How To Chain Whissies

On the dot at twelve o’clock, Arnold entered the diner. Like every day, he walked over to his favorite booth and took a seat. It didn’t take long for Pauline to appear. A mug with Tea already in her hands.
“Hey Arnold, what can I get you today?”

“How about a burger? With mushrooms please,” Arnold replied.

“Are you sure? Maybe a salad would do you better. Just kidding. One burger with mushrooms coming right up.”

Arnold had to stifle a sigh. The ripping of the waitresses was definitely not the reason why he spends every workday lunch break here. Nor was it the food. The bell hanging over the door rang and he saw the real reason.

A gaggle of girls in office attire entered. Of them, one stood out like a flower surrounded by weed. Katherine. The one and the only reason why Arnold chose this dinner every day. From afar he studied her graceful beauty. He knew it was creepy to watch her like that every day. If he could only find the strength within himself to ask her out.

Instead, to be not as obvious, he took out his newspaper. As always the sports section was put aside. Quickly joined by the section aimed at warlocks and witches. He had no use for it as his magical potential was close to not existing. The few times he had tried to join a warlock coven counted as one of his most embarrassing times.

He skimmed over the newspaper and glanced now and then to Katherine. How poised she looked. She looked so elegant even with all the ruffles she liked to wear.

Pauline broke his line of sight when she carried his burger over. After she went away Arnold was surprised to see Katherine coming over. His heart leaped and started beating faster. Had he been caught staring?

“Mind if I borrow this?” Katherine asked in a sweet and melodic voice. Her hand pointed to the newspaper section he had put aside.

“G-go ahead,” he managed. His mind raced and urged him on. This was his opportunity. He could strike a conversation now. Maybe even ask her out.

The ringing of Katherine’s phone broke the moment and he knew he had hesitated too long.

“Excuse me,” she said in her sweet voice and then answered her call. Walking away and back to her co-workers. It didn’t take long before she excused herself from them too and left the diner. Must have been important Arnold reasoned.

With Katherine gone all that was left was to eat his burger and maybe read his newspaper for real. Soon the doorbell of the diner rang again as two new women entered. Or so had Arnold had thought. Both of them were males and could only pass as women if viewed from far away. Or in a very dark alley.

"If they dress up they could at least put some afford into it," he thought.

He got a good view of them as they sat down at the counter near him. That gave him a slight chill he couldn’t explain. With renewed afford, he attacked his lunch. Now and then he felt observed and if he looked up the two men dressed as women quickly looked away. To Arnold, it was very suspicious.

He called Pauline and got a doggy bag. After paying he hurried to leave the diner. A few paces away he dared to look over his shoulder. Both of the strange men had followed him out.

Arnold quickened his pace yet every time he looked back they were behind him. Even with high heels, they were just as fast as him. Thoroughly freaked out he took a turn and hurried around another corner. In his haste, he slammed into someone else and fell on his butt.

“I am sorry. I didn’t look and …”
Arnold's voice left him. Before him, there was a man that surely was taller than six feet. Decked out in a ball gown for women of the last century. It looked ridiculous.
“Oh don’t worry sweetie,” the guy replied in a deep voice. “I was looking for you anyway.”

Arnold first thought he had misheard. Was he looking for him? He scampered to his feet and ran away. Nearly running into the first two guys that had followed him.

With a sprint, he left them behind and then heard heated voices.
“He is ours.” “In your dreams you half portion of a sissy.” “I’ll show you a half portion…”

The sound of an explosion made Arnold twitch. Looking over his shoulder he saw the evidence left behind by a fireball. He knew now for sure those were lunatics. To use combat magic in the light of day. Sheer madness.

He didn’t stop his running till he saw the entrance to his workplace. Finally, he might get to safety. Or not as he saw more men decked out in different dresses and female outfits. He channeled the last ounces of strength left and sprinted to the building's guard. Showing his ID he was let in. Not so the freaks behind him.


Arnold glanced at the clock. I was five. Time to go home. Yet for the first time ever he dreaded it. What if more of those crazy people were around? Just to be sure he exited the building through the underground garage.

It was only five blocks to his apartment and normally he didn’t mind walking. Today, however, was different. What would he give now for a car? Maybe he should have called a cab. Now it was too late.

“Mister, we would like a word,” a voice to his left said.
Stepping from a backstreet alley were three men that looked like rejects from a domina studio. All decked out in latex or leather. Each of them had wobbling breasts the size of balloons and Arnold guessed they were air filled too.

He let out a way to unmanly shriek and was once again running.
He needed to find safety. Maybe call the cops? All this was freaking him out.

A few dozen feet further he crashed nearly in a trio of living Barbie dolls. The difference was that their legs had entirely too much wool on them and they had big full beards on their faces. A few emergency turns and he was sprinting past them.

“Trixie, do something!” one of them shouted. A moment later something slammed in Arnold's backside. Stumbling he caught himself and kept running. Something felt different though and he couldn’t tell what.

Looking behind him he saw no one of concern. He quickly ducked into a side alley and checked below his belt. “Son of a bitch …” Instead of the gray boxer shorts, he wore today as underwear, bright pink panties greeted him. The cut and silky material told him those were definitely for a woman.

“We can help you with the rest,” came a voice from the side alley’s entrance. It belonged to the pair of crazy stalkers from the diner. Both advanced towards him.

Arnold started for the other side only to see another troop of crazy cross-dressers to cut him off. He was boxed in. No way out.

“I think some forgot who's territory this is.” The melodic voice cut through the tense atmosphere. Arnold couldn’t believe his eyes. Katherine? What was his secret crush doing here? “In the name of the East Ridgeside coven, I declare you not welcome!”

The duo from lunch quickly scrambled, but the group of six took threatening stances. By now Katherine had reached Arnold. Slowly she unbuttoned her jacket and held it towards him. “Be a dear and hold this, please.”

Arnold took the offered jacket and watched her with curiosity. Something under her blouse gave off a strong glow. As she pushed up her sleeves he saw tattoos of glowing light etched all around her arms. “Let me remind you. The East Ridgeside coven is one of a twenty-three chain,” she coldly told the other group.

Whatever this meant it caused a reaction. The group slowed down and, after a quick and hushed discussion, retreated.

“Are you okay?” Katherine asked him.

Baffled Arnold only managed a nod.

“We need to get you off the streets. Come. My apartment is around the corner.”


Arnold followed Katherine into something that resembled more a loft than an apartment.

“Please. Sit. You drink tea, right?” Katherine pointed to a stool at the kitchen counter and then rummaged through the kitchen cupboards.

“Ah, yes. Uhm. Do you know what is happening?”

Katherine gave a heavy sigh. “Sadly I do. I bet this must be confusing to you. I fear it is complicated. Do you know what Whissies are?”

Arnold shook his head. “No idea.”

“Okay. Let's start with the basics and go from there. You know witches are the most powerful at the witching hour, right? So from midnight to one o’clock in the morning. Warlocks are strongest from eleven o’clock in the evening to midnight. Can you follow me so far?”

“That is basic elementary grade knowledge. Warlocks say farewell to the day and witches greet the new one,” Arnold said a bit hurt. Really everyone knew that.

“Okay, but that leaves twenty-two hours. Who is strongest at that time?” Katherine challenged him.

“No one of course,” Arnold replied.

“And there, my dear, you are wrong. Almost anyone is,” she told him, before putting a steaming mug of tea before him. Sitting down she took her sweet time to continue. “The time between the witching hour and the warlockian hour belongs to those between genders.”

“But, that can’t be true. Those between genders lose their connection to the witch or warlock hour. They are bound to the lowest part of their magic.”

“That is true,” Katherine agreed. “But there is a way. A few decades back it was found out that if one has the anatomy of more than one gender you can connect to your personal hour in between. Those who managed it were nicknamed witching sissies. But over time it was shortened to Whissies. Those were the ones who accosted you.”

“But why? I didn’t do them any harm. Why are they after me?” Arnold wanted to know.

“Well, as I said it’s complicated. You see witches and warlocks are the strongest at their hour. If they perform magic it is a one and done deal performed by the whole group. Whissies instead have each a personal hour. More or less corresponding to our time measurement. If they want to cast grand magic spells they have to chain their hours together. One Whissy starts a spell and hands it over to a Whissy who’s hour is tailing his or her own. With each Whissy in a chain, the spell grows stronger. The most powerful spells can only cast if a coven manages to chain twenty-four Whissies together. Because then the first can take over from the last. In theory, a spell could be strengthened then forever.”

Katherine took a moment to sip her tea and gave Arnold time to stomach all this. Finally, she continued.
“Every Whissie coven tries to build a twenty-four chain. The problem is most Whissies have a personal hour situated close to the night. The further in at the day the rarer a Whissy that has a personal hour there. With the rarest of them all those that are bound from noon to one o’clock in the afternoon.”

“Very .. interesting. But I still don’t see the connection to me,” Arnold threw in.

“Yes. Well. You remember earlier today at the diner? The phone call I got? This was a coven member of mine informing me of intrusion of many Whissies into our territory. The reason for it is a coven one state over. They cast a grand spell if you want to call it that. That spell was aimed to find a person that, once made a Whissy, would be bound to the rarest personal hour. It put a magical marker on the person. Namely you.”

“Me? But I am not what you call a Whissy,” Arnold protested.

“I know that. They know that. The problem is that they don’t care. They would try to seduce you into being one. However, things had gotten out of hand. The magic signature you now emit was leaked from within the ranks of the coven that cast the spell. Every power hungry Whissie coven in hundreds of miles around us is now after you. If I had known at the time that it was you I wouldn’t have left you alone.”

Arnold stood up and paced the room. This was all too much.
“There’s got to be a way out. Maybe if I call the police…”

“I don’t think they can help,” Katherine calmly told him. “The knowledge of Whissie covens is held more or less secret. They might not even believe you at all. Sit down and we will find out if my coven can help.”

She pointed at a comfortable looking armchair. Arnold complied after a moment. What else was he supposed to do? Once seated Katherine came over and grabbed for his belt.

“W-what are you doing?” he protested and swatted her hand away.

“I need to get to the enchantment. If placed on a male it usually is located .. well. In the balls. Now let me do my work.”

Arnold frowned but moved his hands away. She quickly opened the belt and then his pants. Only to reveal …

“Those aren’t mine,” Arnold quickly said. “I mean. They were boxer shorts when I left the house. One of those crazy people flung a spell at me and …”

“... now you wear pink panties,” Katherine completed his sentence. “I wish I could say it is the first time hearing that, but sadly those underhand tactics are common among the power hungry Whissie covens. Now lean back and don’t move.”

He did as told, but jumped as she grabbed his dick. Before he could react he felt her warm mouth envelope his member. In seconds she had him hard. Not long after he exploded in an orgasm.

Coming down he wondered what a strange day this was. First the chases. Then the rescue by his secret crush. And now she had given him a surprise blowjob. Looking down he saw her swishing around his cum in her mouth like a wine connoisseur testing a new vintage.

After a minute she swallowed it. “Hmm not bad. Still, I think it’s worse than I had thought.”

It took Arnold a few moments to gather himself and ask the obvious question. “What do you mean?”

“Well, there is the tracking spell. But there is more. A part of the spell targets your mind. Gradually changing you to act and dress feminine. That is probably their intended tactic. Wait a month and you would be thoroughly on the sissy side and ready to be recruited. As strange as it sounds that your information has leaked might be a blessing in disguise.”

“Because I know now about the spell,” Arnold concluded. “I can pay now someone to have it removed before it completely rewrites my mind. Just need to find a witch or warlock coven…”

“That won’t be fast enough,” Katherine interjected. “It’s Whissie magic. A witch or warlock coven might take weeks to find the right counterspell. Not many people know about Whissies and even less had the guts to study it to create spells to counter it. You need a Whissie coven that you can trust.”

“That I can trust? Every one of them I meet so far was crazy!” Arnold exclaimed.

“Not everyone. I am different. And my coven too,” Katherine quickly interjected.

“T-that can’t be. You don’t look like …”

“... those crazy people? Thanks for that I guess.” She sighed heavily and then looked him into the eyes. “Look. Normally I don’t tell that to anyone unless I know them really well. Like at least seven dates in. Then again I gave you a blowjob so that is that. Okay. Listen. I was born a man. One hundred percent male, but early into my puberty, I realized it was wrong. I meant to be a woman.”

Now she stood up and started to pace the room. “You see I learned about Whissies in my quest to become a woman. I mean they were named after Sissies, but it is a magic open to all between genders. They have the magic to transform one from men to women or vise versa. It took me years to find a coven I could trust. Most are made up of men or women who are too weak to be warlocks or witches. Those are the power-hungry. But after years I found the coven that is here. In East Ridgeside. They help people like me.”

She took a deep breath to calm herself before continuing. “Back then the coven hadn’t been that big. Still, they tried their best and after a few weeks, I was one hundred percent female … with the added appendage of my penis. Back then I could have gone rid of that too, but in the end, I decided against it. For now at least. I chose to become a Whissy to help others like me. And that is what my coven does. We helped hundreds of people to get their desired gender.”

As silence settled over the room Arnold took the opportunity to sit beside her and take her hands. “Okay. I trust you and because I trust you I will extend this trust to them.”

“Thank you for your understanding,” she told him with a relieved sigh at the end.

“So. Your coven. How can they help?” Arnold wanted to know.

“Well, this is awkward. You see Whissies hand over spells by passing body fluids,” Katherine explained while blushing.

“Like spit?” Arnold asked.

“No. To weak. There are only two fluids that are good conductors and storage medium. One is breast milk, but since not everyone in my coven has breasts we did go with number two.” There was a heavy pause till she continued. “Sperm. We chain our spells via sperm.”

“Sperm?” Arnold repeated flabbergasted. “Does that mean I have to …”

“For the best results, yes. And we need those. The coven that bewitched you is powerful. They have not only one chain complete, but two. With you they would have three,” Katherine stated.

“A complete chain being twenty-two Whissies?”, Arnold inquired.

“No, twenty-four. It isn’t uncommon that Whissies have their personal hour at the warlockian hour or witching hour. The important part is that they can span the entire day.”

“How big was yours again? Coven’s chain I mean,” Arnold asked.

“Twenty-three. Yes, the last one to complete our chain would be one of your personal time. I promise you we won’t try to recruit you. My coven isn’t like that.”

For what it was worth Arnold trusted her. While others had hunted him she had rescued him and took the time to explain everything. That she was so open and upfront endeared her to him. It was the situation that he didn’t like.

“So to summarize,” he started. “My options are the following. Either I contact a witch or warlock coven and hope that they find a counterspell in time. Which is unlikely. Or I can drink one-time sperm from one of your coven members?”

“Well, yes. Of course, you could wait two weeks. By then you would crave sperm,” Katherine joked. His deadpan face told her that the joke fell flat.

“I don’t know if it helps you or not,” she quickly continued. “But the end of my coven's chain would be me. That means at least you know the person that … donates … the sperm.”

That got a weak laugh out of him. “To be honest I wanted to get to know you better. Would have never dreamed it would be under these circumstances.”

“You did? I mean I often saw you glance over. I always wondered why you didn’t try to ask me out,” Katherine admitted.

“Are you kidding me? I would have, but … I mean look at us. You are gorgeous and I am …”

“Cute?” Katherine offered.

“Pudgy I would have said. You .. you really think I am cute?” Arnold asked with a blush.

“Of course. That’s why I came over today. The magic section of the newspaper isn’t written for Whissies anyways. If it wouldn’t have been for the call…”

“... and the whole chase thing,” Arnold added.

“Yeah. Well, I would suggest we get to know each other better. You might as well stay here for a day or two. I have warded my apartment so you should be safe here till we get rid of the enchantment. So plenty of time.”

Arnold nodded. While he didn’t mind spending more time with Katherine he wanted this ordeal to be over with.


Arnold paced the room. Eager for Katherine to return. It had been two days since he had been bewitched. Or cursed as Arnold came to think of it. This morning he had spent an hour before the mirror. Fussing with his hair and other things. By the time Katherine had knocked he had been sure that it was a good idea to let his hair grow long. Only then Arnold's trance was broken. The spell was real. No doubt about it. He was eager to get it over with. Before other changes happened.

Finally, he heard keys turn in the front doors lock and he quickly walked over to greet Katherine. “Did it work? Do you have the spell?” he urged her.

“Yes. Calm down. I have the spell, but I need to add my part. So hush. I need a moment,” she chided him.

She took to the couch and sat down there in a lotus position. Silence settled over the room as she concentrated. Arnold took the time to study her. She really was amazing and he was glad to know her. She even appeared to be open to a relationship with him. But things have changed. How much he couldn’t tell. He was sure she was a woman through and through. But that little extra. He wasn’t sure if he could find peace with that.

“I am done,” she finally said. She stood up and stretched her legs.

Arnold swallowed hard. He knew what had to come now. Silently he sank on his knees before her. He thought he saw a moment of surprise on her face, but it passed quickly.

Katherine lowered her skirt and then her panties. True enough there it was. A dick. If one could call it even that. The term micro-penis came to Arnold's mind.

Blushing Katherine lifted her penis and grape-sized balls. Below it Arnold saw the familiar sight of a vagina.
“See?” she asked. “One hundred percent female. Just a little…”

“Extra,” Arnold added. A little hesitant he reached for her dick. It was the first time that he touched one besides his own. Then again it wasn’t as bad as he feared. Especially if he looked up at Katherine’s face.

He swallowed heavily and started his work. Slowly he started to stroke her dick. It didn’t take long till it started to swell in his hand. Three inches. Then four. And it kept increasing.

“A little Whissie trick,” Katherine commented from above.

He wouldn’t call it little. By the end, it had the size fit for a pornstar. Maybe nine inches total and the circumference and balls to go with it.

“Remember to not waste anything."
Her comment reminded him of what was needed now. Dawdling he took the tip into his mouth and slowly closed his lips. He couldn’t help but taste and smell her pecker. It wasn’t as bad as he had feared. With the first step taken his hesitation was broken. He started to suck and slide it in and out of his mouth. Not eagerly, but well aware that it would be over sooner if he put some afford in.

Cute moans above him told of his success and soon Katherine grabbed his head to guide him to an even faster pace.
Suddenly she held him in place and her dick twitched in his mouth. Something salty hit his throat and he swallowed it by instinct. There was a lot and soon his eyes started to tears as he needed to breathe.

Then it hit him. A warmth spread through his belly and like a wave of pleasure spread through him. He was riding on a wave of euphoria that circled through his veins. It wasn’t an erotic feeling, but more along the lines of when he jogged for a while and got runners high or the high after a thrilling ride on a rollercoaster. Just like that, but better.

When the feeling finally ebbed away he found himself instinctively licking Katherine’s dick clean to prolong this amazing feeling.
“That felt … really great,” he admitted with a goofy grin. Then he blushed after noticing that he admitted to like sucking her dick.

“Don’t worry,” Katherine comforted him. “That was just the spell spreading through your body.”

She helped him up only to push him onto the couch. “My turn. Got to make sure that my counter-spell dispelled everything.”

Once again she fiddled with his pants and fished an already hard dick out. Her red lips closed around his cock and he couldn’t help but moan. She was so much better at blowjobs than he was. No wonder he came very soon.

Like before she swished his jizz around in her mouth and soon gave him a bright smile.

“All done. You are a free man again. The tracking spell is off and the covens that know about you, we told off. You are under the protection of the East Ridgeside coven now so don’t worry.”

“That is good to hear,” he admitted.

All that was left to do was gather his stuff and get on with his life. Just when he was about to leave he turned around again. “You said you normally don’t tell your little secret till the seventh or so date, right?”

Katherine gained a cute blush. “Yeah, something around that.” She sighed. “Usually it is the end of the relationship too.”

“Well…” Awkwardly he scratched his head. This was still harder than he had thought. “Because I know that means I owe you at least one date, right?”

“Only if you want,” she shyly replied.

“It would be my pleasure,” he admitted.

When he finally left it was with her phone number and a date for the next Saturday. He looked forward to it. Maybe with a little hesitation, but also with excitement.


Her arm gently shifted on his belly and he looked over to admire her lithe body. She was sleeping soundly and she had more than earned it. Not so Arnold as the adrenaline still chased through his veins.

Gently he leaned over to kiss her head. Has it already been a year since their first date? One that soon became many. And now he had moved in with this wonderful woman. That was what she was to him. One hundred percent woman. Just with a little percent male on top.

He didn’t even mind those few percent resting on his own tights and besides his own dick. By now he had gotten used to it. More than that. He even had gotten used to giving her now and then a blow-job. Couldn’t be helped. That pesky coven over in the next city tried every few month their location spell. As the nearest candidate, it always hit Arnold. Sort of like a lightning rod.

Besides, there were other advantages to dating a Whissie. His hand move downward and felt his hard muscles under his skin. His body was in peak physical condition thanks to Katherine. He didn’t even need to work out. If he had to give a blow-job once a month for it then so be it. It was a small price to pay.

Her hand joined his and looking up he saw her awake.
“What are you thinking about?” she asked him.

It was amazing how good she knew him by now. Indeed recently something had been on his mind. He gently grabbed her hand with his and their fingers intertwined. “I’ve been meaning to ask. That last time slot in your coven. It is still free, right?”

“Has one of them tried to recruit you? Who was it? I will wash his, hers or theirs head,” she fiercely proclaimed.

Arnold chuckled. By now he had met every one of Katherine’s coven and then he finally understood the difference. Those covens founded by power hungry people were a travesty. They didn’t care for the lifestyle. They only fulfilled the bare minimum needed to become a Whissy. Usually, that meant wearing clothes or growing a sex organ of the other gender. Most often those were breasts.

However, Katherine’s coven cared. They were in it first and foremost for the lifestyle. Men into woman clothes shaved and tried their best to look the best. There were androgynous members that were so good at blending genders that you would be hard pressed to tell if they had been male or female, to begin with. Their drag queens and kings amidst them were professionals and often found on stage. It was a difference between night and day.

“No. None did. But listen. I love you, Katherine. Not just your personality, but also what you do together with your coven. You help people and I want to support you. Hey. What’s wrong? Why are you pouting?”

“Well,” she hesitated. “Call me selfish, but I like you like this. My big strong man. I don’t want to see you wearing women's clothing all day or grow breasts.”

Arnold broke out in laughter and only stopped when Katherine was playfully boxing him. “Neither do I,” he admitted. “But there is another way. Last time I saw your coven member and friend Seamus he told me his little secret. I could go his way.”

He saw her eyes sparkle for a moment and she playfully bit her lips. A sure tell that he had won her over on the idea.

“So,” she purred. “I get all this to play with. One hundred percent male.” She let his hand go and slid it down his belly to his junk. Then she reached behind his balls and caressed the skin there. “And down here you get a naughty little pussy for us to play with?”

“That’s the plan. Are you game?”

“Oh, I am in. And once you get the dirty little secret down there I imagine I am literally in it too.” Then she suddenly looked conflicted.

“What?” Arnold softly asked.

“Well, if you go through with it and become a Whissy then there is something I have to confess.”

“Something bad?” Arnold wanted to know.

“Depends ...” Katherine admitted. “You remember the first time when I dispelled something from you?”

“You mean the first time I gave you a blowjob? How could I not.”

“Well, technically all you had to do was swallow my sperm. I didn’t say you had to … milk it personally from me.”

Arnold looked at her shocked.“You mean all those blowjobs … Hadn't they been necessary? Why didn’t you correct me?”

“Uhm yeah about that. I mean I kind of thought that time was a one and done deal. So I thought I might take this gift offered, you know? And once we were in a relationship. Well, you should know how good blowjobs feel.”

Arnold nodded. “Well yeah. But still. You will pay for that. One to one.”

“But I already give you plenty of blowjobs,” Katherine protested.

“True, but I am talking about my other part. The one I do not yet have.”

“Oh! I guess that sounds fair,” she admitted. “Though I never thought I would munch carpets one day.”

Arnold laughed and then grabbed her close. Planting a kiss on her lips. Which soon lead to more.

Later Arnold wondered how he had gotten this lucky. She was a wonderful person and they had a lot in common. Soon they would share even more.

The end.

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