Angel Of Justice Chapter 4

Katlain pulls up in front of The Black Orchid club in one of her nicer Mustangs and hands her keys to the valet.

“It’s nice to see you again Ms. Brownlow.” Albert hasn’t seen Katlain since she helped him get his job. He knew she was the cousin of the owners that owns the club.

“Thank you, Albert. How have things been going for you, lately?”

“It’s been good, since you helped me get this job.”

“All I did is introduce you to my cousins. You did the rest all on your own.”

Katlain was proud of Albert. He had been living on the streets and in the shelters. He had lost his last job, and his apartment. His family had disowned him because he was gay. Then he found out that his boyfriend had been cheating on him. She had hooked him up with a person that had a room for rent and paid the first three months for him. The second thing she did was talked to her cousins about giving him an interview.
After that, the ball was in his court.

“It’s been nice talking to you Albert. I’m meeting a person inside the club.”

“Okay, Ms. Brownlow. I’ll take really good care of your baby.”

“Thanks Albert.”

She gives him a fifty and walks up the steps to the entrance of the club. She could see the envy of the people standing in line waiting to get in.

“Good evening Ralph.”

“Ms. Brownlow. Do you want me to inform your cousins that you are here?”

“No need Ralph. I’m meeting with someone here. Would you happen to know if Phillipe Legrand has arrived?”

“He’s here Ms. Brownlow. He’s over in the VIP section.”

“Can you tell me what he looks like?”

“You can’t miss him Ms. Brownlow. He has a heavy French accent and has two women with him. He’s thinks he is a lady’s man. Also, be
careful around him.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“He has wondering hands.”

An evil smile appears on her face.

“I promise to behave myself. I won’t break his hand.”

Ralph knew Katlain could defend herself. He knew she use to be a boy, but he could never see that in her. He always saw the woman inside of
her. He watches as she walks inside. The dress she was wearing tonight was turning heads as she walked by people. He loses track of her as people started blocking his view.

Katlain looks over towards the VIP section and spotted Mr. Legrand. He wasn’t a bad looking Frenchman. He was in his mid-thirties and wore a tailored suit. He was well groomed and had a woman in each arm. He wasn’t as muscular as Red was, but he did look like he worked out.

She takes a deep breath and walks over towards his section.

Phillipe was having fun with the women he had his arms around. He knew he was going to have a threesome tonight. He was hoping the person Red contacted him about wouldn’t show up, so he could leave early.

“Good Evening Mr. Legrand, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long for me?” Katlain had walked right up to his section without him knowing it.

Phillipe couldn’t believe the woman standing in front of him. Red had said she was a model, but he didn’t expect what he was looking at. The woman was gorgeous standing in front of him. The dress she was wearing hugged and enhanced her curves. The way her short auburn hair was styled, it made her facial features stand out. Her diamond earrings and necklace sparkled.

“No, you haven’t my dear.” He stands up and accepts her hand. He places a kiss on top of it.

“Please sit down.” Points towards a leather love seat beside her.

“Thank you.” Katlain sits down.

Phillipe motions for a waitress to come over.

Carol had seen Mr. Legrand motion for her to come over. As she got closer, she notices her bosses’ cousin Katlain was sitting near him. She
knew Katlain wasn’t the clubbing type, plus she was dress to the nines. She had never seen Katlain dress like that, unless she was doing a modeling job. She stops before Mr. Legrand.

Phillipe looks at the cute waitress that had been serving him all night. He wouldn’t mind getting her in bed, but had notice her wedding ring.

“What can I do for you sir?”

Katlain glances at Carol and smile. She knew Carol was married to the bartender here at the club. Her husband Charlie has been with the club since it first opened. His brother Rick worked in the kitchen and was the head chef.

“Four glasses of Muscat Blanc, please.”

Carol knew it made a mental note of it.

“Would you like anything else, sir?”

“No, that will be all. Thank you.”

Carol smiles and walks off. She wonders why Katlain was talking to Mr. Legrand.

Phillipe watches as Carol walks off. He liked the little wiggle in her walk. He turns his attention back to Ms. Brownlow.

“So, why did you request to speak with me Ms. Brownlow?” He as watching her facial expression to see what tells he could spot on her.

“Information. Red, told me that the information I was looking for, you might have.”

“What information are you looking for Ms. Brownlow?”

“The people responsible for the attack that happened last weekend and who their leader is. I want to know where I can find them. I also want to
know how well armed they are.”

“That’s a lot of information and it will cost a bit of money.”

Carol returns with their drinks.

Phillipe hands a glass of wine to Katlain and then the women that were sitting on either side of him and finally a glass for himself. He places
two one hundred-dollar bill on the tray. He waits till Carol walks off, before continuing.

“How much money will it cost me, Mr. Legrand?”

Katlain takes a sip of her wine. It wasn’t something she normally drunk, but it did taste sweet and rich.

“Before I tell you. Why do you want this information?”

“It’s for personal reasons Mr. Legrand.”

“What reason would a beautiful woman like yourself be interested in a group you are asking about?”

He takes a sip of his wine and watches her expression. He hadn’t spotted anything yet.

A predatory smile appears on her face “because I don’t like groups like theirs coming into my city causing problems like they did.”

Kat takes a sip of her drink.

“So, revenge then?”

Phillipe had asked Red about Ms. Brownlow and was told by him that she was a skillful car thief. Red had also told him that a friend of hers
had been killed and another one had been hurt. She took friendship serious.

“You could call it that, but I would call it justice for the innocent.”

“Why not let the police handle this matter?”

“Because, the police are restricted by rules of what they can and can’t do. I’m not restricted by those rules.”

Katlain takes another sip of her wine.

Phillipe examines her for a few seconds. He could see that she was calm, cool and angry. This was personal for her. Even though she was angry, she held that anger in check and was using it to motivate her to do something about what happened.

He pulls a business card out and hands it to her.

“Meet me at this address with four hundred dollars in small bills at noon tomorrow.”

Katlain reaches over and takes the card. She flashes him a peek of her perfectly formed breast. The dress she was wearing allowed a person a peek of the wearers breast when they bent over. It was one she wore for a shoot she did for a new clothing line for evening wear. The designer had custom made this one for her and allowed her to keep it after the shoot she did.

“Thank you.”

Katlain peeks at the address. She knew the location. It was a small coffee café located next to the canal. She puts the card in her clutch. After she finishes her wine. She gets up to leave.

“Leaving so soon my dear?” Phillipe was hoping he could talk her into coming home with him tonight.

“Unfortunately, yes. I have an early business meeting tomorrow.”

“Maybe we can get together after you take care of this business you have going on.”

“Maybe, it’s been nice meeting you Mr. Legrand. Please enjoy the rest of the night here at the club.”

That got Phillipe’s interest.

“I take it you have been here before?”

“You could say that.” A playful smile appears on her face as she walks towards the front door.

Phillipe watches as her butt wiggles as she walked away. He so wanted to get her in his bed to see what she was like. He turns his attention back towards the women sitting with him. He was planning on screwing their brains out tonight.

Albert was standing at the valet station when Kat came out. He grabs her car keys and goes to retrieve her Mustang for her. He brings it up front for her.

“Here you go Kat. Not a scratch on her.” He smiles at her.

“Thank you, Albert.” She accepts the keys from him and give him a kiss on his cheek. She slips a one-hundred-dollar bill into his pants pocket
without him knowing.

Once she is in the car, she slips out of her shoes and speeds away. She heads towards the hospital to see how Julie was doing. She parks her mustang and slip her shoes back on and head inside. She knew people were staring at her as she headed to the floor where Julie’s room was. She knew it was pass visiting hours, but she wanted to see if Julie needed anything. She peeks in and notices that her room was filled with flowers and teddy bears.

Sitting next to Julie’s bed was Julie’s younger sister. She was a splitting image of her older sister.

Faith had been informed by the police that her sister had been shot and was in the hospital. She knew Julie’s friend Katlain was looking after
her, since their parents wouldn’t have anything to do with her. She managed to get the day off from work and came up to the hospital to see her sister. Their parents might had given up on her, but she hadn’t and was proud her sister had turned her life around with help from Katlain.

“How is she?” Kat walks in and stands next to Julie’s bed.

“She’s better. She woke-up for a little while and was wondering why there were so many flowers in her room.”

“Because the dummy has a lot of people that love her.” Kat had said that with a smile on her face.

Faith just laughs.

“I think she figured that out after reading all the Get-Well cards.”

Kat brushes some of Julie’s hair aside.

“I told your sister she could stay with me after she gets out of the hospital. Also, bring her bills by my house and I’ll take care of them for her.”

“You don’t need to do that Kat. I know your trying to help, but I’m going to move in and take care of her till she’s feeling better. Her boss said
that when she is feeling better. Her job will be waiting for her.”

“I know I don’t have to Faith, but Julie is my friend. I think of her and you as my sisters. I take care of family.”

Faith smiles at her “thank you.”

“No thanks are necessary. Just let me know what you need and I’ll handle it. Let me know when you want to move in with Julie. I know a
couple of guys that can help you move your stuff.”

“Thanks sis.” tears were leaking from Faith’s eyes.

“Any time.”

Katlain turns and leaves the hospital. She heads towards Declan’s house for a night of hot and steamy sex. She was feeling horny and he was in town for the week. She had promise that she would come by so the two of them could enjoy each other’s body.

Declan told her that he couldn’t wait till she finally has the operation to become a full fledge woman. That once she was healed enough he was going to keep her in bed for a week and make love to her non-stop.

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