He’d purchase a second identity, deposit the money in foreign banks, and then chose a tax-free country like Monaco to retire to.

But, after a few drinks, this itch in his brain wouldn’t go away. Arnold kept seeing Jillian eating lunch with him. Maybe it was because his wife was out of town, or what a pig Rodney had been taking advantage of his sick son’s illness. He knew what he had to do to get the vibrating out of his body and the anxiety out of his mind.

He went downtown to a chemical supply outlet and purchased items that he’d need tonight. He was picturing this evening’s activities in his mind and well, couldn’t stop thinking about it. He bought a pint of bourbon and kept nipping at it.

After buying all the items on his checklist from various hardware stores, he thought about stopping into a corner pub for another drink. He wasn't hungry just really, really thirsty. While his body wanted water, his mind was thinking about more bourbon.

* * *

Jillian was sound asleep when the doorman buzzed her. She answered and the front desk said that Arnold Blackstone was downstairs. She sighed. She said to let him come up. She threw on a robe over her shorty nightgown and rinsed out her mouth.

The door bell rang and she went to answer it. She greeted him and invited him in. She smelled the alcohol on his breath as he walked past her and into the entrance.

“What a surprise, Arnold.”

He had a feral grin on his face. “I’m sorry to disturb you but I wanted to go over a few things that I forgot to mention at lunch. Do you have a few minutes?”

Jillian smiled. She was a bit uneasy about this. Something in the back of her mind said that this wasn’t right. But, after all, this was Arnold and they’d just had lunch together today.

Jillian didn’t see the cloth but smelled the chloroform. By the time she realized what was happening, Arnold had pushed the rag over her mouth and nose and held it tightly to her face. She started to get dizzy and then passed out.

As she fell to the floor, Arnold had a good grip on her. He was surprised just how light she was in his arms. As he stood there holding her, he saw that her wrap had opened revealing her underpants and short nightgown.

She did look good. He wondered when this was over if he was going to have to kill her. He hoped not. That really would complicate things.

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