Nanites -- Chap. 1-2



Chapter One

Story by Leslie Moore, edited by Dee Sylvan, formatting by Dawn Natelle

“I can’t believe that you won’t take my calls.” Rodney was trying hard to keep his voice in check. Control had never been his strong suite. And he desperately wanted his sister to listen to him and say ‘Okay, Rodney. You’re right. Whatever you want’. Say yes, he thought to himself, just say yes.

“Rodney, I’ve explained this to you over and over, but you're still not listening. Sure, it’s my company that designed the nanotechnology and yes, your money funded the start-up. And without you, all of this would never have happened. And yes, I am grateful and indebted to you.” Sarah talked to her brother like he was still ten. She took advantage of what leverage an older sister had.

But, Rodney wasn’t going to give up. He finally had her on the phone and he wanted something from his sister. Anytime Rodney wanted something from anyone, he went straight ahead full speed. That’s the way he worked. “Good, we’ve got that clear. You owe me.”

“And now you ignore me. Why did I have to read about your new government study in the Wall Street Journal and not hear it from you? I think you should have been calling me and telling me that you’d invented a technology that would save my life.”

Rodney had a flare for the dramatic. Especially when it came to manipulating his sister. “It’s really quite simple, Sarah. You owe me and now you can save my life.”

Sarah looked at the phone in disbelief and laughed out loud. “You’re a riot. When was your life in danger to begin with? Let’s not forget that I’ve made you a millionaire a dozen times over from your initial investment in our company. Okay? You still own the stock. You’re still a minority partner and you’ll make a bundle from this nanotechnology when it’s been approved for sale.”

“Then why won’t you take my calls? Seriously, if you invented a technology that would help me lose weight, I need it. My doctor said I won’t live a full, normal life with how much I weigh. You could help save my life by giving me some of your nanotechnology.”

Sarah shook her head. “Rodney, I can’t help you. I can’t give you what you want. I’ve told you before when we’ve had these conversations that I have nothing to do with the government study. And yes, one of the effects of the women’s health study the government is conducting using my nanotechnology is weight loss. But, you’re not hearing what I’ve said.”

“I’ve heard it. It’s for women and the study is closed and you have no say over any of it. I get that. But, you’re not hearing me. I want the product. I want to lose the weight. I don’t want to be part of the study. I’m not ready to be poked and prodded. I just want the nanotechnology inside of me to lose weight. It’s really simple and I don’t understand why you just won’t say yes. I mean, you inject me with some of your tiny robots and presto, change-o. I win and it takes care of all my needs.”

“Listen, baby brother. It’s not that simple. It’s not a simple cause and effect. There are side effects and consequences. And foremost, it was not designed for men.”

“How hard is it for you to fill up a test tube full of nanotechnology and I swallow them down? They get inside my body and help me lose a couple hundred pounds. I don’t understand where the problem is. I mean, if they can cure cancer and help women with all sorts of problems, how hard is it to program them to take care of my needs?”

“I told you. It’s about ten years of hard, painstaking work. All of which has led us to this point in time. Our efforts have been exclusively focused on women’s health. It’s taken us almost seven years to perfect the nanotechnology structure to deal with cancer, aging, and menopause. But, all our science has been in women. It’s not about you, Rodney.”

“It can be about me, Sarah. You’re my sister. Don’t you care about my health and welfare?”

“Honestly, Rodney. You have the money to hire a trainer and build a private gym at home. You could have a personal nutritionist and chef. If you were to start now, you could reshape your body and your mind and it wouldn't even put a dent in your fortune.”

“If I wanted to spend three years suffering, I’d do it. But that’s not me. I want to swallow that nanotechnology, wake up, and see it working in the morning.”

Sarah just shook her head. She realized she was pacing as she talked. She hated it when she got anxious and started to lose control. “I have no idea what my nanotechnology would do in your body. It’s crazy. It would be a mad scientist experiment just to let you drink down our nanotechnology. We have no idea what would happen. I couldn’t see us letting you swallow something so dangerous. After you’d take it, anything could happen. What do you want us to do? Stand around and watch, waiting for you to explode? It’s taken us ten years to get to this point and we’ve learned to direct those little microscopic robots at the basic level of your cells and DNA. And you think we can just say ‘jump’ and they ask how high? It doesn’t work like that.”

“But, if you wanted, you could just take a big scoop of those little bots and program them how you wanted, couldn’t you?”

“No. It doesn't work that way. It was years of hit and miss and trial and error to get us to this point. I wouldn’t want to see something tragic happen to you because you’re just tired of being fat.”

“Sarah, I want you to help me like I helped bankroll this company of yours when no one else was interested. I’m asking for your help. The doctor says I’m a candidate for a slab in the morgue if I don’t lose weight now. Your nanotechnology could be the answer to my prayers.”

“It could also cause adverse reactions and you’d die.”

“I’ll take that chance.”

“No. I think you value your life a lot more than that.”

‘You’ll be there to protect me. You’d make sure that it all works out.”

“No. We’d be watching from afar. Once the nanotechnology is in your body, they take over. We can’t control them. We watch while they run their course.”

“But, your study is safe, right? The government wouldn’t sanction a study with hundreds of women if it wasn’t safe.”

“It’s a first step study. No harm will come to the women who are involved in the study. But, you’re not a woman.”

“C’mon, Sarah. What’s it going to do for you to say yes?”

“All the nanotechnology for the study is gone. That material left our purview four months ago. It’s been in a government lab undergoing tests there. It’s out of our hands.”

“So, make me some new material. You have more. I know that.”

“Rodney. I would give you a gallon of our nanotechnology if I thought it would work for you. But it would be crazy to give you something that was developed for women. We have no idea what it would do to a man. Development of something safe for you to take would take a minimum of five years or more.”

“I want you to bring me over enough nanotechnology to help me lose two hundred pounds. I weigh three-fifty. You will do this for me, Sarah.”

“Rodney, oh, Rodney. Sure, and then I watch you die. No. No. And goodbye, Rodney. I’m hanging up and not answering your calls anymore. I’ll see you at mom’s house at Thanksgiving.”

Rodney sat there after he heard the dial tone. He stared at the walls and pondered. Then, he picked up his laptop and reread the Wall Street Journal article. He started to look for other names mentioned in the article. He kept reading about Sarah’s company until he found the name he wanted. It was the name of the scientist from Sarah’s company who was the liaison for the FDA government study, Arnold Blackstone. Blackstone was listed as her assistant.

He googled Blackstone and read all about him. He spent several hours studying Blackstone’s life. He was looking for leverage through a backdoor. Rodney found it about four hours later.

Two days later, Blackstone sold him a dose of the nanotechnology for a hundred thousand dollars. No one would know Arnold Blackstone was richer. Blackstone would have a new offshore account and no one would ever miss the dosage. The three fluid ounces were written off as spillage and waste from the preliminary testing that had to be done.

The key had been that Blackstone’s only child was very sick and needed experimental treatments. The hundred thousand dollars would keep his son alive and provide them with the money to see him through to remission. Blackstone initially refused, but Rodney’s persistence eventually won him over.

Two weeks after his unsatisfying conversation with his sister, Rodney Calloway held an orange juice glass with three ounces of viscous fluid containing the dosage of Sarah’s company nanotechnology. He looked himself over in the bathroom mirror.

He was forty-five years old. He was balding. He was obese. His skin looked dry and gray. Rodney looked tired and worn out. He looked fifty-five. He was worth twenty million dollars and was not happy. He stared at the dead eyes staring back as he lifted the glass to his lips and started to swallow.

It was like swallowing honey, but it wasn’t sweet. There was no flavor and it went down easily.

Rodney Calloway was the first person to start the trial. The women wouldn’t get their dosages for six more weeks.

He set the glass down and cracked a smile. ‘Bring it on, little robots, bring it on.’

He carefully shifted his weight and stepped into his stall shower. He washed himself and then turned off the water. Still standing in the glass enclosure, he felt a vibration starting inside his body. It was a very quiet humming. He realized it was the beginning of his own personal science experiment.

He stepped out and dried off. He put on underwear and a sweat suit. It was all he ever wore. He never went out so comfort was most important. He only put on clothes when he had an appointment and the needy always came to him. After all, he had the power and the money.

After dressing, he went in and watched TV while sitting in his oversized recliner. He fell asleep.

He woke up to his body telling him that he needed to use the toilet. As he walked back to the bathroom, he felt a strange sensation in his stomach. It took him a minute to figure out what it was. He grinned when he realized that it was an unfamiliar sensation. He wasn’t hungry.

Rodney’s day was spent trying to decide what to eat. He’d ponder for a while and then order from one of the hundreds of restaurants that surrounded him within the borders of Manhattan Island. New York was the place to be for his two favorite pastimes, making money and eating.

He sat down on the toilet and picked up his laptop and read the Wall Street Journal. Two things struck him immediately. He was passing a lot of waste and it had no odor. For a man who weighed as much as he did, he ate four to five meals each day. So, long visits to the bathroom were part of his life. It was a familiar task. This time it was unusual. He flushed repeatedly and he was still going after five minutes.

When he was finally finished and washing his hands, he looked in the mirror. He was surprised to see that his skin was flushed and his face had more color to it. He felt fine, no pounding pulse or sweating brow. He felt good, but within a minute, he was back sitting down and repeating the process of going and flushing.

After fifteen minutes, he knew he was finally done. He washed and returned to his television. He watched and glanced at the clock. It was noon. It was noon and the only thing he’d eaten was breakfast at seven that morning. Since then, he’d drank the nanotechnology. He had no sensation of appetite. He just wasn’t hungry. He felt asleep in his lounge chair.

He awoke and looked at the digital face on the TV. According to the clock, he’d been asleep for two hours. He stirred and sat himself up. He was thirsty so he strolled into the kitchen and reached for a soft drink. He changed his mind and drank water. He was very thirsty and the water tasted good. After three large glasses, he needed to return to the bathroom.

Rodney still felt the humming inside his body. He felt pleasantly warm and flushed. When he was done in the bathroom, he checked the clock. It was close to dinner time and he reached for his phone to dial takeout. As he started to speed dial his favorite Indian restaurant, he realized he still wasn’t hungry.

Instead, he filled a large glass with ice and water and returned to the television. He watched the business report and found his eyes closing again.


After three days, Rodney consumed a lot of water but had not eaten anything. He’d spent equal time on the toilet and napping. He surmised that the tiny little robots were using his body mass to support their endeavors. What waste he was passing was probably what was left after the nanotechnology was done pulling out all the nutrients.
In three days, his scale said he’d lost fifteen pounds. He felt fine. He wasn’t dying or in distress. He was losing weight while napping. He wanted to call his sister and tell her the whole thing, but decided not to.

In the middle of the fourth day, he answered the phone. Caller ID said it was Sarah. He wondered what she wanted.

“Hello, sis. What’s up?”

“How’s it going, so far?”


“How are my little nanites doing inside you?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Sarah.”

“Rodney, I gave Arnold permission to give you the dose when he came to me. I authorized it.”

“What? You knew?”

“Of course. I knew you’d try an end run and figured that you’d try Arnold first. When you threatened him, well, I figured he might as well benefit as anyone. He needed that hundred thousand for a sick child and you knew his weak spot. I figured you’d get a dose one way or another.”

“Well, not much has happened. I’m feeling full but I haven’t eaten. I’m drinking a lot of water and going to the bathroom a lot. Oh, and I nap a lot, too.”

“How many days?”

“Hmm. Today is four.”

“Okay. I’ll check back with you in a few days to see if you’re still alive.”

“Alive! Sarah, seriously. Am I in any danger?”

“No, Rodney. You aren’t going to die. You will be getting healthier each day and I suspect you’ll continue to lose weight even more rapidly as the micro robots start to change you internally. The changes will be almost too subtle for you to notice.”

“Thank you, Sarah.”

“Rodney, don’t thank me. You’re going to regret doing this. I’ve told you it’s not made for a male body and the robots aren’t going to listen to anything you say. They are on a mission.”

“Sarah, I can live with that.”

“We’ll see, Rodney. We’ll see.”


For the next seven days, Rodney’s life was business as usual. He made trades in commodities, stocks, and bonds. He moved a million dollars around each week. All his profits were sent to offshore accounts for his peace of mind. He’d never been to those banks in the Cayman Islands, he’d just call and gave them a sixteen-digit number. They were happy to charge him a fee to safely park his money.

Besides investing every day, he drank water and went to the bathroom. Each day, he took two long naps and woke refreshed. By his calculations, he hadn’t eaten in ten days.

Each day, he weighed himself and looked in the mirror. He’d lost over seventy pounds. But, instead of looking at saggy skin and a flabby body, it seemed like he was looking healthier each day. His skin had a nice pink tone. His body looked firmer and stronger. But he still weighed almost three hundred pounds. He was still obese.

He saw his sister’s name pop up on the phone when it rang. “Hey Sarah, it’s working. I’ve lost seventy pounds! This is great!”

“That’s good to hear, Rodney. How are you feeling?”

“Like I have a lot of energy and I’m thinking stronger.”

“Good. Well, I am certainly glad you are feeling better. Are you still going to the bathroom a lot?”

“Yes, many, many times in a day. Will that start to taper off?”

“I can even tell you when it will taper off. How tall are you?”

“I’m five feet ten inches. But, how can you predict this?”

“I’m looking at a graph for proper weight for a healthy body. You’ll level out at around one hundred and forty pounds. That’s when the nano robots will start working on maintenance.”

“Isn’t one forty too low for me?”

“You, maybe. But, that’s what a woman your height should weigh.”


“One question for you, Rodney.”

“Uh huh.”

“Have you woken up with a hard-on or had any woodies since you’ve taken our nanotechnology?”

“Uh, no. Now that you mention it.”

“So, no sexual desires. Well, I’ll check in with you in a week, Rodney. Good luck.”

Rodney sat there listening to the dial tone. He reached down into his sweatpants and grabbed his pecker firmly. As he massaged himself he tried to picture the last call girl he’d paid for. As his mind conjured her image, he realized he wasn’t getting erect. He stopped. He was thirsty and needed to use the bathroom. He’d worry about it later.

Chapter Two

One day blurred into the next. Rodney knew the microscopic robots were in control of his body, but he had a vision that they were also starting to control his mind. He was drinking gallons of water and going to the bathroom a lot. He had no appetite and while he seemed to have a normal amount of energy, he was taking long naps in the morning and the afternoon.

At first, Rodney tried to continue his stock market activities, but after a while, he lost interest. He was having trouble concentrating. Rodney stared at his computer screen. He attempted to start a journal documenting all the changes, but he kept getting stuck on the fact that his dick had stopped working. Sure, he could still urinate, but the sucker wasn’t getting hard anymore. It was useless, just like him.

One thing that he could count on. He’d continued to lose weight, big time. When he reached two hundred pounds, he had an epiphany. It had been weeks since he’d swallowed the nanotechnology and in those days, he’d been sleep walking. Well, not really walking while he slept, but in a fog.

He still woke, napped, and slept. He still drank gallons of water and went to the bathroom an awful lot. But, part of his brain had turned off. He hadn’t really kept track of what was happening to himself. He couldn’t remember the last time he made a trade. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d read the news.

He stared in the mirror and tried to concentrate. Slowly, he started to see himself as he really was. The face looking back at him was very different than what he remembered. Sure, the fat had melted off of his face and his features had been revealed. But Rodney knew how he looked and this wasn’t his face coming out of the weight loss. It was a familiar face, but not his. He started to turn his head and it came in a flash. He was staring at a version of his mother, Betty.

His mom was still beautiful in her sixties, but this wasn’t senior citizen mom he was looking at. This was really young mom’s face. As he turned sideways and checked his skull, he noticed that his Adam’s apple was gone, his nose was much smaller, and he didn’t have a large brow anymore. His cheekbones were becoming more pronounced.

He was growing hair on his head. It was about an inch long and slightly curly. It had filled in all the bald areas and was starting to grow rather rapidly. He had fun running his fingers through his hair. It had been a long time since he had a full head of hair. But, his hairline seemed to start higher on his head and the pattern was different, too.

But, back to his dick. It was shrinking and the pee hole seemed to be moving down the shaft. He’d been on the toilet so much sitting down and passing this neutral sludge that urinating was pretty much the same. He hadn’t stood up to urinate in a while. Along with his penis, his balls were also growing significantly smaller and the sack was shrinking, too. This was a shocker, but for some reason his brain didn’t get upset thinking about it.

As he lost weight, his chest had changed. Sure, he had man boobs. You can’t weigh three hundred and fifty pounds without having man boobs. But as he lost weight, his boobs didn’t shrink. He still had boobs, but they weren’t man boobs anymore. They had morphed into real knockers, tits, uh yeah, breasts. The nipples and the skin around the nipples had changed color and shape. The nipples had grown huge and sometimes they grew hard and stood out off his chest. It was humiliating and if he’d been around people, he would have felt humiliated.

He stared at his reflection like he was discovering himself for the first time. He made a mental list. His face was different. His chest was different. His dick was smaller. And he’d lost a ton of weight. He tipped the scales at two hundred which meant he’d lost one hundred and fifty pounds in just three weeks. There were more changes happening to him than just losing weight. Everything about him seemed different. He felt lighter and more coordinated. In three weeks, the little tiny robots deep inside his bones and body had made him better. He looked leaner and slimmer. Well, some parts of him were slimmer. He had a very small waist and he didn’t have a belly anymore. But, and this was the big but, he had a butt, a rounded, curvy, tight butt that he would have liked on any woman. And he had hips, too.

He wasn’t obese anymore and he knew until this ended, he’d continue losing more weight. He hadn’t felt any hunger pains in three weeks. He knew in his mind that he was still changing. In three weeks, he hadn’t eaten anything. It was strange. He’d drank gallons of water and gone to the bathroom a whole lot, but he had no appetite. He’d actually ordered a pizza and smelled it and tasted it and watched it, but for some unknown reason, it sat in the box until he finally threw it down the garbage disposal.

He wasn’t hungry. He’d lost half his weight. He hadn’t weighed under two-hundred pounds since he’d been in college. He stared at himself in the mirror. He would’ve looked just fine if he was born a woman.


He spent a lot of time in front of the mirror that day. There was no doubt of what was happening. The nano robots were changing him from the ground up. Parts of him were shrinking and parts were changing shape. It was hard to judge things like the shape of his face but he swore he was looking more and more like a younger version of his mother.

His mom Betty, and his sister, Sarah were both attractive women, real lookers. But, as he had shrunk down in size, he was also looking like the female side of his family. He remembered the last call he had with his sister.

“Hey, you have a minute?”

“Okay, shoot, little brother. What’s on your mind?”

“I’m ready to end the experiment. How do we shut the nano robots off? Do you use some sort of a magnet to draw them out?”

“Hey, that’s a good idea. Uh, no. They turn themselves off. Remember, I told you they were self-contained, and self-programed?”

“Okay, so when will they turn themselves off?”

“That’s the bad news, little brother. They won’t.”


“The product you got was from our general batch. The ones from the study turn off in thirty days. It’s a safety feature that the government insisted we include in the trial. You know, they wanted a short-term trial. After that trial, then we would study the effects and develop a sixty-day switch, and then a ninety.”

“Seriously, when will mine turn off?”

“They don’t. As a matter of fact, they reproduce themselves inside you and you have them for life.”

“Kidding, right? Sarah, this is getting pretty crazy here. I mean, these nano robots are doing a number on me here that has to be stopped. Okay?”

Sarah found herself pacing back and forth in her office. She tried to calm herself down. She knew it was a sign of anxiety, but couldn’t help herself. “Rodney, the nanotechnology you have in your body is programed to make you into the perfect specimen. Perfect weight, height, everything. When they’re done with you, you will be physically fit and well, ageless.”


“The nano robots in your body will continue to repair everything inside you for a long, long time. We have no idea how long they’ll last. You might live forever.”

“Sarah, they’re changing me. I mean, well, I’m starting to look like mom. That is, a younger version of mom.”

“Rodney, I warned you.”

“I know you did. But, can we get them to stop?”

“I don’t think that’s possible. They’re ingrained deep inside you now. They’ve migrated down to your chromosome level, they’re down in your DNA.”


“Uh huh.”

“Sarah, come visit me, please.”

“I’m flying back from Washington in three days. When I get home, I’ll call you.”


That conversation had been a week ago. He’d sent her several texts and she’d said she was back in Atlanta with the test people and would come over as soon as she was back. He hadn’t heard from her.

His clothes had stopped fitting a long while back. He had stopped wearing his sweat suits and started wearing a flannel bathrobe. But, the robe kept opening and his boobs kept falling out. He’d gone on-line and ordered some new clothes. He had to guess at his sizes since he wasn’t about to ask anyone to help him.

He ordered a tape measure made of cloth that he could wrap around himself and see his measurements. The first shock was that he had shrunk two inches. Now he was five feet eight inches tall. He had a thirty-inch waist and his chest was a thirty-eight not counting his boobs that kept getting in the way. He refused to measure them and chose to ignore his boobs hoping they’d just disappear.

His hips now measured thirty-six inches and his inseam was thirty-four inches. Through trial and error, he found out he was unable to buy any men’s jeans that fit those dimensions and settled for anything that would fit. He ordered a few medium sized sweat shirts and some tee shirts, too. And of course, new underwear.

When the doorman brought the packages to his penthouse, Rodney left a tip in an envelope and told him to just leave the packages outside his door. He had to make an effort to lower the pitch of his voice because just like everything else, it was changing, too. He was reluctant to talk to anyone and when he did, his voice was way too womanly for his nerves to take.

He tried on the clothes and thankfully, he was able to wear everything. The pants were too short and the waist was too loose. He cut down an old belt and punched some new holes in it. The shirts were too tight and emphasized his chest. When he first pulled on the plain white tee shirt, he gasped at how he looked. He was pornographic. His nipples stuck out and were plainly visible through the material, which clung to his breasts like glue.

If he had any sexual stirrings over looking at his reflection, they were not in his genitals. His dick had given up the ghost days ago. It had shrunk to almost nothing and well, his balls were also just an afterthought. They’d grown smaller and the skin had shrunk along with them. All he had left was a bit of wrinkled skin under his dick that he assumed would be the beginning of the end of his manhood and, well, he dreaded to imagine what would happen next.

His routine hadn't changed. He’d wake up, shower, dress, drink a gallon of water, then try to read on his computer until he fell asleep. He’d wake again at noon and drink more water. He’d have an afternoon nap and then more water. His only breaks were on the toilet.

Each morning, when he woke up, he took an inventory. He felt his chest and his developing breasts. He’d run his hands across his butt and his hips. He’d feel his flattening stomach. And the last thing he’d do was put his hands between his legs and pray.

His dick and balls were the last vestiges of his dignity. When they evaporated, or as he imagined, were sucked up inside him, it was all over. And one morning, when he went to check, it was done. During the night, while he was asleep, the nanotechnology had swapped out the last evidence that he’d ever been a male and gave him a brand-new vagina.

He ran his fingers across the flesh and found his clitoris. He was so sad that he never thought to try to stimulate himself. He just lay there and let the tears roll down his face. It was all over.

Two days later, Sarah called and said she’d be over after work. Did she want him to bring take-out?

“Not for me. I’m still not eating. Bring whatever you want. It won’t bother me to watch you eat.”


Sarah was dumbfounded when Rodney opened the door. He had tears in his eyes and fell into her arms. As they hugged, she could feel his breasts pushing against hers. She pulled back and looked at him.

“How much do you weigh?”

Rodney wiped the tears from his eyes. “One forty.”

She wasn’t looking at Rodney, she was looking at her mom from when she was a newlywed. Rodney looked twenty-five. There was no trace of man left.

“Yeah, when I woke up the other morning, my genitals had made the switch. It was strange not being able to direct my urine and that took some practice. It’s the strangest thing to be touching a vagina that’s mine.” He started to cry. “It’s all gone. It’s all lost.”

Rodney’s voice was a melodious high-pitched woman’s voice. Sarah kept looking for any giveaway and could find none. The nanotechnology was working hard and well, had done a terrific job of changing him. She assumed if he had an internal MRI and few x-rays, they’d confirm that his organs were changed, too.

He stopped crying but then had a sheepish grin. “My sex drive returned.”

Sarah shook her head. “You’re still a pig.”

“Yes, Miss Piggy. So, the big question is, how do we program the nanotechnology to turn me back? Hell, I’d even settle for being fat again.”

Sarah laughed out loud. “You’re kidding, right? It doesn't happen. We can’t add more robots inside you to fight the ones that are there. You can’t have a nano robot war inside your body. This is it. They own you now. You’re just along for the ride.”

More tears appeared in Rodney’s eyes. “What do I do?”

“Well, you need to get some reasonable clothing and learn to make yourself at home in your new body. You have to learn how to start life all over again.”

Rodney felt the tears running down his face. He’d been crying a lot lately.

“You also need to contact your doctor and lawyer and tell them you’ve had a sex change. You’re going to need to get new identification and make sure that you can still access your money.”

Rodney looked crestfallen. “Shit.”

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