Andi and Allie - 6

IMG_1147.JPGAndi and Allie – Chapter 6 – The Bootie Call

Allie had a booty call! She deliberately got dressed to allure. She looked…OMG…she looked so divine…heavenly…rapturous……hot. She looked amazing! I watched her as she was doing her makeup of course. And I watched her move this way and that whilst doing her final check before her full length mirror.

“I need to go out.” She said as she spun around with a 'finally satisfied' look on her face.

“Oh…?” I smiled. Okay… We all need to on occasion.

“It’s been three months since ‘what’s his name’ and I need to make sure everything still works.”

She giggled wickedly. I wasn’t even sure wicked giggling existed until I heard Allie that evening.

“What still works?” Yes people… I was that clueless.

“You know…” She looked at me coyly and held her arms up and out. “The charm…the body…the cootchie...” Allie laughed.

“Cootchie…?” Cootchie…? Wtf is that?!

She turned to me with a look that a mother gives a child who asks a question with an obvious answer.

“Look sweet heart…” Allie sat down at the counter. “Coming off a breakup, especially one like I just did, the reassurance that we’re still…desirable…is…well…reassuring? And anyway, it’s not like I’m going to marry the guy.” And she talks about the casualness of guys! “Want to come with me? I’m going to this really nice place near Gramercy Park.”

I could tell from her expression that Allie was serious and indeed I was welcomed. But I wasn’t into having my own ‘booty called’ and I seriously didn’t want to see Allie embark on hers.

“No thanks… But really…thanks for asking.”

I tried to be as sincere as possible but…I don’t know…I felt…kind of weird. I really didn’t want her to leave; especially knowing the reason she was going. I felt terrible for Allie knowing she needed THAT kind of acceptance. It was acceptance in my mind and not reassurance.

I knew she was beautiful both inside and out and I wished I could tell her in a fashion that would negate the need to have some completely random stranger reaffirm it. But, unfortunately, at the time I really didn’t know how.

I should have told her not to go. I should have told her I would be thrilled and honored to go out with her. I would dress as beautifully as I could and we could go out dining or dancing, or both. This was one of the very rare times I wish I was a bit more…butch?

After Allie left, I went into my bedroom and sat on the bed clutching my pillow. I felt somewhat at a loss of what to do. It was a Friday night and I def had the blues. So I did what always seemed to come naturally. I pick up my sketch pad, the one with the curves, and began to leaf through the pages. Some had sketchs and some had actual semi-completed works…of a sort. But all had that one commonality; curves.

I’ve heard it said that a blank wall is the Devil’s playground. Well… I felt like tempting the fiend within me so I set up my easel and affixed my blank wall upon it. I decided to go with charcoals and embarked upon what was to be the first of many portraits. I would create my vision of Allie as I saw her tonight in all her glory and splendor.

Sometime over the few months I had been living here I realized that all of my sketches were really of her and about her. I felt that the time was right for me to finally acknowledge this and I was stating that acknowledgement in a portrayal of her.

I put everything I felt and everything I had into that work. I spent an inordinate amount of time on her eyes attempting to get not simply the color right, but the fire…the emotion that was usually present in them. And her body…OH…MY…GOD…! I envisioned her before me…naked.

In my mind I let my fingertips, slowly and lightly, travel down her body’s curves and almost magically those very curves appeared on my ‘blank wall’. I draped part of her in ethereal cloth so that every curve was accentuated; just as she appeared in my mind.

All my works are labors of love but this one was different. Allie’s eyes had to be perfect; that amazing sparkle just so. Allie’s hair had to be perfect; the fall of her curls just so. Allie’s curviness had to be perfect. Everything had to build toward this one perfect image.

After working for an unknown amount of hours at a maniacal pace, I had finished; not one but three images of her. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of wine and suddenly realized that I was thoroughly exhausted; physically and mentally. I thought about what I’d done and suddenly I began to tremble with fear.

I went back to my bedroom and sat staring at the finished works. I had an urge to rip them into pieces for their lack of perfection in my very tired and exhausted eyes. But I didn’t. I simply covered them up and chose to view it again at another time. I stacked them against the wall amongst six or seven other newly finished works. That was when I heard Allie entering the apartment.

Decision time… Should I remain cloistered in the sanctity, the safety, of my bedroom and ‘this too shall pass’ mist? Or should I confront that whore! Should I ask that Devil’s bitch if she felt debased enough to continue on with her life?

Or is it simply the wine speaking through a caricature of what only a moment ago was an artist? And why did I feel so angry? ‘Once more unto the breech, dear friends, once more…’ I walked out to greet her.

“Hi…” She’s so cheery…damn. “You’re still up?”

“What time is it?” I really didn’t know and was curious.

“It’s after two.”

She reached for my wine and I let her have it. She took a sip and giggled.

“I guess I got carried away. I was working.”

She handed the glass back to me and I took a sip. At least ‘he’ wasn’t sharing that with me.

“Want to show me?” Allie smiled.

Her smile was always so amazing. She could bring light into complete darkness.

“It’s really not worth showing. I’m thinking of trashing it.”

I looked down into my glass noticing the light glint off my buffed nails. I smiled even though I felt tears rising within me.

“Are you angry with me?”

I looked into her face; her eyes. Allie’s lipstick was nearly gone. It was the very long lasting kind and what remained was slightly smudged. Her eye makeup was also a bit smeared. Allie resembled a well-served hooker at the end of a busy evening more than the angel of my mind. I looked from her face back down to my glass and nodded my head. A tear fell from my eye.

“Would you like to talk about it?”

Allie reached out with her hand and, with her thumb, swept the single tear away. I was frozen; or at least my tongue was. I shrugged my shoulders. Allie reached under my chin with her index finger and slowly raised my head up till our eyes met.

“Look sweet heart. I know it’s late and we’re both tired but…” Allie gently stroked my cheek. “…I really think we should have a little talk. Now I need to at least wash my face and you…you really need to get some of that chalk off of you.” She grasped my hand in her own and gently squeezed. “Now why don’t we both get comfortable and we’ll go into the cave and talk a little. Okay?”

I nodded.

It didn’t take long for either of us to clean up. I had washed my hands and face and did my usual bedtime rituals. I walked into the television room in my usual panty and sleeping tee. I took my usual place on the loveseat section and clutched my usual pillow to my chest. I traded my wine glass for a plain glass of fruit juice. Allie followed me in no more than a few minutes and took her place, and cushion, on the love seat.

I was sitting as close to my end of the couch as possible with my legs curled beneath me and my cushion covering my body up to my mouth. Allie noticed my ‘closed down’ body language. She moved a bit closer and stretched her feet out just enough to touch my legs. She looked at me with a gentle smile, her face now cleaned of the makeup.

“We can’t let anybody or anything come between us. I remember somebody saying that whilst rambling on about fame, fortune, popularity, and blow jobs.” Okay, so she got me to giggle. “Although I think I can seriously live without the blow jobs.”

I took a very deep breath and slowly let it out.

“I didn’t want you to go tonight.” I looked up at Allie quickly and then back down at my hands.

“Why not honey?”

Her voice was gentle. I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m not sure? I guess I just couldn’t image you going out simply to…”

I couldn’t complete the sentence and my voice trailed off. Allie completed it for me.

“Get laid?” She giggled.

I looked at her, nodded, and lowered my gaze to my hands…again. Then I think the heart of the situation struck her even before it occurred to me.

“Oh my God…! You’ve never done that, have you?”

“No… Not really? At least I don’t think so. I mean I have gone out trying to meet…someone? But I think it was more for…company…a friend…you know?”

Allie stared at me for several moments. I wasn’t really sure about what I felt and I was hoping she would find a way of opening me up.

“Did you think I might meet someone and that would be it? ‘Bye Bye Andi’…?” Allie held up her hand and wiggled her fingers for emphasis.

“Maybe… Maybe that was part of it? I mean… I just can’t imagine you going out and NOT meeting someone, you know? You’re so beautiful and accomplished and you looked so amazing tonight when you left.”

Allie laughed.

“You are so sweet. I wish that were true. It’s kind of competitive out there in the dating world and everybody is looking for his or her mister and ms. perfects, you know? If I had found my mister perfect, would you have been jealous?”

“No…not jealous…envious.” I laughed.

I reached down with my hands and grasped Allie’s bare feet. They were cold.

“I mean…in truth…if you happened to find somebody that made you happier than you’ve ever been before…I would be thrilled for you.” That thought did excite me. “As long as you didn’t throw me out that is.”

We both laughed at that. Allie wiggled her toes and I enjoyed the sensation. Then she hit me with the killer question of all time.

“Do you have a crush on me?”

Allie smiled coyly and batted her eyelashes almost innocently. Her question stunned me although I should have expected it.

“Yes… No… Maybe…? I don’t know.”

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about Allie other than an extremely close connection? Or maybe I just couldn’t admit it.

“Well…how did you feel about the others?”

“What others?”

“You know…the three you had sex with?”

“Okay… Well…first of all…according to Congress I didn’t have sex with any of them because I didn’t sleep with them.” I giggled.

That pronouncement always was such a major giggle because it left so much latitude for non-sexual consensual sex. Allie didn’t appreciate my humor on that one and she let me know it by gently…well…maybe not so gently kicking my leg with her heel.

“Okay... In truth…? I started to feel something…something special…something different? But it all ended so quickly that…well…whatever I began to feel kind of…vanished?”

“I’m sorry. That is so sad. When you get intimate with somebody? You invest such a large emotional part of yourself and the longer you’re intimate, the more you invest. I had such an itch to feel a warm body on mine that I couldn’t think of anything else. But I didn’t want to invest any more than I had to so…I did a ‘one nighter’ thing. And it wasn’t even a whole one nighter.”

“Well… What about that guy? What about how he may have felt?”

“Okay mister… Who said it was a guy!” Allie glared at me.

“OH MY GOD…! It was a girl?”

My eyebrows shot upward and my mouth fell open. Allie began to laugh.

“Gotcha…!” She laughed. “It was a guy and he def didn’t want to invest anything he didn’t need to.”

“Oh my God…! Is everybody out there like that? I mean…how do people ever get married?”

“I don’t know how people wind up finding someone to get married to. And there are a lot of people out there just like that. They’re called players. But… My dear friend… I have only done this three times in…twelve years? I mean I have had relationships. But not all that many and they were not all that successful.” I detected a strong note of sadness in Allie’s voice.

“I’m sorry Allie.” I felt tears welling up.

“For what baby?”

“I was upset with you and I didn’t really understand why.”

Allie looked at me somewhat in shock. She stared for a moment or two. Then she leaned toward me and took my hands in hers. She kissed my fingers. I loved the sensation of her lips touching me…even if only my fingers. I smiled.

“You’re the first guy to ever apologize to me for anything…ANYTHING. That bastard Steven didn’t even apologize for deceiving me for three years.”

Allie held my hands firmly and smiled so very gently at me. I could see all the emotion that was welling up within her by the tears that began to form in her eyes. I don’t know where the thought came from or why it even formed into words. But form into words it did. No sooner had I even thought about it than those words just tumbled out of my mouth…very much to my surprise.

“I think I would like to have boobs.”

Will Andi get his boobs…or will he simply remain one?
Stay tuned for further...‘developments'?

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