Shadowsblade: Fight for the right to Wedding party!

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

The summer job moves along in this chapter and the wedding of a close friend, but what nearly stops it???



Sunday, June 10 5:45 AM
Poe cottage, my room

As the rising sun had began to light up the room, I kissed Roz goodbye for the summer, "Cya in a few months lover?" I had to ask her.

"You sure will, but know I will play the field of new Poesies next year!" she sang back.

"But you know...that you will always come back to me?"

"That is for sure now, you know how to keep me happy!" Roz smiled at me and quickly ran from my room.

When I started to pull all the bedding off my futon, that is when my smiling twin ported into the room with just having left Rascal in the Grove and he promised to try to come see us during our summer in New Zealand.

After the bedding was off the Futon, we twins undressed quickly and got showered up for a very busy day! In the bathroom, I took my time saying 'bye' to everyone there and tried not to cry myself.

When the cleaning was all done, we got dressed in the most comfortable clothes I could wear for the trip, just nice looking workout pants and a nice t-shirt on top, jackets were laid aside for just in case it was cold.

One of me that most had started to call Rohanna by her chewing gun most of the time, she gathered the washing for the last time here, then hurried it all downstairs to get done and the other me, Rehanna that seemed to act more military like most of the time. She packed a overnight bag of each of me. With the washing machine running, Bill called me and said that he would be over in about forty minutes. that gave me enough time to finish up the wash and put it away for the summer in my storage box downstairs in the basement.

Down in the basement, both of us Drow took out the wash from the devisor combo washer/dryer and with two of us working in unison the sheets folded up quickly, then were put away in a nice storage bag for the summer inside my rooms storage box.

As I hopped up stairs, I heard the squeal of Gwen greeting her dad and I passed by them, I warmly greeted him, "Hello Mr. Wylann nice to see you before I go?"

"Hi Rohanna." he said back short and to the point, he knew there was only one of me and not twins!

"I would love to chat, but I have packing to finish before my ride shows up!" I grinned.

"Rohanna, would you like me to check out your visas, passport and MCO card to be sure they don't mess with you?" he asked and I am sure he was worried for me. And very worried that anyone getting on my bad side was taking a risk!

"Sure, sir if you have the time?"

"Well while Gwen gets her last bag packed, let me check those papers of yours out?"

"If you think it's a good idea?" I pondered back to him, "I am sure the studio and ARC gave me the correct items?"

"I want to be sure, all I need to hear or see is the TV news showing you carving up JFK!" he chuckled at me as I lead him back to my room and Gwen waved at me as she went to gather her things.

After I entered my room, I pulled all the documents from my bag and handed them to Mr. Wylann, "That is all I have, passports, MCO card, visa to work in New Zealand and my teleporter permits for the trip, New York to LA, then Australia. But I have to fly to New Zealand." I questioned the need for such a small hop in a jet?

"That nation is a bit behind the times still, they will catch up sooner or later?" he shook his head to me and looked over each document in turn.

Mr. Wylann took a seat at my desk and pulled a few loose papers from his briefcase, "Let me fill out a few forms and sign them for you now? If I fill them out them right here and right now, then sign the file as a supervisor I can get you through that MCO a hell of a lot faster at JFK!"

"Ohhh thanks, you don't have too...really?"

"I do, Gwen likes you Rohanna and being a fellow Sidhe? I have to do that for your happiness and Gwen's happiness. If you got hurt and I could have fixed it, or stopped it before it happened? Gwen would be crushed, then forever angry with me and I don't need that grief!" he laughed at me, as I packed my last bag.


Sunday, June 10 8:35 AM
Poe cottage, my room

My ears picked up the distinct sound of Bill and Jineen's voices as Mr. Wylann handed me my documents, plus a few new ones, "There you go, that should keep them form being stupid to a point. But call me if they go off the rails and I will be right over!" he winked at me, as Bill and Jineen entered my open door.

"How are you doing Wylann?" Bill asked as he shook Gwen's father's hand in greeting.

"All is fine with me and your are taking the twins for the summer?" he inquired.

"Yep sure are, we got stuck babysitting!" Bill quipped and I stuck out my tongues at all of them as Bill glanced our way.

"Thank god I have only the one right now!" Miles put his both of his hands together in prayer pretending it would make a difference!

"Yep, I only have to deal with this set when the need comes up and that 'need' comes up far too much!" Bill laughed back.

"Well I have to get Gwen moving, or she will stay here for hours!" Miles said as he left the room for the hallway.

Jineen smiled at me, "All set?"

"Yep, Mr. Wylann set up all my documents of the trip and pre-signed them all," I had to question the whole process he just did, I have not traveled as a Mutant, elf or a Drow yet!

"Great Miles knows his stuff and MCO reg's. I will thank him later for all of that. But let's get going!" Jineen told me, then grabbed my coats from my bed as I shouldered the backpacks I was bring as overnight bags.


Sunday, June 10 9:55 AM

The drive up was uneventful and we did not see the ghost of Aunghadhail on the way up like the last time Bill was complaining about...I did not drive this time. As we pulled up into the parking lot, Jineen was laughing at my appraisal of Bill's driving skills, "Darn Bill you drive slower than any grandparent I ever met...sheeesh!"

"I rather make the trip safe, than never get there!" he warned me.

"Bill sell the's wasted on you!" I said as I patted his back slowly.

Now Jineen was having a laughing fit that ended in her coughing like mad, till she pulled a water bottle from her bag and took a few slow sips.

"Shush both of you...heck all three of you!" Bill glared in my direction, then the Pixies laughed at him and he huffed out next, "Fine all five of you!"

After we walked into the main ARC complex, Dr. Otto greeted us, "Hi Rohanna and Rehanna, I hope all is good?"

"Great sir, just love to get this trip over with!"

"Well I have to ask...." he started and I interrupted him, then stuck out twin bared arms at him, "Well take some blood, do a very quick scan and let's get moving!"

Otto laughed at me doing that, "Am I that easy to read?"

"Nope, the ones above you always want more, so I expect it now?" I explained.

"Well we do have the time, the dropship is not here yet and you're hitching a ride on one that is going to the UK for the day." he smiled to me and waved a hand to the elevators going down into the complex.

"Dropship?" I growled not really liking the idea.

"Sorry but the MCO has a rule about no porting into JFK the first time, you have to go old school via a small Drop ship we have. But the next time, the rules will let you through JFK for good...Unless it's closed for a reason?" Otto told me, as he keyed the elevator door open to the labs level.

Bill shook his head at the silliness of that rule, "That is piss-ant stupid, but leave it to government to F-things up as usual!"

Dr. Otto lead us all off to the labs a few levels below ground and that process started as normal. The tech gathered blood samples, a few x-rays of both of us and a quick CAT scan was made last.

Dr. Otto nodded at what he saw in the window overlooking the room where I was being tested and took a few quick notes in his file of me.

Bill noticed what he was doing and had to ask the Dr. what that note was for, "Doc, why the notes, I don't see anything out of the norm with them?"

"They are normal, but Bill I see the twins less often than you do and I see several changes between them. They are developing separate personalities."


"Look at this way and see what I see, you are around them all the time and the small changes go unnoticed."

"Okay Doc, go on?"

"One of the twins is dressed more human like, a teenage girl and chews gum as noted. The other chose workout pants more like a soldier would wear, pockets, baggy and tough fabric. Then their shoes, one is in sneakers, the other is wearing hiking boots all laced up tight. The more teen one is accepting what is going on in the room during testing, the other is watching every move my techs make like a hawk and sits on the edge of her seat at the ready to leap!"

Bill watched the twins through the window and after a few minutes he mentally noted the changes that Dr. Otto must have noticed in the Drows, "I never saw that before till now just now when you pointed it out to me?"

Jineen overheard their conversation and had to jump in with her opinion, "Honey, Otto...The twins do have two souls in a way. One is Jack a human that changed to Rohanna, then I am sure Rehanna is becoming that Drow that was called Shadowsblade during her life. But I would not worry too much, I think both will be separate beings in time...but both of them grew from the same new starting place. So given that, we will not gain a crazed Drow out of the equation?" she smiled at the glass of the window, then over to Bill. Jineen had seen lots of things stranger than this over her long life, but she knew at heart all was fine with both twins.

Later on

We were done with the short tests and were now being taken up high into the mountain to a landing pad near the top via a huge cargo elevator that could swallow a full size semi! Otto stood by the elevators panel and entered in his personal code ad ID when the security system called for them. At the top floor the door opened to us and showed a mountain with a enormous hangar door that went straight up, then one more that gave a straight shot over the hidden valley behind the mountains.

Inside the hangar sat nearly a dozen dropships, some were huge and made for dropping large powered armor or cargo. The smaller others, were troop only models and the one I had flown on back to Whateley from the disaster in Boston. The rest of the aircraft, was made up of a mix of military helicopters and a few small to large private styled jets.

Otto pointed at one smaller dropship just being spun around to face back outside, on the loading platform nearest the hangar doors, "That one is yours, it just landed and has to offload some routine cargo here first, then you can board."

As they offloaded that cargo I just had to watch the whole process, I found it very interesting to say the least and then the crew loaded a few large metal boxes into the small cargo bay. I had to guess that ARC never wastes a trip with this thing!

Once the loading was done, plus the refueling. The crew chief walked slowly over to us while she yelled at her two people on her working crew to recheck that the cargo was safely held down, "Well I guess you four are my ride alongs?" she asked us while wiping dirt off her hands with a cleaning cloth.

Otto spoke up for us, "These are them, please keep them safe for me! As they are worth more to ARC than your cargo, plus the ship itself!" he warned her.

"Got it sir, but I need you folks onboard and let's get you seated?" she asked us and lead the way back into the ship.

The seating area on this dropship was far smaller than the one I was on before, but she fit all of us into the small space and raised the ramp, "Okay who has done this before?"

We all raised our hands to the question, "Good so I don't have to worry about up-chucking this trip?" she chuckled and asked us.

We all shook our heads to that one, "Well this ship is the smallest, but the fastest one made. The exit is up!" she pointed, "When or if there is trouble, this passenger section seals, ejects and out you go! So keep in your seats till we land again."

The cockpit was in front of us behind a small wall, but we could see it through a porthole in the door, the ship rolled down to the launching pad and the launcher grabbed the ship by several hard points. Then it FIRED and off we flew at nearly the speed of sound over the vacant valley behind ARC!

The pilot quickly pulled us up to cruising height, then turned the aircraft towards New York. We Drow looked out the window as the crew chief informed us, We are not going Mach on this trip, too many civvies below that get mad at ARC. But after we drop you all off, we go full speed to the UK!"

It was not long at all before the tall skyline of NYC came into view, I had seen it many times over the years. But not lately and they had added more than a few very tall buildings in that time!

The pilot came on over the PA system, "Coming into land, keep your arms and head in the boat!" he joked.

Bill laughed back to him, "We need a bigger boat!"

I had to laugh at the line, I knew it well and that was one film joke I knew by heart, as it came out before this all happened to me!

The pilot made only one short loop around JFK airport before landing on a pad next to the main terminal, then he barked over the PA to us, "Get the freeloaders off and have a safe trip!" he laughed at us, as the ramp lowered.

Us Drow quickly donned our illusion charms before even getting out of the seats and once up, we hurriedly grabbed our backpacks to run off the opened ramp. The crew chief waved at us and raised her ramp. Then the ship lifted straight up as soon as the main doors closed behind us.


Sunday, June 10 10:45 AM
JFK air terminal.

As I looked around, I found this section of JFK was very new to me and must be a section made for the rich 'jet-set' crowd. The outside was split between helipads like we just used and small loading area for the larger private jets.

Once Jineen lead us to the main concourse, we knew where to go! Or I should think, she did? As Jineen had done this route many times before on trips for ARC Business, with that recent knowledge Jineen led all of us to the customs area for mutants and rich folk!

Jineen smiled to me and asked for my documents, "Get all of that out and be very ready for stupid questions!" she nearly giggled to us.

We all moved into the short line, even Bill and Jineen who I am sure are listed as humans? As I am very sure no one but us knows what Jineen is, or that she gave all that up for Bill's love!

A few shuffles forward in line and I was next, or I should say 'we' we twins do everything together! We smile to the TSA agent and his MCO buddy, "Hi sirs, we are here to go to Australia via the teleporting room," we question them in stereo to unhinge them a just little!

The stone faced, unsmiling man takes our set of papers from our outstretched hands in turn, "So mutants right?" he said not too much unlike a robot.

"Yes." I parroted back at him just like him, but I left off a 'beep' that I mentally put at the end!


"Shadowsblade...or blades" my twin finishes.


"That lovely couple over there," I point to Bill and Jineen still standing in line.

"Okay, we will process them next and see. But for now because this says weapons on it. We have to x-ray you."

"I decline that treatment on religious means."

"What religion is that?"

"Sidhe...we don't like human tech," and that was true, I really did not anymore...unless it was a car or bike!

"A what again." he asked and raised an eyebrow my way.

"You humans call us elves or creatures of the Fae."

"Humm well step over to the holding area for me to frisk you over." he looked me over from head to toe and I could see his eyes hover over my chest far too long to be comfortable!

'Gaea, if this was outside, his balls would be in this mouth after I kicked them to there!' I said mentally to myself!

I shook my head back to him 'no'. “Then I’m sorry sir, but as a minor, I must decline to allow you to do that. However; per regulation A.23-1, I am willing to allow a female agent to perform the requested pat down,” I recited the book from memory.

The agent seemed put off by the more than quick answer, but Jineen walking up to the window next to mine stopped him from acting like a moron, "Honey is there an issue, should I call the studio's lawyers and ARC's?"

When the man and his buddy heard that question, both looked like someone had hit them in the head with a solid gold brick! "Ahhh miss just pass through the mag-scanner. But since you list Mage as a power, we need your wand to store in a locked box for the trip?"

"Wand?...No Fae uses a wand for magic...We ARE magic! We Fae are not from a Hogwarts movie!" I told the moron.

"That is not what I was told?"

"Well this Sidhe does not need a crutch to weave spells, I am...we are not stupid," we both finished.

"Okay...okay!" he gave up, just as Jineen stared at him and pulled out her cell phone to call a lawyer I'd bet! "just pass through the scanner and get over to the teleport room...please?"

We twins nodded back and smiled in our victory, "Thanks sir, bye now?" we stereo Drow said as we walked past the scanner, that did not beep. But why would it? All my weapons were in storage anyway!

Our whole party made it past the inspection station and stood in the very, very short line for the teleportation room in the VIP area. The room was decorated in a very nice art deco style that was the look of the empire state building.

Within a minute or so, our party was next, "Where are you going to?" the agent asked as Jineen handed him our travel documents.

"LA, then Hawaii and finally Sydney Australia." she told him.

"Is your porter already here, or are they still coming?"

"She is here, the twins are the porters for our group."

He looked me over, then asked, "First time in LA?"

"Nope, but first time landing at the teleporter station?" I asked kind of worried.

"That's normal, we have that issue all the time. So we just tell them that you are incoming and if you hit the mark, that is great. If not, no foul!" he smiled back to us Drow.

"I need the exact direction and distance to the foot, for this to work...please?" I asked him.

He handed me a sheet of paper with all that I needed for this whole trip all the way to Australia! "Thanks, this is perfect!" I beamed back at him and he waved us over to the standby area.

The area was divided up by simple, coming and going. A warning sound of a train arriving at the station sounded when a port was incoming from somewhere. Then stopped when party arrived and the area was clear.

I read the numbers that he gave me quickly and used my 'bunny phone' to find what I needed know. But as the next person waved to us to walk over to where a very rich looking bunch of men just vanished from at the sound of a set of beeps. She pointed out the lit dial on the floor showing direction and distant to the inch!

"Your coordinates and wait for the beep to go!"

"Ohh that helps me out a lot!" and I grabbed Bill, plus Jineen. "Are you both ready?"

I received a return nod from them both and when the beep counted down, then a green light...we four vanished!


Sunday, June 10 8:45 AM
Los Angeles international air terminal

When LA came into my vision as we all moved through my port, I guided us that few feet I was off right to the rooms center. When we 'popped' back into the real world, I almost laughed at how the room was decorated!

The room looked like the Star Trek Teleporting room and it even had the sound of 'beaming' when in use! It was too funny, I had to hold back asking the host if any red shirts died today!

The agent/host pointed us over to a waiting area, "If you need to rest? Or you can leave right now in the next chamber?"

"Thanks, I am just fine. So let's keep going then!" I told the agent and kind of asked Bill, plus Jineen.

Bill just picked up his small bag, as he smiled at me, "When I barf, we stop and till then this marine carries on!" and he trooped over to the next short waiting line.

The next stop was Honolulu Hawaii, on that one landing I was a little off. But still fine! That room was decorated like a island village and had island drums for a warning sound.


Monday, June 11 1:45 AM
Sydney Australia Air terminal

The next leg of the trip was Sidney Australia, that one was real easy for some reason? I nailed it perfect to the inch and that place was decorated in a modern style with some fine paintings of the surrounding area on the walls.

A reason behind doing this all in three parts, I had insisted on it this way. So that the MCO and others thought I had limits, but after Sara had fixed the twin minds issue in me. Porting across the whole world was no issue to me and I could do it with dozens in tow!

After we walked out of the Teleporting area, Jineen stopped me, "You need any rest or something to eat dear?"

"I am fine, I don't need rest. But we Drow are always hungry!" I smiled to her.

"Yep, I can vouch for that. Rohanna eats more than a marine squad can in one sitting!" Bill laughed.

"Well that is good....we will get a few snacks on the flight, but welcome to...tomorrow!" Jineen laughed at me and adjusted her phone with a quick tap. My 'bunny phone' knew where in the world it was, made that adjustment automatically and displayed home time for my use!

Next came the most dreaded part of this trip, the flight from Australia to New Zealand! That was me stuck in a metal tube for nearly two useless hours, even with the fact that our jet was supersonic! What a mess, I could do this short hop in seconds and with Bill's car on my back too!

To get to that flight, we had to worm our way from this first class area and over into the regular flights area. Then found our gate, get all set with seat and wait for the plane to take off!

I whined over to Bill sitting across the aisle from us twins, "This is taking Foooorrrever! I could do this the easy way, but some silly rules!"

"Just wait Ro, once we get airborne maybe you should just take a nap? That will make this seem faster!" he reasoned back to me and took a sip of his soda the stewardess had brought us all.

"Bad idea Bill, do you want a Drow that has nightmares almost every time she sleeps, taking a nap on a jet?"

"You're right...well just relax and read something then? And try to remember this, you could be stuck back in coach...cramped in like sardines!"

"Thanks, but that does not help Bill. I hate being inside or involved in things that I can't control. It's just all that time I spent 'not' in control that kills me?"

"Well what about when I drove today?" he had to ask.

"Besides you being grandma slow, I knew when it was ending and I trust you. The pilots of this sky born greyhound bus...I don't know them!"

"I get it, but it's only a few hours and just sit tight. Play a game on your laptop, watch a movie or something...Heck watch two!"

"I can do that!" I beamed back and turned on both laptops, then quickly found a movie for each of me, that I had not seen yet!


Monday, June 11 5:20 AM
Auckland New Zealand

The plane landed right on time, then we met a movie staffer that had our bags already clamed, then loaded for us and a helicopter waiting on a pad for the trip way out in the countryside where the filming location was at. A nearly one hour long hop across most of the countryside, way out to where no one lived was the main location for filming.

We would be on a tight schedule for the next two weeks doing all the outdoors shots needed and at night I would port over to Australia with special permission to film on what set shots we could do with actors not needed on New Zealand or I might port all of us needed personal for the shot! Then our group gets a five day break for Bill and Jineen's wedding, then right back at it on soundstages till school starts!

That permission for me to teleport was only gained from the government, because this film was dropping millions locally into the economy. But just like NYC/JFK I had to 'touch the base first' and do so in person! Then from there on, we were set to port as needed till the films end. From there on after the film was over, if I came back, I would have to fly or do it all illegally!

As we landed my illusion charm was pockets for the time being, that surprised the pilot of the helicopter more than a little and then our guide we had for the time being...she expected it I had to guess, because she did not even bat an eye at me! As all of us left the ad hock landing pad, the staffer or 'PA' to the industry at large, took care of our bags.

As we entered the camp, the PA, she pointed out the crafty(AKA food!), the main office trailer section for the producers, plus the director and then our area where Art was surly staying at too!

We were all put up in large personal trailers inside the center of large base camp, each trailer had attendants for what ever we needed. Because we could not waste time for doing laundry or cooking! The day shift of my schedule was Bill's mostly, because he was agile and could keep up with the shooting outside in the hills, the river rapids, or the forest where the shots were planed for!

Jineen had the night shift, she would port over with me and keep an eye on me incase I got mad or had issues with morons. I was not really worried about that for the most part, As I knew Art would keep the area 'moron free' and no one messed with a man with his rep in Hollywood!

As the sun came up fully, I was shown my trailer and found that it was a very nice one! This model had full size bunk beds in back, full bath, with shower and a great big seating area in the front. The missing part was the kitchen, all I had was the fridge and a microwave to save space for me...the user!

When our group spilt up to go to our separate trailers, Bill and Jineen basically said they would sleep a bit, then wake up for lunch and try to start adjusting to the new time that was over twelve hours different from our normal time. I on the other hand could care less, Drow need little sleep at best!

With them gone, then after getting a little washed up after the long trip. I laid out in one of the large chairs in the trailer's living area and flipped on the TV to see what local madness they showed. At eight in the morning, there was not much to see on the local satellite feed that we got and the cable TV part, those channels I knew too well from school!

Since watching the TV was not even close to entertaining me, I hopped outside and looked around. The base camp laid out all around me was a familure thing from my long past human days as a crewmember and I started to walk around as my normal Drow self instead of the illusion human 'cheerleader' one...might as well use this time to get the crew used to seeing the Drow me right now and not later!

At this time in the morning the crafty was still cooking breakfast and with that lovely aroma to guide me, that is where we twins headed too! We were about to get a plate when Art spotted us and waved us both over to him.

"Well you made it, so you like this set-up so far?" he asked me.

"Yes, the trailer is fine and all the newer equipment that has come out over the years! I did not see much of this while we were filming in LA?"

"That time of the year is slow at that studio, with vacation on and the new style of TV with all the short seasons that almost overlap sometimes?"

"Okay, I just remember the old ways we did it."

"Yes they made more sense, but this new style of filming gets more new ideas out there faster, that live on season after season, or die a horrible short death! Besides, the net will change all of this soon and we will have dozens of new ways to feed movies and TV shows out to the unwashed masses."

"Ohh I hope this film does not want to be a TV show someday soon, I don't think I could take all of the shooting this far from home all the time?"

"It might, but the producers will adjust it to fit the lead actors wants and needs for the most part! But do you want to go eat in your trailer or here?" he smiled at me.

"Here with the crew and outside is fine with me. I was just cooped up on a jet and hated every second of the trip!" I said and waved my arms to the wide open wilderness around us. All of that nature was right near this camp, all that was even near us was one small farm and lots of sheep!

Art followed me into the crafty line, were I grabbed a tray for each twin like normal and filled several plates with food for each. Then we sat at a large table, inside a tent that was a little separated from the crew's area. Then with nearly none of the crew still eating, we had the area to ourselves and the only sounds besides small work parties was the 'baaaing' of sheep.

With that sound hanging over everything, I just had to say it, "Hey Art why do Scots wear kilts!"

He smiled at me knowing that old joke, "Because zippers scare sheep away!"


Monday, July 2 6:20 AM
Auckland New Zealand

Well the last three weeks of filming had run at a pace that made even me tired, this was like being in combat for me once again and that made me kind of happy? All the stress of dealing with the daily messes that Whateley offered up at me, they all faded away and work replaced them quickly.

During my days on set, we did all the soaring outdoors shots that showed the wilderness of the small continent, the mountains where my evil characters chased the heroes ceaselessly. Then we shot a few days in the snow filled valleys where being a Drow really showed to the movie viewer and the crew? As us assassin twins chased their prey, one shot showed my very feet never sinking into the deep snow and I seemed to almost 'hover' over it all.

The whole crew was more than pissed off at me, even the director was angry at me watching me over the days! Because I did not sink into the snow just like them, plus I was never wet, or cold from the snow or the weather. Then to top it all off, I only gave my 'natural' spells that mimicked that innate Drow power, to Bill or Art while I was on set.

One of the vast action shots we did, was partly filmed from a helicopter and it was one of best shots we did during the whole month! That shot was of us twins following the 'good guys' into a river filled with rapids and I did all my own stunt work on those shots, loved every second of that washing machine of fun!

Bill and Jineen were both a little taken back by some of my more dangerous antics and chewed me out for them several times, even Art joined in with his anger towards me, 'You know better, both of us have watched good stunt players get killed and I do not want to see you go that way too!' was what he growled at me, I apologized if I scared him.

A few days of that work included a huge fight scene, of all of us running through one of the forests, where I showed what two Drow can really do when we cut lose in a fight! I pulled all my hits on the stunt players of course so the whole fight was bloodless. But later on, the FX CGI guys will add in the blood and gore I should have made! That was fun those three days, lots of me shooting arrows for the camera and nice leaping shots of sword play on both sides to go around!

Then for the nights when we did not need a shot in the darkness to show the hero party I chased trying to move faster during the night, or us twins surprising them from the shadows and stealing away an unwary foe! On those nights, we filmed back over in Australia on it's gold coast, where most of the major studio labels has set up shop by building huge sound stages to take advantage of the tax rebates and other incentives that they chased after nowadays!

One of the giant sound stages we used held the 'Queens castle' set, that one had the Queen's 'throne' room in it, One that I had helped design with my first hand knowledge of more than one and the rest of the stage had a vast maze of hallways that were redressed to play parts of several other castles or manors appearing in the film. Some of them, I was shown in the first parts of the movie trailer assassinating my targets while fighting in them.

The other stages were set-up for 'Green screen' work, where we could do dangerous stunts and have backgrounds built, then added later in post via CGI. These stages is where I did most of my close-up fights at with the rest of the stunt team.

But right now, those first three weeks were all behind us and we were taking a much needed break to attend Bill and Jineen's wedding! No jet for us this time, the studio bribed, threatened or outright kidnapped someone to get me a permit to travel where and when needed by me porting to or from the USA! That would come in handy over the next several months, as I wanted to stay on the 'legal' side of my powers as long as I could!

After my backpack was all cinched up, I leapt outside my trailer and went to go bang on the happy couples trailer, "Hey let's go you two, you have plenty of time for that AFTER the wedding!" I barked at them with a little laugh.

Bill suddenly opened the door on the trailer and tossed his bag at me, "Catch!" he yelled.

I caught the bag one handed and dropped it to the ground, "Well lets get moving! I have places to be today or is that yesterday?" I joked about the USA being behind us here by a day!

Bill walked down the few steps slowly and stared at me, "Darn elves, always chipper and awake so early in the morning!"

"What? Today I let you sleep in for over an extra hour and usually we are on set by five!" I scolded him.

Jineen was now standing in the doorway and dropped her bag into Bills waiting hands. she was mothering a large hot cup of coffee, "Shut it both of you, this is far too early for me!" she whined the fact that for the most part over the last three weeks, she had taken the night shift watching over me on set.

"Okay honey, you will be back home soon and your friends from work have your dress all set, plus my uniform that I am sure of!" Bill told the soon to be wife the facts, this wedding was fully planed out and both of their co-workers up at ARC had kept a steady eye on the whole mess while they both over looked me on set.

"Well are both of you ready for this?" I had to ask while they both picked up their bags to get ready.

When both nodded to me and Jineen took a sip of her coffee to wake herself more. I touched their shoulders, then one second later all four of us were standing in the living room of their home.


Sunday, July 1 2:20 PM
Berlin New Hampshire

"All done, welcome to yesterday at two PM!" I sang and rushed up stairs to open a few windows for airing out the house that was vacant for over three weeks! The air of the home hung musty and still, even with the help of the AC blowing on from time to time from a in-home computer setting.

Up in what was the guest room and my room for the most part. I found Jineen's dress laid out on my bed, plus Bill's Tuxedo. I yelped down to Jineen, "Your girlfriends have been here, your dress is all laid out on my bed, ready to wear!"

She instantly came up to my room, slammed the door shut and stripped off her outfit, "Got to test it to be sure it still fits! Three weeks of that great studio chow can change a lady!"

"You are lying Jineen...shame on you? Creatures like you don't gain weight you know it and so do I!" I smiled knowingly to her.

She slid into the dress quickly, I zipped her up and she spun in front of the mirror of my room, "How does it look Rohanna!"

"Just as it should, fairytale like and it fits your personal style!"

Great! "But your are sure," she pouted to me, "That you do not want to wear a bridesmaid dress that is matching all the others in my party?"

"Naw I am fine, besides I want to wear my dress armor and get some good memories attached to that for a change. Maybe someday I will wear that armor to classmates weddings, when that happens sometime in the future?"


Tuesday, July 3 6:20 PM
Just outside of Boston

Reverend Roberts had been hidden safely away in this warehouse since his hired assassin had failed to kill the Drow protecting Sara or so he thought Sara was his prey? But his master, a massive horror that was part Sidhe, part GOO was really after 'the Queen to come' or Nikki Reilly and that Drow, plus Sara was protecting the child Queen from his wrath and victory!

The Reverend had to hide in this dilapidated wreck of a warehouse because after trying to kill or turn the Assassin to serve his new master, he failed in both and the Syndicate that he had used to hire the human mutant now sought his death. That large criminal organization, protected it's members zealously from the type of retaliation that he had tried to do after the mutants failure!

Reverend Roberts shuffled from his planning table that was covered in several layers of strewn papers. All of the mess held insane plan after plan, that had failed or was never attempted. He reread the last report one of his changed minions had left him.

The report read off inside his Mythos corrupted mind, the twin Drows had returned to the Whateley area for a wedding of a human that they knew. One of the Sidhe close to the twins, Gwen Wylann was staying at the same home. The child Queen, Nikki Reilly was staying for some unknown reason at the Whateley campus. The others that protected the child Queen, they were nowhere close, but the schools campus was no soft target!

Angry at his own failures, Reverend Roberts tossed the small stack of photos across the room and that is when he felt it. That deep call from inside his now corrupted soul that even now showed on his body by changing his looks from the 'Reverend' to that of a tentacled horror that lashed out with it's clawed limbs all around him.

What was once a man, Roberts heard that voice inside his head, that evil voice that could drive a normal person insane from one whisper! 'Reverend Roberts, I order you to gather all of your forces and go to the woods near Whateley!' the voice demanded of him.

'What is your bidding master, the task?' Roberts had to ask.

'The child Queen has the seed, seed of our destruction. If she plants that World tree seed in the Grove nearest the school, our doom is spelled out!' the horror growled out mentally from across the nation to it's lackey.

'I obey and will do as ordered!' the horror that once was Roberts thought, then acted to gather a large force of his corrupted men and use Mythos magic to create a porthole to their named target.


Tuesday, July 3 6:20 PM
Berlin, New Hampshire-Bill's house

Just under two days ago, I had ported my way down to Florida and gathered up Bill's family. My porting them all saved the cash strapped family from having to buy airline tickets for such a short to trip just to come and see his wedding. I even gave Gwen a short ride over to Bill's house from her's to sleep in my room for those few days.

Bill's father Paul was the head of the family and a real piece of work! That man's job was the funniest thing I had ever seen, he was an outside IT consultant and webpage builder for a crazy car dealer group that was based in the Tampa/St Petersburg area. The ads he showed me are just plain nuts in the combined showmanship and zaniness!

Janet was Bill's mother, she was that standard stay at home mother that one only saw on TV shows these days. When I ported into their backyard, she had warm brownies waiting for me and already knew that the Pixies loved them!

The last of Bill's family pack was Alex, he was about fourteen nearly same age as us Poe kids and seemed to be quite the trouble magnet of late! The boy was getting into trouble even more and more now that his dad was spending more and more time at home coming up to his retirement in a few years. Alex had been caught out one night, when he was arrested with local gang thugs doing very stupid things!

Right now dinner was over, so the whole bunch of us were sitting around the living room while Bill's parents thoroughly embarrassed him over and over to his soon to be wife and us three kids!

"So there was poor Bill at age three standing there covered head to toe in the flour that he had pulled off the counter, the mixing bowl was dented by the fall and I was very mad at him for thinking that I was done making brownies so fast!" his mother laughed.

"Yep Janet was mad alright, but she calmed down by the time I got home from work and with a little banging in the garage I fixed the bowl for her, so that the Mixmaster worked fine." his father added in.

" did you have to do all this to me tonight!" Bill whined on embarrassed.

"Your wife has to know the man she is marrying son, beside your mother has been mentally planning out this night for decades!" his father chuckled.

"Okay what other messes did he do?" Gwen egged on the conversation in hopes that there was more 'juicy' stories to hear.

"Ohh...Ohh I have one honey!" His dad almost shouted for his turn, "remember that trip to Disney world!"

Bill's mom instantly started laughing, Bill just groaned in pain and anguish As she laughed back! "Yes that day was a mess from the start, but by the end it was just fine!"

"What!" Gwen giggled and even Alex leaned in maybe not hearing this one story before.

"Well Bill showed us how much a marine corpsman he was going to be at early age! While we crossed the lake in front of the main park to get to the main gates, he was goofing off and just as one of crewmen yelled at him...he fell out of the boat and right into that messy lake!" that is when Paul started to gasp out for air, as he was laughing so hard.

"Ohhh Paul, that was a bad one! At the time I was scared that he might drown, but all you could do was laugh at the poor boy while the boat turned back to get him out of the water."

"He looked like a drowned rat as the crew pulled him back aboard the boat, his long hair all wet and his clothes soaked. But lucky for him it was a sunny day, so he did not take too long to dry out and by lunch the only thing that you would notice about Bill being wet...was his squishing shoes all day!" his dad nearly roared.

The parents kept on telling stories like that for hours, some Bill was fond of and others he wished would be forgotten! Bill's brother wanted to talk about the school we Sidhe went to and what we did there. But this was Bill and Jineen's night, they were getting married tomorrow and this was all for them to get know the 'feel' of the new family. Poor Jineen she had a time with Bills mother fawning over the story that she was orphaned at an early age and had no family! But she had to keep to some story, as telling the parents that she was a mythical creature was certainly out!

At almost Ten at night, Bill's parents wanted to call it a night so everyone would get some rest for tomorrow and they all started to get ready to leave. They offered to Alex that he could stay with us elves, but the fact that he would be around three teen girls that had no attraction to him? Alex decided to leave for the night with his parents for the nearby hotel.

After they left, we girls helped Jineen clean up the mess of the night, dinner, snacks and what cups laid all about the living room. Bill made sure that the wedding was all set for tomorrow, with a few phone calls to his buddies and some to Jineen's coworkers that were showing up as Bridesmaids.

When the whole house was clean again, us Sidhe gathered a whole mess of snacks and ran ourselves up to what was called my room for now. For a few hours we sat and watched TV a little and chatted like mad about each one of ours summers so far.

When nearly eleven came, I felt a little 'chill' ripple through me and that was followed within a second by the call coming form the Grove...a call I have not felt since before the sundering and it sacred me to my very bones.

I looked quickly over to Violet and Lilac who both had jumped to their feet while reaching for a weapon, "You felt that too little ones!" I asked with stereo voices that sounded very surprised and upset!

"Yes we did!" Violet said as Lilac nodded to me and her sister in turn.

"What Ro?" Gwen asked me as us twins stood up, "I did not feel anything?"

"Something is very wrong in the Grove, I have to go." I said as my armor popped onto both bodies.

"You want my help, I can come or maybe Bill can get ARC?" Gwen asked and you could see the worry etched on her face.

I felt that tingle again and the call became a 'roar'...a roar that said 'Come now!' as it crept across my mind, that feeling was one that I never liked. It always meant to me, that worse just became well past bad and all the way into being insane! The Grove was under attack and most of the schoolmates that might help me or the Grove, they were gone for the summer.

"I have to go Gwen, I'll be back?" is all I said before I vanished from sight and even I doubted that sentence, as my mind ended it like a question.

Gwen just stood there not knowing what to do? Should she go tell Bill, call her dad, call the other Sidhe...What? Rohanna had vanished, saying something was calling for her from the Grove and in Gwen's mind that could only be a very bad thing!

But Gwen came to a conclusion and ran down stairs as fast as she could, but stopped just before she made the last landing at the living room. 'Even if I tell Bill, what can he do? No human can go out into the Grove without help. ARC can't help us or Ro. What should I do?' she silently worried on.

That is when Jineen spotted Gwen standing on the last step of the landing, just out of sight of the living area but not the kitchen where Jineen was going to. "Gwen honey what's the mater?" she asked the silent elf that looked very worried.

"Ro went to the Grove, it called to her. She said something was very wrong, what do we do?" Gwen said as she started to cry a little.

"Honey, you can go. But Bill and me? There is no way we can get out into the Grove, it does not like humans at all."

"But I can not make portholes like Nikki does, or TP like Ro and driving there will take an hour at best?" Gwen worried on.

"Or we can wait here for her and be ready for any needs she has?" Jineen gave the teen some hope.

"But ready for what?"

"Whatever she needs dear, that might be healing or gathering her more help?" Jineen asked.

That is when Gwen had an idea and called Nikki's phone. But the phone rang and rang, then went to message box. That 'leave a message at the tone' statement, made Gwen sad, it meant to her... that Nikki was missing too and that could not be good!

Gwen then ran down a mental list of her close friends that could venture out into the Grove and she came up with a solution...Rascal! His mom makes portholes very fast, she could get us or a team over to there in minutes not hours!

The green haired teen made that call and started a ball rolling!


Tuesday, July 3 11:10 PM
The Grove

When I popped into the Grove, I found myself surrounded by every creature there and they were gearing up for a fight! Normally when I come here to the Groves near center, this spring has no one in it, but this time...the area was filled with Nymphs and many, many others.

Right away I spotted the matron of the spring and ran over to her, "What is going on Matron, I felt the call. But I don't know why?"

"There are several Mythos corrupted humans using gate spells to come to the forest that surround this Grove, their numbers have grown from a few to well over two dozen and there is one that leads them all. He is very corrupted and powerful, a few of our denizens have already fallen to his first attacks!" she told us twins and looked very worried at the same time.

"Matron, gather the Bane-Sidhe as our last line of defense, as they can not mix with others and not kill us. Then tell all those who can attack at longer ranges, to gather with my bidden nymphs, they will lead them just behind those who join beside me for closer, more personal combat." I ordered her

The Matron bowed to me, "As the guardian commands, we all obey in defense of our home!"

The denizens of the Grove quickly moved into the groups I had asked for with a purpose, they gathered into large parties that were commanded by elders and the ones that could not fight, they readied themselves to heal those that could.

As a few Nymphs gathered around me, most of the element of fire based ones, ones that cold shift to stone and be unhurt by nearly everything! I gave the ranged fighters their standing orders, "Wait for us to contact the enemy and attack from longer ranges and if these are mythos corrupted humans? Do not engage physically unless you are protected."

The Pixies fell for the most part into the ranged group, so I asked Violet and Lilac what they wanted to do, "My little ones, do you want to stay by your families side?"

"NO we fight with you, as always!" Violet yelled at me and her sister nodded to me.

Lilac barked next at me, "You will fight with us!" she boasted, "our older sisters have contact with us, so you can order the ranged fighters that way!"

"Good, proud to stand with both you and have your sisters lead their teams into the trees to await the first strike!"

When I noted that everyone had a place and knew what to do. We Drow faded into the darkness surrounding the Grove with the pulling of our leather masks over our faces and added invisibility spells on top of that to hide us from prying eyes.

Violet flew ahead of my leaping silently from tree to tree searching for who was invading our land! As the full moon's light shown down on us, I felt a little better. That full moon gave some of my fellow fighters quite a boost within it's light!

I stopped my progress on a branch to listen to the woods around me and to ask the trees where are targets coming from. That is when I spotted Nikki bouncing into the woods from the school grounds, running towards the Grove and I felt it then, I my eyes opened wide as they spotted what was cradled in her arms!

A world tree seed!

A seed that would restore the 'Wood' to the world and with it us creatures of the Fae would have magic in abounds! That meant to me, that many fellow Sidhe would be born soon, very soon to my idea of a human, that was a few hundred years. But to me, that was tomorrow!

Excitedly I told the Pixies in my mind, 'Tell your kin what I just saw, we are not just fighting for ourselves tonight, we fight for all the FAE!'

As I got a cheer in my mind as reply, that is when I spotted four corrupted men moving as fast as they could towards Nikki! I reacted on instincts and my bows came out instantly, then arrows shot silently towards them. Two of the men vanished in magical blasts, the other two were severely injured.

'To the fight!' My mind yelled, as we Drow fell on the last two.

The first one I hit died instantly as my sword chopped of it's head, the second one took he ran! But chasing him down just added to my fun! When we Drow caught up to him, we rammed a sword through his back and that one died too! But that last one, he lead me back towards the main part of his party, they spotted us killing one of their numbers and started to shoot all kinds of guns my teams way!

One off the water nymphs next to me took a full magazine from a sub-machine gun, she shrugged it off instantly! The bullets just passed right through her and made neat little slashes that looked so cool! When the corrupted human's gun ran dry, a Fire element Nymph roasted him alive with lava she tossed at his chest, he fell to the ground screaming then just sizzled from there on silently after he died.

The rest of the of the corrupted party, shot more and more guns our way. I stood behind my armors shield and waited till they reloaded. But as I spotted some reloading, one of them deep within the center of the pack let lose a Levin bolt my way and when that bolt met my was shattered into nothing by it's magic.

As I fell back behind a tree, I screamed out tot he woods around me, "They are using Mythos magic, be careful!"

Mythos magic was very different from what us Sidhe use, it gives untrained mages vast powers, but corrupts the mind and drives the user mad with power! Then add one big thing, that style of magic can be made or be tuned to kill us Sidhe or Fae! Who ever was tossing spells my way, they had done just that!

But my call came too late, one of the Fire nymphs took a hit to the head and her now headless statue like body fell over, then shattered into small pieces.

"This is bad, everyone hide and attack from there!" I shouted an order, that we should use our skills of blending into the forest and make them have to find each one of us!

When I saw that my team was doing what I asked of them, I stood out from behind a tree that I was using for cover and quickly loosed two arrows, that hit their targets killing both targets that used to be men instantly with magical fire.

One of the men attacking us must have spotted me with some kind of mythos magic aiding him and he sent a grenade round my way. The round landed near me and blasted me clear the trees cover. I ported instantly away before the next grenade stuck right where I was laying.

The leader of the men, waved his arm and a porthole formed at it's passing. When the doorway to who knows where fully opened, at least fifty more corrupted, armed men ran out of the standing circle of darkness and some of their numbers are...WERES!

"Ohh great, this is not going to fit into my schedule at all! I have to get up early for Bill's wedding!" joked to myself.

With all those new targets, my fellow Fae launched magic bolt, after magic bolt into the attackers group and several of them fell to the onslaught. That is when that leader waved his hand again and more men fell out of the porthole he just created.

Both of us Drow started porting all over the forest, cutting down as many as we could with our blades, but somewhere along the fight that leader must have spotted me and he tossed a very familure spell on the area!

That spell was the same one I felt in Boston when Sara, Gwen, Donna and finally ME were attacked by those four heavily armed men! This must be the one that tried to kill Sara and me, he sent those men to their deaths. Now I wanted his death as repayment very much!

When that spell was finished casting, the whole effected area made my ports slow down to nearly nothing in their speed, it felt like walking in MUD now!

That was bad, my ports being messed up and now came worse. The next spell he tossed landed on his men and now they were speed up to at least double! I had seen that spell a few times in the past, it worked well. But it had a very high cost to use and one I never wanted to pay, it killed who ever it was aimed at by burning them out! Better fighters for a short time, at the cost of their lives.

One of the corrupted put that boost spell to use and ran up on one of my water nymphs. When he got close enough, he hugged her and spread his vile mythos corruption into her. What was once a lovely body she had, turned into blackened ooze and she lost that connection to the water element.

One of her cousins of Fire, saw that the nymph was finished and helped her die as quickly as she could for mercy's sake. The fierily body of the nymph reached out and turned the corrupted fellow Fae into steam instantly and freed her from that corruption with death.

With both spells working in the attackers favor, we Fae had to go on the defensive. I barked out to the Fire nymphs near me, "Burn the forest ground cover now!"

They hesitated when I gave my order, but I made it known that my wish was going to happen if they liked it or not. I launched a dozen arrows with fire spells wrapped around them into the undergrowth and that started a wall of fire that might slow the attackers for a few minutes.

But that plan quickly fell apart, too quickly! The corrupted Weres just jumped up into the trees and right over my defense line! One Were fell onto the nymph by my side and tore her apart before I get a Mithril blade into the fight and kill him.

As that Were fell, four more attacked us twins and we were too busy to see the attackers run into our group. When they passed by that line of fire, they started to tear my teammates apart. The Weres would break the ones they could handle from our lines and the men with guns would shoot or use grenades on the rest.

One fire nymph was cut off from those who she helped with her burning embrace or flinging fire, out into the open where the men blasted her to death with a large grenade or something else?

The new men that came form the porthole are starting to fire volleys my way and I noticed that these are not normal bullets. These are just like the ones from the attack in Boston, cold iron core, wrapped in a very thin jacket of Orichalcum and some were grenades on top of that!

These bullets smashed my shields down after a few dozen hits, I was wasting my essence on trying to keep a shield up far too much! I saw that we were taking far too many loses to win this, I knew what we had to change and that was the leader dying by my hand!

As the battle line of fighting shifted, I moved towards the monster silently in the trees far above his head and when the moment was right...we twin Drow attacked him.

I fell out of the tree right at him, one of me slashed at him with a sword and the other blasted away with the best Levin blots I had in my spell book. But he took the hits and kept coming right back at me!

The creature that used to be a man at one time, lashed out at me with a barbed tentacle that when it hit my leather armor and when the blow landed, it slashed it clean through to my skin underneath! That was not good, so I switched up tactics and changed one body over to my hard metal best!

When the monster struck that armor, he burned a little form the contact. But nowhere near as much as I thought he should! Both of us twins hit this beast with our best, one would hide or use the best armored one as a shield to attack then fall back and drop shield spell on the other while she took her turn in trying to kill this monster.

This was a bad fight, we were almost a complete match, two Drows vs. him and now his followers were starting to fire their guns onto my twin backs. The fight was getting worse, my side was starting to lose and so was I. Dodging all the incoming shots, meant that once and awhile the leader...that monster landed a good shot at me!

My blades cut him badly, but he healed up so quickly and was using his own men to get at me. Spells worked on the beast, but just like the blades...he healed up very fast and if I did hurt him bad? He would lash out just like a mythos would, by taking the life-force of an underling and recharge or heal himself fully. I needed a weapon that countered that healing and I only knew of one that was like that!

The same one that could kill me instantly, but I gave it to Gwen to keep safety it from me and she was not here or it. I had to go get it before my side lost this battle even more. So I hit my twin with the best shield spell I had and yelled to the Fae to land more of their attacks on this monster right now. But before I could port, he struck my leg and wrapped a tentacle around it. I cut if off with a few slashes of my sword, but he had hurt me bad with that one and now I had a gash across my back, one leg hurt, plus my hand that held that tentacle still while I cut it!

But I had to move and move now! My power to port reached out to where I had to go and since I had a connection to port worked instantly! That port end up on the balcony just outside of the guestroom, inside the room both Gwen, Jineen and Rascal plus his mother jumped in fright as my still bloody hand slapped loudly against the sliding glass door.

Gwen and Jineen both rushed over to open the door, Rascal was trying to keep his mother from running from the room in fright, "What the hell happened to you Ro!" Jineen and Gwen shouted in stereo just like us Drow do!

"We are fighting something a little bad Jineen?"

"NO fucking shit girl, get your butt inside!" she demanded.

"Bad idea Jineen, you don't want my blood all over your carpet and I am real sure you don't want blood from a human who was corrupted by a mythos...on that nice carpet at all?"

"What in the hell are you fighting?"

"I can't say, but Gwen I need that blade I gave you and I need it right now?" I asked her with a feigned smile.

"Ro that thing is back at my home and inside my room!"

"Okay, wait till I wash off? We have to go get it right now." I said and limped a few feet over to a water hose coiled up on the balcony.

As I turned the hose, then washed some of the 'crud' off me. Rascal finally calmed his mother down, then came over to me and dropped a spell on me to help cleanse me of that black gooey mess.

I hit myself with a 'dry' spell to finish off my cleaning, then grabbed Gwen's hand, "We are going now!" and I ported straight to her room on the far west coast.

This landing was a little rocky and she landed on her bed. But she was on her feet instantly, then got on her belly to yank a large box from under her bed and fetched that blade of mine from inside it. I just had to comment on where such a valuable and dangerous blade was stored, "Gwen that blade is just under your bed, in a box and right next to your stuffed teddy bear?"

"Hey that bear is important to me, just like your dog Max is to you?" she growled at me and handed me the box.

"Gwen please open it too, or it's useless to me?"

"Ohh ya that's right the darn thing is sealed to all but me!" Gwen beamed at me and fingered the latch to open it. When that was done and the blade filled my hand, we ported back to Bill's.

After I ported back to the balcony, Bill was there now and he was mad at me, anyone could tell! As I dropped the open box that the blade was stored in onto my bed, he started to yell at me, "Ro what is all this, where did you go and what messed you up?" he barked at me.

"The fight that needs to be done, the Grove and something that would kill you by just glancing at it...anything else Bill?" I had to sass back to him, as I answered each question in turn and I winced as the pain was growing in my leg again.

Gwen saw my wincing and dropped a spell that Rhia taught her on my wounds. That small spell did it's work well and the pain lessened as I healed!

"Well I am telling you not to go back then, this is far too dangerous?" he said and Jineen stood by him nodding to me.

"I have to, I have no choice in this and it's either do this tonight, fight...or the rebirth of the Sidhe will never happen...ever!" I gasped out as I felt a massive blow strike my other twin.

"What can be that important Ro? Let me gather some of the ARC guys and we fight with you!" he offered.

"Not enough time, I have to go right now or we lose this fight Bill?" I told him and readied myself for the fight.

"I am coming with you my Rohanna!" Rascal said to me and came over to stand beside me.

"Rascal, this is no sim, we have a very good chance of dying in this fight and the ones we are fighting with don't do the prisoner thing at all!" I said to him growing upset at thoughts of him being hurt.

Then Gwen walked over to us, as she pulled on that armor I had given her as a gift, "I am coming too darn it! If this is a fight for the lives of Sidhe, then all us Sidhe should be fighting it?" she told me and pulled out her blade as it morphed into a long spear.

"Roger Barrington! I demand you come home with me now." his mother howled at him.

"Mom, if Ro says this a fight for the future of our kind...then that is the truth and I am going....Lets go now Ro, before she grounds me!" he warned me with a laugh and we ported away.

Back in the Forest.

We landed several hundred feet away from the main battle, I explored around us for a second before I moved back into the action and found while I was gone retrieving that dagger, plus my twin was very busy fighting that monster. Our side was losing badly, several nymphs had fallen to the guns of the men and the Matron was calling up the Bane-Sidhe into the fight.

All around the battle, Pixies dodged in and out of the trees firing off blasts of magic as they could. Or they tossed poison laden spears at human targets trying to kill them or at least slow them down.

"Now for you two, Rascal please fight from a distance for me?" I asked him very concerned for his well being, "As these men are Mythos corrupted and will kill you with a single touch."

"My lady Rohanna, we Sidhe at school were given human made drugs last year when we fought some these mythos corrupted, so they can't hurt us that way?" Rascal told me, as Gwen nodded in agreement.

"Do you have anymore of that drug with you?" I had to ask.

"Some, about ten doses?" he shrugged.

"Then give the Matron a dose and some of the water nymphs! That will help our numbers out! I bet the Matron can even make more of this drug for us?"

"I am off to ask her and do as you ask!" he ran off instantly before saying anymore.

"Gwen hit them up with those nice LSD glamour pixies of yours and then fake them out with illusions of our numbers growing?" I said as I had to run off and help my twin out with our fight.

While I was gone getting that much needed blade from Gwen, that flinch of sympathetic pain I had. It was because this monster had lashed out and snapped a tentacle out at me and whipped that twin into the side of a tree, thus injuring her lower back.

As I ran up to the fight, the other twin was using Levin bolts and her shields to keep that monster at bay. When I made that first leap at him, that beast must have noticed the blade in my hand and felt what a true danger it really was! He instantly ordered his minions to head off my coming attack and protect him. Those controlled minions jumped into my way and died at the blades cuts instantly.

All around us fighting Drow, the tide of battle was changing from the Fae losing and over to the Fae winning! Rascal quickly used the ten doses he always carried on his person for this kind of fight, on the strongest Fae like the Matron and with her healing, plus pure ability to do damage by having the very trees obey her commands. The battle was being won by us Fae now!

Gwen made her presence known to the on going battlefield, she tossed all the glamour laden Pixies she could at our foes and the LSD glamour contained inside each one had it's effect by making the corrupted shoot at each other via their confusion! Then she added in even more illusions of there being a virtual army of Fae reinforcing the ones already fighting here or she dropped an illusion over an enemy to make the target appear to be one of us Fae and his teammates attacked them in confusion!

As us twin Drow slashed out with the only blade we were sure could kill this monster of corrupted human and Mythos. He lashed out at us with his barbed tentacles, if we managed to cut one? He would just detach that damaged one, before the poison had it's chance to kill him and then fight on even harder!

With the monster lashing out at us twins so much with a dozen tentacles and sometimes connecting, we could not get him out of the battle growing all around us. An new idea hit me like lightning, let us play 'What Drow twin has the blade with him' and keep him guessing where that dangerous black blade even was!

He lashed out at one of me, as I tossed the blade to the other and took out a blade that was a very close match to the poisoned one. Every time he lashes at one of me, we toss the blades back and forth as the openings present themselves. As we go, us Drow make several hits on the tentacles and he has to let them go by detaching, or die!

He tries to get his human minions close to him so he can suck them dry of life force, but one or more of the Fae behind us Drows kills that human off each time the monster comes even close to healing himself with their sacrifice!

As the monster makes a try at one more of his minions to heal his growing wounds, a new idea comes to mind, ~"Violet, have Gwen make several more illusions of us Drow over here fighting this monster now, we need the distraction!"~

~"Done sister!"~ she mentally sings at me and flies off to get Gwen.

Over by Gwen the tide of battle is changing in favor of us Fae, as she hears a whisper of a tiny voice that she knows by heart. Gwen instantly nods to the suggestion it makes and smiles a most evil grin as she tosses several illusionary Drow over near the fight they are having with a tentacled horror of a human.

To us the illusionary Drow seem flat, ghostly, not really there as Gwen casts them into being nearby us. But to the mind Mythos monster I am fighting, the illusions are very real and he believes each one is trying slay him!

While the monster tries in vain to figure out which one of the now nearly dozen Drow fighting all around him are the real two Drow! As his confusion grows, one twin Drow wrapped in my best Mithril armor strikes out with that dark blade and makes a hit on the creatures throat!

The poisoned metal that the very blade was created from, works quickly stabbed into that vital spot and newly poisoned blood pumps it's way into the beast's brain where it kills him nearly instantly! As he dies, all his tentacles flail about the air uselessly and without guidance at any targets.

With the master now very dead, the rest of his vile pack quickly die without his leadership or guidance. When I see the last of them die and I quickly run around the treetops to make sure that none of our prey have fled away from our need to kill. Us Drow head back into the Grove while the other Fae cleansed the forest from the corrupted vile all the men had brought with them into our place, our very home!

Now both of us Drow creep slowly and quietly into the very center of the Grove, the true heart and see the now small growth that Nikki left behind just this second. As Nikki runs off out of the Grove and it's freely offered safely fro all Fae. We hear the unmistakable sound of humans nearby, too close by to be any good and on this night of battles...a true threat to this Grove!

We Drow slip into the darkness of the very early morning and spot Nikki as she is met by Mrs. Carson and Circe plus a huge contingent of the security department. Nikki's mother is the only friendly face I spot among the humans assembled to 'greet' Nikki as she enters the campus grounds from the Grove.

We watch from the Groves shadows as Circe is the first to whisper in what she must think is horror to Nikki "Do you know what you have done child?"

I was sure Nikki was smiling proudly at them, as she spoke about her actions of the night next, "I planted the World Seed into the fertile ground of the Grove at midnight of the first new moon after the Summer's Solstice." Then I watched as Nikki swiveled her gaze from Circe over to Carson, "The knowledge of how to care for a World Tree is contained within the very core of a Daughter of the Burning Oak, so yes, I do know what it is that I have done."

"How?" Circe whispered, sounding very shocked and upset to these Drow ears.

"A dream. A Spell. A moment echoing down through time," Nikki answered. "The whispered words of the Spell of Remembrance spoken into the ear of Aunghadhail by her mother, heard by the very core of my being," Nikki calmly replied into growing dawns light that filled her young face.

"You have Aunghadhail's memories!" Carson nearly hissed into my friends face from her surprise what Nikki might know, then turned to glare at Nikki's mother for what I am sure Carson thought was betrayal by the teen!

When I saw Carson's face glaring at Mrs. Reilly and Nikki both. Bows spun from nothing into our hands in a practiced move, this assembly of humans was starting to look like a 'witch hunt' and might go badly for Nikki!

"I have the ancestral knowledge of the Daughters of the Burning Grove, awakened in me by the Spell of Remembrance, nothing more," Nikki disagreed with the humans before her. "It is the knowledge necessary to care for and protect the World Trees."

I smiled as I heard that explanation come from Nikki, knowing now that she was the one I was here for...

"And you think this gives you the right to decide for the whole human race where a World Tree will be planted?" Circe gave a angry retort to Nikki, that earned in my balance book a repayment. Arrows, the most deadly ones in my collection 'popped' from nothing into my fingers, nocked them instantly and each Twin Drow, Rohanna and Rehanna pulled at similar bow strings. As the twin bow strings gained tension, Rohanna aimed squarely at Carson and the matching twin Rehanna took aim at Circe's head.

"Please Circe, don't act rashly this beautiful morning, I don't want to have to kill you while I protect Nikki...Don't make me will lose that gamble every time...over a fellow Sidhe vs. a humans life!" I thought silently as Circe's and Carson's face filled my aim.

We could not see the look on Nikki's face as she spoke, but the looks on both Carson's and Circe's face told us what it was, "The Seed needed to be planted in a fertile Grove, at midnight on the first New Moon after a Summer's Solstice. Providence had bought forth all the requirements at precisely the time when a World Tree Seed came into my possession. Call it Fate, call it Kismet, call it arrogance, but no, I did not consider it wise to leave a World Tree Seed unplanted in such a time of global political instability, so that it could be fought over, contested for like a prize. Now there is a fait accompli for them to deal with instead, a much less dangerous prospect for all." Nikki sang out like a ancient Sidhe to the accusing humans around her

Circe Growled at Nikki's mother. "And you deem fit to tell me, that Aunghadhail's legacy no more shadow's your daughter's decisions?"

When I heard that threat come from Circe's lips, my bow strings gained even more tension and I called to Violet, plus her sister Lilac, "Be ready small ones, this fight might not be over and we might be fighting humans this morning!"

I hear twin songs in my mind, "We are ready, we know what we are fighting for now and we will not lose!"

Lucy Reilly laughed at Circe as she dragged Troy over to her daughter, past the cordon of upset security team that Mrs. Carson was leading. "If you think tonight's actions are the decisions of a dead Sidhe Queen, you have no true knowledge of Nichole Susanne Reilly," she growled back, then smiled over to Nikki proudly as Nikki jumped into her mothers arms.

Then Lucy Reilly hugged each of her children, then started to leave the others behind. But she spun t them one last time, "What's done is done," she stated. "No amount of remonstrations will change it," she glared at them. "I'm taking my children back to their beds, any lingering details can be addressed properly in the morning," and she walked off back towards the guest cottages of the campus, as she hugged Nikki and Troy very close to her.

With all the Reilly's now gone, Carson and Circe barked at one another over the what had happened. Circe even spoke for a brief second of going into MY Grove and trying to find the newly planted World Tree seed to take it back. But one harsh stare and the bitter reality of not succeeding stopped her from trying...and dying in the attempt.

They both yelled on about what to do, while they did my aim never faltered and I internally begged both not to act rashly this nice morning...I did not want to kill them both for bad decisions. But soon enough both tried of talking the subject to death and drove away with the security teams.


Wednesday, July 4 5:30 AM
The Grove

I walked slowly back into the Grove, one of me was limping and the other helped her along. The dawns coming light filled the Grove as I walked into the heart of it and that is where I found it! I found that little sapling that was growing so very fast, the one thing I was very sure why I was here now and here to protect Nikki while she planted it in the safe ground of the Grove.

A World Tree, a tree that would grow and make many more just like it! As it grew, so would the magic it feed into the world and the Sidhe, as well as all Fae would come back because of it.

I kneeled down next to the sapling as Gwen and Rascal found me. "Ro we might need some help with the clean up out there?" Gwen asked me and thumbed over her should to the forest just outside this serene place.

"Okay Gwen, but both of you come over here and see what you really fought for?" I had to smile over to them.

Gwen, then Rascal quickly stood beside me. But Gwen spoke first, "Ro there is nothing there?" she admitted to me.

I had to laugh at that, she could not see it! Because while it grew strong and straight, the tree hid itself from anyone that might harm it. Us Drow could see it, because this was our home, our Grove and we protected it!

"Gwen kneel beside me and Rascal take a place on my other side please?" I asked them.

As the sat down, Rascal asked me, "What now my lady?"

Both Drow took off their gloves and nodded to both Sidhe to follow suit and after they did.

"This!" I said as I remembered a way to pass on my vision with a touch to those I trusted and they saw the sapling just in front of us, as my hands touched the backs their hands.

"What is that?" Gwen gasped at the sight of the glowing sapling that was so utter beautiful to her eyes.

"That is a World Tree, the kind that gives off magic to us Sidhe and with its return today. We return, this is why we fought so hard today and why I said this battle was so important to our race. Till this seed took root, it was endanger and now that it has. No one save us and Nikki knows it's even here, or where."

"More magic, more of us?" Rascal asked.

"Yes, many more and more powerful to stand against what comes!"

Gwen laughed at me, "So now you will want us to swear to protect this I bet?"

"You just did...or what power I just gave you both to let you both see it...would have not worked at all."

"So what now?" she asked again more serious this time.

I smiled to over to Gwen, "Today not only marks the birth of America into the new world, but this morning it now marks the rebirth of the Sidhe and the Fae!"

"Well that makes it a date I can remember my lady!" Rascal laughed at the small fact.


Wednesday, July 4 6:50 AM
Bill's house, my guest room balcony

After our quiet time with the sapling we had fought hard for, all of us Sidhe then we left the small tree to go over to the hot springs for some much needed healing by the Matron and her assistants.

The Matron healed all of us in turn, but as usual spent the most time on me, she did tell us the sad fact...we had lost fourteen of our fellow Fae in the battle. Rascal and Gwen took that hard, because the last time they had fought any Mythos. Their side had lost no one in the battle, but this time we Sidhe or Fae did not come out unscathed.

When I ported all of us to my room's balcony, us teens were chatting a mile a minute about the battle! Gwen slid the glass door open for all of us and on the other side waited Rascals mom, Bill and Jineen! Who instantly started to chew us three or four teens out, as I had Bill yelling at the Rohanna me and Jineen was fixated on her screaming at the Rehanna twin!

Rascal seemed to calm his mother the fastest, Gwen just laughed because no one was on her case...yet! Rascal was telling his mother in Elvin what we just did for the most part and once it dawned on her, she shut up and both of them quickly left, I am sure to discus the subject more at home.

In the meantime, I just let bill vent on me and got it over with. When he finally ran out of gas, all he could do was question my smiling at him like some nutter, "Ro why are you grinning so much at me!" he finally finished his retort!

"Bill, what we Sidhe did was just for us and had to be done, Did you see how fast Rascals mom calmed down when he told her what happened?"

"SO....What happened!" he demanded.

"That will be explained I am sure very soon by somebody up at ARC. If not today?" I told him and started to grab a towel from the closet and handed one over to Gwen for her morning needs.

Jineen just stared at me, then tried to start yelling at me all over again! "But you almost ruined today!...My day!"

"Sorry Jineen, this was something that could not go left undone or wait. It was tonight or never?" I thought about that as I said it. That seed could only be planted on certain days of the year and I am sure the humans were fighting over it before Nikki acted out on her instincts and planted it tonight!

"What can that be? What can be that important!" she raged at me.

My twin spoke as she pulled out her armor to give the best she had that final polish and cleaning it now desperately needed after last nights fighting! "Like I just said to Bill, ask ARC. Because I am not allowed to speak of it."

That last statement of mine, plus my pointing out how fast Rascal calmed his mother down dawned on her...this was a Fae issue and best left as is, plus unsaid!

Jineen tugged at Bill's arm, "Honey, I am sure Rohanna did what needed to be done. So let's get ready for 'our' day and maybe call ARC about all of this?"

"Yes dear..." he gave in and left us teens alone as he closed the door.


Wednesday, July 4 6:10 PM
A small chapel near Dunwich

After Jineen had dragged Bill out of our room, both of us Sidhe started getting ready for the wedding later this afternoon. Bill had chosen the late time so that fireworks for the fourth would be seen in the dark night sky, when the new couple exited the church.

Gwen of course had an easy time at making herself ready for the day, me or us Twins on the other hand! We had to clean our armor that we had 'just' finished cleaning the night before! ...That darn fight was costing me today, but I would have shown up naked for that cause any day!

By noontime, the family or soon to be new family gathered at Bills home to eat a small meal and as a group makes its way over to the church at the coming time. After we all gathered at the small church and its good size meeting room, the family and its guests had a dinner before the Wedding, a small party would be set-up after the wedding, just after watching the Fireworks that were all ready to be set off for the occasion.

On my side of the fun, Josh had showed up to the celebration under his own power. His dad had dropped him off on his way to capitol fourth calibrations and would pick him up later in the night. Rascal had made the journey too just for me, he wanted to be there for the party and to see me!

For right now I was entertaining both of them and making sure that all was as well as I could make it! Bill's dad was a God send at this time, because that man could plan for any mess and keep all on track even if a disaster showed up!

From across the room, Ellena Blackwood slowly sipped her margarita and studied the twin Drows. When she had been assigned to find any mention of them in ARC's ancient tome library, Ellena thought it was just another do-nothing part of her dead-end job up at ARC.

But all that changed a few weeks back, when a very new book had arrived via courier from Homestake's enormous storage vault. Sometime over the last few months that rocky hole in the ground, had come across a new person that could read any tome in their vast collection of dangerous volumes and they had sent Ellena one of the ones 'cleared' for use on Drows!

Ellena remembered unboxing that old leather bound tome, She flipped through its pages quickly as each one told more about the Drows she was assigned to find more about! Then as she sat quietly studying than book in her small cramped office. Then with the book in hand as she stood to get a ream of paper for notes, she dropped the old tome and the inner cover page 'popped' lose! Inside the cover page was hidden a hand written letter about many Drows being transferred from one commander to another and how commanding them worked!

The over a dozen page letter told her most of the almost crazy idea that the Drow were like robots, just waiting for commands during the pre-sundering days and that having the right command words meant one could get them to do anything....or die trying!

the last page of the long letter, it had that first command line. But it was a temporary one that only worked for small very simple tasks, but Ellena now had a starting point and once she had translated the last page from whatever strange code it was in...she would have some control over those twins!

With that clue in her hot little hands, she sent Homestake a request for more information and a reply made its way back to her. The books that might be linked to that one she already had in hand...they might be at the Medawihla tribes vault and the new translator was heading that way in a few months to continue their work!

Ellena had to smile inwardly at the thoughts, that Drow was a God send and with its help she would climb father up the hierarchy ladder at ARC soon enough...very soon!

Nearby at the soda fountain us Sidhe were chatting up a river, Josh and Rascal were centered on the twin me's. Both wanting to 'see' us tonight, but we turned them down the subject gently. This was the wedding couples night, they should be concentrating on themselves and not us kids and where we were at during the night. But Nikki did take it upon herself to invite them over to her room at Whateley for the night, where all of us girls would be held up till tomorrow and stay out of the bride and grooms home for the night!

Paul, Bill's dad came up to us and nodded that this thing was on and we all stop talking about what would be going on next year at Whateley! At that same time, Alex, Bill's brother ran up to me and asked me very excitedly, "Ro do you have a sword I can wear too? I want to have one in the Grooms party!"

"Alex are you sure that you can handle one, plus be very responsible too? My blades are very far from Nerf swords! Anyone of mine could slice off a finger or an arm with little effort?" I warned the younger teen.

"I will just wear it, no taking it out of the scabbard!" he smiled to me.

"Okay if your dad says so, then it is fine by me. But if any of us Sidhe see that blade out of the scabbard by an inch...I will take it back instantly!"

Off he ran over to his dad, who then nodded back to me while making a swish move with his arm to show me that he meant "sword" and that was fine by him. So I took one of the few nice ones I still had in ready storage and looped the golden belt for it around Alex after he came back.

My hand whisked the blade smoothly free of it's scabbard as I readied a cloth napkin to drop on the blades sharp edge, "Now watch this Alex, this blade is sharper than you think!" and I dropped the napkin over the blade. As it fell, the napkin was sliced neatly in half.

"See what I mean, just slide a finger over that just a little and you will lose it!" Alex could only nod back to me as he gasped from the sight and I replaced the blade back in its scabbard for him.

Outside of the small old church, darkness was falling and the sky was growing towards that perfect darkness for fireworks. This is when the wedding party formed up and the guests started to be seated. After the guests were seated. A small group for five little girls tossed the traditional rose pedals all over the pathway into the church and up the isle, this group was made up of Bill's younger cousins, plus two kids of Jineen's friends from ARC.

The ring bearer came next into the main chapel and Alex had been given that honor by his brother And if I must say, that blade I loaned him did finish off his outfit with it's golden belt. Alex paced the isle, then took his place next to his older brother and their father. Two others finished off the Groom's side, one was his buddy from ARC and his Marine days... Dr. Mike who was serving as the best man and next to him was my twin wearing my best black leather armor with sash, plus blade.

Now the Bridesmaids started down the isle and filed over to their side of the chapel, one of me dress in our best metal armor was with them and Gwen was beside me. All the other bridesmaids were Jineen's friends from her workplace up at ARC.

The first notes of the Brides march filled the chapel as Dr. Otto stood in the doorway and Jineen took his arm, the doctor was taking the place of Jineen's dad who I was very sure was either, very long dead or there was no way for him to ever come here and fill in for that role?

Jineen was a vision of beauty, dressed in the finely made all silk bridal gown and the veils covering her face made that even more so. Bill was a very lucky man, she really loved him and he loved her, anyone could tell that.

Dr. Otto gave his bride away, I almost chuckled at the stare he gave Bill 'Be good to her or else!' was that stare, I had seen that very same look many times before now!

Bill greeted his wife to be at the altar, the priest was one that Bill had known for years! He was an old Scottish Chaplin that had seen combat in both the British armed forces and later on with the Americans over the many decades of his life. He read over the simple vows that both man and wife repeated.

As Bill and Jineen, took those final vows. Both of us Drow had our left hand on our blades as they traded the simple words and as they said the final line, us Drow swore to protect this family at the same time. As our twin hands bleed from a small cut, to the silently sworn words we made with the couple.

Now they were family and I had a good memory for my most hated armor. This one good memory would be built on over the years to come, so one day the good ones might eclipse the bad ones it carried for me.

When the couple kissed, the bells rang and the fireworks outside started with very loud booms that thundered through the church from the open doors. Then the newly weds walked down the isle and outside to see the fireworks filling the skies above us. The whole church joined them in the show, Ooooing and Awwwing to the vast show for the next twenty minutes.

After the fireworks show ended, they waved the small group of friends back into the adjacent meeting hall for a short reception and the cake cutting. Bill glanced over to me and asked for my blade to cut the cake, "Bad idea Bill, my blade will cut the cake plate and the table before you even know it! So use the knife on the table and leave the malpractice to doc Mike?" he laughed back to me as he grabbed the knife off the table and he and Jineen cut the cake.

After I was given a slice of cake to eat and I grabbed a glass flute of 'real' Champaign off the table of them! Us Drow walked outside to watch the skies above, as it filled with fireworks coming from the small town all around us.

As we ate our cake slices, Alex came out of the meeting hall and handed the barrowed blade to us, "Thanks Ro, that blade made me look so good!"

"It fit you, maybe if you come up to here and stay with Bill, I can teach you how to use one properly?" I smiled to the teen, the dropped the sword into my storage.

"That sounds fun!"

"When I teach, it's never fun. I teach to learn and you will under my care."

"I get it, but you should come inside for the opening of presents?" he asked me.

"I have seen many sets of plates and toasters in my life. I am very sure they will get something along those lines?"

"Well I am going back in, cya!" Alex said as he ran off.

I was sitting there on the large rocks on the vast lawn enjoying the free show and the nice smell the burnt gunpowder left hanging in the air around me. That is when a somewhat mad Bill came angrily pacing out of the hall towards me and right behind him was Jineen walking a little slower busy keeping her long white dress off the lawn.

"What is this Ro!" he barked at me holding a small thin, but long wide-ish box out to me.

"That Bill looks like a gift box?" I gave back to him, as Jineen finally covered the short walk from the doors and stood beside him.

"I just know this 'gift' was you!" he barked at me, but Jineen patted his arm to calm him down a little.

"Might be, I am not sure what gift box that one is?" I tried to hide behind words and not lie.

"You know darn well what box this is...tell me why please?" Jineen asked me as she opened the box and shoved a stack of legal papers my way.

As I read the top page, I had to admit to her, "Yep that is my gift box to both of you, so enjoy it please?" I begged her.

"But you paid off the townhouse we just bought Rohanna!" Bill shouted at me.

"Yes, that gift is far too much Rohanna?" Jineen insisted next.

"What one hundred and forty thousand...and some change? That is nothing for being there when I needed you, besides a friend of mine from school did some investing for me and the profits covered that amount with ease."

"But this is too much Rohanna...far, far too much?" she said once more to me, as she shook her head at me.

"Then call it rent, room and board. Just swear to never close your door on one of my fellow Fae and call it even for now?" I smiled to both of them.

"I have to ask where in the world did this much money come from? That the 'profits' from investing alone, made this much in a few months?" Bill asked me, as he dropped the papers back into the box in defeat.

"I am old or at least some of the things I have are, there are those few humans that see extreme value in what I think are small trinkets?"

"Honey, done is done. Rohanna obviously has the money from somewhere and gave us a huge gift tonight, lets just accept it and move on like she said...this was payment for being there for her."

"Yep, that's all I really asked for and you gave that to me more than a few times...both of you. So have fun and enjoy the house?" I said as more fireworks popped in the sky above us and they gave up fighting my logic with a shrug, as they walked off back into the meeting hall.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kevin was just finishing up a great team quest on Good and Evil Online or GEO with his band of Elvin rangers, as he shut the game down and let the laptop 'spool' down from the graphics heavy game. He stretched out his arms over his head, then yawned a little and that is when he noticed a bunch of little aches and pains come from his body.

"I sure hope I am not coming down with that cold or flue that Tonya has been going through the last few day?" he yawned out slowly to his empty room and then stood up.

He thought about his sister, her aches and pains that kept her inside the small townhouse for the last few days and for sure she was laying in her bed in her room sleeping for tonight's fun with setting off fireworks.

Kevin flipped the light on in the bathroom that both kids shared, the door joining this room to his sisters was closed right now and he silently thanked God for that, she would not bug him for anything right now.

He leaned over the sink, as he started the hot water into the basin and waited a short time for it heat up a bit. Then when he passed his finger through the water stream and found it hot enough, he grabbed a towel to wet, After the small white towel was fully wet, he rung it out a little and leaned his face down into it while he sighed out, "this feels good!"

After Kevin relaxed with that nice warm heat, he moved it over to one of the aches in his neck and left the towel wrapped around the back of his head while he stared at the mirror, "Dad what did you do to get yourself killed, you just had to mess-up and leave us all alone to fend for ourselves."

He sighed once more thinking back to the horrible night when mom woke him up and his sister. That is when mom told them the truth, someone had killed their dad and made it look like suicide...Someone in the CIA and now they had to 'pretend' that lie was true when his mother called the cops.

That was all over fives months ago, during the last few months. Kevin's mom, moved them all at any whim that those same men might be coming for them or found had them out and each time Kevin had to change his name. At least now school was out for the summer, so he could act normal in this town that the family had just moved into last month!

As the heat set into his aches, Kevin looked over his face in the mirror, "Man all the swimming I have done this last month has given me a tan, then add I have packed on the muscle too?" he thought to himself.

Kevin tossed the wet towel onto one the empty bars to dry out, so that maybe he could use it again. Then he walked back to his room and over to his closet. Where he reached up high into the darkness of it and slid a panel that he had worked lose to hide his dad's old laptop, the secure one that held all the stuff dad has said was blackmail material to be used to keep them all safe from the 'company'!

He plugged the laptop's power transformer into the wall, then checked that the power supply block gave him a green light before plugging the laptop into that. All this caution was for security, dad told him once that the CIA was reading fire-walled or air-gapped computers via a power connection!

When the screen lit-up in a nice soft glow, Kevin went instantly to his favorite file. He clicked it open and let the file show him picture after picture of that Drow again. He was so infatuated by her, when he heard she might be doing a movie soon? He found out any information he could about that film and as fast as he could, then went out to buy the poster of her the day it was issued.

He studied that very large poster of the Drow that was hanging on his sliding closets doors, he had bought a 'bus bench' size one and that door was the only large flat surface in the whole room that could hold it!

On the huge poster was two Drow girls attacking a group of men inside a castle, one Drow was frozen in her stabbing a sword into a mans neck and behind her was a twin sister leaping onto a huge man's shoulders, while shooting an arrow right into his face only inches away!

"Where did the twin sister come from?" he wondered out loud to the poster, as he shut the laptop down and stood up to get some water from the bathroom.

As he walked into the dark bathroom with his large cup in hand, his sister Tonya whipped into the room and squealed at him, "Your eyes Kevin, they are glowing a pink-purpleish color!"

"What are you talking about, look at yours...they are glowing purple!" Kevin shouted back at her.

Both of them looked into the huge mirror over the double sinks, then studied the refection for a minute and then stared at the others face. "We are both glowing!" Tonya gasped out in shock.

"Shit! We are...ohh my God, I think we are?" Kevin started to say, but his sister interrupted him, "NO...NO we are not...that!" Tonya shrieked out in terror, then turned on the light.

As the light filled the room Tonya pointed at her brother, "Your hair, the roots are white and it's longer!"

"Yours is turning blonde!" he said back to her, just as he looked into the mirror at his refection.

"Kev...let me see your eyes a little closer?" his sister asked and he leaned over to her. She put a finger under his right eye to look at it closer, "Your eyes, the are losing the color and it's turning whiter?"

As Kevin leaned close to her face again, he saw something too that totally freaked him out, "Yours are changing to a dark violet all along the edge nearest the whites!" he gasped as well squealed in fright to her.





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Angels Peril a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Tormented by the past, Angel is struggling between light and dark.

Melvin a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
They say old soldiers never die, Melvin is about to learn that the hard

The Way of the Dragon a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Born for eternity but vulnerable like a child, dragons shouldn't leave
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Every Rose has it Thorns a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Watch what you say around rose, could give you more trouble than you ever
asked for.
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Kelly a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Struggling with fate, Kelly has to deal with love and loss.

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and

Vantier a Whateley Tale :Written by Shadowsblade
Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to
find her place in it.

You might ask yourself what is the Whateley Universe? To make it short,
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Whateley is a Prep School for different teens. VERY different ones. Where else could a kid go to a school that has a resident demon living in the furnace? Or meet magic users, mutants of every imaginable kind, get trained in how to handle some rather odd abilities, and worry about
flunking Freshman English? Come visit Whateley Academy, nestled in the
lovely hills of New Hampshire. Just down the road from a town named
Dunwich... (Mythos jokes purely intentional).
This is the Whateley Academy Universe, a shared universe with over a dozen authors and more than a hundred stories (and counting). The stories range in size from vignettes to novels. It's a Mutant High scenario with both a strong transgender theme and a slightly watered down Cthulhu Mythos theme.

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