The Mistress Chapter 2

The Mistress
By Ryan Rose
Chapter 2

Kevin knows what he has to do now. He begins to arrange the return of Ekaterina. Plans are made and she will soon make her appearance.

Kevin looked at Ulyana and stood up. “I think its time to bring out Ekaterina again. Do you have the stuff?”

She nodded and walked into her bedroom. There was a large box in the closet and she brought it out. There was a smaller box in the corner that she took out. “Are you ready for this?”

He shook his head. “Its scary, but I have to do it now. I will be ready to face them.”

Ulyana shook her head. “No. I mean, are you ready to become a woman again after all of this time? You put it all up and have lived as a guy for around five years. You were flawless back then that no one noticed. All of those subtle movements, walking, moving and talking as women talk. Heels and everything. Can you do all of that again?”

He walked toward the smaller box, and started walking in a feminine sway. Then laughed a bit. “Ulyana. To be honest, its been difficult. I had got so adapted to moving about as a woman that it took a while for me to move and speak as a man. But since thats my nature, I was able to do it.,” Kevin shrugged as he looked at the small box.

He reached down and set it ontop of the table. Looking at Ulyana as he slowly opened the top and took some of the items out. He felt a shiver run though his body as he held a small pin. He ran his fingers though it.

He looked at the still gleaming brilliant red star in the center of the pin that looked like a waving flag. He read the inscription under the star.
Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик

He knew what it all meant. He looked up at Ulyana and a very feminine giggle escaped from Kevins lips as he looked at the pin. Then he said tstill deep in thought, “I often wondered how many of those men actually believed me when I told them that I was born and raised in the Soviet Union and my father was a member of the politburo before it collapsed. How is that possible?”

She laughed, I dont know. I think many of them didnt believe it. But they believed enough.”

Kevin giggled back. “They will go with it just to get me with them.”

Ulyana become serious, “The men probably saw right through it. But you were alluring and sexy. They wanted you. But, you did what you had to. And it you did a very good thing Kevin. You helped rescue him and free many other girls. But you know what will happen when she reveals herself and what you will be facing now.”

Kevin gulped,” I know. It will be very dangerous,” Kevin said seriously. “This is there are more people out there. There are peopledoing it like before. Some got away. I didnt know what I was walking into before to help my friend. I know who they are and what they do. I still have to do it.,” Kevin said.

Ulyana looked at Kevin with a serious face. “If you are serious about finishing it, you will need help. You cant do this alone.”

“I know, “ Kevin replied gravely.

“I know people who can help us. If I ask, they will come and help us. You just have to trust me.” Ulyana said. “I will contact them and we can make a plan.”

Kevin nodded.

“That means thatYou must become Ekaterina now. You are her. That means you must now speak Russian at all times, to get accustomed to using it again. And when you must speak english, speak it like a Russian born and raised there.” Ulyana said to Kevin. Her voice turned to her native Russian accent. “Yekaterina” She said loudly. “ Soberi sebya, zhenshchina.”
Get yourself dressed properly woman. Is what she said in her native language.

“Da,” Yes, replied Kevin.”kak zhenshchina, ya sam odenus'” I will get myself dressed as a woman.”

Then Kevin added, “YA stanu zhenshchinoy, kotoruyu oni nikogda ne zabudut” I will be the woman they will never forget. And He smiled sisterly.

Then he gathered up some of the clothes and went into Ulyanas bedroom to get himself dressed. He laid out the clothing that he had chosen to put on. He didn't have any underwear.

“Ulyana,” he called in russian.. “I don't have any bras or any panties in here. Can I wear yours until I get my own?”

“Yes,” Ulyana replied with a smirk. “Just get a pair of panties and one of my bras and show me which ones you chose.”

Kevin opened her panty drawer and looked through them. She had all sorts like most girls were prepared for all occasions. She had bikinis, low rise, boy shorts, thongs and traditional panties. He chose a cute black lacy bikini style panties and slipped it on. Then he opened her bra drawer and looked disappointed. Her bras were as varied as her panties. There were sexy bras for special occasions and more modest style for normal daily life designed for constant wear and her comfort in mind. But, she remembered why they rarely shared bras. He liked to be more full figured than she was. Kevin typically wore two D to E where as she was a modest B cup at best. He chose a regular black lacy pair and put his arms though. He hooked the back as he always did and walked out to see her.

She smirked as he walked out naturally as any other girl. He stood there for her to examine him. Kevin looked into her eyes as she approached him. She ran her fingers affectionately though his soft blonde hair.

“What do you think,” Kevin asked as she caressed his face.

“I think,” She replied looking into his face. “That you chose my most expensive and lacy pairs. You may as well keep them now. But its a good time to go and get you some of your own stuff. Don't you remember all it takes to live as a woman, Kevin?”

Kevin thought and said, “Yes, we will need a lot.”

“Makeup, hair products and your own panties and bra sets. Along with shoes, perfume, concealers and a new purse. Go put on your jeans and shirt again. Lets go.”

“what,” Kevin said shocked. “I thought I had to be a woman?”

“It isn't time to reveal you yet,” Ulyana said. “We need to introduce you the correct way. We don't need you getting heat before you have everything set up. Anyway,” she smiled slyly. “Getting you your own womens produces, dressed as a guy will be very interesting.” She snickered as he got his jeans

“And I will help you get what you need.” She said with another wide smirk. She watched him slip his guys tee shirt over his black bra. Then he slipped his socks and shoes on. And they were ready.

Ulyana was right. This would be interesting.

He let Ulyana take them to the store. And he started to get worried. It just had to be an elite type store that only catered to women's products. She gave him a smirk as she parked and told him to follow her. This was where she got most of her clothes from. He followed her into the elegant and very feminine store. They entered together and was almost immediately approached by a pretty young sales woman.

The young woman approached Ulyana. “My I help you, ma’am,” the sales lady inquired innocently. Kevin gulped. This was going to be good.

Ulyana acted surprised. “Me, oh no. This isn't for me at all.” Ulyana told the young woman. “This is for my boyfriend Kevin here.” Ulyana approached the young woman. “He has been borrowing my stuff. Its annoying. Hes ruining my expensive and pretty panties, stretching out the expensive satin and ruining them. Stretching out my bra straps and ruining my most expensive and delicate bras. He needs to get his own stuff so he stops ruining mine.” The young woman looked shocked and confused. She wasn't sure how to handle this.

“Look,” Ulyana said as she pealed down the side of his jeans exposing the sexy black floral waistband of her panties. “he is wearing them now. Those are my expensive satin panties he has on. And look at his chest.”

She could clearly see the outline of a bra on his chest and back. The young sales woman stiffed a giggle.

“Ulyana looked at Kevin and said, “I will wait here while you and the nice lady go get what you need.”

“Why arent you going to help me,” Kevin asked, thinking that he now understood.

“Because I dont need any more panties. You do. You go with the sales lady and get all the pairs of panties and bras, and other sexy lingerie that any young lady would need.” Then Ulyana looked at the sales lady who was starting to smirk now. “You help make sure he gets everything that a young lady would ever need. He likes to get overly sexy panties. Make sure he gets plenty in all styles. And bras that are at least double D. Measure him first to make sure he gets the right size. And also get camisoles, baby-dolls and night gowns and sexy lingerie a young woman would get to appeal to a man that he may be dating soon. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” She said with a bright smile. “I will be happy to help him.”

“Good,” Answered Ulyana. “And Kevin you do everything she tells you to. If I hear you have given her any trouble, I will discipline you harshly.”

He gulped. “Yes I understand.”

“And make sure you replace the panty and bra that you are now wearing. I don't want the panties you have on anymore. Get a new pair for me. I got them here in the first place.”

Kevin blushed red and nodded as he went back with the woman. She was smirking like she was going to have some fun. He smiled innocently as if he didn't understand her as he followed her down the aisle.

Then the sales lady looked at him and scowed. Her eyes narrowed disapprovingly. “So you like to steal women's panties and wear them?” She said in a tone.

“Y-yyyes,” he said meekly, acting like he was intimidated by her scowing tone.

“And you took her bra too!” She shot at him accusingly. She peeled back the sleeve exposing the shiny black satin shoulder strap of the bra.”

“Y—yes. I am sorry ma’am.” He said in a pleading voice that he figured she wanted to hear from him. But he was smiling inside, enjoying this.

“It isnt very nice to take women's undergarments, she doesn't want to wear them anymore after a man has worn them. The fabric has been on your crotch. Ewww. No girl wants to wear that anymore. We don't wear eachothers undergarments anyway.”

He looked down pretending to be ashamed and intimidated. Stuttering words, as if he was trying to plead with her feeling intimidated by her aggressive posture.

She interrupted his pleading, refusing to listen to him. “You think you can just take women's undergarments and do what you want, don't you?”

Kevin shook his head vigorously side to side. “Not at all, ma’am. I never wanted to offend or damage her things.” He protested.

“It doesn’t matter,” she shot back loudly. “You wore your girlfriends undergarments and ruined them. You must replace them now.”

His eyes went down to the floor. “I didn't mean to. I just wanted to feel pretty and feminine like she does.”

Her voice hardened, “So you are one of those girlish boys who want to be sexy and feminine. You want to wear women’s things and look like a woman?”

“Yes,” He said softly. His meek voice was barely audible.

“I didn’t hear you,” She said approaching him. She was staring into his meek eyes as he backed away. “What did you say? “Tell me louder. I want to hear you girl.”

“I said Yes,” Kevin stated louder.

“Yes, what?” She asked. “What are you saying Yes about?” She demanded.

“Yes,” Kevin confirmed. “I wear women’s clothes to feel sexy and feminine.” He said looking down, ashamed. “I just love the feeling of womens soft clothes on my skin.”

“Why,” the sales woman demanded forcefully.

“Because I they are so soft and silky,” Kevin responded. “It feels so feminine. And makes me feel comfortable.”

“Do you want to feel like a woman?” The sales woman asked.

“Yes,” He said looking down, looking humiliated. “I dont know why.” Kevin said honestly.

The sales woman looked at Kevin silently for a few long seconds, and Kevin stood there uncomfortably.

Then she quipped, “If we are going to replace the lingerie you took from her, then I have to know what you took from her.”

“The panties were a bikini style black satin with a pink floral panty waist band.” He tried to explain

“That's no use. I need to see them.” She said smiling.

He unzipped his jeans and lowered the waist a bit so she could see the shimmering satin and the rosy pink waist band. She snickered. “That's not enough. Take your jeans off so I can clearly see the panties you you have on. Take off your shows and socks, and take your jeans off. Do it now?”

“But,” he pleaded. “We are here in a store you work at. There are other customers around.

She shook her head. “There aren't that many at this time and they all know me anyway. So now take your pants off, you sissy. I need to see what type of panties you are wearing. Do it.”

He stood there reluctantly. Then she threatened, “Do I have to tell her that you are being uncooperative?”

He shook his head no. He knew that his girlfriend wouldn't care all that much, but she would pretend to care and come down on him. The sales woman and his girlfriend knew eachother. This was mostly for the sales womans enjoyment. So he started taking his shoes and socks off then slowly peeled down his jeans and slide them off. Kevin knew what was coming next.

She looked at those panties and then scowled at him harshly. “You shouldnt have worn those panties at all, you sissy. We do carry those and they are some of our most expensive brand we have. They do look natural on you. I dont even see a male buldge there. Its very cute. Now take off your tee shirt so I can see what bra you have under it. I need to see if we carry that too.”

He slide his top over his head and put it on the floor beside his jeans and stood there in front of this woman wearing only a bra and panties he took. She examined the bra and said approvingly, “We carry that too. I see you took the effort to make sure they matched. Most guys dont unless they are experienced crossdressers. It looks very nice on you.” She said feeling the padded cups and looking at the floral lace around the cups. The sales woman pulled one of the cups of his bra down to reveal his bear chest. She saw his bare nipple poking out and then she noticed something else. Kevin saw her confused expression in her eyes as she examined what she was seeing and trying to comprehend it.

She reached behind Kevin and unhooked his bra and pulled it down his shoulders and slide the bra down his arms and took it. She stood there looking at his bear chest. He felt decidely uncomfortable, topless before her piercing gaze.

He knew what she was seeing and he saw her pleased expression as she finally comprehended what she was seeing on the boy.

His nipples were very soft, pink and large for a males. They were very feminine as they both protruded out with very large areolas. Two very small mounds pushed the nipples out a ways from his chest. The mounds were not very large, but they were unmistakably there and that was not male at all. She was seeing small under developed breast tissue on a boys chest. The sales woman stepped forward and reached out with her hands and touched his bear chest.

Kevin stood there feeling uncomfortable with her fingers moving under the cup of his bra. She moved her forefinger around his soft nipple. She pressed her fingers into the soft fleshy tissue surrounding his nipple. Then she moved her fingers around the small soft mound on his chest and squeezed. He just stood there as she examined the soft flesh on his chest.

She smiled at him, “This is amazing,” The sales woman said. “You have small feminine breasts. I know what I am seeing, but you are a boy with womens breasts.”

Kevin nodded. “Yes.” He said feeling very uncomfortable with her fingers intimately examining his breasts.

“Seeing what you have here.” She said as her fingers squeezed the small mounds under his nipples “The bra you were wearing is too large for these small breasts. I say they need to be supported by teen training bra before you move up to a full cup bra.” She said as she snickered at him. “But many girls dont want to wait for their boobs to grow out. But they have to, those boobs do need support and you need to learn a few things about managing a bra and getting used to your breasts before you move up, girl.”

She smiled and Kevin could see that she was enjoying humiliating him, even if nothing she said was humiliating him at all. He put his bra back on naturally as any girl did.

He wondered how she would deal with this. “I know many girls have to wait for their breasts to grow out naturally and it usually takes years. They can wait at 10 or 11.” Kevin told her. “But I am in 20. And I cant wait any longer. Your friend Ulyana isnt actually my girlfriend. She is just my friend helping me in this. The guy I will be meeting later wont like me having the breasts of a 10 year old. He will want me to look like a full figured woman my own age. So thats how I make them look.”

He said as they turned into the panty asile. He found the ones he was wearing and took a few more out and put them in the cart making sure there was one for Ulyana. Then he took out several other styles and colors from regular cotton every day type to sexy time when he was on a date and trying to look appealing for him.

The sales woman smiled. “Many small breasted girls stuff their bras. I used too before they grew out. Many still do to look larger and they make special cups that are filled with gell to get an extra cup size.” She said snickering at him

“I will get some special bra insers,” He told her evenly. “Or I will get some breast forms. I heard that they make some that no one can tell the difference.”

She wasnt very sure who this was now. But she suspected that her friend was playing her now. She stopped and looked at him seriously. “I dont know what is going on now,” she said seriously. “But if this is seriousl I can help you. You are right that it is hard to tell the difference between very good quality breast forms when you look at them. But if you are going to have a guy playing and touching them, he will know from the feel. Look, I know someone who has helped other women with small breasts. He is very good at that. He can give you a very good pair of actual breasts that few guys will know the difference. Some guys can tell the difference between implants and naturals, but they will still accept you. Hes good at other things too.”

“Thank you,” He replied as they took a few more very sexy bikini style panties of various colors of red and pink and put them in his shopping cart. She noticed that he loved very sexy shiny silky panties and took the ones with lots of lace embroidery and floral designs. He stoped shoping for panties once he had around thirty pairs in the cart.

He looked at her,”Thanks for helping me select those panties. Can you help me find the proper bra size?”

She nodded and took him to the back of the store and had him take his bra off. She took a tape measure and wrapped it around his rib cage and took down the number. Then she wrapped the tape around the fullest area of his bust and took down that number. She giggled slightly. “Well, as far as I see, you have a 30 tripple A cup.”

He looked down genuinely upset. This was odd for a guy. “Well, they should grow quite a lot. My mother had over an F cup. But the situation wont allow me to wait years for them to grow. Can you tell me more about this person you know that can help me?”

They went to the bra aisles and he looked at the various styles and colors that was there.

She pointed to a few that she thought were good for him. Then she said, “The person I know is very good. She is a very close friend of my cousins and she worked though nursing school and then put herself though medical school and became a licensed surgeon. She has helped a lot of male to female transgender people like yourself.” She told Kevin matter of factly.

“She gave my cousin her implants that she wanted and she is very happy with the results. No one can really tell with her methods. I think she can help you, I will give her a call and tell Ulyana about it. But I doubt she will object. And I will call you if she accepts and put you in contact with her. She is Dr. Melinda Winter. She does very good work.”

He nodded, “Thank you. I think Ulyana will see the need to do this.” Then Kevin went down the aisle passing the She noticed that he selected the sexiest bras. He loved embroider floral designs on the cups and lace trim on the cups and the bands. He also selected many push-up bras and demi bras that would enhance his cleavage and sexiness. He made sure that some of his more sexy bras would match the panties he already put in the cart. Then he selected a few very expensive bustiers and put a black marywidow teddy in the cart. Then he found a pink teddy with a panty on it and finally, he found a very sexy babydoll nity.

He went to the other side of the store and found a few very sexy plunging tops and a matching skirts. Then one full length sexy evening gown with a plunging neckline.

He went to Ulyana and she made sure he got what he needed and approved them on. Then he told Ulyana, “The lady here says that she knows a very good surgeon that can help me achieve a feminine form that I need to have. I think its something we need to consider.”

She nodded in approval. “I agree, I was thinking of Dr. Winters too. She helped Karens cousin with her breast implants. I seen her cousin and I couldn't tell if I didnt know she was a B cup before she was a double D cup. There are no scars and the feel of the breasts are natural. And I know how important is it that you be as natural as can be. The breast forms wont do this time.”

The sales woman rung it all up. Ulyana looked at Karen and said, “Give Melinda a call. I agree that this is very important to Kevin. See what she can do for him.”

Kevin looked at the sales woman and then said, “You mean what she can do for ‘HER’. By the way, Karen. I am Ekaterina.”

If someone had read this, I hope that they like what I have written. I have finally decided on a plot that I can work with. I hope that someone can help me fix some of my errors that I made here. I hope someone likes this.

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