Interesting Summer Vacation Part 6

Interesting Summer Vacation Part 6

By: Kokopo618

"Lily," Katie begins, as I enter the cabin, "While I appreciate your determination, your form was all off."

"What?" I say I didn't expect her to say that, plus ...I thought I did a pretty good job.

"You were using your teeth a little too much and not focusing enough effort on the "head", the most sensitive part."

"I was just having some fun with the boys opposite us, not auditioning."

"I know, I'm just messing with you, but I said you could always talk to me, so whats up."

"Well, when I was talking to Judy she was a little uncomfortable for a while, but ended up treating me like a normal ...girl, and I-I liked it, then Bobby came over and he looked at me like I was-like I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, and I-I liked it," my eyes start welling up, "I like being pretty, I like being desired, I like being ...girly, am I a freak?" I look up to her with tears in my eyes.

Katie pulls my head into her breasts, and sways back and forth, "No, no you are not. Everyone likes all those things."

"Girls, maybe," I say back.

"No, everyone, do you know how many times I've been asked out by lesbians? a lot, and it feels good, it's an ego boost, it's the same for guys."

"So, I'm not gay?"

"I don't know, that's something you have to figure out for yourself, but you know Dad and I will love you no matter what."

"I know." I don't think I'm gay, I think this girl thing has just gone to my head slightly.

"Look," Katie says, pointing out the window. I pull away from our hug and look over, Bob is out there on the bench talking with Dad.

"I wish I could be friends with Bob, he's really sweet," I say with my eyes still on him.

"Who says you can't," Katie says.

"Well he's a boy and I'm uh..kinda a girl," I say.

"Boys and girls can be friends, look I'll get Dad to go to bed and leave you two alone, to privately build a friendship," Katie says, with a mischievous smile.

I look back out the window at Bob, even the straightest man would have to admit that boy is good looking, "I don't know."

Not going to take no for an answer Katie grabs my hand, and pulls me to the bathroom, "You're doing it, but first..." She leaves me in the bathroom, and comes back with some kind of small tube, "this is lip gloss, here put it on." Katie says, handing it to me. I've seen girls apply lip gloss in movies and TV, so I give it my best guess, I even do the lip pressing thing to spread it evenly.

"Great job, I'll show you more makeup stuff later," Katie says, leaving to put the lip gloss back.

I did do a great job, my already kissable lips look downright irresistible, I make a few kissy faces, trying to fight the urge to actually kiss the mirror.

"You are ready." Katie says, sneaking up on me, "I'll get Dad to bed and you get out there before Bob leaves."

"Okay," I say as she leaves. I adjust my hair, and my boobs in my bra a little, and try to psyche myself up. I hear Dad come in he yells goodnight to me assuming I'm in bed, I yell goodnight back. Katie is still out there with Bob, probably making sure he doesn't leave. I get to the door and take a deep breath, and put on a smile, I'm very excited and a little nervous I hope I don't make too much of a fool out of myself. I walk out.

Bob stops what he is saying to Katie and looks over to me, "Hey Lily," he says.

"Goodnight kids," Katie says, with a smile on her face, and leaves.

"Goodnight Katie," Bob says, without taking his eyes off me.

I blush a little but keep my head up as I walk over and sit right next to him on the bench.

"Lily, You look amazing, if you don't mind my saying." He says, turning his head, looking me up and down.

I giggle and blush, "I don't, and you don't look too bad yourself." I think I've heard that line in a movie somewhere, but I don't care it's true. I didn't notice earlier or maybe I didn't want to notice, but he really is gorgeous. Friends can think each other are attractive, that's normal.

There's an awkward silence of us staring at each other for a while, "So, do you play any sports?" Bob asks, looking in my eyes, I'm a little surprised he can manage to be such a gentleman with my breasts on full display.

"I used to play volleyball and do gymnastics, but it's been a while, I doubt I can even touch my toes now," I say, getting an idea. This is going to freak him out, I get up and reach down for my toes, this time I know exactly what I'm doing and I like it. I touch my toes, linger for a while, then bend back up and sit back down, "Never mind, I can, you try." I say, grinning.

Once he gets over what he just saw he says, "I don't know, I don't think I'll be able to."

"Oh come on," I say, "please, don't make me beg."

"Okay," he says, enjoying the attention. he bends over, I lean over and bit my lower lip, he's got a cute tight butt of his own.

"See, I can't," He says sitting back down, "I guess girls are more flexible than boys."

"I guess so," I say, laughing internally, "do you play any sports?" I ask.

"Yeah, football, wrestling, and I used to do baseball, honestly I prefer just working out in the gym."

His tight short sleeved shirt is showing off his bulging muscles nicely, I bit my lip again, "is that how you got these?" I say pointing to his huge arms.

He laughs, a little embarrassed, "Yeah I guess so."

"Can I-uh, can I.," I say, looking down at his arm.

"Touch?" he asks.

I nod my head, still biting my lip, I can taste my gloss, it's sweet.

"Yeah, sure." he says, blushing slightly.

I lightly grab his bicep, my hand is so small by comparison, I can tell he is flexing, trying to impress me, I can feel myself getting wet. I grab it harder, it's rock solid, this guy could really throw me around if he wanted. Now, this is something friends do not do.

Realizing, I don't know how long I've been groping him, I pull my hand away, and look away embarrassed, we both blush, but our eyes find each other again.

"I should probably get going, don't want anyone to worry," Bob says, looking in my eyes.

"Yeah, me too," I say, looking into his eyes.

Neither of us makes a move to leave.

"Goodnight Lily,"

"Goodnight Bobby,"

We still don't move, our faces are close, our lips are close. I get a little scared, I hope he doesn't kiss me. I bet his lips would be soft, they look the part.

He finally gets up and begins walking away, remaining eye contact for as long as possible. I sit alone, grinning to myself, I would like to say I was on auto-pilot, that I didn't realize what I was doing, but I can't use that excuse anymore, I wanted Bob to like me, to look at me like he does, like I'm the only person in the world, the only girl in the world and I want him to feel the same way I do. Hell, I'm only going to be a girl for a week, might as well savor the experience. I sit for a while, reflecting, but It's getting cold, so I walk in.

Katie is sitting on the couch, "So did you make a new friend." She whispers, not wanting to wake Dad.

"Honestly, I'll think I went a little too far," I say, I mean, it felt great in the moment, but now I feel a little ashamed.

"Yeah I can see what you're saying, cards on the table, I was watching through the window the whole time," Katie says, smiling, looking guilty.

"Katie, that was supposed to be a private friendship building." I groan, realizing that's not a thing.

"I know, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," Katie says.

I take a seat next to her, "Near the end there, I thought he'd ...kiss me." I say, whispering even quieter at the end.

"How would that make you feel?" Katie asks.

"I don't know. Now the thought grosses me out, but in the moment, I don't know, I was scared, but also a little excited, I really don't know how I would have reacted."

"I'm surprised he didn't, you gave him some pretty strong signs out there."

I blush, "I know, I just got so caught up in the moment, I think, I need to tone down the girly stuff."

"Whatever you're comfortable with." Katie says, "I don't wanna press you any further than I already have."

"I just don't wanna lose myself, Ya know, I don't wanna forgot who I really am."

"I understand," Katie says. I know she was excited to have a little sister and I hate to disappoint, but I can't be someone I'm not.

"Ugh, It's gonna be so awkward tomorrow," I say remembering I told him he could come fishing tomorrow.


"I kinda invited him to go fishing tomorrow," I admit sheepishly.

"Well, we could just go without him, pretend we forgot," Katie says, trying to give me an out.

"No, I made a mistake, I'll deal, besides we need him, Dad doesn't know this lake, and Bobby does." Katie gives me a weird look, "Did I call him Bobby again," She nods, "Dammit."

"That's very mature of you, Lily, just give him no signs of interest and you'll be fine."

"Can I be honest?" I ask I know she'll say yes, I just wanna stall what I'm about to say.

"Of course, you know that." she says, quickly.

"I don't know if I can avoid being feminine in his presence, I know I'm "mature" now but, I love the feeling, it's so intoxicating, and he is very charming."

"You can be feminine, just don't fall in his lap, literally or figuratively, look sis, with a guy like Bob you probably aren't the first girl to fall for his charm, he might think he has a sure thing here, just show him your not interested, and besides he won't try anything with Dad there."

"I'll try..." I say, thinking of Bob, I hope I can resist my urges.

"Well, I'm going to bed, goodnight Lily."

"Goodnight, Katie." It's pretty late, I didn't realize Katie had changed into some sweatpants and a big T-shirt for bed. I follow her into our room. I can't sleep in what I'm wearing so I look through my dresser. I find some loose sweats and a gray tank top. I pull my white tank top off and unhook my bra, I put on the gray top, it's much easier without the bra. I pull my shorts down with a little resistance from my ass and pull the sweatpants up. It's a little cold, and I can see my nipple poking out under my top. (1) Katie is already in her bed, I turn off the light and slip into my bed. I drift off thinking of tomorrow, and Bob.


"Wake up, Lily," Katie said, in a sweet airy voice.

"What time is it," I say back, in groggy monster voice.

"Just before 8." Katie says, "get up and take a shower."

"Okay." I say, not moving at all.

"By the way, I never knew you spoke in your sleep."

I sit up in bed and turn to her, "It's news to me too," I never shared a room with anyone so I didn't know anything about how I slept,"What was I saying."

"you just repeatedly said; Bobby." she said moaning exaggeratedly.

"Fuck me, really?"

"You said that a lot too." she said struggling to keep a straight face.

I threw my pillow at her. at least now I know I wasn't moaning a boys name in my sleep, "Don't screw with me like that."

"A pajama pillow fight? I thought you were toning down the girly stuff." Katie giggles, throwing the pillow back at me.

I raise my hand to throw the pillow back at her, but she runs out the room and closes the door. I get up slowly, I'm more tired than I expected, but that is understandable after the day I had. I can't believe what happened last night, it was like I was a different person, freaky. I do not look forward to seeing Bob, he's a nice guy and all, but I really gave him a wrong impression of who I am. I walk over to my dresser and fumble around through it, I really don't wanna wear anything too girly, I pull out a simple white short sleeved T-shirt and some jeans, I also grab black panties and a black bra, I wonder if I'll ever get used to grabbing bras in the morning, I doubt it. I walk out of the room and turn to the bathroom.

"Lily, the blue towel is mine and the white one is dads'," Katie yells out with cereal in her mouth.

"Got it," I yell back, my voice is a little deeper than yesterday, I gotta remember my pills. I walk into the bathroom, I really don't wanna forget so I run back into my bedroom and take a pill from each container, and swallow, wow I forgot how sweet they taste, like candy, I kinda wanna take another. I return to the bathroom and set my clothes on the side of the sink. I look at myself in the mirror and take a deep breath, it really did not take much effort to make me look like a girl, a very pretty girl. I sigh, I don't know if I can live like this for a week, the first day felt like it lasted so long. I take off my shirt and pull down my sweats, I look back in the mirror and see a sexy, busty, teen girl in her panties, a few days ago I'd jack off to an image like that, but now, I don't know, I'm not feeling it.

I pull down my panties and turn the shower on, I quickly jump into the shower, that was a mistake, the water is very cold and my nipples respond accordingly. I cover my breasts with one arm and turn the heat on with the other. Once the water is warm enough, I look around for shampoo, I see two shampoos, one that looks similar to the one I used at home and a pink one with a girly name. I should probably use the girly one to stay in character or whatever. I reluctantly pick up the girly shampoo and squirt it into my equally girly hand. I run it through my hair and my scalp, I have a lot more hair than I usually do thanks to these hair extensions, I wonder if it's fine to shower with these, probably, but I don't know, I'm sure Katie would have told me if it wasn't, it feels and looks like normal hair so I'm sure it's fine. After I thoroughly wash my hair I rinse it off under the water. I don't use conditioner normally, but I'm pretty sure girls do, so I grab the bottle and put some in my hand, I haven't seen conditioner in a while, I am surprised to see it's a thick white goo type thing. I run it through my hair, it feels good, I might have to start using this stuff. I think you're supposed to keep it in your hair for a while, so in the mean time I grab a bar of soap and begin getting it soapy in my hands. I can't help but be a little excited for this part, I rub the bar on my chest, it really turns me on, but I'm rubbing boobs so that makes sense. I rub the soap on my entire body. Once my body is sufficiently soaped up I place the soap down and move back under the water. I wash the soap off my body and the conditioner out of my hair. I put a slight focus on my boobs because they are very sensitive, and feel great, I even sneak a finger to my clit and play with around with it until the shame kicks in and I stop, washing my hands off. I think I'm done, I feel like I'm new to showering because everything is so different. I step out.

I look at the towels, Katie said the blue and the white ones were taken, so that leaves the pink one. Great, this toned down girlishness is getting off to a bad start. I grab the towel and dry off. It is much harder to dry off my hair with so much more of it, so I wrap the towel around my hair like I've seen girls do in movies. I grab a toothbrush, a pink one, that I assume is mine as well and brush my teeth, I grab some girl deodorant and apply it to my hairless armpits. What little puberty I have experienced so far has not yet gifted me any hair, no arm, pubic, chest, or arm pit hair. Fortunate for my disguise, unfortunate for my manliness going forward. With the shampoo, conditioner, and now deodorant, I smell as girly as I look.

I reach for my bra and put it on using Katie's method, I am thankful for the support, I know they look good, but I wish I had smaller boobs, first world problems, I guess. I grab my panties and slide them up my legs, I kinda wish I could wear panties all the time, they are much more comfortable than my usual underwear, although that would probably be a different story when I have a dick and balls. I was always skinny, but I never thought of my body as girly, but I don't think I'll ever see it as anything but after this. I grab my shirt and put it on, it feels about two sizes too small when I reach my boobs, but once I get over them it is comfortable enough, it has a right breast pocket I didn't notice before, it's probably just for show anything I would put in there would look silly with my boobs. I reach for the jeans and step into them, I'm surprised I don't break into a sweat putting them on, much tighter than I expected, and my butt really does not want these things covering it, but I manage to pull them all the way up and button them. I look in the mirror, my belly is slightly exposed, I will never understand women's clothing. The outfit is not nearly as androgynous as I would have hoped, the girlishness sneaked up on me. I take my towel off my hair, my hair has a slight curl that looks very good, I look very good if I'm being honest, I can't tell if that's a brag or not. I see the lip gloss I used last night, I thought Katie put that back, but I guess not. I have a strange urge to put it on again, most girls my age wear full makeup so it would be weird if I didn't. I apply it, after seeing the results I kinda regret it, but too late, I put it in my pocket. I look at the mirror, I think I'm ready (2), I walk out.

"I didn't realize how much less bathroom time there would be with two girls," Dad jokes. I laugh, a little ashamed of my already girly behavior. Dad walks into the bathroom. Katie is sitting at the kitchen table, I sit opposite of her.

"Looking good sis," She says, looking up from her phone, then sniffing, "Did you use the girl shampoo and conditioner?"

"And deodorant," I add, "Are you proud of me?" I say sarcastically.

"Very," she answers non-sarcastically, "Jeans was a good choice the morning is going to be a little cold, you might even want a jacket."

"Nah, I'll be fine, and thanks a lot for the towel and the toothbrush, you are not helping with my girly problem."

"Hey, you are the one who assumed the pink toothbrush was yours."

"Is it?" I ask knowing the answer.

"Well, of course, but no one color is girlier than another, I think you are projecting." She retorts smirking.

"Whatever," I say getting up and pouring a bowl of cereal.

"Have you ever considered going all in with the girly stuff, I'm sure It'd be a lot of fun and something you'll never get to experience otherwise."

"I did and last night happened."

"Whats wrong with last night, you made a friend is all?"

"I almost made a boyfriend," I correct her, "I almost lost myself, I can't be something I not."

"But what if you are..."

"What if I am what?"

"Nevermind," She says, and then is quiet for a second, "I just want you to be happy and that was the happiest I've seen you in a long while." She gets up and walks into our room. That really shook me, it was the happiest I've maybe have ever been, I'm a little embarrassed she noticed. I look over to our room, she closed the door, I hope I didn't upset her too much. I should go apologize, I walk over to our room and open the door.

"Hey, did you notice I put on the lip gloss again?"

"Yes, why did you?

"Because I like how it looks and feels," I say honestly, blushing.

"I think the suddenness just freaked you out a little, take on the girly stuff slow, one at a time and you'll be fine, I promise," Katie replies smiling.

"I trust you, it's just a little scary how much I enjoy it."

"Every boy would react the way you are, you just have the privilege to experience it," Katie says.

"I'm sure you're right." I don't think that's true, I think most guys would be freaking out more than I, and others would probably be constantly fondling themselves, but I don't wanna argue with her.

I hear Dad getting out of the bathroom and I leave the room to see if we are ready to go.

"Katie told me Bob is coming with us, right?" Dad asks me when he sees me.

"Right," I say and I can hear my voice has changed since I took my pills, not the best time for that, but whatever.

"Well, I gotta set up the fishing poles and check out the boat, so you or Katie go find him, I think I saw him at the beach, and get ready to go." Dad leaves.

I better go find him. I tell Katie what I'm doing and leave the Cabin, I walk halfway to the beach when I hear someone coming from the right of me.

"Lily, hey, good morning," Judy says, catching up with me.

"Good morning, Judy, whats up?"

"Nothing, what are you doing?"

"I'm getting Bobby, for fishing."

"Oh that's right, you are going to have to tell me everything girl, I need extensive details."

"Hopefully it will be boring," I say, looking over the beach. I see Bobby pulling a canoe into shore, he's shirtless, wearing swim trunks.

"He's something ain't he?" Judy asks, staring as well.

"He certainly is," I have to say honestly, I'm impressed, he looks good.

He sees us and walks over.

"Hi girls." He says, "is it fishing time?"

I'm surprised he's not acting awkwardly because of last night, he seems even more confident, I guess I did give him a lot to be proud of.

"Yeah, it's time, you ready?" I say.

"Yes, let's go." He says, then reaches for his back pocket and pulls out a shirt, and begins putting it on. I'm a little disappointed, not in a gay way, I've just always been weirdly obsessed with really muscular guys like Bobby, guys in superhero movies have always interested me, maybe because it's something I'll never have. When the shirt covers his eyes me and Judy look at each other, and smile.

"Well, you two crazy kids have fun," Judy says, leaving.

I blush a little, she said that like this was a date or something, "She's crazy." I say.

"She's ...different." Bob says back, I giggle at his accurate description, "So have you ever fished before?"

"A little. When I was a kid, I don't remember anything though." I don't remember the last time I fished or if I ever did.

"That's fine, I've taught a lot of people, it's very easy, a lot of waiting."

"Well good, I can wait with the best of them," I say, he laughs.

We walk up to the dock, talking the whole way, I can't believe I was so scared, everything is going fine, and neither of us has brought up last night. We get to the boat and Katie and Dad are already on waiting for us. Bob jumps on first and holds out his hand for me, I don't wanna grab his hand, but the boat is tied to the dock and is drifting back and forth, plus my center of balance isn't what it used to be, so I grab his hand, and he helps me board, I can feel the power in his arm, and at the same time the gentleness he handles me with. Katie is sitting behind and to the left of the captain's chair, on a couch, I take a seat next to her. Bob jumps off the boat, unties us from the dock and jumps back on, his weight rocking the boat. Dad starts the boat and we are off. God, I hope this is not interesting.

Author's Note:

Sorry about the wait, I'm a terrible person. I don't have much to say, so as always feel free to comment questions, critiques, plot lines you'd like to see, and any fuck ups I didn't notice. THANKS BYE!!!

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