The School for Transgendered, Cross-Dressers and Teen Babies 7

Sara was shocked to know that bullying wouldn’t be a factor. She was also shocked that the boy she asked had breast like a girl but was all boy. She had just met a She-Male and she thought of the boy as a girl and thought he/she was cute.

The meeting went well and the information found out was shocking. Agent Davis wasn’t only the best at helping patents that wanted more kids. He also was the master mind behind a National School System. One that was set up for kids like Sara. With three states having schools and two more schools coming. One was coming to Georgia and the other was going to be in Texas.

After the meeting Sara was showed around the school and was even showed that each classroom has its own restroom. She loved the school and asked how many kids at the school wore diapers and how many didn’t.

Agent Williams and Agent Price were shocked at the number that did have to wear diapers. Sara was happy that she was in a small group that was diaper free, but she would be required to help change the ones that did. She was shocked at that news but knew that it was a job that had to be done.

The next step was to show them the house with the front door facing to the East and the bedrooms facing the West. The master bedroom had a deck and was the best place to watch the sunset. The other rooms you could see the sunset but couldn’t be outside to see it.

Agent Williams and Price asked to see what was found out in Russia. The Russian Hell’s Angles came through with more than was expected. The name that was said the most scared Sara that she ran to the bathroom to throw-up.

There was other news the container that was taken not only had boys in it. It also had girls as well. That’s the news the Hell’s Angles found out. At the new house Mr. Davis got a call from a C.I. and they said a black sedan with Russian plates was coming that way.

This sacred Agents Williams and Price but Agent Davis said lets look at the special room this house has. The room had video screens covering every angle of the neighborhood and the school yard. The first gate was easy to get by.

Diplomatic plates on the car got it by the first one, but the fun was about to start. A special spike punchers the gas tank stopping the car in its tracks before it ever got to the next gate. Next gate was the school yard and the hounds that protect the school yard.

They didn’t stand a chance to get to the next two gates. Even if the Russians tried high-jacking some ones car a photo ID was required to get in fully. The best part was they didn’t get close enough to the school because they got stop by the Hell’s Angles at the gate.

The Hell’s Angles didn’t care if the Russians had a right to be there. They were told the neighborhood was private and had its own laws. The Russians were looking for someone that stole something from them. The Hell’s Angles wouldn’t let them past and showed the four men what they do.

The enforcer of the club showed the four men what looked like a hand. It was the ring that told the four to back off and leave this little girl that they were told about that was really a boy alone. The Russians that saw the hand were so scared that they pissed and messed their pants.

(Back in the House)

Agent Williams busted out laughing when the four men wet and messed themselves. She wasn’t the only one Price did as well. Sara wanted to know what was so funny so Agent Davis stopped the video and zoomed in to show Sara and she busted out laughing as well only having to run to the bathroom before she wet herself.

Sara came back with a look that said that was close. Sara asked what class she would be in. Mr. Davis said you’ll have to do a test to see were you’re at. The test was three parts. If you are at you grade level you’ll be in class with the boy you saw.

He’s my son Zack and he’s a good little boy that loves his school clothes but he also has a rare balder issue and needs help changing his diaper. Some times he will have something else in his diaper that’s smelly.

Agents Williams and Price left with Sara in tow saying thanks for the tour of the school and house. Sara was thinking about what she saw and thought was it right for the boys to be dressed the way they were.

Everyone at the school lived in the neighborhood and where used to seeing things like this even in the new group home that sat on the grounds saw their house mates dressed that way. It was odd to see a mixed couple come and look at the school but it was a first.

Agent Davis waited for more news about the container that was stolen along with a tractor-trailer. The Hells Angles found it but the out come wasn’t good the whole thing was torched. This was serious really serious. Agent Davis saw a missing persons report come via e-mail but it said the teen was found in a small town in Kansas. August Earl Miller was the teens name but preferred the middle name Elizabeth.

Agent Davis figured that he should look into it but it was called code four. Agent Davis still wanted to look into the reason why August E Miller ran away and where he/she would go. So it was a trip to Greenville to find out why. Mr. Davis was shocked when the father said “I kicked him out and told him not to come back until he found a job”.

I said “August was just a teen of fifteen and the working age here is sixteen unless said teen works a family type job. I should know because I did it with my mom when she did newspapers.”

That set Mr. Miller off it was Mrs. Miller that told him what agency I was with and said “this is a serious matter”. She told me she was in contact with their former child saying we signed our rights away. She then said “well really Mr. Miller did that. I still want my son/daughter in my life”.

I said “I should have been called in sooner but what’s done is done so case closed”. I then walked back to my car. I thought I’d have to use my stun gun on him. He was lucky his wife stepped in when she did.

She said crying “we must look like bad parents hitting their car window”. I rolled down the window and said “you did your best” and left. I had to find that one kid that was lost in the woods after a camping trip. At that second a boy and girl between 8 and 10 years old came out with hardly any clothes on.

My car was still in park and I got out too look the kids over. I was shocked to see they were in nothing but a diaper and they were not only wet but they were messy by the smell.

The mother then said “I’ll get them changed and they can go with you. I also know you have a foundation that helps kids that are like our oldest”. The next words she said was “The Davis Foundation”.

I was in shock for the third time since I got there but I said “Yes and it helps kids that are special needs and their siblings that are not. We sometimes have two or more siblings with special needs”. The foundation even helps the cousins that have to live in the dorms at the school”.

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