Andi and Allie - 3

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Andi and Allie – Chapter 3 – Drama Ensues
by Kelly Blake

I never left the apartment. My mind was too occupied thinking about Allie and her ’boyfriend’. So I did what came naturally. I got comfy in my sleeping tee, reclined on my bed, and began sketching in my sketchpad. The theme was the same as on the other pages; curves, hour glasses, and pear shapes. But this time there were new curves in new places and, oddly enough, the shapes began to resemble breasts. It was about nine thirty when my cell phone tinkled. It was Allie.

“Where are you?” She asked emphatically.

There was no hello, hi, how are you, or anything. I could hear her sniffling.

“I’m in the apartment. What’s wrong Allie?”

“Want to join me for a drink?”

“Come home Allie. We can have a drink here.” I listened closely. All I could hear was her sniffling softly. “Would you like me to come and get you?”

“No…” I could hear more sobbing.

“Take a cab or Uber it. Come home and we’ll talk…okay?” I listened carefully again. “I’ll get dressed and we can go out if you’d like. But please… Come home sweet heart.” I heard more sniffling and a soft mew.

“Yeah... Okay... I’m on my way.”

She sounded so…so totally wiped out. I had no idea of where she was or how long she’d take to come back but I began to ready myself if she chose to go out when she returned. I very quickly showered being most careful to preserve what was left of Leona’s styling and I got dressed in something more suited for the evening down in Soho.

I donned black leather pants, a very soft white tee and my trusty black leather jacket. My kitten heeled black pumps over my thigh high black stockings completed my ‘look’. I was not exactly a fashion statement of a high degree but I would certainly fit into the night quite well down here.

I went downstairs to wait in the event she needed…help? Allie finally arrived about eleven. She exited the cab looking a bit disheveled and somewhat lost. I went up to her and grasped her arms.

“Are you alright?”


“Have you eaten anything?”

“No…” Allie looked up at me. I could see she was crying. “I’m not really hungry?”

I took a tissue out of my bag and handed it to her. I began to straighten her dress out and ran my fingers through her hair to move it out of her face.

“Listen, let’s go upstairs. I’ll fix you something to eat and we’ll have a drink. Then we can talk if you’d like.”

Allie nodded and let me take her around her shoulder to lead her back inside. It was as though she was in shock. After throwing off my jacket and dropping my bag, I sat her at the counter and began to rummage through the fridge to see what I could throw together. I hadn’t really been out shopping yet because most of my meals I ate at work. I did find some eggs and cheese and a few other things so I went to work finally having the opportunity to use her marvelous gas range.

Within fifteen minutes I managed to have two egg and cheese sandwiches made. Well…they were not exactly your standard egg and cheese dishes. The cheese was brie and the bread was a baguette. I spiced the eggs with scallions, fresh garlic and one of those five colored peppercorn mills. I poured us each a glass of white wine and joined her at the counter.

Allie began eating very slowly whilst staring off into the distance. After a few minutes color returned to her cheeks and she actually began to focus a bit.

“I guess I was hungry.” She said with a sniffle.

“You think?” I giggled. She had devoured half the sandwich and began working on the other half. “Feeling a little better?” Allie shook her head as she took another bite of her sandwich. “I really need to go shopping and get some things.”

“We can go tomorrow. I usually eat out but we can share some things…if that’s okay with you?”

I nodded. Allie had eaten most of the second half sandwich, much to my surprise. When she finally sat upright, she smiled as she wiped away a tear running down her face.

“That…was good. I can’t thank you enough. I didn’t realize I would be getting such service from a roomie.” She laughed.

I reached for the remaining bit, raising my eye brows in question.

“Sure.” She giggled. Allie got up and came around and, whilst I was in mid bite, hugged me and kissed my cheek. “I really can’t thank you enough for this.” I giggled and briefly snuggled into her hold.

“So what happened?”

“Let me go and get comfortable and I’ll tell you.” Allie got up and started for her bedroom.

“By the way…” She turned back to me as I spoke, placing the plates into the sink. “…you look amazing tonight.”

“Thanks. But it was wasted.” She made a sour face.

“Oh God…on you it’s never wasted.” She smiled at me, blushed…oh…vermillion, and went to her bedroom to change.

Allie did look wonderful in a long aqua halter necked dress that, although it was an easy fit, fit her perfectly. Every one of her delicious curves screamed out her anatomical invitation to procreate; not to me maybe so much…but certainly to most guys.

What did scream out to me were her shape and the color contrast between her peaches and cream complexion and the manner in which the fabric draped her body. If I had her body, you wouldn’t catch me in pants or shorts; only skirts and dresses and in fabrics that draped and flowed.

Allie came bounding back into the kitchen after about fifteen minutes wearing her usual night time panty, tee shirt and robe. She had removed what was left of her makeup and looked somewhat refreshed. She went to the freezer and, after rummaging around a bit, took out a plastic container. Allie then walked past the counter grabbing her wine glass.

“Grab the wine sweetie and I’ll tell you my sad tale.” She laughed on her way to the television room.

I joined Allie to find her sitting on the loveseat section, legs folded beneath her and fav pillow clutched to her breast. She had only just popped open the top of the plastic container and looked up at me.

“I hope you like dark chocolate.” She giggled as she exhibited the contents. “It’s all imported and simply wonderful. Every little morsel is an orgasm for the mouth.” Allie laughed.

I took my usual place and poured us another glass of wine as Allie popped a chocolate into her mouth and handed me a pillow to clutch as well.

“So…what happened?”

I was dying to know by this point. Allie took a big sip of her wine.

“Well…I got there and I don’t know…I think what you said kind of kept playing in my head? So when he went to the bathroom I grabbed his cell phone and searched the most commonly called numbers.”

Allie began to cough up a bit and I could see a tear or two come to her eyes. I moved closer and clutched her hand in mine and waited for her to compose herself a bit. I took one of the chocolates from her box and pulled the wrapper open with my teeth. In spite of being frozen, I could still smell the aromatic scent of the chocolate.

“So I called the number that popped up the most frequently.”

I nearly choked on the chocolate! I stared at her wide eyed and with a broad grin on my face.

“Oh my God…!!! You didn’t!!!”

“I did.”

“And…? What happened…?”

She couldn’t tell me quickly enough!

“Well…a woman answered. I could hear kids playing in the back ground. I asked for him.” Poor Allie began to cry. I handed her a tissue from a box sitting on the coffee table. She could barely speak. “She said he was out of town on business. She asked if she could she help me with anything.”

“Where were you calling?”

“Queens…! He lives across the fucking river!”

I was stunned! I couldn’t imagine how terribly stunned and hurt she felt. Her lover lied to her. The one person she was the most intimate with totally deceived her.

“So then what did you say to her?”

“I told her the truth. I said Steven was in Manhattan with me and that I was going to fuck his brains out.”

“You what…!” OH…MY…GOD…!

“Yeah…I told her that and then I texted her a picture of my vagina.”

“What…!” OHMYGOD…!

“Yeah…from his phone…” Allie looked up at me with her big blue eyes blush reddened with tears. “I was so very angry!”

I began to laugh! I mean…it was certainly something out of a movie or something. I took her hand in mine and kissed her fingers. Allie began to giggle between her tears.

“That was…brilliant! I don’t think you’ll be hearing from him again. You sent a picture of your vagina?”

Allie began to laugh as well. She nodded her head.

“Listen, have you ever dated a married man?”

She looked at me. Her question was serious in spite of her laughter.

“I once dated this guy who had a girlfriend. That didn’t work out so well.” It pained me to think about him.

“What happened?”

I felt I should answer Allie. She was calming down a bit and she was honest with me.

“Well…I sort of liked him? I mean he was interesting and all. But…he was more of a taker than a giver.”

“What is it with men?!” Allie began to cry again. Perhaps that wasn’t the best choice of words?

“Why do they always have to be such shits?”

“Well…in my case it wasn’t entirely his fault.” I really had to take the edge off of this conversation. “I mean it wasn’t like I really knew what I wanted either.”

“What do you mean?”

Oh God…! Here it comes.

“Well…it was only my second experience with someone, you know?”

Now Allie perked up a little.

“Only your second…? How old were you?”

“I was…nineteen?”

“Oh my God…!” She giggled. I smiled and nodded. “And that was your first?”

“It was with this girl my sophomore year in college.”

“Oh my God…! What happened?”

“What didn’t happen is more like it. It was a total disaster from start to finish. And there wasn’t all that much time between the start and the finish.” I laughed. It was true.

“Well…does that mean you’re gay?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I mean I guess I prefer guys to girls if it ever comes to that. I mean…guys are easy. You open up their pants and there it is…the whole Mickey Mouse…ears and all. Right…?”

Allie nodded vigorously. She had perked up a lot and was smiling. The twinkle was back in her eyes. I took a gulp of wine.

“Now girls…girls are a trip.” Allie inched a little closer to me as I spoke. “First of all everything of any interest is hidden. Then you have to go hunting through the jungle to find something so small that it might be mistaken for a bug bite.” Allie giggled. “And then…you need a wet suit ‘cause it’s all wet, steamy and kind of swampy…kind of.”

“Ewww…” Her face cringed.

“And…after all the work and effort to get to it…the BIG it…you find something that looks exactly like an open wound? Ewww…”

“Ewww…” Allie laughed. “And, during THAT time of the month, it really is like an open wound!”


I felt good that Allie had left her hurt behind if only for the moment. It felt good to sit and joke about my own personal insights into the female sex organs.

“And you don’t exactly find a bed of roses smell wise. Like…oh my God what died?”

“It was really that bad?”

“I couldn’t hold my breath long enough.”

“No silly…” She laughed. “…I mean the experience of being with a woman.”

“Yeah... I’m not sure whether I came in her or on the way in.” I thought back to that night for a moment. I cleared my throat. Felt myself choking up. “It was, to say the least, humiliating. That was my first and last time.”

We sat silently for a moment. I could see the empathy in Allie’s expression.

“You poor thing… She was obviously not the right one for the first time.”

“Obviously...” I giggled.

“So you’re not especially fond of women. You’re not attracted to women at all?”

“Oh no…! I simply adore women. It’s just the naked and in bed part that I have a problem with…I guess.” My voice softened. “And guys are just…easier?” Allie went for her third piece of chocolate and cleared her palette with more wine. “Don’t you think so?”

I could really feel the wine starting to take effect. We were both becoming ‘looser’ and more settled into the couch. Our positions mimicked each other as I rested my head on the couch with my cheek against the front edge of the backrest. Allie’s face was no more then perhaps a foot and a half from mine. We both clutched our pillows tightly.

“Yeah…you’re right. I am sooo in control when I give a blow job. That’s probably the only time during sex when I feel that way? I mean…you must admit that when that happens…the earth can explode and you wouldn’t know it…right?”

My face turned an interesting shade of auburn and simply stared at Allie. I was too embarrassed to admit how lacking my sexual experience really was. And, to be perfectly honest, I found it difficult to believe myself! So I took a very deep breath, exhaled, and gazed up toward the ceiling.

“Oh my God don’t tell me!!! You’ve never had one…have you?” Allie asked with eyes opened wide.

I didn’t need to answer Allie’s question. My very forlorn expression told her everything she needed to know.

“I’ve actually kind of given up on having sex? I mean…it’s just not something I’m looking forward to…at the moment?”
“What…!” Allie sat upright and looked at me with a…glare? “Don’t you think I’m desirable? With my clothes on that is.” She laughed.

“Oh my God…! You are absolutely adorable…”

Now I know how women hate being called adorable but only I had the follow up phrase to turn heads and hearts. Maybe not in my direction…but I could do it.

“…as in worthy of adoration?” Allie smiled almost dreamily at me as she settled her head back down on the couch.

We spoke for quite a while longer; until the wine and the chocolate ran out. And it was a wonderful exchange full of tears and laughs and innuendo and tease. I saw the child within her come to the surface and breathed knowing that the now hidden adult would be fine. There was one last important question I needed to ask before we went to our separate bedrooms.

“Did you really fuck him tonight?”

“Not even with your dick!” Allie laughed and she suddenly got this wickedly evil grin on her face. “And you know what I did with his phone? I put it on silent and hid it under one of the sofa cushions!”

More debauchery and abasement to follow…

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