Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 1

Luna examines the doll house that Mr. Blackstone had custom constructed for her at their main office. It had a small forest and a pool of fresh water and waterfall built around it. It wasn’t a traditional doll house. Whoever, designed and built it had based the design off the Disney Tinkerbell movies. It was more like a hollowed out giant mushroom.

It was decided that her existence would be kept quiet from the public and from the Government as well. The second thing Mr. Blackstone had done was meet with her parents and tried to explain the best he could what happened to their son. How the energies from the ley lines at Stonehenge had reacted during the Hunter’s Moon that day. He told them that it wasn’t something that happened on a normal basis, but it has been known to happen. He showed them stories and myths that dated all the way back to the middle ages.

At first Luna’s parents weren’t buying the story that Mr. Blackstone was telling them about her. They couldn’t believe that their son had been turned into a three-inch female pixie. That was until she came out for them to see her for themselves. They asked her questions only she would know the answers to. She had to jump around on a small keyboard that Mr. Blackstone had made for her, so she could use his laptop to speak with her parents. They still were working on trying to understand her when she spoke, because all everyone heard were musical notes.
Even when they recorded her speech. When they were happy with her answers. They talked about how to cover up her disappearance since it had been caught on video and was already getting a lot of hits on the web.

The final answer was to let it be a mystery that couldn’t be answered right now. Most people who left comments believed it was real and the other half believed it was some sort of trick involving mirrors and trick photography.

As for the necklace that had caused Luna to be changed in the first place. It had been found by one of the researchers that had gone to investigate her disappearance. It still had a small amount of magical energies stored in it. Luna herself could feel it and the equipment that detected Luna had picked it up as well.

It was being stored at the agency in their specially constructed vault. The vault contained magical artifacts, lost paintings, statues and other items from history that the agency had recovered during their paranormal research. A piece of the shaft from the spear of destiny, a real genie bottle from the Middle East, chunks of gold from El Dorado, The Seal of Solomon, copper and gold pieces from King Solomon’s mine, A magical necklace that once belonged to Cleopatra, the shield of the Roman god Mars, a white shield belonging to king Evalach and worn later by Sir Galahad, A real piece of the True Cross relic, The Sword Caledfwlch, The Japanese sword Futsu-no-mitama and Kogarasu Maru. A map that lead to the fountain of youth, with a sample of the water from the fountain. There were other items of magical properties in the vault. Some other artifacts were posse by evil spirits like dolls, coins that contain demon souls, a hand of glory, a hangman’s noose that contain the soul of the most vicious murderer to have lived. There were artifacts that were to deadly to leave to governments or other individuals. All those items were kept in a separate section of the vault. That was heavily protected and blessed.

Only three people in the agency had access to the vault and only to certain items. Each item in the vault is tagged with a sensor that if it is removed from the vault or the office building without permission would set off several alarms.

Luna had full run of the place and could leave with any team member. The one thing Mr. Blackstone did ask Luna to do was to keep a low profile and try not to be photograph or video. He was willing to pay her for any investigations she went on. All her expenses would be taken care of by the agency. The money she earned could go to her parents if she wanted it too.

The one requirement from Luna’s parents that he insisted on was to keep her existence quiet. He told them that there was a secret department in their government along with several other governments that would love to get their hands-on Luna. They had already tried several times to get their hands on some of the artifacts he kept down in the vault.

Luna loved her mushroom style house and the furniture the agency either had custom made for her or were made by some of the employee’s. Some of the outfits she had were hand made by Cleo and Joanna. She had a one-piece jumpsuit that when she was working with the agency she wore to cover-up her glow. It didn’t interfere with her wings. She was supposed to go on an investigation with Ralph, Fred and Cleo for the next three days investigating a haunted house. The occupants were hearing moaning sounds and reported seeing a ghostly form roaming the halls.

When they get back from that investigation, they were going to a civil war battlefield were reports of battle were still going on to investigate that matter. Mr. Blackstone was going to join them on that investigation, because he was a big civil war history researcher. He could trace his ancestors all the way back to when they first arrived in America as slaves.

One of his ancestors was a member of the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, infantry regiment. The battlefield they were going to investigate hadn’t been known before and since the Hunter’s Moon. Areas that had been quiet or unknown were becoming active with paranormal activities.

Luna was sitting on Cleo’s shoulder as they drove towards their first investigation. She was excited and curious on what they were going to find.

Fred looks at their little pixie as she sat on Cleo’s shoulder “your quiet today, Luna. Are you scared?”

Luna moves her head back and forth in a no fashion.


Luna shakes her head yes.

“That’s good. You should had seen Shawn when he first saw a real ghost. He peed himself.”

Luna knew that Shawn was their camera expert that maintained and followed certain crews around with a television camera. He was back at the agency checking their TV remote truck. He had four people that reported to him.

She giggles as she pictures him peeing himself. Her laughter sounded like tiny bells ring.

Cleo glances down at her companion on this trip. She could barely feel Luna sitting on her shoulder.

“Is this your first time in the field, Luna?”

Luna nods her head yes.

Luna watches as Ralph pulls up a long driveway with a manicure lawn on either side of the driveway. Luna was impress with the house. It was three stories tall and looked like some of the houses from England. Something catches her eyes on the second-floor corner room. She sees a ghostly female image looking down at them. Luna jumps up and down on Cleo’s shoulder and points towards the window.

Cleo felt Luna jumping up and down on her shoulder and looked in the direction she was pointing. It took her a few seconds to locate the window, but she saw the ghostly female form looking at them.

“Guys, look over there.” She was pointing in the same direction that Luna had been pointing.

Both Ralph and Fred saw the woman when they looked.

“Quick, get one of the cameras out.”

Luna jumps off Cleo’s shoulder and flies up to the window and hovers right in front of the window glass. The ghostly woman was looking at her with hallow eyes and Luna was looking at her. She couldn’t believe she was seeing an actual ghost. She gets closer to the glass and stands on the window sill looking in towards the ghost. She could see a faint aura surrounding the ghostly shaped woman. She couldn’t get any closer because of the glass, but something didn’t feel right to her about the ghost.

“Luna, can you move please? So, I can take a picture?” Fred had managed to get one of their cameras out that had special film inside it to take pictures of spirits and other paranormal entities.

Luna falls backwards and flip to glide down to Cleo with her wings opened. She’s been practicing doing tricks at night when no one was in the office using her wings.

Fred takes several shots as soon as Luna was out of the way. They found out her magical aura over shadowed other energies.

“Showing off?” Cleo was smiling when she spoke to Luna hovering in front of her.

Luna blushes as she hovered in front of Cleo. After a few minutes, the spirit in the window disappears.

“Come on, let’s go inside and see what else we can find.” Fred leads everyone towards the front door.

“Where are the owners?”

Cleo was curious why they weren’t here.

“The boss set them up in a hotel while we investigate the place. He didn’t want them here while we conducted our investigation. Besides, he wants to keep Luna’s present secret.”

Luna knew Ralph was the one in charge of their group. He has been with Mr. Blackstone since he first started the agency and had gone on most of the missions that they recovered most of the artifacts they had down in the vault. Rumor at the agency had it that he could detect paranormal energies. She knew he didn’t like it when she was nearby, because her energies threw his senses off.

Luna lands on Cleo’s shoulder and holds onto her hair as she followed behind Fred as they entered.

“Luna, go ahead and scout the first floor and see what you can find.”

Luna does as order and start scouting the house. She stops in the den near one of the walls. Something important was behind the wall. It wasn’t a safe or anything. It was something else behind the wall. She marks the wall with her energies like she did when she spelled her name back in England. She moves on till she had checked the whole first floor. That wall was the only thing that had grabbed her attention.

“What did you find Luna?”

Fred was curious about what was behind that wall.

“Ralph, do we have permission to investigate any items we might find from the home owners?”

“Yes, but try to keep the damage minimal.”

“I will. I’m going to make a hole big enough for Luna to crawl down inside the wall.”

Fred walks over to the wall and makes a hole big enough for Luna to crawl through and down. He ties a string around her body so he can pull her up when she was ready. He raises his hand to the hole so Luna can enter the hole and climb down inside the wall.

Luna climbs inside the hole and slowly descend behind the wall. She was being careful not to get her wings caught on anything or scratch herself on any nails. She goes half way down inside the wall, before she finds what she is looking for. There was a leather pouch and a book hidden behind the wall. That was what caught her attention. She pulls on the pouch to see if she could take it back up with her. It moves when she pulls on it. She tugs on the string attached around her waist.

Fred, Ralph and Cleo had watched as the string went slowly down the wall and stopped. They waited a few minutes, before Fred saw the string move from Luna pulling on it. He gently pulled her up with the string. He could tell she had something with her. Once she was back at the hole, they had to make it a little bigger to pull the pouch out that Luna had found. She looked funny with dust and spider webs covering her tiny body. Even her hair had some white powder from the sheetrock.

Cleo takes a wet wipe packet out from her pocket and clean Luna off.

Fred looked at Luna once she was cleaned.

“Is there something else in there?”

Luna nods her head yes to his question.


Luna flies over towards the wall and points to the spot. It was right where she had originally marked it.

“Do you know what it is?”

Ralph was curious on what Luna found.

Luna looks around to see if she could find something to use to tell them. She spots a book standing up on the shelf in the den. She flies over to
it and point.

“You found a book?” Cleo was getting use to how Luna used objects to tell you what she wanted to say.

Luna nods her head yes to Cleo’s question.

“Okay she found a book behind the wall. What else did she find?”

“He looks towards Fred for the answer to his question.”

Fred manages to open the pouch and pulls out one diamond wedding band, a gold locket and an old-world design silver cross.

“I be dammed. This must belong to that ghost woman we keep seeing.”

“Why is there only one ring?”

Cleo was curious about that.

“Because it wasn’t till World War II that the trend of men wearing wedding rings started. Men weren’t required to show their dedication to
women. They could go out and fool around with other women. The wedding ring of a woman, meant you belonged to that man. You were his property. Things didn’t start changing till after World War II that solider felt that they should show their commitment to their wives, while overseas. It started off with service men mostly and then the public started accepting it.”

“God, women have been getting the short end of the stick since Eve.”

Cleo was a little pissed. She was going to make the man she married know she wasn’t his property.

“Well, we need permission to cut into the wall to get the book out.”

“I’ll call and get you the permission.” Ralph pulls his cellphone out and calls the hotel where the owners were staying.

“Fred looks down at Luna “why don’t you go ahead and scout the next floor while Ralph talks to the owner.”

Luna gives Fred a salute and flies up towards the second floor. She spots the ghost woman near one of the rooms and follows her into it. She shivers from the coldness surrounding the ghost woman. The ghost woman walks through the wall. Luna hovers at the wall she had walked through. She could feel the ghost woman energies moving up towards the ceiling. Luna flies higher up towards the ceiling to see if she could find some way of getting on the other side. She spots a tiny hole. She starts digging the sheetrock out and manages to make a hole big enough for her to squeeze through. She crawls through and is on the other side of the wall in a hidden staircase that lead upwards towards the attic.

Luna follows the staircase upwards and enters the attic. She sees the ghost woman stopping over near a section where the roof comes down to meet the wall. She lands near the wall and inspects it. She taps on the wood and hears a hallow sound coming from behind it. She flies up to see if she can find a hole or something. She locates where a knot of wood use to be and peers inside the space and see a huge trunk hidden behind the wall.

“Luna, where are you?”

Cleo had been sent up to the second floor to look for Luna. She had her meter out and was scanning the area for Luna’s energy signature.
Ralph had gotten permission to open the section of the wall Luna had found the book at. It had been wrapped in cloth and turned out to be the family bible with all the names of the people born and who died in the family that lived here originally. Cleo searches each room and finally ends up in the room that the ghost woman had been in when she was looking out at them.

As she got close to one wall, her meter starts going crazy. She looked up and saw Luna crawling out of a hole near the corner of the ceiling covered in dust.

“Where were you Luna?”

Luna had heard the meter buzzed when she was crawling through the hole after discovering what she found. She was startled when she heard
Cleo’s voice asking her where she had been. Luna glides down onto Cleo’s shoulder. She points up towards the ceiling.

“You were in the attic?”

Luna nods her head yes and cough to get the dust out of her lungs.

“Did you find something up there?”

Luna nods her head yes again and seats down.

Cleo looks at the wall and wonders how they were supposed to get up to the attic. She looks towards Luna.

“Is there a set of stairs behind this wall that leads upwards?”

Luna nods her head yes. She lays down on Cleo’s shoulder. She was getting tired and needed some energy.

“You must be tired with all the flying you have been doing. Let’s go and get you something sweet to drink.”

Cleo takes Luna downstairs towards the guys. They were looking at the names inside the family bible. The last person born was a male child.
Their research had shown them that the last original owner of the house had been a woman. They notice Cleo walking in with Luna laying down on her shoulder.

“You found her. Where did she disappear to?”

“She found a hidden set of stars leading up into the attic. She found something up there we need to look at.”

“She’s making our job to easy now.” Fred just smiles at Luna as he looks at her laying on Cleo’s shoulder.

“Maybe, but she is doing a good job. We wouldn’t had found this bible or the pouch without her.” Ralph could tell Luna was tired.

He pulls out a honey packet and opens it for her.

“Here you go Luna. It’s honey and should give you enough energy to last the rest of the night.” He sets it on a plate from the kitchen on an end
table for her.

Luna glides down off Cleo’s shoulder and over to the plate. She starts sipping the honey off the plate. She could feel her energy returning. She
sips up the whole entire packet of honey that had been squeezed out onto the plate.

“Oh, she is going to be wired now.” Cleo had seen what Luna was like when she drunk honey.

“Where does she put that much honey in such a small body?” Fred couldn’t believe how much honey Luna had sipped up.

Cleo takes another wet napkin out and clean Luna off.

“Well, let’s head upstairs and see if we can find these hidden stairs.” Ralph was enjoying this investigation. He wishes they had someone like
Luna back when he first started.

Luna flies ahead of all of them and shows them where she had found the hidden stairs.

“Luna, guide the endoscope through the hole please.”

Luna flies up and helps guide the endoscope through the hole so they could see what was on the other side of the wall where the stairs were.
Luna was giving off enough light that they could see that a door was there and had a piece of sheetrock placed over it to cover it up.

“What should we do Ralph?” Fred looks toward Ralph.

“Well, the owner has given us the okay to explore anything we find. So, let’s cut through the sheet rock carefully and see if we can open the
door on the other side.”

Cleo stands away as the guys cut through carefully and move the sheetrock out of the way.

“I wonder why they covered it up?” Cleo couldn’t image anyone doing that.

“To conceal the truth would be my guess. The identity of the woman we have been seeing is slowly being cleared up.”

Ralph was wondering if this case was going to throw more surprises at them?

They manage to get the door finally clear and pried opened. They see Luna walking back and forth on one of the stairs waiting for them. She
looks at them.

“Hey, we were being careful not to destroy things.” Fred walks up the old fashion stairs carefully and into the attic. They had to get down on
their knees so they could get in from the roof being so low in this part of the house.

“Now, I know why they closed this area off. There’s barely any room to move around up here.” Fred looks around the area. It was empty up there around them.

“Alright Luna, where is this item you found?” Fred was feeling a cold presence near him.

Luna taps the wall next to her.

“It’s behind that wall?”

Luna nods her head yes.

Ralph moves closer to see if there was a way to open it without tools. He finds a hidden a place you could put your fingers in and remove the panel. He removes the panel and finds a huge old fashion trunk covered in dust.

“Cleo back down the stairs please. Fred, see if you can get behind me and help me carry this downstairs.”

Luna fly’s downstairs and lands on Cleo’s right shoulder. The two of them watches as Fred and Ralph bring the trunk down the stairs and place it on the carpeted floor. The trunk looked to be in excellent shape for how old it was.

Ralph notices it was locked. He pulls a lock pick kit out that he normally carries with him and manages to pop the lock on it, without destroying it.Inside were civil war era women’s clothes, boots, shoes, a few Victorian ball gowns and a confederate uniform and weapons. Also, there were several dairies and journals under all the clothes and weapons.

“Well, I know a museum will be interested in the clothes and weapons.”

“Let’s get this stuff down to the SUV along with what we found downstairs.” Fred and Ralph carry the trunk out to the SUV.

Cleo finds the vacuum cleaner and clean-up their mess in the room and downstairs. It takes them a few hours to clean-up and put the place
back like they found it, except for the holes they made. Mr. Blackstone and Ralph were going to come back in the morning and explain things to the home owner and show them all the pictures and such they took.

Luna was finding it hard to sit still. She was so energized that she was buzzing around the SUV and the office when they got back.

“I told you guys she was going to be energized eating that much honey.” Cleo watches as Luna plays in her pool.

After three hours, they find Luna passed out on the grass next to her pool. Cleo carefully lifts the top off Luna’s mushroom house and place her inside on her bed.

While she sleeps, the team goes over the items they found. They discover that the lady they had been seeing was originally a guy that took his cousins name and lived his life as a woman and was married to a Confederate soldier that knew her secret. They had adopted several orphans as their children and the woman had allowed herself to be castrated like they use to do bulls.

The undertaker was a friend of the family and kept her secret when they buried her. The last entry in the dairy had been by one of their adopted children who had written that their mother’s secret would go to the grave with her.

“Wow! Who would had imagined that there was a transgender girl back then?” Cleo was surprised.

“Why wouldn’t there be? You had women disguising themselves to fight in the civil war.” Ralph had study history and knew there were an
untold number of women that had fought on both sides before they had been discovered.

“Well, at least now that ladies spirit can finally move on.”

“True, now it’s up to the current occupants to decide what they would like to do with these items.”

Both Fred and Ralph hoped they would donated them to a museum or something.

Fred looks over towards Luna’s mushroom “how long do you think she will be out?”

“I would say by ten or so tomorrow morning.”

“Well, let’s call it a day and get what sleep we can. We have another case we need to get started on.”

They leave the items they found at the office and go home for the night.

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