The Good Samaritan Chapter 4

The Good Samaritan

Chapter 4: New Lives Begin

After that, I began to settle in as Vicky, though some things were hard, clothes for one. Vicky had lots of clothes that seemed both immodest and conservative at the same time. Sometimes my choices were looked on as too prim and others as being whorish. And don't get me started on the makeup.

Funny enough, what I thought was appropriate, Stephanie seemed to like the best and Vicky wasn't happy with. So everything became a balance between mom, Vicky and myself.

It wasn't too long before we saw Det. Bobby again. He visited us about a week after getting home, say, "I had to come by and let the landlord know that it was ok with the investigation if he re-lets the room of your neighbor Walter. I was going to take one last look around his place. The landlord said you could take anything you wanted."

Mom said, "That was nice of him, but I'm not sure how'ld I feel. But we can look."

Bobby led us over next door and let us in. It had been two weeks since I had been in here. Looking around, there wasn't anything I wanted to keep, except for the china and silverware that used to belong to my original mother, and it may have belonged to grandma before her.

Stephanie liked it too, so we spent some time packing it while Bobby looked through what papers he could find. Bobby found my pile of past due notices and was sorting through them when he announced that he found something important.

I knew there was nothing important, but was still interested in what he found. We gathered close together as Bobby showed his discovery, it was my life insurance policy. But it couldn't be, I didn't have a life policy. I hadn't made enough in the last ten years to pay into it. I started to say something when Bobby stopped me.

Bobby said, reading from the document, "This document in legal and binding form, for Walter Scott Riley's Life Policy, pays the sum of 1,000,000.00 dollars to Miss Victoria Rose Tyler. It goes on to say that he always appreciated that no matter how bad her day was, that she always tried to help him."

Bobby looked smug, while mom was in total shock. Well, I was too, but only because I knew I had never signed those papers. If I had thought about it, I surely would have, and remembered and told someone. But at least it would go where it was needed. Mom took my silence as excitement, and started jumping up and down. Bobby had a strange look on his face that I couldn't place at the time.

Bobby helped us move the china and silverware, and promised to help us with dealing with the bank. I don't know how, but I was happy to accept the money as it would be from myself. Vicky asked what was wrong with the money, it would make life easier for mom. I explained that I would have if I had thought about it, but I hadn't. Now she too was confused about the mystery.

Bobby was nice and called for an appointment with the insurance agency and the bank. That made things easier on mom. I could tell that she was getting into receiving attention from Det Bobby, and that made me feel good for her.

With Bobby's insistence, he found a bank that would offer a better interest rate on the deposited sum and so that mom would receive the monthly interest for our living expenses. I would get a weekly allowance, a fair amount agreed to by both of us. While the principal was held in trust till I turned 21.

I felt everything was fair, since Stephanie would be taking care of most of my expenses any way. What I got as an allowance was more than I needed, and I would bank the rest in different accounts. I learned my lesson already once.


After that, things fell into some order. I had school, which would have been impossible without Vicky at my side. Names and faces. What to say and who to ignore, not that she seemed to have many friends. Being the most physically mature girl in school, kept most of the others away from me. And that was before my classmates found out I was pregnant.

And that spread like wildfire. Just that I was pregnant, nothing about being raped. When complaints from other parents started hitting the school office, I was called to the principal office. I was made to wait until mom showed up. Thankfully, Bobby was with her.

The principal made her case that it was hardly proper for a 12yo girl be allowed to attend, in what she called 'My condition'. Mom started to say something when Bobby came to my rescue. He quickly informed her that I, Vicky had been raped by my step-father and was in no way consensual. In my head, I was explaining what he said, so she could understand what was being said.

The principal quickly changed her tune and became all apologetic. It was soon decided to hold a school assembly to cover what had happened and to have Detective Bobby and a police specialist in this subject to give the talk. He said it would be good for the students in general and me specifically to get this out and in the open.

Bobby called the precinct and made the arrangements to do the assembly after the first period tomorrow. He suggested to mom and the principal that I take the rest of the day off, to let the rumor mill settle down.

Mom and I really liked Bobby, he was handsome as all get out with that suavy rico thing going on. But the more I was around him, I got the feeling that there was something not completely straight with him. Everybody liked him and agreed with him on everything, if not at first, then after a bit of persuading.

Bobby asked if he could take mom and I out for dinner, she was hesitant at first, then said "Ok", when I poked her in the side. I knew she liked him and I didn't see any harm in the two of them dating. Bobby even winked at me for helping him. He left saying, "See you at 6 tonight".

Vicky thought it was good for her mom to see someone so much better than Fred had been. Like me, she had some form of reservation about him too, but couldn't put it into words.

Wow! This whole her, I and we thing was starting to give me a headache. Bobby said he would pick us up at 6pm that evening. He wouldn't say, but knew the perfect place to go. All he said was to dress casual but nice.

Mom was a nervous wreck trying to decide what to wear, finally deciding on a cute grey skirt cut to the top of her knees and a matching jacket over a crisp rose colored blouse. She wore just the right jewelry to make it known it was a date and not a business meeting.

I chose a grey plaid skirt with a bright pink pattern, knee high socks with matching plaid on the top, a white blouse and grey sweater. With black Mary-Janes, it almost looked like a school uniform. Putting my hair into pigtails sold the look.

Being the gentleman that he was, Bobby rang our doorbell just at 6 on the dot. Bobby won points with me for that, these younger folks always seemed to have no sense of time. When mom opened the door, he stared for a moment, then, "Stephanie, you look amazing!" Turning to me, "And Vicky, you look just so cute, your father would be so proud of you!"

Though I felt it was an odd thing for him to say, mom and I both thanked him for his compliments. I could tell that mom was eating this up. The best I ever heard from Fred was for her to get her cute ass to the fridge to get him a beer. As a man, I never would have said anything like that, at least not the way he meant it.

Once outside, he took both our arms in his, "I don't know what I did to deserve a night out with the two best looking ladies in our fine city of Tacoma." I blushed, but no where near as mom did, her face was almost the color of my hair. Bobby was being very smooth.

Ever the gentleman, Bobby held the door for each of us on his fairly new Dodge Durango R/T in brilliant white. After seating us, Bobby went around to get in. I noticed he was wearing a much better quality blue suit with light blue shirt and tie. He looked like a blue version of James Bond.

He pulled away from the curb with a throaty rumble, reminding me of past cars I had owned over the last several decades. Maybe if this worked out with mom and Bobby, I could get to drive this in a few years. Hey! A girls gotta have dreams.

As I dreamed about Bobby's Durango, he and mom chatted about things I couldn't care about. That got me thinking, how does a cop, even a detective afford a $45k SUV and a $300 suit. God, I sure hope he wasn't crooked. Even a nice guy can be bent like a pretzel.


Very soon, Bobby pulled up in front of a small, nice looking place. Mom gasped, "My god, I haven't been here in years, not since Vicky, was just a little thing. This was where her father, Rob, took me on our first date."

Seeing her start to tear up, Bobby asked, "Would you rather someplace else? I'm sorry if it brings up painful memories. It's just that in the last few years, this place has come to be like home to me. I thought that you would like it, too."

Mom gets a hold of herself, "No, this place is just perfect. It has lots of great memories for me. Vicky might not remember the place, but this will do just fine."

Bobby was quick to help us out of the car. Standing with us on either arm, we look at the entrance to the 'Top of Tacoma, Bar and Cafe'.

Bobby led us to the door and held it open as we entered. They were half full on this weeknight, mostly families and a couple of lone wolves. The entire room greeted Bobby like he was part of the family, "Bobby!". Wow, I guess he did spend a lot of time here.

An older couple came up to Bobby and gave him a hug. The lady hugs mom, "Everyone calls me Momma!" Then back to Bobby, "So Bobby, after all this time, you finally bring your family with you. This little one has your eyes." Speaking of me.

Now it was Bobby's turn to blush, "Now Momma."

I spoke up next, "Thank you Ma'am for the compliment, but Det Bobby is just our, mom's and my friend."

Momma spent some time trying to digest that, then, "I don't believe that, there is too much likeness."

Mom then added, "Momma, I used to come with my husband, years ago, before he died. I'm Stephanie, and this is my daughter, Victoria."

Momma, "I remember you, your man was Robert. But can this be little Vicky? All grown up!"

I smiled at her, "Not grown up yet, I'm just twelve. I just was an early bloomer, so I look older than I am."

Momma showed us to a table, "Don't fret child, we all grow up as the goddess makes us to."


By the end of dinner, mom was completely enamored with Bobby. She laughed at all his jokes. Touched his arm and at times fingertips. Bobby treated me like something between a daughter and a friend. His blue eyes sparkled when he talked. If I were only twenty years older. But I was happy for mom, she finally found someone worthy of her.

Bobby stopped for ice cream cones a block away from our building and walked us back to the apartment holding mom's hand. I followed along behind them, a foolish grin on my face, that came from my inner partner. Vicky was so happy for mom.

At the door, I opened and passed through, quickly saying, "Thanks for dinner Bobby, Good Night." I left them alone so they could have some privacy. I tried to listen, but only heard some mumbling, then what had to be them sharing a kiss. When I heard mom say, "Good Night, Bobby, I had a great time." I dashed into my room before she could see me.

I peaked out, hearing her making tea. "It's alright Baby, you can come out. Want some tea?"

I took a seat at the counter watching her. She had a smile on her face and her lipstick was smeared a little bit. "Wow mom, you and Bobby are so great together!"

"Hmm, oh, what's that dear. Oh yes, Bobby's great. Are you ok with that sweatheart?" Asking as if I had the say in the matter.

I ran around the counter to give her a hug. Not sure if the tears streaming down my face were from Vicky or me. "I'm so happy for you mom!"

End of Chapter 4

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