The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 8

“I’m going for a run Stephen.” Ginny starts her change and with-in a few seconds she has changed into her coywolf form.

Stephen runs downstairs in his human form totally nude and notices a coywolf standing near the door.

“Wow, you do shift fast. I couldn’t believe it when Bryan and they told me how fast your shift was. It’s going to take me a few minutes to change, Ginny.” Stephen stops and starts his change.

Ginny sits down and waits for Stephen to change. She couldn’t believe how slow his change was or how painful it looked. Hers was painful, but it was faster and the pain went away as soon as she finishes. Ginny wanted to burn off the food she had eaten at the restaurant. Once
Stephen is finish with his change, Ginny opens the door with a little bit of her mental abilities she discovered. Once the door is open, she heads out first followed by Stephen right on her heels.

The two of them run for a while away from Bryan’s house. Ginny loved the feel of running in her coywolf form. It excited her and the feel of the wind as it rushes by her ears and head. She dodges a few of Stephens’s playful nips. They run about twenty minutes away from the pack house. Bryan told her that the maximum distance she could go was up to twenty minutes away from the house. It was for her safety and the safety of the other pack members with her. She finds a nice boulder to perch on to look around her new domain. Stephen hops up on her rock and the two of them get into a playful battle of who is king of the hill.

Ginny never thought she would enjoy being what she was, but as she got to know her new side better. She was coming to enjoy it. She was a little disappointed as she gets knocked down off the boulder she and Stephen had been playing on. Ginny just looks back up at him before turning and start running back towards the house.

Stephen just grins as he jumps down off the boulder he had pushed Ginny off and chase after her as she ran back towards the house. He nips at her rear end to let her know he was close behind her.

Ginny pushes herself more to get away from Stephen’s teeth. She spots the house and pushes some more to beat Stephen to the house. She glances to her right-hand side and spot him running next to her. Ginny puts everything she has into it and reaches the house before Stephen.

She bets him to the door and then runs around the house towards the pool. She heard Stephen run right into the front door. She smirks as she jumps into the pool in her Coywolf form. The cold water felt nice against her coat.

Stephen comes running around the house and notices Ginny in the pool in her Coywolf form. She was treading water to stay afloat. He runs towards the pool and jumps in, right in front of her.

Ginny couldn’t get out of the way as a waves Stephen caused drops right on top of her. She makes her way over to the swallow end and looks at him. She was going to get even with him. She gets out of the pool and runs towards the edge where he is and jumps right in front of him like he did her.

Stephen tried to get out of the way, but Ginny was to fast and she got him with a wave of her own. The deck around the pool was soak from the two of them bombing each other. He tries to nip her, but she had moved. They play in the pool for a while and after an hour. Both fo them get out of the pool and change back into their form. Stephen was amazed at how fast Ginny changed back into her human form. He changes after watching her.

Ginny goes inside the house and comes back out with towels for the two of them and lay them on the lounger. She’s felt comfortable being nude around Stephen. She didn’t have the right plumbing for his taste. She lays down on the lounger on her stomach to get some sun on her back. She knew everyone else won’t be home for a while. She slowly falls into a deep sleep.

Stephen heard Ginny snoring and just grin. He should record her and play it back. He gets up and picks her up and carries her up to her room.
He lays her down on her bed.

He spots a picture frame sitting on the night table next to her bed. It had a picture of her mother and her when she was little at a county fair.
The two of them looked so happy. He wonders why her mother ran off and left her on her own to survive? He looks down at Ginny and knew that none of the pack members were ever going to do that to her. All the older wolves like himself have become protected of her.

“Sleep tight little puppy.”

Stephen walks out of her room and downstairs. He catches the Bryan scent and Leonard’s.

“Is she upstairs asleep?”

“Yep, she’s sound asleep. Your guess was right about how fast she changes. It uses a lot of her energy to change forms as fast as she does.
Especially, after burning a lot of energy to beat me in a foot race and swimming in our animal forms”

“So, we need to build up her endurance and energy levels?”

“Yep. I think we could either do it or send her to Daigh’s pack and let him and Sparrow train her. Their pack is known for turning out the best
warriors along with the Hipamika clan.”

“I hate to do this, but you might be right. Leonard, contact Daigh and ask if he will be willing to train Ginny.”

“I’m on it.”

Leonard pulls out his cell phone and dials Daigh’s number.

Bryan looks over towards Stephen “I need for you to make copies of all the information we have so far about that serum that made Ginny and send it to Cain. His niece was attacked by some creatures that had been turned. I’m going to need you to deliver that information yourself.”

“Cool, road trip. Maybe David will be there when I arrived. It’s been a while since I saw him.”

“You’re flying in. Tom is going to fly you to Montana.”

“Cool, I love flying with Tom. He’s crazier then George.”

Bryan just shakes his head.

Leonard had left the living room to talk with Daigh. After a few minutes, he comes walking back in.

“He says no problem, but now isn’t a good time for her to come. He’s helping his wife with a problem. He said he’ll call us once the problem
has been taken care of.”

“Does he need our help?”

“Not right now. He’s got that crazy Greek Demi-Goddess helping him and her sister.”

“I didn’t know Titanis had a sister. The last time I ran into her, she was an only child. I knew she was married, but I didn’t know she had a

“I hope her sister isn’t as crazy as her.”

“Who knows. Alright, I’ll get Shawn to increase her training routine.”

Bryan knew Shawn and Ginny had been getting along well during her training. He’ll get Shawn to increase her endurance training. Best way for her to do that, would be for her to spend time in the pool swimming laps.

Stephen heads down to their storage room where they were keeping all the files. It was once a mine that dated back to the late 1880’s, that had been abandon. Bryan had turned it into a huge storage room with several computers that weren’t connected to the house network. They were used strictly for input information into the file servers.

Stephen takes a thumb drive and transfer the information onto it, along with the chemical breakdown they did to the sample of the serum they got their hands on. He transfers a sample of the serum into another test tube for Cain to compare it to what he has.

Once Stephen is done, he heads up to his room and start packing an overnight bag to take with him. He knew Bryan didn’t like mailing information as sensitive of the nature they had. Once his overnight was packed. He checks on Ginny to see if she was still asleep. She had changed her position from where he had laid her down. She was holding her big bunny rabbit against her body. He backs out of her room quietly and head downstairs to wait for Tom to arrive.

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