Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 4

Julia comes walking out of the convince store they had stopped at to get fuel and take a bathroom break.

“We should had taken the Lear, instead of driving all the way to Phoenix.” She had a few snacks for her and Tizzy to snack on. She bought some slim jim’s for Sphinx, since they were his favorite.

“Your department wouldn’t reimburse you for the fuel cost. Plus, you’re representing your department like I am.” Tizzy watches the pump as it pumps gas into the SUV.

“I still don’t care. This is a sixteen-hour drive. We won’t get to Phoenix till midnight. We’re lucky dad already called ahead and reserve a nice hotel for us.”

Julia knew her father had called ahead and reserve a nice hotel room for her and Tizzy. Jack had gotten them a room at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa. They drive the rest of the night and finally pull in at one in the morning at the hotel. Julia was tried, Tizzy was tired and Sphinx had to relieve himself on the local plant life. The night time auditor was about to give the girls a speech about no pets allowed when both Tizzy and Julia show their police badge and Julia showed Sphinx’s police badge.

They are given their room key and both girls make their way down to their room. Tizzy flops down on her bed and stare up at the ceiling.

“God, this bed feels wonderful.” She glances over towards Julia as she takes her gun out and tuck it under her pillow.

“Dad always liked staying at the best places.” She sits down on her bed and start taking her boots off.

Sphinx jumps up on the bed and lay behind her. He still slept with her at night.

“Does Sphinx still sleep with you?” Tizzy sits up and starts removing her boots as well.

“Yep, he still does.” Julia reaches back and scratches him on his favorite spot.

“I’m glad I have my bed back to myself. When Simba was a cub, it wasn’t too bad, but now he is bigger than Chaos.” Tizzy slides out of her
pants and panties. She was getting completely undress. She had a dark Hawaiian tan.

Julia glances at her cousin and noticed how tan she was. She didn’t even have any tan lines on her body.

“You know something, I hate you. You have a nice dark tan I would kill for.” Julia was getting undress as well. She already had her nightshirt
with Sphinx’s picture on it, laying on her bed.

“You need to spend more time in Hawaii cousin. You know mom said you could stay at our place in Honolulu. It’s right near the beach.”

Tizzy slips on her favorite nightgown. It was made of silk and given to her by her mother a few years ago. It was of an oriental design.

“I might take you up on the offer when I get married to Christmas. She hasn’t been to Hawaii before and its one of her favorite places.” Julia
slips her night shirt on and lays down in bed.

Tizzy lays down in her bed as well.

“What time are we meeting at the Phoenix police station with the taskforce?”

“Seven o’clock. We’re meeting a Captain Gavin Garcia. He’s supposed to be related to dad’s friend Don Juan. I only met him once when I was younger at his nieces wedding. I have some of her Cd’s and Mp 3 songs from Apple.”

“I remember mom talking about her. She’s a popular Spanish singer.”

“That’s her. Her husband is a former Texas Ranger. He manages the winery they live at and acts as her body guard when she is on tour.”

Julia yawns and snuggles close to Sphinx as she falls asleep.

Tizzy snuggles deeper under the blanket and let sleep claim her like it did her cousin. She had her gun under her pillow like Julia did.

Earlier in the Afternoon:
The MD-17 that Rebecca had sent to pick-up her sister and her bounty hunting party landed at a private airfield just outside of Phoenix. It was owned by a company she did business with and was large enough for her MD-17 to land and wait while her sister’s crew took care of business. August had reserved them rooms at a nice place called Royal Palms Resort and Spa. She reserved two rooms for the group. One was just for Paul and Kat and the other room was being shared by Luke, Alexa, Crystal and Brittney. Luke didn’t mind sharing a room with three women. Lev had come through with the information on where this guy was holding up at. The first place was a Russian restaurant owned by the Order of Ronova. It was one of their money laundrying business. The second place was a compound out past Phoenix in Morristown, Arizona off Us Hwy # 60. That was their best place to find him.

Lev told them that he was pretty sure Boris had been tipped off that law enforcement was going to make a move on him. Which meant they didn’t have long to apprehend him. Paul had everyone check their gear and make sure they were going to be ready tomorrow morning to move out. Since Brittney was underage, Kat gave her the paint gun rifle and gun filled with the special paint balls they used when they are capturing people alive. She also double checked her body armor before they went to bed. If it turned into a gun fight, which Paul figures it might. She was to stay in the SUV for protection.

They spend the night going over what they could find out about the property from google maps. Afterwards they all turn in for the night.

Tizzy and Julia:
Tizzy’s alarm clock goes off at five thirty in the morning. She was still on Hawaiian time. She presses the snooze button and closes her eyes. Nine minutes later, her alarm goes off again. She turns it off and looks over at her cousin as she tries to wake-up. She notices that Julia didn’t want to get out of bed.

“Come on cousin. We got bad guys to catch.” She gets up and head into the bathroom to take a quick shower. This way her cousin can come in and take hers.

Julia really didn’t want to get out of bed. Gina was the early bird in the family. She gets up and slips her robe and slippers on and grabs Sphinx’s leash.

“Come on sphinx, let’s go and potty you while Tizzy is in the bathroom.”

Julia attaches Sphinx leash and takes him outside away from the hotel to do his business. She had her concealable gun in her robe. As she is walking him, she passes by two black SUV’s that had all their windows mirrored, except for the front windshield. Something about them had caught her interest. She couldn’t remember what it was, but she could had sworn she had seen them somewhere before. She looks at the license plate and notice they were from Tennessee. She pulls her cellphone out and takes a picture of the plates. She’ll run their plates when she gets back to her room.

Sphinx finally finds a spot where he could do his business. Once he was done, Julia pulls a plastic bag out of her robe pocket and scoop it up and tie it off to put in the trashcan.

“You know something Sphinx. I liked it better when pets could do their business and we weren’t required to clean it up. That’s what mother nature is for.”

Julia heads back towards her room, after dropping Sphinx’s waste off at the trashcan. By the time she walks into her hotel room. Tizzy was already blow drying her hair.

“Hey Tizzy, while I’m in the shower, can you run this plate number for me please?”

Julia hands her cellphone to Tizzy to look at the plate number she was talking about.

“Sure, no problem. Why are you running it?”

“Because I’ve seen those SUV’s before, but I can’t recall when or where.”


Tizzy takes her laptop out and log onto the DMV database and inputs the license plate numbers. The search results show them belonging to a company called K&P Bounty Services based out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

“I wonder what a group of bounty hunters are doing here in Phoenix?” Tizzy thinks about it for a second and does a search on wanted
criminals and find Boris’s name and the five-million-dollar reward listed by the Department of State.

“Aw, fuck. This is going to make things harder.”

“What’s going to make things harder?”

Julia had taken a quick shower and came out with her hair wrapped up.

“Those plates you had me run. We’ll they belong to a Bounty Hunting company out of Knoxville, Tennessee. I bet they’re here to collect on the five-million-dollar bounty that Boris has on his head from the Department of State.”

“That’s where I remember at least one of the SUV’s from. They busted up a church sponsored gay conversion camp that had been abusing and raping the children and adults sent to it. I remember watching a news broadcast about it a few years ago before I became a police officer. Also, there’s nothing we can do to stop them from capturing Boris. If they want to get themselves kill, their welcome to try.”

“But won’t that interfere with us arresting him?”

“Nope, either way it will be a win, win scenario. If they capture him, they can deliver his sorry ass to collect the bounty on him. If we capture him, Sphinx can play with him before we turn him over. Either way the bastard is screwed. Me personally, I would like to take a page out of Dad’s playbook and send him on his way. People like him shouldn’t be allowed to live with all the harm he did to women and children.”

“Remember Julia, you wear a badge and pledged to uphold the law. We’re not our parents. We may have been trained to their standards, but we are not trouble shooters, assassins or vigilantes that take the law into our own hands. We’re police officers.”

“I know cousin, but sometimes I wonder if people like Boris should be allowed to live? He has harmed so many people, that arresting him doesn’t seem right.”

“I know what you mean cousin, but we have to play by the rules and only bend them some when we need to, to get the job done. Besides, if he tries anything, you can let Sphinx have fun with him. I bet once Sphinx gets done with him, he’ll wish he was dead.” Tizzy ruffles the fur on Sphinx’s head.”

“You’re right cousin. Maybe, I should take some time off and relax after this.”

“You’re welcome to fly back to Hawaii with me and enjoy the sunshine and weather.”

“I might do that.”

Both ladies finish dressing and head towards the police station to meet up with Captain Gavin Garcia and the task force.

Kat & Paul’s crew:
“Up and at'em Brittney.” Crystal smacks Brittney on her butt.

“Ow! That hurt.” Brittney was rubbing the spot Crystal had smacked her at.

Crystal had a little crush on Brittney, but tried to keep it under wraps. She didn’t want to lose her job by hitting on the bosses’ oldest daughter. Brittney was seventeen years old and still in High school. She remembered two years ago when Kat and Paul decided to take her on as an intern. They started her off in the office learning the paperwork and then started taking her out in the field with them on bounties. They taught her how to be a bounty hunter, were no one else would hire her. All because she had served some time for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Even though last night had been a wet dream for her to sleep next to Brittney, she behaved herself. She loved it when Brittney had snuggled up close to her and rested her head on her shoulder and her hand had rested on her breast while they slept.

“I’m taking first shower.” Crystal was heading towards the bathroom to take her shower.

“I’ll join you. This way Alexa and Luke can get into the shower faster.” Brittney heads into the bathroom and stops when Crystal looks at her.

“What? It’s not like were both not girls. I’ve taken a shower with my mother and Terry before.” Brittney starts striping out of her clothes and starts the water.

“Go on Crystal.” Alexa knew Crystal had a crush on Brittney. She gives her a wink.

Crystal just huffs and nervously went into the bathroom and joined Brittney in the shower. They take a shower together and as Crystal is washing Brittney’s back, she notices several scars on Brittney’s back.

“Where did you get these?” Crystal was fingering the scars.

“I got them at the conversion camp my sperm donor sent me to. It happened a month or so before Kat and Paul took me in.”

“I hope he got what was coming to him.”

Crystal finishes washing Brittney’s back.

“He did. Aunt Kristen sued the hell out of him and took him and my birth mother for everything they had for the harm they did to the people there.”

Brittney turns around to face Crystal. She had to look down a little, since Crystal was the same height as her mother. She was just a little taller
than Crystal.

“Look, I’ve talked to mom and dad about this. I have feelings for you and I know you have feelings for me. They know you are being cautious
because you don’t want to go back to jail with me being seventeen and you being twenty-two. Also, you’re afraid my parents will fire you if we start getting to know each other.”

“You’re right. I don’t want to lose my job or go to jail for dating a minor. I thought I was keeping this under wraps on how I felt about you.”

“You forget who my parents are. Mom could smell your pheromones increase whenever I was around and dad saw how you watched me and got close to me a few times. You can’t fool them. They said if we keep it quiet and respectable, they will allow the relationship and see where it goes from here. Besides, you talk in your sleep.”

Brittney gives Crystal a kiss and smack her ass.

“That’s for smacking my ass this morning.”

They finish showering and get out and dry off. This way Alexa could hop in next. They get dress with Paul still in the room with his head turned.
Brittney snatches the panties Crystal was going to wear out of her hands and shove her panties into her hands.

“I’m wearing yours.” She slips them own.

They were a pair of thongs that Crystal liked wearing.

Crystal just shakes her head and put the ones Brittney gave her on. They had little kittens on them. Everyone finally gets dress and met Paul and Kat down in the restaurant for breakfast before they left. Afterwards they had finish breakfast and piled up in the SUV’s. They head towards Boris’s resident.

Lev had texted them that a local delivery driver had found out that Boris was holding up in his place today. A police raid had been planned today by the Task Force that had been formed. The source came from someone inside the police department.

“Well, that’s going to make things difficult. If the police are heading this way or already here, we might not be able to apprehend him.”

“I doubt they are already there, mom. Uncle Lev said they were planning on being here. It takes a task force time to reactive. You taught me that.”

“True, you stay in the SUV Brittney. This might turn into a fire fight.”

“I sort of feel sorry for them mom. He has no idea who is coming after him.”

“Don’t get to cocky young lady. We’re dealing with a Russian special forces person here. He’s got the same training as your Uncle Lev.”

“I know mom, still if he is looking for a fight. He picked the wrong people to fight with.”

Kat had a slight smile on her face. She loved a good fight.

4502 W. Us Hwy # 60
When the task force shows up, they could see that a fire fight was already going on. One of the SUV’s Julia had spotted at the resort had smoke coming from the engine department. It looked like a rocket launcher had taken it out. The occupants of the bounty hunting party were pinned down. There were two young girls hiding behind the rear end of the second SUV for cover. They were using the wheels on the rear axle to hide behind and one of them looked to be injured. There was a woman with brown hair covering them and three others were using the other SUV as covered.

“Hold the SUV steady, Julia.”

Tizzy opens her door and tosses a few smoke grenades towards the house. As the smoke started to pour from the grenades. Julia and Tizzy pull their SUV up to the two girls.

“Get in!”

Brittney couldn’t believe that she got hit by shrapnel from the front of the SUV exploding. Their SUV had taken a direct hit from a Russian grenade launcher. If the SUV hadn’t been armored like it had been, they would had been killed. Alexa and Luke had Jumped cleared before the SUV had been hit and she was in the process of jumping when pieces of shrapnel embedded itself in her left legs.

Tizzy jumps out to help the injured girl in.

Julia spotted a guy on the roof pointing a rocket launcher at them. She leans out of her SUV and fires directly at him, hitting him squarely in the chest. He falls from the roof. They hear an explosion from the house and Sphinx jumps out of the SUV and run towards the front door.

He jumps up and over the person in front of him and attacks the person in front of the other person.

Kat had felt something from behind her jump over her as she ducks as she entered the house. A person had appeared in front of her and before she could even react. A huge ass dog tackled the person and takes the person down.

“Did you send Sphinx towards the house?”

“No, he did it on his own accorded.” Julia was surprised by Sphinx’s actions. He had never done that before.

Kat spots Boris trying to run for it, as he was heading towards the back of the house. He is stopped by a right cross from Paul. Everyone is surround by the Phoenix police force, FBI and US Marshal service. Julia had managed to get inside. Behind everyone and finds Sphinx growling at the person he took down.

Julia looks down at Sphinx and the person “I wouldn’t move if I was you. Sphinx is still hungry and he likes fresh meat.”

Paul walks over and slaps his cuffs on Boris.

“He’s our bounty. If you want him. You’ll give us the five million dollars reward for him.”

“Wrong son, you going to turn him over to us and forget about the bounty.” The guy that was talking was an older guy wearing a black suit and shades. He looked to be an FBI agent.

“I don’t think so, old man. He’s our bounty.” Kat was looking at him.

He points his gun at Paul and Boris. Kat points her gun at him as other agents point their guns towards Paul and Kat. The Phoenix police didn’t know what to do.

Julia taps her gun against the FBI agent temple that was causing the problem.

“I suggest you stop aiming your gun at these people, before I’m forced to take a page out of my father’s book and let my wolf have you for lunch.”

“Who the fuck, are you?”

“Sgt. Julia Bounty with the Boulder Police department from Montana. The woman behind you with her gun pointed at your head is my cousin Tizzy Patel with Honolulu police. We’re the reason you clowns know about this asshole. Now, I suggest you and all your men in black put your guns away and let the Bounty Hunters have their bounty.”

One of the Us Marshals watching the showdown heard the name Bounty. He looks towards the young woman.

“Did you say your last name is Bounty?”

“Sure, is.”

“So, you’re the one responsible for taking down DEA agent Curtis Drew.”

“Yep, I’m the one responsible.”

That was a name Julia wishes she could forget. He came after her and Sphinx when she first joined the Boulder police department. One of her former police officers at her station was feeding him information about her.

Edward heard the rumors about this young lady and knew she didn’t play around.

“I would do as she says agent Jones. She’s already killed one rogue government agent and I don’t think you want to see what she’ll do to you.”

Agent Jones lowers his weapon.

“Alright people, let’s stop this shit and take this outside.” Captain Gavin Garcia of the Phoenix Police force couldn’t understand why they were doing this crap.

The way he saw it.The bounty hunters capture their person, so therefore they were entitled to the reward for him.

“I’ll make sure you get your reward.” Marshal Edward Bullock walks forward and extends his hand to Paul and Kat.

“You don’t.”

Marshal Edwards turns around and gives Agent Jones a look that said in unspoken words. I will kill you if you keep talking.

Julia saw the look and it reminded her of her father’s look.

“If I was you agent Jones. I would shut-up and do as he says.” She smiles as she heads outside with Tizzy by her side and followed by Sphinx.

By the time the sun goes down. Arrangements had been made for Paul and Kat to get their reward for the capture of Boris. Captain Garcia only chews Julia and Tizzy out a little bit, but other than that puts in a good word for them with their superiors.

Brittney is taken to the hospital with Crystal and her parents by her side to have the shrapnel removed from her left leg. Kat plans with Rebecca at the hospital to have the damage SUV taken to her shop in Kansas to be fixed.

Tizzy and Julia head back to the resort to start their report and check out in the morning.

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