Andi and Allie - 7

Andi and Allie - Chapter 7 - The Clothes Make The… Hmmm…?

Work became nearly overwhelming over the next couple of weeks. I felt like every time someone saw me, they were looking at their next paycheck. Almost everything was done with computer assisted drawing, the one subject I was totally out of town on. But nobody seemed to care. I was the proverbial font of wisdom when it concerned our new client and even Peter now deferred to me.

So when Allie asked me to join her and Jill for dinner after work one evening, I was absolutely thrilled. I had caught a reprieve from my work to home to work again cycle. Allie and Jill worked on west 57th Street. Our main office was located nearby so I was not totally in an unknown territory. They wanted me to meet them at a small French restaurant on 56th Street.

When I arrived they were already seated and I walked directly to them before the maître de came to assist me. The place was lovely and very atmospheric and complete with real linens on the table.

Both ladies got up as I approached their table and we exchanged hugs and kisses. Before I could even sit down, Jill spoke.

“So what have you produced thus far? Christmas is just around the corner and we must have a show.”

“What…?” WHAT…??? “It’s only September.” It’s not even October!

“Listen sweet heart…”

I loved that wry smile of Jill’s. It kind of reminded me of the expression a T-Rex might have just before something became its dinner.

“If I say Christmas is almost here, then you’d best get out your sweaters and scarves. We need to have a show.”

“A show...?”

I looked toward Allie for some moral support but it was all she could do to keep from giggling.

“What have you done since we last spoken?”

A glass of white wine, which must have been pre-ordered, arrived and I took a nice long sip of it. I took a moment to think of what I might have.

“I’ve done a few ink and chalk things that are in the office. I have a few more at home…and a few crayon pieces.” I looked at Allie for a moment and, in a barely audible voice said, “You look amazing.”

That provoked an even more rose pink flush to her neck and face and her smile bloomed into the most captivating image I could imagine at that moment.

“And what about me…?”

Jill wasn’t about to be left out as she wryly smiled again as if to say ‘let’s see him get out of this gracefully!’

“You look, as always I dare say, perfectly gorgeous.”

Jill laughed and her expression softened.

“Well honey… You need to get everything together so I can view the work.”

“I’ve also done a few things with Allie and some of them are really quite nice. I would like to show them as well.” I turned toward Allie and winked.

“Well…” Jill said quite breathily and chuckled. “…I should have expected that.”

“Where can we possibly show?”

I was clueless as to where let alone how. There is so much work that goes into putting a show together from advertising to printing to the logistics not to mention the venerable wine and cheese offering to the patron Gods of the fine arts.

“I was thinking maybe late October or early November at…oh…say…Preston’s?”

I nearly choked! Preston Galleries was only the most renowned art showcase in Soho. Only the very well-established and renowned artists got to exhibit there.

“I’ve known Bob for many years…and I do NOT mean known in the biblical sense. He implicitly trusts my judgment and he will do this if he even thinks he smells money in it.”

Preston’s…? Sacred feces…! I was so stunned that I barely tasted the tiny morsels of hor d’oeurves that Allie placed on the small plate in front of me. My mind was going at a million miles a second with the prospects and possibilities that had just opened up. Allie must have sensed my excitement, not to mention her own as I pulled her into the deep end of the pool along with me, because she placed her hand atop mine.

“Now… What’s all this crap I hear about you wanting boobs?”

Everything in my mouth suddenly went down every pipe but the right one. I began to cough and choke till tears came to my eyes. Allie got up from her chair and began to slap my back to loosen whatever was caught in which ever passageway. Even Jill looked quite concerned as she took my wine glass and held it toward me to wash down whatever.

I was finally able to clear my passageways and I took a very big sip of the wine, nearly finishing the glass. When I could finally breathe normally and speak, I…spoke...sort of.

“What…?” I managed to cough and wheeze out as I looked from Jill to Allie.

“I asked Jill about that. I’m sorry if it upset you but…” Allie grasped my hand and looked at me quite sincerely.

“Yes…” Jill said. “Allie tells me everything…well…almost everything. And I tell her almost everything. So it’s quite natural for her to tell me about this. She seems to be very concerned about you…your welfare…and she simply wanted to make sure that you didn’t do something foolish. So… Are you planning to transition?”

Jill’s expression was one of seriousness.


“You do know what the word means, don’t you?”

I love the expression Jill has when she thinks she’s dealing with an idiot. It’s that wry smile coupled with the arched eyebrow, followed by her gazing at her manicure without her expression changing at all. Well… Now she took an extra added moment to gaze at her nails and waited for an answer.

“Uhhh… I guess…” Not…!

“It means that you’re considering being known as a woman and you wish to acquire the outer cosmetic…accouterments? Is that what you wish to do?”

“Uhhh… No…? Not really...”

“I don’t understand.” Jill shook her head rapidly and seemed…puzzled. “If you’re not transitioning…then what do you want boobs for?”

“Well…? My clothes will fit me better and it’ll open up a whole new ‘look’ for me. I could really expand my wardrobe and…” I lit up with excitement.

“Wait…!” Jill held up her hands up with palms out. “Wait just one minute. Are you telling me that you want boobs simply to make a fashion statement?”

Jill stared at me with completely incredulous look on her face.


I looked at her and then to Allie, who had a similar look on her face although she did also have a smile of bemusement.

“I also just think… I think I should have them? I mean… I think they belong…here?”

I pointed toward my chest tentatively. I didn’t know how to really describe what I felt. In truth, having boobs was simply a part of the mental image I had of myself when clothed. Jill broke out into laughter.

“Small wonder you’re so talented. Why don’t you simply get some rubber ones…or whatever they’re making them out of these days. From the little I understand they can be glued on for days and they’re marvelously realistic with bounce and all that. Or why don’t you just get implants? That way you can have them removed if you wish.”

As I started to reply, Jill continued.

“The only other way is via better living through chemistry. You’ll need to take hormones and that will require medical supervision.”

Jill paused for a moment. She gazed at me with her most serious expression and placed her hand atop mine.

“But you can’t simply stop taking hormones and have everything go away. And there can be very serious long-term side effects. This is a very serious decision.”

Before I could say anything, a waiter came over with a tray full of food. I didn’t recall ordering anything and I looked toward Allie.

“I hope you don’t mind but I ordered you something. If you don’t like it, we can always get you something else.” She smiled sweetly and patted my hand.

I felt more than a bit overwhelmed by it all. The showing, the boobs thingy, having food ordered for me: I felt like perhaps my life was spinning rapidly out of control. Though I must admit the duck Allie ordered was wonderful and I did manage to enjoy the evening as the conversation changed to something other than my art, boobs, and me.

I hugged Jill for a moment or two longer than I might have and I whispered ‘thank you’ in her ear. Her return hug informed me that she appreciated my humble gesture. Her eyes and smile told me that she saw me as something other than just another weird artist, or another paycheck. Even if her concern was based more on her friendship with Allie, she was honestly worried about me as a person.

The cab ride home with Allie was taken in complete silence…almost. I knew I had to talk with her. I really didn’t mind the liberties she had taken but still…telling Jill about the boobs thing was a bit much and I needed to know what was sacred between us and what wasn’t. She sensed my uneasiness and took my hand in hers. I spoke first.

“We need to talk.”

“I know.”

She spoke with a sweet smile I could see in the dim light of the cab’s back seat.

We arrived home and, after putting the left over food away, getting changed, and washing the day off of ourselves, we sat facing each other, legs akimbo, and clutching each others hands. We had named the television room ‘the cave’ because it seemed to be one of the two places we felt…safe with one another. The other place was the kitchen.

“Do you think I’m crazy?” I though I would start the conversation off on a light note.

“Well… Crazy is a very big word. Do you mean like…toys in the attic crazy?” Allie laughed.

“What?” So I was clueless.

“Like…the lights are on and there’s somebody home? But he’s in the attic playing with his toys?”

“Oh… No…! Seriously… Do you think I’m sort of…off?”

Allie took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She smiled, closed her eyes and slowly shook her head.

“No… You’re not crazy.” Allie opened her eyes and…oh God…she had such a calm and serene expression on her face. “But I must admit that…well…the way you dress and look…”

“Is there something wrong with the way I look?”

OMG…! Did I look awful? I always tried to dress tastefully if not a bit stylish? Again she closed her eyes and shook her head.

“No sweet heart. There’s nothing wrong with the way you dress. And you always look amazing. It’s just that…well…maybe it’s not gender appropriate? But on you do wear it well? Look honey, you’re an artist and as far as artists go you’re probably more sane than all the rest put together.”

Allie caressed my hands in hers.

“Really? I never considered it before. Do you think the boob thing is…weird?”

“Well…” Allie shrugged one shoulder and kind of clucked her tongue as her pitch went up. “Maybe a little…? If I could…I’d give you some of mine.” She laughed. “But you are so considerate and thoughtful and compassionate and…well…everything that a person should be. As far as I’m concerned...? You can run around naked and I wouldn’t think it weird.”

“Really? Can I start now?”

I began to pull off my tee and we both shared that laugh.

“But the boob thing…? I really want you to be sure about what you’re doing. I want to make sure you’re not doing anything risky, you know? That’s why I told Jill. She knows everyone. She’ll find you someone who can safely help you get what you want.”

“Listen…” I blushed Venetian red.

I looked down at our hands clasped together. For an instant I marveled at how totally comfortable I felt holding Allie’s hand. It was the first time I can recall holding a girl’s hand…I mean really holding it.

“About telling Jill stuff…”

Allie didn’t give me a chance to finish asking my question. She gently shook our hands, well, more of a gentle rocking back and forth. Her eyes were aglow with some inner excitement that she was about to release.

“Jill is more than just a very good friend. She’s like a mother to me. I don’t get along well with my parents.” There was a sad note in Allie’s voice.

“I don’t get along at all with my mom.” I echoed her sadness. “She thinks I’m some sort of a bizarre pervert or something.”

“I’m just not good enough for mine. They think I should have come out.”

“You’re a lesbian?” I said eyes and mouth agape…jokingly.

Allie merely covered her mouth and laughed.

“No silly…” She playfully slapped my hand. “It’s a social thing…like a cotillion…a ball? I was expected to come out to ’society’ when I was seventeen and then get married when I was eighteen or nineteen? Anyway, I went to the ball and chucked the rest and they still haven’t come to grips with it. So…Jill is the one I turn to when I need advice and a hug.”

“Well…? What will you tell her about…us? I mean… Will you tell her about this conversation?” I wasn’t hard for Allie to read the concern in my expression.

“I’ll tell her that you need to see someone who can help you do what you’d like safely. But… You must do something for me.”

Again her eyes were aglow with excitement but the almost mischievous expression on her face made me worry a bit. But I had implicit faith that Allie wouldn’t have me do anything that would be harmful or hurtful to anyone. I trusted her.

“Sure…anything.” I smiled

“I want to get you fitted for a bra and the most realistic breast forms available.” She giggled.


I was shocked and a bit frightened. This was something I hadn’t counted on.

“You can begin to look better in your things immediately and you should get accustomed to the feel of having boobs. And…? Who knows…? Maybe you’ll change your mind. Anyway, Jill’s suggestions are always worth exploring. Trust me. It’ll be my treat and you’ll love it. We can even get you your first matching bra and panty set.”

Within a few days I was on a regimen of pills starting off with injections. The doctor was very sympathetic if not understanding although she seemed a little…cranky. And Jill was there, as well as Allie, just to lend a bit of moral support. Thankfully the doctor had her office in a huge hospital so everything went as quickly as possible.

As it turned out, I had a very low testosterone level, which is maybe why I hardly ever shaved. And though my sperm count was also on the low side, the Doctor felt it necessary to take several samples over the course of the week. Anyway, I felt better that at least I was on my way toward boobage…real live boobage!

The bra and breast forms had to wait till Saturday. Allie and I began our day at the salon getting trims. I had my eyebrows lightly feathered. I had seen the look…I think in a magazine…and loved it. Whilst the look was decidedly feminine, my brows were still quite full. The biggest difference was their manicured look.

Allie took me to a shop in the West Village that catered to…well…to guys who dressed like girls? I was super nervous to say the least and I began to blush a lovely Tuscan red an entire block away. Even with Allie along for support she nearly had to drag me into the shop.

I must admit that in spite of the kindness, the gentleness, and the empathy of the ladies, and Allie’s almost constant hand holding, I was traumatized; not severely, but enough to nearly hurl the very light snack we had in route. I was nearly in tears when we left but I had my breast forms.

We had decided upon a ‘b’ cup because anything larger would be more than I envisioned on my frame. Although I was not wide or heavy, I had height and the ‘a’ size simply was not enough to tent out the blouse I had worn. Not… At… All...!

Allie had purchased an inexpensive bra to retain the forms in place as well as the glue and solvent just in the event that I changed my mind and wanted a more full time appearance. One of the ladies instructed us on the use of the glue and solvent with a demonstration on me. I wore the bra and forms out of the shop.

Our next stop was uptown. Allie told me there was only one department store worth visiting for women’s ‘intimates’ and that was Bloomingdale’s. The manner in which Allie spoke made me believe that this was the epitome of selection and glamour, style and class, and all of that. I personally had never been to Bloomie’s because I always felt their styling and pricing were way out of my league.

The very moment we stepped through the Third Avenue threshold we were assaulted by a cornucopia of aromas, scents, fragrances and every other word one could possibly think of. The subdued and then the warm friendliness of the interior lighting greeted us with an unending display of things for sale.

Allie clasped my hand firmly as she led the way through this unending maze of…things. Everywhere I looked were mostly very fashionably dressed people…women and men who appeared to simply live within the store and, upon waking each morning, selected something from the endless opened ‘closets’ provided. And the plethora of colors and textures was…amazing.

And the women, from the young to the older, looked totally stunning, even in weekend afternoon attire. Their faces adorned with coloration that reflected their inner image of themselves. I could relate to that much at least. Although I must say that a few of them were slightly over done?

I mean… I’m all for following that inner image but… I could only hope that my inner image was more reasonable in relation to the world. Thankfully I had Allie to let me know.

Intimates… Who ever thought that one up? That’s exactly where we ascended to; the intimates department. I have never feel so assaulted by a variety of colors, textures, shapes and aromas in my life! And the variety of things one could wear for whatever occasion seemed to be not only totally overwhelming but also quite unending.

I would never have ventured in there without Allie. And, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I can even today, after visiting more than a few times, without my very own amazing personal shopper.

Allie wandered the aisles gazing at the various pieces. I could see the excitement in her eyes. She was like a child in the world’s biggest toy store. I grasped her purse strap and held tightly fearing my own wandering eyes would separate us never to be seen together again. We might have wandered all day taking in all the sights if a sales person hadn’t approached Allie.

Fortunately Allie had my size written down because I was way too done in to remember much from our ‘boob’ shop visit. We were escorted to a counter where the woman placed one half dozen different styles of bras on the counter. I took Allie aside for a moment.

“What about color?” I naively asked.

“We need to find what fits you the best first. Just because the sizes are the same doesn’t mean that they all fit in the same manner.” She smiled patiently at me and turned back to the counter top. “Then my little color monster can pick and choose.” She giggled.

I won’t go into how it took nearly three-quarters of an hour just to select three bras; two regular ones…if indeed there is such a thing as a regular one…and one halter strapped bra. The next big challenge were the panties. I normally wear a high cut brief but many of the bra styles came with thongs or bikinis or some other miniscule style of gusset.

“But why can’t you wear a bikini or some of the others designed for low rider jeans?” Allie asked me in complete innocence.

I took her aside and, arching my brows and gritting my teeth I discreetly motioned to my groin. It took her a moment to understand the problem. Finally her face exploded in an expression of realization. I did indeed, still, have a dick. And although it may not have been an anaconda…it was at least a garter?

“Ohhh…!” Allie’s hand went to her mouth as she half laughed and giggled. “I forgot.”

Upon having my little morsels of cloth finally wrapped up and Allie being presented with the charge, I had a moment to reflect on the day thus far. I was listening with half an ear when I heard a pronouncement from the saleswoman.

“Two hundred, twenty six dollars and thirty-eight cents please…” The woman smiled.

“What…!” What…!

I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t believe that three bra and panty sets would cost so much. That was more than what my yearly supply of panties and hosier cost…along with a number of other pieces. Allie simply laughed.

“Oh honey…you should be glad you don’t have my boobs. My bras cost even more.”

“Yeah… But at least your bras have so much more to them.”

I was still a bit irate but Allie simply giggled and then laughed. Of course when I realized what I had said, I began to laugh as well. Allie is a forty double ‘D’. One of her bra cups contained more material than all three of my newly acquired thirty-four ‘B’s.

“Now let’s go get some pay back.” Allie exclaimed with as much excitement as I’ve seen her have today.

“Payback…?” Clue…less…!

“Yeah… Follow me.” Her face was lit up with anticipation.

Allie led me from the intimates department up to the cosmetics counter. Evidentially Allie was a regular visitor because she made a virtual bee line to the exact place we needed to be. She even knew the sales woman who greeted us. The woman even seemed to know what Allie wanted.

“We’re going to get a makeover.” Allie was over joyed. I was in utter panic!

“I’ll look terrible. I always wind up looking like a clown.” I frantically whispered in her ear.

“Has anyone ever styled you professionally?”

“Never…! It was just me fooling around. And it wasn’t even my makeup.”

“Your mom’s stuff…right?” I looked down at my hands and nodded. “Well…? Take a seat baby doll.” Allie took my hand and led me onto a stool next to the counter. “Relax and enjoy sweetie. If you don’t like the look, we can take it off.” Allie suddenly sang out in a loud voice; “Berries…!”

I thought about this entire thing as I sat down and waited briefly for the stylist to attend me. Make up just didn’t seem to like me very much. But Allie was probably right. Just as I am proficient with the tools and media of my art, so would…or should…a stylist be with theirs. A woman walked over to me and smiled. She introduced herself as Lori and began to seriously look at my face.

“You have lovely skin but you really should take better care of it.” That’s the story of my life.

“Can you make my nose disappear?” I giggled nervously.

“Why? It’s a beautiful nose. It has character.”

‘Yeah… Sinister character…’ I thought.

“You’re cheekbone structure is simply amazing! And your eye lashes…?” Lori rolled her eyes and grinned. “Listen Andi…with a face and a body like yours, you could easily model.” I laughed. “No… Seriously...! And your eyes are simply amazing! It’s all in how the light hits you and how you choose to show yourself…the angles.”

Well now… Light and angles… That’s something I could relate to.

I watched intently in a mirror as Lori worked. She was strikingly similar to me when I worked on a piece. Her concentration was easily as intense. She would perform an action and then stop to see its effect. Of course she didn’t stopped chattering for a moment.

I watched what tools she used and asked questions when necessary. In essence I was back in school learning how to work in a new medium, which was mostly powders, a few paints and some creams. I hadn’t thought about cosmetics in that sense before.

I was so very engrossed in what was being done to me that I hadn’t noticed the time fly by. Lori finally finished with one last coating of my lips with a tinted gloss. For the first time I looked at my face as a completed piece of ‘art work’.

I had little doubt that Lori was indeed a master artist because I didn’t recognize myself. I looked…dazzling? As I turned my head slowly from side to side, I truly understood what Lori meant. It seemed that from every angle I looked…hot?

“See…? The stuff fashion models are truly made of. It’s the irregularities that provide the interest.” Lori grinned and giggled. “And you’re blessed with the figure as well.”

Allie came along side of me and she too was surprised. She took me around by my shoulders. I had an ash to slate grey smoky eyed effect with pink blush and matching shade of lipstick. The pink had a bit more blue to it, which is why I supposed it was called berry?

“Oh my God…! You look amazing! I can’t believe it!”

“Well…” I said wryly. “…I don’t think they’re quite ready for this look at work.”

I was still marveling at my reflection in the mirror.

“In fact…” I said turning to Allie. “I don’t think I’m quite ready for this look.”

I must admit that the sensation of the cosmetics on my face was…interesting. I wasn’t really sure that I liked it? The weirdest sensation had to be the mascara. But I couldn’t deny the effect the use of color had upon the way my features were perceived. Allie, of course, looked amazing and radiant as usual but Allie looked amazing and radiant with nothing on her face.

“And all you’d need to do for an evening look is this.” Lori said as she carefully removed the lipstick. “You just need to go darker for more drama.” She also blended in the blush till it was barely noticeable.

Lori picked up a very deep ox blood red and began to redo my lips. She followed with a comparably deep blood red blush. As Lori carefully blended in the blush, the smile on her face widened.

“God…! You look so amazing.” Lori sighed.

I looked at Allie before even gazing at myself in the mirror. She grinned and nodded her head. Then I turned and gazed at myself. Just the mere difference in the blush and lip shade totally changed the look from one of sophistication to one of pure seduction. With only a sight parting of my now wet appearing lips seemed so very inviting; even to me.

I was about to ask for everything Lori used…and then some. Allie took me aside and told me to only purchase the skin care things. I looked at her questioningly and she told me in a whisper that she had several complete and unused cosmetic kits. Nonetheless the skin, face, eye, and lip treatments ran almost two hundred dollars.

The day ended most graciously with both of us in our usual places on the couch. Allie practically had to drag me kicking and screaming into my bathroom to have me remove my makeup. I was so enamored with the way I looked by the late the afternoon that I was more than grateful the cosmetics were long lasting. I think I was even ogled by several men…and women!

Allie’s extravagant gift was on my mind. I felt more than a bit weird for accepting it so easily. Upon arriving home, she showered me with cosmetics including this large box with a complete palette of the colors offered by the same company that produced the colors I wore. She even gave me an assortment of lipsticks and gloss pots in another box.

As we sat and watched some mindless cooking show, I grasped Allie’s feet and deposited them upon my lap and began to softly massage them. She, in turn, grabbed the bowl of cut fruit we’d been munching on and placed it on her thighs. Allie and I had become quite comfortable in each other’s company. I…we…felt safe. But I still thought about my words before I spoke.

“You know…my dear…that was quite a gift you gave me today.” I giggled and continued to look at whatever reality show we were half watching.

“To be honest…? I enjoyed watching you suffer through the day.”

She laughed and speared another piece of melon, offering it to me. I ate it and turned toward her.

“Nobody has ever given me a gift like that.”

“Well… It’s not every day you go out and buy bras, panties, fake boobs and a new look.” Allie giggled and I nodded.

“True… True… But the cost…? That was def a record.”

“Really…? Nothing extravagant for birthdays or graduation…?” She looked at me more attentively now. I shook my head.

“I was lucky to even get a card…and even that was probably shop lifted.”

The sadness in my heart was nearly imaged by Allie’s expression. Now she understood my statement about the cost and why I was making it. I was so thankful that she was as intuitive as anybody I’d ever met and we were able to so easily keep company.

“Well…just let me hang onto your purse strap and take me to your showings and we can call it even.” She smiled sympathetically and wiggled her toes in my hands.

The people at work really didn’t know what to make of me. Each Monday brought a ‘new’ me. And each Monday Rhona would greet me with a ‘so how was your weekend’ and I simply had to giggle. No doubt she thought I was getting laid or something but, in fact, I was kind of being reborn.

First came to new ‘do. Next came the feathered brows. That caused Rhona to spend nearly her entire coffee break at my desk talking about it, the look, and so on. Of course she had to have her brows done because she loved the look so much. And then there were the manicures and then the mani-pedis. Now it was the cosmetics.

I didn’t go overboard and try for the entire ‘look’. I did use some concealer, just a touch of slightly tinted gloss on my lips, and the slightest hint of mascara. It def was enough to make a difference and she spotted that difference as soon as I walked in.

The guys and the women spotted the difference right away. They didn’t make a big fuss over it but they did say I was looking good. In fact nearly everybody thought I was looking good. ‘You’re looking good’ was rapidly becoming a standard of excellence for me. I hate to admit it but I lived for those three little words.

But it was Peter, dear Peter, who really blew me away. One day I happened to dress up just a bit more…formally…nicely? I bought this amazing silk multi-color blazer style jacket in the West Village and decided to wear it to work. I wore white linen pants with a flared leg and drawer string waist and a pale pearl colored linen blouse with a ruffled front. My Espadrille flats were an off white color that nearly matched the blouse. I was the epitome of summer street style…at least in my own mind.

When dear Peter walked in…he froze in mid motion. His eyes were wide and his mouth agape with surprise. He stared for the longest moment and I was sure he would cast a disapproving eye on my outfit of the day. But to my surprise his expression turned into one of…delight? He smiled even as his eyes seemed to undress me…ME!

“You look…amazing dear.” He said with a grin. “Are you also wearing a new scent?”

I don’t know what color I blushed; maybe a deep raspberry shade? And as he walked past me he leaned into toward me and I could hear him inhale deeply.

“Very nice… Spicy…like you I assume...?” He chuckled and never lost eye contact with me.

My makeup routine hadn’t changed in for about two weeks, just a bit of concealer, some mascara, and a touch of lip-gloss. But today I went a little bolder starting with a hint of blush and lipstick in a pale pink matte shade and a light berry lip-gloss over it. And I also went with a scent I usually reserve for the weekends.

I still went with no shadow, at least during the day. I felt somewhat proud of myself because I had done my own makeup. Allie had been helping me on the weekends and we both occasionally played with the cosmetics during the week after work.

I spent nearly ten minutes with Rhona upon entering the offices. She was gushing with tons of compliments and, to be honest, I couldn’t hear enough of them. She had to know where every piece I wore came from and where I purchased the lovely beaded jewelry I wore and whom was I seeing after work! Oh…My…God…!

This was something I’ve wanted to do for so very long. I’ve seen women out on the streets, going to work and looking so very fashionable. And I’d wanted to look like that, to be dressed like them, their bodies and faces aglow with color.

To me they were living pieces of art. When I saw them strutting about, what I really saw was performance art and I so very much wanted to be a performance artist like they were complete with all of their grace, beauty, their fluid poetry and their special magic as they walked.

And now I finally felt like a part of that wonderful exhibition.

What’s next for our hero(ine)? Will Andi become the new fashionista of the week? All this and more in the ongoing adventures of Andi and Allie!!!

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