A Girl for Halloween Part 8: The Dance and Romance

For better or for worse, I’m taking the risk. Myself, Michael, and the 15 or so others who were at his little pregame are on the way to Sacred Cross High School’s Halloween dance. Dressed as a Victoria’s Secret angel I’m risking a lot for being found out, but so far I’ve nailed the girl voice, mastered the mannerisms, and my little bit of makeup and hair adjustments, along with my sexy and revealing outfit, have been more than enough to convince the others that I’m a real girl.

Being a little tipsy from the pregame helped me relax from the stress though. I talked to a few of the guys and girls while walking there, not really interacting with Michael much.

When you pretend to be a girl, you really have to go all out and lie about most aspects. I was truthful about the high school I attend, but most other questions about my real life had to be concealed or cleverly dodged.

The next thing I knew I was receiving a text from Julia, inquiring about how the situation was. I told her I got out of the house fine, and she might need to clean up her room a bit as I was in a rush.


Inside the school, Michael and I rekindled (he was, in fact, my date…sort of). The school looked very similar to mine, except being a Catholic school there were many religious symbols and quotes that lined the walls.

Besides that, there were the typical Halloween decorations that graced the hallways leading to the gymnasium, where the dance was being held. Inside, hundreds of students and their dates were already there, getting drinks and snacks from the tables on one side, and dancing to the DJ’s music at the other end.

“How about we grab something to drink?” Michael suggested. I walked with him over to the table. While Michael and his friends were big, muscular guys, there were lots of average guys too. A shorter, scrawny kid was getting a drink, but when he saw Michael he nodded at him, and quickly finished getting his drink.

“All you.”

“Thanks, bud.” He said to the kid.

“Anything for the QB!” The kid replied, smiling. Michael reached out and fist bumped the kid. You could tell that the kid thought Michael was not only incredibly cool, but also a nice guy.

“I didn’t know you were the quarterback,” I said to Michael.

“Well the backup. Basketball’s more of my sport. I totally forgot to ask you if you played any sports.”

“Just Volleyball for me!” I said cheerfully.

“Hmm,” Michael said. “So you guys would be in season then, right? Don’t the girls play in the fall?”

He stumped me. The boys play in the spring, but the girls are playing right now. I had to cover.

“Well, I actually don’t play for my school’s team. Just for a club team.”

He seemed to buy that answer.

The next half hour was full of introductions, small talk, and checking out peoples’ costumes. All the guys were wearing fun outfits, a lot of them silly. The girls on the other hand had sexy versions of popular costumes.

However, not all girls were wearing revealing outfits. It seemed that the dates of the jocks and popular guys were wearing more revealing outfits. The other girls appeared to value modesty more.

It was a weird situation I was in, and not just because I was wearing a bra, panties, and a silky robe. At my high school, I was kind of a loser. Sure I played volleyball, but that wasn’t really a popular sport. I was thin, not muscular, and had long hair and not very masculine features. That’s not exactly textbook cool.

But here at Sacred Cross, I fit right in with the popular GIRLS. Popular girls usually have friendly personalities, and are tall, thin, and pretty.

Everyone dreams of being popular, but usually it’s among those of the same gender they were born and living as.

It took me dressing as a girl to get in with the popular crowd. And boy, was I thriving! The girls seemed to love chatting with me, and I with them. The boys I met seemed to enjoy my personality, and were very easy to talk to. And I almost forgot to mention the looks I was getting! I always thought that as a boy checking out a girl, it was easy to be discreet. But now I know that when dressed in a sexy outfit, it can be hard for the boys to look away.

I was in the middle of a conversation when Robbie, one of the boys I met at the party, said to follow him out into the hall. He had peaked my curiosity, so I did. When we got to the hallway, a few of other people from the pregame were there too.

“We good to go?” Robbie said. He got a thumbs up from one of the other guys.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

Robbie looks left and right before speaking in a hushed manner, “We snuck in a water bottle of booze. You want in?”

I thought that sounded like a good idea, as my buzz had practically gone away by now. “I’m in!” I replied.

Just as I spoke up, Michael comes out from the gym. “Hey, what’s going on out here?” he says to Robbie.

“Dylan snuck in a water bottle of vodka. We’re all gonna take some pulls. Down?”

He paused a second, and then looked at me, “Okay guys, I’ll only drink if Jacie will too. Can’t be more drunk than my date.”

I grabbed his wrist, smiling. “Don’t worry, I’m drinking too. That’s really sweet of you though.”

He smiles back at me, and I let go of his wrist. He is SUCH a gentleman.

“Alright I’m game!” he said to Robbie.

Robbie proceeded to lead the six of us down the hallway to a classroom around the corner. He checked through the glass window to see if it was occupied, and then pulled a key out of his pocket. He unlocked the door.

“Wow, where did you get that?” I asked.

“Saw a janitor drop it a few weeks ago. Opens all the doors.”

We entered the room, and kept the lights off in the room. The classroom had windows leading out to the parking lot in front of the school, so we could still kind of see each other, but nobody could see in. Robbie locked the door behind him. Dylan pulled out the water bottle. “Here we go!”

“I say ladies first!” Robbie insisted. The two girls and I looked at each other, shrugged, and took a two second pull. Kinda gross, but what else do you expect from vodka?

“Now the guys,” a girl said back.

Robbie took a long pull, and Dylan did the same. He handed the bottle to Michael.

“I’ll just match what you drank, Jacie,” He said to me. He takes only a two second pull.

That made me smile.

Before we knew it, we were in the locked classroom fro 15 minutes, and the 6 of us had done one more round of pulls. I could feel it a little more this time.

We all decided it was probably time to get back to the dance, so we snuck back out of the classroom, and Robbie locked the door behind us.

“How are you feeling?” Michael asked me.

“Good! Feeling it a bit though.”

“Me too,” he chuckled.

The music was bumping in the gym, and people were in full dance mode. The six of us rejoined the group and danced in a circle for a few songs.

Eventually the DJ got on the mic, “Hope y’all are enjoying the jams, but we’re gonna slow it down for a bit.”

“The Climb” by Miley Cyrus came on, and everyone coupled up to slow dance.

I looked around as all the people we were with paired up with their dates. I turned and Michael was looking right at me. He hold out his hand, “May I?”

I took another moment to address this situation. All my life I’ve only ever danced with girls. I enjoyed dancing with girls, and it was fun leading and having them lean on my shoulder. It made me feel…strong.

But that feeling wasn’t happening right now. For some reason, with the music playing, and Michael asking for a dance, the moment just seemed right. I wanted to dance with this boy.

We set up, and unlike how I danced with girls before, I placed my arms on his shoulders. He placed them on my hips. I think this is fine so far?

We start swaying to the music, and I’m kind of avoiding eye contact with him. But when I glace up. He’s looking at me.

One of Michael’s friends dancing near us shouts to us, “Hey, you two aren’t gonna get closer?” The boy and his date giggle.

Michael looks bashful, but pulls his hands more around my hips, moving about 3 inches from my body. I move my hands off his shoulders, and wrap my arms around his neck instead. We’re really close now.

“You know I’m really glad you could come tonight.” He says to me, looking into my eyes.

“I’m so glad you invited me,” I said in an especially girlish manner. That time it came easy.

I don’t know if it was the music, the atmosphere, or the little bit of alcohol, but we stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds more, and just as the chorus hit, he leaned in and kissed me on my luscious pink lips.

He pulled back, and smiled. Some of my lipstick had gotten on his lips. He quickly wipes his lower lip and sees the lipstick and we both giggle for a second. Then he leans in again and we kiss again. A 5-second kiss leads to the tiniest bit of his tongue touching mine, and soon enough, we are slowly and passionately making out on the dance floor.

There was nothing that could spoil the moment, but soon enough, I began to feel a stiffness coming from my panties. Lucky for me, I was tucked back enough for it not to show. The passion coming from the two of us was more than enough for me not to care about anything else in the world. His strong arms around my waist made me feel comfortable and cared for, and my feminine, delicate hands around his shoulders and neck I’m sure made him feel like he was king of the world.

After a minute of kissing, the song ended. All the couples on the dance floor separated, many looking into each others’ eyes still, trying to hold on to the last remaining passion from their respective intimate moments.

All of this was interrupted by the DJ yelling, “ALL I DO IS WIIIIIN”, and going on to play “All I Do is Win,” the DJ Khaled song featuring T-Pain and a bunch of other artists.

The gym quickly turned back into a high energy dance floor.

The rest of the night went by quickly, as it soon came to an end. Michael, and a few others from the pregame walked out with me, but I split off with another girl to split an Uber back. Because he was pushed away by his friends, I only got to yell goodnight to Michael, and not kiss him goodbye.

I pulled up at home. It was late, so I was able to sneak back inside, without waking my parents or sister. I undressed from my robe, bra, and panties, and changed into boxer shorts and a t-shirt, hiding the feminine garments in the back of my closet. I figured that was enough risk for one night. I hopped into bed, and even though I sleep in the same bed every night, this was far from the typical feeling I have when I fall asleep, as I knew Michael would be all in my dreams, whether I wanted him too, or not. But one question lingered: where can I go from here, now that everything is different?


Hi everyone! This is taking a more grown up, romantic step that I hadn't tried as much previously, so I'd love to know what you guys think of the (only slight) maturation in tone and plot. Let me know if you are still enjoying the story!


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