A New Job Promotion Twist Part Six

Security is a different beast as I make my way from day to day. One day I will be following an associate in their car into some new part of the world. Another day I will be wearing the black armor guarding and walking with a President or Vice President to some new place. Other days I will be told to remain behind to continue training in fight, self-defense, battle logistics of things no less. It is a very curious job. It has perks that I am able to go out and about more. I am able if careful and quick to clean semen off of men after they have been used by an associate with permission, or even a President or Vice-president after they have enjoyed a client they are meeting with.

But while I wear the cryx the frustration of not being able to seduce and have a man between my legs makes you hunger and desire like no other thing. It is a strange world we live in for sure. One day, the newest security associates are in the Board room with President Short. “For the next week, you will not be going out, ladies – except during lunch. We have arranged for you to have lunch dates with available men who are checked out and able to shall we say be resuscitated mouth-to-mouth. We want you all full and satisfied before our Spring Conference in Phoenix this year. I would like to introduce you to Vice President Candy Brine who will brief you further on what you will be doing in Phoenix.”

Candy stands up and says. “Thank you, Hannah. Ladies, you will be assigned different tasks during the conference in middle of March. Each of you has a schedule of what your task will be.” I look down at my schedule. “Each of you will spend a day as an assistant to a president or vice president. That will be highlighted in red for you. An additional information sheet will brief you on what that individual prefers or desires or needs to be steered clear away from. If your individual permits it, you will be allowed to indulge as a full associate. Normal procedure is to permit that, by the way. On another day, you will serve duty either as suited guards in night clubs the associates might enter or as those who will watch carefully and take notes. You will have full briefing on this.”

When Candy is finished, Hannah Short speaks again. “Enjoy this week. It will be relaxing from your trips out and about as security detail. As long as you are in security detail, you will not have an opportunity like this again. I look forward to our trip to Phoenix. You are dismissed.” I get up and walk back to my office. There I change out of my woman’s power suit and into a black fighting robe. Then, I spend the next three hours in yoga, jujitsu, and sword practice of all things. I am given an hour to shower, groom, and dress for lunch.

I decide to wear a white lace blouse with long sleeves. I wear a pencil skirt and tan platform boots. Then, I grab my brown leather purse, put it out over my shoulder and I am out to my lunch “date.” The address reads, “401 N. Wabash.” I go down into the garage and get my cute little Mazda Mx-5, and I speed downtown. I find a parking garage. As I am walking out I walk the two blocks to 401 N. Wabash. I enter inside, give my name and am presented at a table. Sitting there is a nice young gentleman. He stands up when I arrive. He walks around the table and gets the chair for me and pushes it in after I sit. Then he walks around me and sits across from me.

I give him my winning sales-selling smile. He visibly gulps and clamors. “Hello, um. … Miss Gorman, right?” He asks. I nod my head, but say nothing. I wait for him to continue. After a moment or two he does. “My name is Joshua Kent. I am an associate lawyer for Corboy and Demetrio, a law firm downtown here.” I extend my hand and let him shake mine. He shakes it nervously and then takes my hand up to his mouth and gives it a gentle kiss. I give him my most brilliant smile again. “It is definitely my pleasure to meet you, Joshua.” He chats idly about everything going on at his Lawfirm. He doesn’t ask me about what I am supposed to be doing. I knew I wasn’t supposed to divulge anything. I drank my water while he drank wine and tried to relax.

He was pleasant enough as he drank three glasses of wine and ate a steak and had desert. I had settled for a light salad. When the meal was done, he led me outside and out to the parking garage. He had a company limo that had been issued on his behalf. We sat in the back while he drank another glass of wine. I scooted closer and closer to him as his inhibitions finally disappeared. Before his glass was down, he had his hands all over my arms and shoulders. He was cupping my breasts and kissing me along the neck.

I had pulled him on top of me with the power and strength that the cryx had seemed to give me. My hands caressed his arms, moving up and down, pulling him in tighter and tighter. My breasts and hips responded to his hands and my lips and face and neck responded to his lips and kisses. We kissed for endless time, but I was hungry – no my cryx was hungry. I slowly pushed his head down so that he might move down to my stomach, lift up my blouse and pull down my skirt.

He moaned as he smelled my sex and desire for him. He groaned as I reached between his legs and pulled his zipper down. He almost cried like a baby when I rubbed my hand back down along that zipper and gently squeezed his balls. He had lost his mind. He pushed his pants down and his large cock popped out for me. I took it with my fingers and petted it as if it were my favorite pet snake. I let him know how much I admired it. “Oh, Josh, baby, it is just so smooth, so long, and so hard.” Each time I go down to pet it, it got harder and harder. I could feel it drip.

I felt myself act through the cryx. I sent the thought, “Not, yet, boy.” And I could feel his cock take back its stream so ready to shoot. I used another thought through the cryx. “Down and suck me, boy.” Like a puppy, his tongue wagged out. Obediently he licked up one thigh and then the other. Then, he attacked my snatch as if it was a bowl of milk. Nice and slow and long were his licks. I squirmed and squealed and twisted above his twisting neck and head as he attacked me down there. He felt my dribbles. But I toyed with him as well. I sat down at one point on his head and pushed and grinding against his lips and teeth.

I forced him to pleasure me for what was forever. I could feel his mind scream. I could feel the pressure building inside of his cock through my cryx. He wanted to beg and plead. And finally, I thought through the cryx and commanded him to stand before my opening with his cock out front. I reached around his ass with my hands and I pulled him into me. I wiggled my hips as he worked his way inside of me. I pushed in and spread my legs as he came in further and further. The rhythm was slow and methodical at first, but as time passed we grinded and worked against each other. I wrapped around him and worked him.

I could so feel his need to release, but I would not command it through the cryx – not yet. I frustrated him. I teased him. I yelled at him. “Give it to me, boy. You have to be really good and really pleasure me before I will let you release.” He grunted, cried, and moaned. And finally when I was ready I sent that message through the cryx. He cried out so loud – well so did I. He slammed into me, and I slammed into him. He fucked and fucked me and I nearly drained him dry.

I think he amazed himself at his staying power as he came into my pussy. He was rocked as he felt wave upon wave of my orgasm rock against his cock and shake along his legs. But when he was finished, I released him. I did not feel it was my place to drain him completely. As he lay next to me, he closed his eyes and relaxed. He was very content. I turned to him and spoke softly into his ear. “Hush, dear Josh. Forget, enjoy, and sleep for a bit. Dream of me, but otherwise forget me.”

When he head fell asleep against me, I slowly pushed him down on the seat of the limo. I carefully dressed myself in the crammed quarters the best I could. I fixed my hair and lips stick. When I was ready, I strutted out of the limousine. I walked past the limo driver who was a few cars away with a large smile on my face. I stalked like a satisfied lioness to my Mazda Mx-5. I got in and returned to Fashionable.

As I sat in my little office, I thought back on my sexual encounter with Joshua. I was thrilled by the newest development. I had used the cryx without words to make him do whatever I had wanted during sex. I had felt the compulsions I had placed on him. I knew the power that was there. I felt the power that wanted to explode out of me through it. It was wondrous, magical, and consuming. I wanted more. I wanted to try more. But some small voice deep inside told me to keep this to myself and not to experiment too much just yet.

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