Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 3

Once the girls hid their vehicles. They change into their custom-made body armors and put the animals body armor on them. Gina opens the hidden weapon locker in the hummer and pull out three ACR with full combat loadout. She gives her sister and Tizzy one each and hands them their combat harness.They load out with flash grenades, smoke grenades and concussion grenades. They all grab a few custom-made grenades that her father had made.They had a sci-fi look to them, but were good and easy to throw towards an enemy.

All three check their earwigs and move out. Julia takes the left-hand side of the property with Tizzy coming around from the rear and Gina taking the right-hand side of the property. All three moved like they were taught with the wolves and Simba following like they had been trained.

“I spot three over here.” Julia informs her sister and Tizzy.

“I have two over here and they are guarding the trailers.” Gina informs Julia and Tizzy what she has spotted.

“That’s five so far. What have you found Tizzy?”

“No one is watching the rear. However, there’s a window on the of the building back that has been covered up. I’m going to get closer to see
what they are hiding.”


Tizzy and Simba move quietly and quickly towards the back of the building. Tizzy scans the area to make sure there weren’t any hidden cameras or tripwires to alert the people inside. She moves up against the back of the building and slowly inch forward towards the covered-up window. She makes a small hole in the wood and insert a snake camera to look inside the building. She spots a bunch of women and young girls in a room sitting on mattresses and blankets on the floor. She was counting at least fifty or more.

“You girls won’t believe this. The room on the other side of the boarded-up window has at least fifty or more so women and teenage girls inside. There’s a single door leading into the room. The window has bars on them.”

“Is there a back door to the place?”


“It’s on my side of the building.” Gina had spotted a door near the area her cousin was.

“Alright, there must be a guard on the inside of the building watching the door to the women.”

“I can move up and see if I can get inside and take him out, before you and Gina attack.”

“Alright, be careful. The door might be rigged.”

“I’ll send Cadmus to her. He can let her know if there is any explosives on the other side of the door.”

“Alright sis. Remember, we need to take some of these assholes alive so we can find out who is financing this operation.”

Gina looks down at Cadmus “go to Tizzy, Cadmus.”

Cadmus moves quickly towards Tizzy.

Once Cadmus was with Tizzy and Simba

“Cuardaigh an doras”

Cadmus moves towards the door and sniffs it and comes back to Tizzy.

“The door is clear.”

“Alright, go ahead and move to it. I got you covered.” Gina was watching the two men she spotted and the door.

Tizzy moves up to the door and checks it. She notices it was locked. She pulls her lock picking tools out and unlocks the door. She opens it
just a little and slide the camera inside to see what was on the other side. There was no booby trap or alarm on the door. She spots two guys guarding the door to the room the girls were in.

“I got two inside armed with AK-47.”

She wishes she had brought her sniping rifle with her.

“Okay, on the count of three toss a flash grenade and shoot their legs out. Cadmus and Simba can do the rest.” Gina had an evil smile as she
thought about how much pain those men were going to be in after Simba and Cadmus got done with them.

“1, 2, 3!”

It was Gina voice that had been counting down.

Tizzy tosses the flash grenade inside, just as she heard Gina shoot her two guys. She could hear over her earwig Julia giving Sphinx his attack orders. She moves inside and shoot both her targets in the leg, after the flash grenade had done its job of distracting them.

“Cuir isteach!”

Cadmus and Simba run into the hallway and over towards the guys on the floor. One guy was reaching for his gun, but Cadmus got his arm before he could reach it and bit down hard on it.

Gina was running up behind Tizzy. She had killed her two people unfortunately. Both walked up to the men and looked down at them.

“You’re lucky we need you alive, or I’ll let my wolf eat you.”

Gina looks at Cadmus “Scaoileadh!”

Simba was looking down at his person. There was a slight growl coming from him.

They hear a gunshot go off not to far from their location. They see Julia dragging a guy by his shirt towards them. Sphinx was walking behind
her with blood dripping from his muzzle.

“Here’s a present for you, Tizzy. I believe this guy will squeal like a pig or Simba can eat him for lunch.” She tosses the guy forward in front of all three of them.

The guy looks up and recognizes Tizzy Patel with the Honolulu police department standing in front of him. He was wondering how in the hell did she track him down?

Tizzy looks at the guy and an evil smile appears on her face as she recognizes who they had in front of them.

“Well, Well, Well. Isn’t it Veera Mahelona? What brings you to Montana, Veera?”

Veera just sneers at Tizzy. He wasn’t going to tell her anything.

“I don’t think he likes you cousin.” Gina was looking at him with a predatory look on her face.

Veera looks at the short petite light brown hair woman standing near him with an assault rifle in her hands. He notices she was looking at him
like she was ready to kill him. Standing next to her was a mean looking wolf wearing body armor and growling at him.

“He doesn’t. I busted up a smuggling operation him and his brothers had. He got away during the confusion and we’ve been looking for him.”
Tizzy kneels in front of him and looks him straight in the eyes.

“Tell me who is bank rolling your operation?”

“Pumunta sa impyerno asong babae. Wala akong sinasabi sa iyo!”

All three women smirk at him. They all understood what he said to Tizzy.

“Ikaw ang pipi bith, pipi asno!” Tizzy responds to him in the same language he used.

“Talking in another language is useless around us asshole. Her mother is our Aunt and our father speak several languages as well.” Gina and
Julia both smile at him.

“Now, why don’t you answer my cousin’s question? Don’t make us have to take a page out of my father’s playbook to make you talk.” Julia pulls her knife and start examining it.

Sphinx starts growling and moving forward towards him. Cadmus does the same thing as well.

Veera looks at the wolves as they moved closer towards him. He tries to back up and hears a growl behind him. He turns his head and sees a
set of pearly white teeth in front of his face.

“Now, you can either tell us who is backing you and what you are doing here in Montana. Or you can take your chances on outrunning our animals. We’ll even give you a five minutes head start. Which is going to be your choice?”

“Oh, one more thing. If you think we don’t have other people to get our information from. Think again. We have two people right here and I know my sister left some people alive up front. So, what is your choice going to be?”

“Will I be extradited back to Hawaii if I tell you?”

“Maybe, it all depends if they want you back. However, I will make sure everyone knows how you molested some young girls.” Tizzy had an
evil smile on her face.

“Boris Kuznetsov is bank rolling this operation. He’s a member of the Order of Ronova and operates out of Phoenix, Arizona. As for why I am
in Montana, I was running from you. You were getting to close and I had no other choice. So, I came here with the girls you missed during your raid.”

Veera just looks at Tizzy with contempt on his face.

“Well you should had done your homework about my cousin and gone somewhere else. Because you mess with any member of our family.
You mess with all of us.” Julia just kicks him and call Sphinx and Cadmus off him.

“I should just let Simba eat you, but I’ll need your testimony to arrest Boris Kuznetsov.”

“I’m not going to testify against him. Are you crazy? He’ll have me killed before we even go to trial.”

“He’s right Tizzy. Once Boris finds out that he is going to testify against him. He’s going to either try to leave the country or send some hitmen
to kill him. I know we can protect him on the ranch, but I don’t think dad will like that much. Especially with the twins around.”

“I could take him back to Hawaii and use one of mom’s safe houses till he has to appear in court.”

“That could work. Still, we need to arrest Boris first.”

“Let’s get him secure in the jail at my station and then we can go after Boris.”

“Alright. I’ll call my Commander and let him know.”

“You have the easy job. I have to explain why to my Captain what is going on.” Julia wasn’t looking forward to calling her Captain.

“That’s why I like working for myself. I only answer to dad if things go south.” Gina had a Cheshire grin on her face.

While Julia and Tizzy were talking to their people, she goes and handcuff their other prisoners. She was going to wait till the paramedics and the other police cars arrived before letting the women out of the room. She does call her company and have two armor transports sent to transport the women and call a motel near her sister’s police precinct and reserve fifty rooms or more for the women and the guards from her company to protect them.

Their father shows up along with the chief of police, several police cars and several Montana State Troopers show up along with medical personal. While they are helping the women and teenage girls, they come across three transgender girls that had been kidnapped or forced into sexual slavery. One was a cute Mexican girl, another was a transgender girl from Russia that had been kidnapped and brought to the states and the last one was an Indian girl that had been sold by her parents.

They were scared and frightened with what was going on around them. When people started or tried to get close to the three girls, Sphinx, Cadmus and Simba wouldn’t let anyone get near them.

“I think we might have a problem.” Julia had been watching the three girls and how their animals were keeping people away from them.

“No, I think they are going to become your responsibilities girls. Sphinx and Cadmus did the same thing when I brought you girls home. They wouldn’t let anyone near you unless it was me.”

“Dad, we're to young to be mothers.”

“I know Gina. I’ll adopt them and they will become your sisters. Cheshire might want you to have a younger sister too, Tizzy.”

“That’s fine with me. I don’t mind a little sister.”

Jack just looks at the three girls and knew his wife wouldn’t mind having two more girls around the house. He suspected that the Indian girl
would be adopted by Cheshire. She liked India and always helped the girls there as much as she could.

The three transgender girls end up riding with Jack back to the ranch, while the rest were transported to the hotel Gina had set-up for them
after they were taken to the hospital and given an examination. Julia and Tizzy were chewed out and read the riot act by Julia’s Captain. Tizzy’s Commander had chewed her out as well and told her they were working with the Boulder police department now on this case. They were going to work with the Phoenix police department to arrest Boris Kuznetsov. As for the witness, Jack offered up a place he had that Veera would be safe at and people from his company would protect him, so they had the resources to take this Boris guy down.

Gina had been offered a chance to go with the task Force to Phoenix, but she was going to stay behind and protect the women they freed and make any arrangements they needed. Their father had okayed it.

Cheshire shows up the next day before Tizzy and Julia leave to head towards Phoenix.

They had to leave Simba behind by orders from Julia’s Captain.

Cheshire wishes them luck and told them with a serious face that if they need help to call. Her and Jack would come down to help.

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