Going Home Chapter 4

“You know what the good thing is about never having to sleep like we use to?”

“No what?”

Henry was staring up at Lisa as she straddles his waist. His hands were resting on her slim waist as sweat beaded down her lightly tanned skin.

“Is we can have sex all night long and never get tire doing it.”

She leans down and kisses him on the lips. For years they had never been allowed to sleep or have sex with each other because of the
Orgaians. They didn’t want their male or female slaves become close or have sex outside of when they wanted you too or who you wanted too. They wanted you to perform sexual acts with whatever creatures they chose for you. Sometimes it wasn’t to bad, but a few races you didn’t want to have sex with them. Especially, if your anatomy was setup like a humanoid.

For the next four hours Lisa and Henry make-up for the years they couldn’t spend time together as husband and wife. As they laid next to each other with Lisa snuggled close to Henry. She wonders what Earth is going to be like since she was taken forty years ago.

It’s been forty years she has been a slave to the Orgaians they have experimented on her and abused her every way possible. She’s had her gender changed and had to learn how to live as the opposite gender then what she had been born. She wasn’t complaining, she had a nice fully functional body, except she couldn’t have children due to the temporal radiation she had been exposed to. She was just like Henry. He couldn’t impregnate a woman, because his reproductive system had been affected by the same temporal energies that made the two of them immortal.

When the Orgaians found out her and Henry were immortal, every experiment that would kill their subject was tried on them. Since, they couldn’t die, it allowed them to perfect weapon devices or medical procedure on the two of them. She closes her eyes and just lay in bed and enjoy some down time.

She doesn’t know how long she’s been out. She hears the alarm clock go off to let her know she needs to be up on the bridge in an hour. She leans over and kiss Henry and slide out of bed and start getting ready for work. They finally managed to get their schedules on the same time frame. So, they can have the third shift to themselves. It still was when she was up on the bridge, he’ll have first flight recon and she’ll have second flight recon and he would take the second shift on the bridge.

She takes a nice relaxing shower and get dress. Her husband comes stumbling into the bathroom, just as she comes walking out.

“Have fun on recon patrol.” She blows him a kiss as she heads towards her station on the bridge. Lisa grabs a coffee on her way up and sit down at the navigation console and bring up their current location. She notices some new navigational charts have been added to the data base. She checks their current heading and estimate how long it would take them right now using the slip stream drive to get to the Sol system.

She knew not all the ships in their fleet had Slip stream drives, but most did. Those that didn’t had to use hyper-drives or fold drives to get to where they were going. So, any time they did a jump, they had to take into effect the speeds of the other ships and plot their course to either show up early to protect them or later to protect their rear.

“Alpha one to flight control, sector is clear.”

“Roger Alpha one. Alpha one, were going to perform a jump in two hours. In thirty mikes, I need for you and your squadron to head to these
coordinates and do a recon of the location.”

“Roger flight control, coordinates recieved and will perform recon in 30 mikes.”

Lisa calculates the coordinates for their jump. She double checks with the other navigation officers on the other ships that were with them to
make sure their jump coordinates matched hers. The last thing they needed was the fleet split up and in disarray. They had ten squadrons of fighters in the fleet and couldn’t afford not having them protecting the fleet. Her and Her husband’s squadron were stationed here on the Viminacium. Along with three other squadrons, since they were the main flagship of the fleet. The other fighters were stationed aboard two smaller carriers in the fleet.

“Alpha One to flight control, jumping to new coordinates.”

“Roger Alpha One, see you in four hours.”

“Flight control to Gamma flight leader, take up position protecting the fleet.”

“Roger flight control.”

Lisa watches on her instruments as Alpha squadron starts disappearing from the area. She starts the countdown clock for their return.

“Is Gamma squadron in their assigned areas, Lisa?”

“Yes sir. Gamma squadron have taken up their assigned sectors and is patrolling their assign areas.”


Captain Vellutus was going over the reports coming to his screen from the other ships in his fleet. So, far everything was going smoothly since
they left Orgaian space. He knew the Emperor of the Orgaian people couldn’t let their citizens know that over 40,000 slaves and other races that had been conquered had escape with newly design advance starships. No, he knew the Emperor was going to have to either recapture them or completely wipe them out.

Captain Vellutus knew that in a long sustain fight, the Orgaians would win. They still had several shipyards that were still operational, but nothing as capable as their ships. Still they couldn’t afford to lose any of their ships right now. Their agriculture and livestock ships were producing enough food for everyone in the fleet with a surplus they could save for themselves or use for trade with any colonies they find.
Several hours go by quietly as everyone waits on Alpha squadron recon patrol to jump back into their sector of space. Just as the clock reached time for them to return. Alpha squadron reappears and had several ships in tow with them.

“Alpha five to flight control have a security detail waiting in the hangar deck. We caught some slavers on their way back to Orgaian space from Earth.”

“Roger Alpha Five. Security personnel and medical personnel will be waiting down on hangar deck three.”

“Looks like the Orgaians are trying to replace what slaves they have lost already.” Lisa looks up at the Captain when she made that statement.

“It’s possible Lisa, but they could had left before the upraising and don’t know we have left. Remember, transmissions from Andromeda Galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy take time and small slaver ships like the ones Alpha squadron caught don’t have the transmission capability that the Capital ships do or the newer freighters do.”

“Maybe, I know I would had space the slavers.” Lisa and most of the crew members she knew hated the slavers.

“I know, but let’s see what people they have brought back with them and the areas of Earth they took them from, before we kill them.”

“Yes sir.”

Just as the slave ships land in the landing bay. A massive energy surge sets off the ships alarms and several portals in space opens directly in
front of them and several large vessels exit from them.

“Captain, we have visitors.” Lisa was trying to identify the ships coming through and who they were with.

One of the ships identified as a Revenge Heavy Battle Cruiser class. She knew from her history that all those ships were supposed to have
been destroyed or scrapped, but here was one in front of them.

“Captain, that’s a Revenge Heavy Battle Cruiser class. It’s not supposed to be around anymore. That ship is over hundred years old.” Lisa
couldn’t believe it. She heard stories about those ships.

“Captain, we have a transmission being directed at us.”

“Put it on the main screen.”

“This is Captain Ranuis with the Ailuros defense force. We mean you no harm. We’re interested in the slave ships we tracked to your ship. A
member of the Ailuros Royal family and a member of my crew was kidnapped and is being held aboard one of the ships.” There was an older human male wearing a black uniform with several other humans behind him in similar uniforms and a humanoid cat person as well dress in a skin-tight body suit.

“I am Captain Vellutus of the starship Viminacium. You’re welcomed to come aboard and check to see if your crew member is aboard the slave ships we capture.”

“Thank you, Captain Vellutus. Do you have transporters capability, Captain Vellutus?”

“Yes, we do. If you can transport to these coordinates, I’ll meet you there.” Captain Vellutus sends the coordinates to transporter room four.

“Thank you, Captain Vellutus. We’ll transport over in ten minutes.”

The main screen goes blank.

“Lisa, Drake you’re with me. Have Alex and Mia meet us down in transporter room four.” Captain Vellutus had been looking over at Lt. Gail
when he gave that order. She has been with him since he first got his command.

“Are you expecting trouble, Captain?”

“Nope, but I did recognize that humanoid cat person standing behind Captain Ranuis. That’s Princess Catlin of the Ailuros Royal family. She’s one of their best warriors. If it was her kitten that had been kidnapped, we might have a problem. The Ailuros warriors and people aren’t known for their tolerance of people messing with their family. Especially, a child of a Royal member.”

“I hope they don’t think we had anything to do with it.” Lisa didn’t feel like killing anyone right now.

“If they did, we wouldn’t be having this meeting. The Ailuros warriors would have boarded us by now and taken over our ship.”

All of them arrive outside transporter room four where Alex and Mia were waiting for them. They walk in and Captain Vellutus looks over to the transporter person “have you received their request for transport?”

“Yes sir, just waiting for your permission.”


Jay proceeds with the transport as everyone watch as six forms materialize on the transporter pad. Once the transport is complete.

“Captain Vellutus, thank you for letting us come aboard your starship. Let me introduce you to my crew. My number one, Commander Jones, this is Princess Catlin of the Ailuros Royal family, My chief of communications officer Lt. Queens, and my bodyguards Agent Harris and Agent Brock.”

“I can feel her here and she is scared.” Catlin could feel how scared Terry was. She didn’t want to go back being a slave again.

“Who can you feel Princess Catlin?” Lisa was curious.

“My daughter. She doesn’t want to be a slave again.”

“Then I think we better hurry.” Captain Vellutus leads them down to hangar deck three.

When they arrive, they see medical personnel helping people from the slave ships and the crew of those ships were cuffed and were being held in one spot on the deck.

A small humanoid cat girl looks towards them as they approached and starts running towards Princess Catlin.

“Mommy.” she throws herself at her mother. Catlin scoops Terry up off the deck and holds her tight to her body.

Lisa notices that the little girl had on the same type of uniform that her mother did.

Lisa looks towards Captain Ranuis “she’s a member of your crew? Isn’t she a little to young to be a member of a starship?”

“She’s older then she looks. She’s my chief engineer.” Captain Ranuis was happy Terry was safe once again. He knew Catlin and her father
were planning on eliminating the planet the slaves were taken to be sold to set an example. They may still do it to.

Princess Catlin comes up to Captain Vellutus “thank you Captain for rescuing my daughter.”

“Think nothing of it Princess. My crew and myself hate slavers. We thought they had come from Earth with new slaves to replaces us.”

“You are from Earth, Captain?” Captain Ranuis was surprised to be meeting another group of humans from Earth.

“Most of my crew and myself were kidnapped from Earth by the Orgaians.”

“I’ve heard of them. I think we might be able to help each other Captain. What do you think Princess?”

“I think this might be beneficial to all of us. Captain, would you mind coming back with us to my home planet and meeting with my father and
the council? I think we can help each other.”

“If you haven’t notice Princess I have a rather large fleet I’m responsible for and I can’t just abandon them.”

“We can call some of our ships in to protect your fleet Captain. If nothing else you can come back with us on the Revenge along with the trash over there.” Princess Catlin nods her head towards the slavers.

“You don’t mind if I bring a few people with me, Princess.”

“Not at all, Captain.”

“Very well, Princess. I will come along with you and speak to your father and the council.”

Lisa had been watching Terry as her mother held her in her arms. The young girl had been looking around the landing bay and watching the crew members. She seemed so young to be a chief engineer of a Starship.

“Why don’t we take one of our shuttles back to your ship Captain.”

“Sounds reasonable. That way the trash can stand trial for kidnapping a Royal member.”

“Lisa, can you and your husband prep a long-range shuttle to take?”

“Yes Captain.”

Lisa taps her communicator “Henry, can you meet me in the shuttle bay please. We need to prep a long-range shuttle for the Captain and our

“On my way now.”

When Lisa gets to the shuttle bay, she notices her husband has already began prepping shuttle fourteen for departure.

“Where are we going?” Henry was taking his seat.

“To the other ship and then to the Princess home world so Captain Vellutus can talk with her father and their council.”

“Is the fleet coming along?”

“Nope, just us.”

After ten minutes, everyone boards the shuttle and they launch towards the Revenge and land. Once the shuttle is secure and they are shown
rooms, they feel the ship vibrate slightly and the next thing they know they are on their way.

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