The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 60

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The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 60
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Naomi and Jim patrol separately.

Ruth Watkins was already making breakfast when Naomi came down in her uniform.

"I have french toast and sausage links, Naomi."

"I will have two slices of french toast and two sausage links.”

“Coming right up,” Ruth said, with a smile.

When Naomi was through with her breakfast, she went out to her suv. She picked up her microphone.

"County 300 checking in. I am on my way to pick up my squad."

“10-4 county 300.”

Even though Naomi patrolled in a marked squad car, she checked in as soon as she was in her suv. This was in case there was trouble she had to respond to immediately. Her suv was also equipped with the police intercepter engine.

She picked up her squad and resumed her patrol. Her area was the souteast quadrant of the county. Jim O’Donnell, being a state trooper, had the whole county as his area. So, it was not unusual for Naomi and Jim to run across each other during their patrols.

As Naomi pulled out of the sheriff’s parking lot, she noticed that there was a vehicle on the side of the road, with the hood up. She pulled along side of the vehicle, She rolled down her passenger window,

“May I help you, Miss?” Naomi asked the woma

:Yes, could you look at my engine. I don’t know what happened, but it just stopped running.

“i’m sorry, Miss, but all I can do is call for a tow truck. I am not allowed to look under the hood. This is a safety precaution for all law enforcement officers. I will back my squad up to be right begind you, until the tow truck gets here.” The woman said nothing.

As Naomi got behind the woman’s car, she noticed movement in the back seat, but couldn’t see anyone. She radioed in for assistance for a possible hidden person in a vehicle that claims to need assistance.

Trooper Jim O’Donnell responded as well as two county squads. Jim O’Donnell pulled in back of Naomi’s squad. One of the county squads pulled in front of the woman’s car, and the other county squad pulled along side of the woman’s car.

All of the officers got out of their squads with guns in hand. Jim O’Donnell put his hand up, which told the county deputies to stand by. Jim O’Donnell crept up on the passenger side of the vehicle. With one quick motion he opened the back door of the woman’s car. He saw a man lying on the back seat with a gun in his hand.

“Sir, I’m state trooper James O’Donnell. Place the weapon on the floor, and back out slowly. If you turn with that gun in your hand, I will shoot you. Now, place the gun on the floor and back out slowly.”

The man laid his weapon on the floor of the car. He backed oyt slowly. Jim O’Donell motioned to Naomi that everything was under control. Naomi got out of her squad and walked over to the woman.

“Miss, I’m deputy sergeant, Naomi Petersen. I am placing you under arrest for attempting to assassinate a peace iffucer. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say now, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, and if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you by the judge. Do you understand these rights?”

The woman nodded her head in assent that she understood her rights. Naomi tjen went over by the man.

“Sir, did you hear the rights I read to your companion?”

The man nodded his head in assent that he understood his rights.

“Do you both have identification?” They both nodded. “Jim, will you please search him, while I search her.” Naomi looked at the other two deputies. “You both may go back on patrol. The situation here is under control.” The deputies left to resume their individual patrols.

While Jim O’Donnell was searching the man, Naomi was searching the woman. Naomi’s search was just a pat down, since the woman was wearing jeans. Jim was busy with the man to notice Naomi’s search.

The two officers found the suspects identification. The woman’s name is Brenda Callahan, caucasian female, five foot, six inches tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, thirty four years old; d.o.b. 12/20/1983. The man is James Dennis Davidson, five feet, ten inches tall, caucasian male, brown hair, blue eyes, thirty seven years old; d.o.b. 6/27/1980.

After establishing the suspects identification, Jim O’Donnell placed Mr. Davidson in his squad, Naomi placed Ms, Callahan in her squad. They took the two suspects to the Pine couty jail. Naomi left the list of charges with the booking sergeant.

“County 300 resuming patrol.”

“10-4 county 300,” the dispatcher answered.”

In Pine Meadows county, the sheriff and state patrol share a dispatch service. Jim O’Donnell radioed in that he also was resuming patrol. This way, the dispatcher knew who was available and approximately where they were. Naomi no sooner was back on the road, when she got a call.

“County 300, respond to a family disturbance at route 4, box 738, husband with a gun, threatening to kill his wife.”

“County 300, 10-4.”

Naomi turned on her siren and emergency lights and sped to the address. There she found a woman and two children kneeling in front of a man holding a shotgun on them. Naomi came to a sudden stop, and got out of her squad, gun drawn.

“Sir, Deputy sergeant Naomi Petersen, Pine county sheriff’s office. Place the shotgun on the ground.”

“Go to Hell, bitch. When I am done with them, I will take care of you.”

“Sir, if you don’t lay the weapon on the ground, I will be forced to arrest you for three counts of attempted murder. Now lay the shotgun on the ground.”

“You aren’t strong enough to make me lay this gun on the ground.”

At that moment, trooper Jim O’Donnell came to the scene, and he could see what the trouble was. The man was so busy with his wife and children, that he didn’t notice the state trooper creeping up behind him. Jim O’Donnell got to the man, and grabbed the shotgun, and turned it upward.

Naomi beckoned to the woman and two children to come by her. Jim O’Donnell wrestled the man to the ground. The man, Peter Wayne, is 46 years old, and could only grumble at being caught. As in most states, attempted murder carries a prison term of twenty five years to life, if convicted. So. Mr. Wayne would receive at least seventy five years minimum, if he were convicted of three counts of attempted murder, if the charges were not consolidated.

However, in Pine Meadows county, judge Steven H. Granger did not believe in consolidating criminal charges. He was of the opinion that if someone committed multiple crimes, they should be sentenced for each crime separately, when convicted.

After Jim O’Donnell had Peter Wayne on the ground, and in handcuffs, he read Peter Wayne his mandated Miranda rights. He asked Mr. Wayne if he understood those rights, and Peter Wayne said he did by nodding his head.

“Sir, I am placing you in the charge of sergeant Petersen, who was here first. I was just her backup.”

With Peter Wayne secured in the back of Naomi’s squad, Naomi radioed in that she was bringing in one suspect.

“10-4 county 300.”

Jim O’Donnell took Mrs. Wayne and the children in his squad, so that they could tell the district attorney what had happened. They were the ones that the district attorney would take the information from, so that a warrant would issue against Peter Wayne.

Chapter 2 - Franklin J. Dinsworthy in Detroit.

There were proceedings being held at the Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse* in Detroit, Michigan. Franklin Joseph Dinsworthy was being formally charged with income tax evasion and running a laboratory for the production of the street drug ecstacy. This proceeding was the preliminary hearing to set bail and take the defendant’s plea.

U.S. District Court judge, Malcolm D. Webster** heard the case.

“Mr. Dinsworthy, how do you plead to these charges?”

“Not guilty, your honor.”

“Very well, a plea of not guilty is entered in to the record. Because of the seriousness of these charges, bail is set at $100,000.00 cash. Mr. Dinsworthy, can you afford your own attorney?”

“Yes, your honor.”

Mr. Dinsworthy did not want the judge to know that Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer paid him a very handsome fee for being their attorney. Not only could Franklin J. Dinsworthy afford his own attorney, but he could also afford his entire bail.

Frank Dinsworthy told the deputy that he could pay his bail immediately. The deputy took Franklin J. Dinsworthy to the cashier. It took about twenty minutes for the cashiers check to be delivered to the Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse. When the deputy marshal behind the cashier’s window received the check, Franklin Joseph Disnworthy was allowed to leave. The first thing he did, was to go back to Pine Meadows county and register as an attorney, and to get his state bar number. This number tells every judge that he is licensed to practice law in that state. After all, he was a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, The Law School.***

Frank Dinsworthy went to the state supreme court, and talked with the clerk of court. Frank wanted to know what the procedures were to obtain a license to practice law in this state. The clerk told him he needed to take a comprehensive test to make sure he knew the law in this state. Then his credentials had to be checked out. The clerk told him if everything checked out, he would receive his state bar number and be admitted to the bar.

Franklin Joseph Dinsworthy made an appointment to take the test. He was told he could take the test at any university law scool in the state. They would immediately fax the results to the clerk of court of the state supreme court.

Frank went to see an attorney, to ask him about this “test”. The attorney, who knew Frank by reputation, told him that all he had to do was present his credentials to the state supreme court. A justice of the state supreme court, would ask him a few basic questions. Then he would be issued a state bar number and he would be able to practice law in the state where Pine Meadows county is.

The attorney, Douglas Van der Beek, of Dutch ancestry, told Frank Dinsworthy that he would go to see Justice Stevens who normally sees attorneys wanting to practice law in the state. Frank was to come along with his credentials.

Frank’s law degree was in his office in Michigan. But, he carried his Michigan state bar number with him. He figured that would be enough to get his license to practice law in the state where Pine Meadows county is located. In every state it is required that a person wanting to be an attorney, must be a graduate of an accredited university law school. Franklin J. Dinsworthy didn’t have a problem there.

Two hours later, Mr. Van der Beek and Franklin J. Dinsworthy were in chambers with Greorge Arthur Stevens, associate justice of the state supreme court.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Van der Beek. To what do I owe this visit?”

“Your honor, I would like to introduce Franklin Joseph Dinsworthy, attorney at law, licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan. He would like to be licensed to practice law here.”

“Where did you go to law school, Mr. Dinsworthy?” Justice Stevens asked Frank.

“At the University of Notre Dame, The Law School, in Notre Dame, Indiana.”

“Alright. Who was one of your professors?” Inquired justice Srevens.

“The honorable Douglas Barstow, former associate justice of the Indiana state supreme court.”

“Alright, let me get the attorney general in here. We cannot proceed without him. He should be here momentarily.”

Twenty minutes later, a tall man entered justice Stevens chambers. This man is Dwight Alexander, state attorney general.

“What’s going on, your honor?”

“Mr. Alexander, let me introduce an attorney from Michigan, Franklin Joseph Dinsworthy. He wants to be licensed in this state to practice law.”

“I have heard of Mr. Dinsworthy, your honor. He is well respected in the state of Michigan. If he wants to be licensed to practice law here, I have no objection. I recommend to your honor to let him pracrice law in this state.”

“Thank you, Mr. Alexander. I will talk with Mr. Dinsworthy for a bit longer.”

Dwight Alexander left the justice’s chambers and went back to his own office.

“Mr. Dinsworthy, you do know the ethics of the bar?”

“Yes, your honor. As an officer of the court, I conduct myself with decorum and ethical behavior.”

“That is a good answer, Mr. Dinsworthy. How long have you practiced law in Michigan?”

“Eighteen years, your honor.”

“Have you ever had your license to practice law suspended?”

“No, your honor.”

“Very well. Have you ever been arrested?”

“Yes, your honor. They claim I evaded paying my taxes, and they think I am running a lab for the production of the street drug ecstacy. I have plead not guilty to all charges, and I can prove my innocence.”

“Well, I think we will wait until those charges are litigated. If you are found not guilty on all counts, come back and see me. Then we will talk some more, and I will have the clerk of court issue you a state bar number.”

Unknown to justice Stevens and the federal agents who arrested Frank, that Frank had people who would testify in his behalf. This was a perk set up by Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer. Franklin J. Dinsworthy was on the winning team.

He sent a letter to Richard MacConnell and told him to stall as long as he could, as he was getting his state bar number, after he was through defending the charges against him. Frank explained what the charges were, and that he had plead not guilty to all charges. Frank knew the letter would not be opened, because it had Frank’s law firm heading on the envelope.

Richard MacConnell could only shake his head. But, he also knew that Frank will be licensed in this state to practice law.

Chapter 3 - Naomi patrols and stops to see her sisters.

Naomi was doing her patrol when she came up on the truck stop. She decided to stop and find out if everything was okay. She parked in front where she could see the customer area of the restaurant. She went to have a cup of coffee, so that she could survey they restaurant.

“Hello, Naomi. Is there something I can get for you?” Eve Reinhardt asked her Pine Meawows sister.

“Yes, Eve, there is. I will have a cup of coffee and a crean cheese bagel.” This gave Naomi the excuse to survey the
restaurant completely.

Eve brought Naomi her order. Naomi asked her if everything was all right.

“Everything is fine, so far. There haven’t been any more incidents. By the way, sis, I have gotten a letter from the sheriff’s department. I have been accepted as a sheriff cadet.”

“You do realize that I am a hard task mistress.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Eve, when you have completed your training, which includes police tactics and a little law. Like the Miranda act. You will probably be hurting after the first few days. Because you will have to know how to disarm a suspect without hurting them. There is a lot more you will need to know before you graduate from the academy.”

“Well, Naomi, I am ready for that. I need a job that I can do to help more people than what comes in to the restaurant. As a deputy, I can fulfill that need.”

“That is as good an explanation for wanting to be a deputy I have ever heard. I will look forward to working with you. Also, you will be trained in the use of firearms, how to take your weapon apart, clean it and oil it. There is a lot you will need to know.”

“I already know that part. I have a pistol and a rifle at home. So far with the pistol, I only use that for target practice. If you would like to come and see what I use for targets, stop by my house some day.”

“Eve, do you have a permit to carry the pistol?”

“Yes, sister Naomi. I have a concealed weapons permit. The reason for that is, sometimes I take the money from the restaurant to the bank.”

“If you can demonstrate to myself and the other training officers that you know to how to fire and maintain your weapon, you could become a weapons trainer. I teach tai chi so that the rookies know how to defend theselves without a weapon, and how to disarm a suspect without hurting them.”

“I will be a good student, sis.” Eve told Naomi.

“You mean cadet, sister Eve.” Both Naomi and Eve giggled slughtly.

“Where are you going from here, sis?” Eve Reihardt asked Naomi.

“I thought I would stop at the home and see our sisters.”

“I am sure that will be a visit well worth the trip.”

Seeing that everything was all right at the truck stop, Naomi left to go to the Pine Meadows Home for Adolescent Girls. The home was a few miles from the truck stop. One Her way, Naomi patrolled the area between the truck stop and the Home. Seeing nothing that required a police presence, she proceeded to turn in to the Home’s driveway. She parked ub front of the first house and gave her siren a blast.

Darlene Simpson and Sandra Erickson came out to meet their sister Naomi. As they neared Naomi’s police cruiser, they noticed that Naomi was just a little tuckered out.

“Sister Naomi, have you had a very exhausting day?” Asked Sandra.

“Yes, I have, sister Sandra. I can’t tell you the details, but yes, my day so fat has been very exhausting. My day isn’t even over yet.”

As the trio walked toward the door of the house, Sharon Hardesty opened the door and stood just on the outside, like she was the door woman.

“Sister Naomi, we were wondering if you would stop by,” Sharon told Naomi. “I have something I would like to show you. It’s in my room.”

“I would love to see it, sister Sharon,” Naomi replied.

Donna Sanchez came in to the living room and saw Naomi.

“Sister Naomi, what a wonderful surprise.” Donna gave Naomi a hug. “We went by aunt Wanda’s. They are still working on her house. Aunt Wanda told them to take the old plaster off of the walls that was still there. Aunt Wanda said that when they get done, it will be like she had bought a brand new house.”

“Well, with a fire like that, they have to nake sure that when they are finished, that the structure is habitable. The building inspector from the courthouse would have to see if people are able to live in it.”

Wanda Jameson was not related to any of the girls at the home. But, because she lived just up the road, she let the girls call her aunt Wanda. The girls would go to her house for visits. They would play card games, board games and a whole lot more. Sometimes, Wanda Jameson would go horse back riding, or snomobiling with the girls. Wanda Jameson was a very good friend to the girls.

Joy Carver was next to give Naomi a hug. Naomi did not mind letting the girls give her hugs, because she knew that hugs were very important. These girls made Renee**** and Naomi honorary sisters for a reason. Naomi was the officer that brought Rachel Eileen Watkins to the home, just a few short months ago.

While Naomi was in Pine Meadows, she was looking for a position with the state police, but they were all filled up in Pine Meadows post. Then she went to the sheriff’s office and asked them, and they did have a position open for Naomi. The Pine Meadows county sheriff wanted Naomi as a rookie trainer, because it was important for rookies to know unarmed defenses.

Since moving to Pine Meadows, Naomi has since been made an honorary sister of the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls, bought her own house just a half a mile away from her sisters, and has met her fiance. A lot has happened in the three months she has been in Pine Meadows. But, there is one thing for sure; nobody could ever accuse Naomi Petersen of being a hard nose.


*Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse, 231 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, Michigan 48226 - 313-234-5005

**Names of the judges of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan have been changed to protect their identities.

***University of Notre Dame, The Law School, P.O. Box 780, Notre Dame, IN 46556 - Tel: 574-631-6627; Fax: 574-631-3980 - - - [email protected]

****I am sorry, but I forgot the key strokes for the accent mark for the first “e” after the “n” in Renee. If someone knows those key strokes, please let me know. Thank you.
The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 60
by Barbara Lynn Terry

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