Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 2 Part 1

The Case Of the Forgotten Soldiers. Part 1

Luna wakes-up the next day feeling like she had a hangover. She looks around and notices she was inside her house that had been made for her.

She stretches and flutter her wings to make sure they were okay. She strips out of her jumpsuit that she had been given to wear with the agency’s name on it. She walks into her bathroom that had been designed to look like a forest with a flower bent over so she could take a shower. The water came from the outside pool that was refreshed by her magic and freshly distill water that Mr. Blackstone added to refill it when it is low.

Mr. Blackstone didn’t need to add anything to make the water cold or hot. She could do that on her own with her magical abilities. Water was her element to control. She causes the water to flow through the clear tubing disguised as straw from the pool to her bathroom and fall down on her like rain drops. She takes some of the powered soap and scrubs her body as the waste water flows down into the drain. The waste water flows back to the pool after it is filtered along its way to make it clean again. Between her magic and some natural filtering. Her setup was self contained and clean.

After her shower, Luna turns on the fan in her bathroom and dry herself off with the air and her wings. She found out if her wings are wet, she couldn’t use them. She flutters her wings to make sure they were dry. Afterwards, she heads into her room and grabs another jumpsuit to put on and brushes her hair so it isn’t so fuzzy. She walks out onto her balcony to see if any one was in the office. She saw Mr. Blackstone in his office and Joanna over at her desk. She wonders where everyone else? She reaches out to a nearby tree that had been planted near her mushroom and pulls a Blue Moon Honeyberry off the branches and eats it. Afterwards, she flies over to Mr. Blackstone’s desk to say good morning.

Andre Blackstone was reading a request he had gotten from the city council of Union city, Tennessee. He was being invited to investigate paranormal activities that has been occurring recently of an unknown civil war battle site. The council had no records that told or listed the place as an old civil war site. Two members of their historical society would be meeting them and hotel rooms had been reserved for them.

He had spotted Luna flying over to his desk. He watches as she lands and waves hello at him.

“Good morning little Luna. Did you sleep well last night?”

Luna nods her head yes.

“Did you have fun on your first case?”

He had been informed that she was a big help in the case and had found all the items. He wishes they could understand what she says. They were making a recording of ever musical notes she made when they asked her a word or phase. That way they could at least make some sort of dictionary of her words and understand her. They had found out she could understand almost any spoken language. She could also translate any foreign written words, symbols or images as well.

Luna nods her head yes. She had fun on her first case. She never believed ghost were real, till yesterday. She points towards the computer screen of the email that that been sent to Mr. Blackstone.

“Yes, that's our next case. It’s an unknown battle that had occurred and had been forgotten.”

Mr. Blackstone’s research team hadn’t been able to find anything about the site at all. They had dug through all their civil wars battle maps, journals and supplies. So, the first thing they were going to do, is see if they could find out which units had been involved.

Luna wonders if she should go along. She grabs a small pencil and writes on a piece of paper asking if it was okay if she went?

Mr. Blackstone watches as Luna writes on a piece of paper he had on his desk with a small pencil he keeps there for her to use.

“Yes, it’s okay for you to come along, but you’ll need to be careful. We’ll be having visitors working with us. So, I’ll need you to stay close to me
or Joanna on this one. Cleo won’t be coming with us on this case. She’s working on another case.”

Luna gives Mr. Blackstone the thumbs up sign. She flies from his desk and over to Joanna’s desk. She notices Joanna was finishing up an article she had written for the Paranormal magazine Mr. Blackstone had helped create a couple of years back. Him and another person had started the magazine for the paranormal community.

Joanna had caught Luna landing on her desk from the corner of her eye.

“What mischief are you causing, Luna?”

Joanna opens up a package of pecan swirls for Luna to steal a piece. She knew they were Luna’s favorite after all the test they had given Luna when they had gotten back from England. So, far everyone was still trying to figure Luna out. Sometimes, she acted like a mature person and other times she would play practical jokes on people.

Luna grabs a small piece of the pecan swirl that Joanna had opened for her. The berry she had this morning filled her up. She sits down on the desktop and enjoys the piece she had taken. She loved sweets, especially honey. That was her favorite sweet. It gives her a quick boost of energy, but gives her a headache later after eating to much. She licks her fingers as she stands up and holds her tiny hands up for Joanna to clean with a wet napkin.

Joanna takes a wet napkin from a bottle she keeps in her desk drawer and clean Luna’s hands. She tosses the napkin into the trash.

“There you go little Luna, all clean.”

Luna flies up and over to Joanna’s cheek and gives her a light kiss.

Greg had just walked into the office when he saw Luna’s blueish glow over at Joanna’s desk.

“What? Aren’t you going to give me a welcome kiss?”

Luna flies up to his nose and gives him a kiss on it.

“Thank you little Luna. So, are you going with us on this next case?”

Luna was hovering in front of Greg and nods her head yes.

“Good, I hope you enjoy it like the other one.”

He walks over to his desk and starts checking his equipment. He was getting all his equipment together for their trip. He hadn’t messed with his equipment since the team came back form England. He knew that there was going to be six of them on this case. Including their camera man to record everything.

Luna flies over to the door and opens the small door Mr. Blackstone had installed for her. She flies out into the garden area and over to the pond and lands on top of the water surface and walks on top of it like it was a solid surface. She examines a few flowers and bushes while she is outside on the pond. This pond was bigger and deeper then her own little pond in her setup.

She spends about an hour or so outside enjoying the sunshine and the natural water.

She heads back inside the office and notices that everyone has come in. She flies over towards Joanna’s desk and sits on an eraser to listen to what Joanna was saying to Edward. He was their camera man. He had fun recording her when they first brought her here. They found out that some of the person she use to be carried over to her new form. She still had most of her memories. They tried to do a MRI and x-ray on her body, but her magical aura caused a feedback and shorted out the machines. So, they didn’t know how her wings connected to her skeleton. They had to be careful when they gave her a physical. They tried to give her a gynecological exam and had to use a very tiny Borescope to examine her. They found out she was 100% female.

“Come on Luna, we’re having a meeting about our new case.” Joanna holds her hand out for Luna to walk onto.

Luna walks onto Joanna’s hand as they head into the conference room.

Mr. Blackstone waits till everyone is seated before he begins laying out how he wants the investigation to proceed.

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