A Girl for Halloween Part 7: Party Preparations

Saturday had finally come, and with that my first date with Michael. Well, it really isn’t our first, and it really isn’t a date actually. He specified that we would be going to the Halloween dance in a group, but I kinda got the jist that he wanted to go with me. But today could not have come soon enough, as I spent practically all of Friday thinking about him. I’ve met a lot of people throughout my life, but few have had that sort of persistent quality to them that doesn’t allow them to escape my constant thought.

Neither me, nor or Autumn were called in to Merlin’s Halloween Store that day, so I had the Saturday off to spend thinking about and mentally preparing for the Halloween dance. Not seeing Val and Autumn, I wasn’t able to express my feelings to anyone today. My sister, Julia, was out of the house most of the day today, so it was just me and my brain.

Michael goes to Sacred Cross Prep, a Catholic school. He texted me the address so I could meet him there, but I had been familiar to this school for a while. This was also an all boys school, so when it comes to dances, they often invite girls from the sister school, Mother Mary Prep, an all girls Catholic school. All these schools are in the area, close to my stomping grounds of Norridge North.

Certainly, fear was looming in my mind, as I wasn’t going to know a single soul at this Halloween Dance except Michael.

Not much went on that day other than watching Netflix, but by the time 4 o’clock came around, I figured it was time to get thinking about my outfit. I planned on swinging by Merlin’s and grabbing an outfit, changing in the car, and then heading to Sacred Cross. That would take my parents completely out of the equation.

But then Michael texted me a bombshell. It read, ‘Hey, so can you text me your address so I can pick you up! I want to take you to a pregame at my house with some friends, and then we’ll walk to the school. I live like a few blocks away from there. I insist! I’ll see you at 6:00!’

This was not a good thing! If Michael comes by my house, that means I need to be Jacie, not Jason when he comes to the door. And an hour earlier nonetheless! I started freaking out. But I had to accept his request, as he was very insistent on the formality of picking up his date.

Luckily, I must have been graced by an angel because at 4:30, my sister walked in from being out with her friends.

“Julia! Thank God!” I yelled, somewhat hushed. I ran to her and pulled her upstairs, much to her resisting.

We got to her room. “What!” she said, quite annoyed.

“I’ve got a huge problem. I’m going to a Halloween dance with this boy.”

“Oh my gosh, really?”

“There’s no time to explain,” I interrupted. “He’s actually picking me up from the house in an hour in a half. I don’t have a costume, and I need to be in full girl mode by then.

I started to tear up from stress. She gave me a consoling hug.

“Oh, honey, don’t cry.” She held me like only a sister could. She lifted my chin up and looked me in the eyes. “We’re getting through this.”

“But Mom and Dad are home!” They can’t see a boy come to the door to pick me up!” I said.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m distract Mom and Dad and take them out of the house. The rest though, is gonna be on you. I know you haven’t done much making over of yourself, so this will be a challenge. I believe in you.”

She started to leave her room, but I told her to wait.

“I appreciate everything you’re going to do, and I guess I have no choice but to get ready myself, but can you at least help me out with an outfit? I don’t have time to run to Merlin’s and still get ready. And I need a Halloween costume!”

Julia pondered the question briefly, and then walked over to her closet. She fingered through some of the clothes on her rack. “Can you do sexy?”

“Wha-what do you mean?” I stuttered.

“Well, every girl likes to dress a little sexy on Halloween. Modesty is important in everyday life, but on Halloween, we especially want the boys to notice us.”

“I suppose I could do that.” I responded, clearly nervous.

Now I’d done dresses and leggings before, but what she was about to get had not yet been attempted by the new Jacie. She reached into her closet and pulled out a black lace bra and panties.

“Woah, I can’t wear that! Are you crazy?”

“What? Why not?”

“This is a SCHOOL dance. NOBODY wears undergarments…”

“Oh, no silly, you’d wear THIS on top too.”

Julia followed with a soft, shiny pink robe.

“Jacie, meet Victoria’s secret.”

I actually knew what she was talking about. For some reason she had a pink robe similar to what the Victoria’s Secret models wear backstage at the fashion show. The girls always do photo shoots wearing those outfits, with all makeup and hair done, ready to go out on the runway to model whatever (frankly ridiculous) outfits they are told to wear.

“I guess that’s more covered than I thought. But that’s not really a Halloween costume, is it?”

“Sure it is!” She replied. “You’re not just a model, but a Victoria’s Secret model. It can totally work as a costume. “Oh! And here, you can wear these shoes too.” She grabbed a pair of black ankle boot heels.

I stared at the outfit she was proposing. Before the time issue, I expected to be going as a regular vampire, or like Frankenstein’s Bride or something. Not an actual model costume.

“Well, change into it!”

I did what she said. I began to take off my shirt and pants. I also sort of waited for her to leave, and give me privacy, but her response, puzzled me.

“Oh, don’t mind me sis.” She said with a straight face.

Does she really see me as an actual sister? I mean I’ve been dressing as a girl, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am an actual sister to her. I almost got offended, but just let it slide, and changed into my lace bra and panties. I pulled them up, tucking back my…smaller me...(fortunately for me in this situation, my QUITE smaller me). With the bra and panties on, there wasn’t even a bulge.

“Now try on the dressing gown.”

I slipped on the satin robe, and took a look at the finished product in the mirror.

“Just…gorgeous,” Julia said.

I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and thought many things before. Wearing dresses, I often looked cute or pretty, but from the neck down, I looked actually…hot. My flat chest was somewhat hidden by the fact it was a padded bra, and that it was mostly covered by the robe.

By now, it was an hour and 15 minutes till I was getting picked up.

“I have to get mom and dad out of the house now so you can get ready without interruption. Give me 5 minutes.”

Julia ran downstairs and even though I couldn’t hear what she was saying, shockingly, she got my parents to leave in 10 minutes.

What a girl.

Feeding my curiosity, I texted her, asking what she said to get them out of the house. She replied, “I told them I’d take them out to dinner.” Lucky for me, it was about dinner time, and my mom was not in the mood to cook.

With an hour to go, I had to go from Jason to Jacie.

I started by straightening my hair. I was familiar enough with Julia’s flat iron before, that I was able to get luscious, shiny locks quickly. I then took a curling iron and added some loose curls to my long brunette hair. Within a half hour, the hair was done. Now, on to the makeup which for my own application purposes, was uncharted territory.

I figured all I could do was put some foundation and concealer on, a little blush, and then some mascara to accent everything. If you looked at me, you could only sort of tell I had makeup on.


My phone went off, and it read 5:58. Michael had said he was outside and coming to the door!

I had never been more nervous in my life. I slipped my shoes on, took a deep breath and went downstairs. The doorbell rang.

But wait!

I shot back upstairs to Julia’s room for one last thing. A tube of pink lipstick sat on her vanity. I looked in the mirror and applied it to my pursed lips, slowly sliding it over the top and bottom, catching every bit of lip, and finally ending with a smack.

THAT made a difference, and gave me a bit more confidence heading downstairs to see Michael. That’s the power of bright pink lips.

I answered the door, and greeted him. He looked me up and down, almost in shock.

“My god, Jacie. You look…beautiful.”

“Thank you! I’m a—“

“A Victoria’s Secret angel? I’ve seen the show before.”

Pfft, men.

We shared a laugh.

He looked really nice as well. He was a gladiator, tunic and all.

He gestured down the short set of stairs leading out from my front door and I followed him to his car.

“Hopefully you don’t mind the fact I’m technically wearing a skirt.” He said laughing, referring to his ancient roman style tunic.

He had no idea the irony.

As impressed as I was with his costume, I was even more impressed with his car. He drove a black Porsche Panamera, that he mentioned was his Father’s. The fact that he took this car might have even meant he wanted to impress me, and boy did it ever.

He lived about a 12-minute car ride from me, and we pulled up to his house. Wowza. Three stories, gothic architecture, and close to an acre of land.

“This is some house!” I said, amazed.

“Yeah, I’m a lucky guy aren’t I?” He said with modesty.

I almost thought about saying, ‘and I’m a lucky girl,” but that would have just made things awkward.

He pulled into his long driveway, parked the car, and made sure to open the door for me. Michael getting off to a great start on the gentlemen track.

“So we have an hour and a half till the dance, but my friends and I thought it would be fun to have a little pregame. It’s super low key.”

We walked inside, and the interior was as nice as the exterior. No surprises there.

“People are in the basement. I’ll meet you down there, okay? I just gotta help my little brother clean up the kitchen first.”

He was down the hallway just like that, and I was standing in the middle of his foyer, a fake Victoria’s Secret angel, feeling like I was in real Heaven.

The terrifying feelings returned though, as I walked to the stairs leading to the basement. I heard music and voices downstairs. I hadn’t really interacted with people other than Val and Autumn yet as a girl. For a second there, I couldn’t believe the risks I was taking. I stopped dead in the stairway, too scared to confront the voices downstairs. What if I knew someone there? Sure, this is a different High School’s dance, but then again, I’m here. If someone recognizes me, the whole thing is over, and I’d be more humiliated than anyone in the world.

“Hey!” I hear as a pair of hands touch me on the shoulders. It was Michael. Thank GOD.

“Oh hey, I guess I spaced out” I said sheepishly.

“No problem! Let me introduce you to my friends.”

I turned the corner from the stairs and looked into the 15 or so people.

“Hey guys! This is Jacie.”

I had closed my eyes, hoping this introduction would just end, but once I opened them and scanned the room, I realized that I did not recognize anyone. Again, Thank GOD.

8 girls and 8 guys were chilling and having fun. The guys looked athletically built, similar to Michael, and the girls were very pretty, and wearing somewhat scantily-clad costumes, much like my own.

Now that my nerves had somewhat calmed I scanned the room a bit and didn’t just see people, but also quite a bit of alcohol. 30 racks, red cups, and handles of liquor were scattered throughout the beautifully finished basement.

A few people were starting to pour shots. The girls were drinking a pink vodka, and the guys had whiskey. Michael and I joined in, and I was handed a full shot glass. One of the guys did a toast, and we all drank.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink much if you don’t want,” Michael whispered to me. “I won’t be having much myself.”

He made me feel a lot better with that. “Same with me.”

The pregame carried on, and I chatted with a few people, nailing my girl voice and mannerisms perfectly.

An hour later, and only 3 drinks deep for Michael and I, we headed off to walk to the dance.

On one hand I couldn’t wait for a fun night with Michael and the new people I just met. On the other hand, though, this fully-feminine outing was heavily uncharted waters for me.

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