Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 6

Julia was keeping watch of the car as it got closer to them.

Tizzy notices they had increase speed as they got closer.

“Is it me or did they increase their speed?”

Julia had noticed it as well. They were increasing speed towards them. She had thought she noticed one of the guys pulling the bolt back on a sub-machine gun.

“Hold on.” Julia steps on the gas and her SUV shoots forward.

She knew she wasn’t going to outrun them from a dead stop, but she could make them slow down some. Tizzy was watching them through the back window of the SUV.

“Do you have any weapons in here besides our service weapons?”

“Yea, under the backseat. Dad, installed a secret compartment in my SUV. This SUV wasn’t given to me by the department. It’s one dad gave me after he did some things to it.”

“Oh, I can only imagine what Uncle Jack did to this SUV. Mom did the same thing to my Mustang convertible.” Tizzy was unlocking the hidden compartment under the backseat.

“Wow, Uncle Jack loaded you up with weapons. There’s two FN SCAR assault rifles with full combat load outs. Several grenades and your father’s custom-made ones.”

“That’s only one compartment. Dad said there were three others hidden in this SUV.”

“Well right now, we only need the assault rifle. Open your sunroof.”

Tizzy grabs the assault rifle and unbuckles herself to stand up in the back to fire from the sunroof.

“Remember, we need them alive Tizzy. Sphinx is going to want his share of them as well.”

She looks in the rear-view mirror towards Sphinx. He was laying down in the back-cargo area.

“I promise to only shoot their car out.”

Tizzy feels as their SUV gets slammed on the driver side. She hears the back window get riddle with bullets and is surprised they didn’t get


“Yep, dad said it could stop up to .30-06 hunting rifle bullet.” Julia slams the car next to her.

Tizzy takes aimed at the tires and shoots them out.

“Go ahead and force them off the road.”

“Alright.” Julia hits the back corner of the car and sends it into a spin and finally into a nearby telephone pole.” She gets out and whistles for
Sphinx as he climbs into the backseat and out the opened door.

Tizzy plays lookout from the where she was standing through the sunroof.

The guys were dazed and confused when one notices an angry wolf growling at him and the other had a pistol pointed at his head.

A smile comes to Julia’s face “hello boys. I wouldn’t try anything or my wolf is going to have you for lunch. Now. You come out of the car first.”

Julia was motion for the driver to get out of the car.

The driver moves slowly and climbs out of the car and stands before Julia.

“Now, turn around and put your hands on the roof of the car.”

The guy does what she says.

“Tizzy, do you have me covered?”

“You bet cousin.” Tizzy had the guys head in her sights and if he tried anything, pop goes the weasel.

Julia swing his arms behind his back and zip cuff him. She helps him to the ground and removes his shoulder gun.

“Alright passenger, I’m calling my wolf off and I want you to get out of the car and put your hands on top of the roof. You try anything and my
wolf will have your balls for dinner.”

“Sphinx, ar ais!”

Sphinx backs off and lets the second person get out of the car and do what he was told as well.

Julia walks around and zip cuffs him as well.

“Let’s see who you really are.” Julia pulls her portable fingerprint scanner out and scans his print.

Tizzy was paying attention to the area around her, making sure they didn’t get jumped. They were out in the middle of nowhere with nó
buildings nearby.

Her finger print scanner beeps “Holy crap Tizzy. This one is wanted in several states for murder and kidnapping.”

“He’s been a very bad boy.” Tizzy had a smile ón her face.

Julia walks around to the driver and scans his fingerprints. After a few minutes it beeps. She looks at the information.

“This one is wanted for several counts of rape and several counts involving having sex with a minor. He escaped custody a month ago and is ón the wanted list. He is also wanted for drug trafficking.”

Julia looks at the guy she just scanned, his name was Harvey Collins.

“Well Mr. Collins, do you want to confirm or denied that Agent Jones sent you after us?”

Julia had a smile “remember, I have a wolf and he is very hungry and if he doesn’t scare you. Then, you get to see me cut your penis off. I hate

Julia pulls her Bowie knife that use to belong to Jim Bowie himself.

“This knife use to belong to Jim Bowie himself. You know him, don’t you? The marker of the first Bowie knife? Well, this is his blade. One of his relatives lost in it a poker game with someone ón my father side of the family. Normally, the blade is passed down to the first born male, but my father gave it to mé. It’s as sharp as it was when Jim Bowie made it.” She pulls a strand of her hair demonstrate it.

“Don’t tell the bitch anything Harvey or you’ll be a dead man.”

Tizzy starts laughing at that statement.

“You dumbasses have nó idea who the fuck we are, do you?” Tizzy looks at the one that told Harvey not to say anything.

“You’re just two dumb cunts that should be barefoot and pregnant.” The guy could see Tizzy and was glaring at her.

“Did he just call us two dumb cunts?” Julia looks towards her cousin.

“I believe he did cousin.” Tizzy was smirking. This guy was digging himself a hole.

“You know something Harvey, today is your lucky day. I’m going to go and have fun with your friend, instead.” Julia walks around the damage car and decks the other guy squarely in the face.

“Now, now cousin. We need to make this even. It’s unfair striking a bound man.”

“You’re right cousin.” Let’s give him a chance to live and escape.

“If you can beat me in a hand-to-hand fight. You can run off and I won’t give chase. However, if I win. You will tell me everything I want to


Tizzy just shakes her head at him “dumb move.”

“Come ón Dean, show this stupid cunt that she should be barefoot and pregnant.” Julia was taunting him, so he’ll get mad and make a

Dean throws the first punch and Julia knocks it aside easily. He follows up with another one.

Julia knocks that one aside as well.

“Oh, come ón Dean. My grandmother could beat you.” Julia knew her grandmother could take Dean down.

Dean stops pussy footing around and goes all out with Julia. He was going to show her he was better then her. He goes to strike her again and
can’t believe she grabbed his arm and had twisted behind his back like he was nothing. He felt her breath ón his ear as she leaned in to whisper to him.

“You were stupid in how you attacked. Let mé show you how its done.” She pushes him aside and then does a roundhouse to his mid-section, followed up by a punch to his jaw.

She was pulling her punch, because she still needed him to talk to her. She lays into him with punches to his kidneys and stomach. She was pulling her punches so she didn’t kill him. When Dean drops to his knees, she open hand slaps him.

“Now, that you have become my bitch, tell me why Jones wanted you to come after me and my cousin and who is Jones working for.”

Dean looks up at Julia and couldn’t believe he got his ass beaten by a female cop.

“Told you it was a stupid deal, but no you wouldn’t listen.” Tizzy was smirking at Dean.

“Because you and that Bounty Hunter interfered with his mission. He was suppose to apprehend Boris and take him back to Russia for failing.

Now, he has to kill all of you for screwing up his assignment. As who he is, I have nó idea. I just know him as Davis Jones. If he finds out we fell in our assignment, he’ll send more people after you. He can’t afford to let you live.”

“How do you get in touch with him?”

“I have a burner phone.” He digs it out of his pants pocket and hands it to her.

“If he knew who our parents were, he would back off now. Mom and Uncle Jack would hunt him down and kill him.”

“I’m thinking he needs to get a message from them. An up and personal message. This is up their alley.”

Julia radios the State Troopers to come and get Dean and Harvey.

“We better call US Marshal Edward Bullock and the people from K&P Bounty Services and warn them. Because if he put a hit on us, than he’s
going to try and kill them as well.”

The closest State Troopers arrive ten minutes after Julia radios for one. Tizzy had put the assault rifle away before they showed up. The two of
them didn’t want to be asked why they had special forces assault rifles.

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