Interesting Summer Vacation Part 4

Interesting Summer Vacation Part 4

By: Kokopo618

"Will, Holy hell, is that you?" I hear a voice coming from outside of my car door window. It's a girl's voice, young, probably about my age, how could someone recognize me, I don't know anyone here, and I don't exactly look like myself. I slump down immediately, maybe they'll go away. The seat belt catches my boobs pulling them up harshly, I sit back up in my seat, to see a girl right outside my window, okay, maybe I do know someone here.

She gives me a roll down the window motion, rolling down the window I realize who she is, Judy Grooly, a girl I know from school. She's short and on the heavy side, a little frumpy, if I'm using that word correctly, I've seen her parents, so I know it's nothing she can help, but as long as I've know her she's never let that stop her, she is very bubbly and happy go lucky. She was one of very few people who ever talked to me at school, I liked her as a friend, but I always felt like I was wasting her time, she was friend's with a lot of the popular kids and I was.. well, I was just not.

"Can I help you, mam," I say as convincingly normal as I can.

"Will why are you dressed like a girl, how do you have boobs, and why does your voice sound like that." She asks, ignoring my act.

"I'm not Will, you are mistaken, I'm just a girl, like you, and I was born with these," I say gesturing to my boobs.

"Girls aren't born with boobs they develop them later, during puberty, but you know that because you are obviously a girl." She counters, smiling.

"Yes obviously, I was just testing you, is what I was doing, anyway what's your name? because we have never met before and I do not know you." I ask, I'm just glad Dad's inside checking in and Katie's still asleep.

"My name is Judy, what's yours'?" She asks, playing with me.

"My name? you wanna know my name? the name my parents gave to me at birth? the totally normal female name I have, that name?"

"Yes, please."

"My name Will..Will-ma? yes Wilma." I say, like a completely normal person.

"Really you're 16 and your name is Wilma?"

"Yes, it's a family name."

"Interesting the Will I know is also 16."

Damn this tricky girl, "No, I'm not, I mean I am 16 but that is purely a coincidence, I don't even know who this Will character is."

"Is that why you're traveling with his sister," She says, looking over to a snoring Katie.

I pause for a second trying to think of a way out of this mess, "I was kidnapped." I declare, she gives me a weird look, "Okay fine, I'm Will, but how did you know? I can barely recognize myself."

"We went to school together, remember?"

She seems like she's lying now, "I know, but people at school didn't recognize me or remember my name, half the time when I dressed like myself, I've been called a new student multiple times."

"I'm observant, now answer my questions what are you doing?"

"Uh, that's a long story," I begin, when a voice calls out for Judy.

"I gotta go, Will, but we will talk later, and don't worry I won't tell anyone your secret, but a little advice come up with a better fake name, Bye cutie." She says, running off.

When she leaves I realize how warm I am, I begin fanning myself with my hands, and breathing rapidly. I can't believe someone already found out, at least I can trust her to keep quiet, I hope. I shake Katie awake.

"I'm up, I'm up, I'm up," she says.

"Katie, Oh my god, oh my god Katie, my cover is blown!" I yell whisper.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey, what happened," She asks, already in making me feel better mode.

"A girl I knew from school recognized me."

"Really? I don't think even I would've, without being present for the transition."

"I know right, I think she's keeping something from me, but that's not important, I don't think she'll tell anyone, but I don't think I can do this."

"You can sis, just remember to be confident, that way, you can further distance yourself from old you."

"Okay, okay, I'll try, but I need a new name, even though it's 2017 a girl named Will might turn some heads."

"I think you'll turn heads for different reasons," She says, giggling, "But you're right, you need a name, what about..uh..Wilma?"

"The goal is to have a normal name, Katie, and besides-"

"Okay girls, come on out." Dad's voice calls out to us, from outside the car. I take a deep breath I guess I'm in girl mode now. We get out, I go around the car to see Dad with a man slightly shorter than Dad and a lot fatter, like a younger Santa Claus. and beside them, is a guy probably my age, maybe a little older, He's tall, and pretty buff, he's got short dark brown hair, and he's smiling at me.

"Hey," He says to me when I get up to all of them.

I try to follow Katie's advice "Hi," I say back confidently, smiling as well.

"You certainly have some beautiful girls here, Will." The owner says looking at me and Katie. How does he know too! is this some kind of prank, I'm not the perfect son but Dad went too far with this, also what does he mean I have beautiful girls is he talking about my boobs, that is perverted and cruel, and another thing-"I stop realizing my mistake and laugh at myself quietly, sometimes I forget I'm William Collins Smith Jr. making my father also named Will.

"Yes, they certainly are," Dad says, he says it straight, but I'm sure he is a little unnerved by this situation.

"I'm Carl Olsen, I own this place, you can come to me with any questions, assuming I'm not busy," He says, laughing, Katie and I laugh politely too. He reaches over to shake Katie's Hand.

"Hello, I'm Katie, nice to meet you," Katie says, smiling and shaking his hand.

He turns to me, I can feel the anticipation of Katie and Dad, "Hi, I'm Lily, nice to meet you," I say, as confidently as I can muster, shaking his hand, looking him in the eye, smiling.

I'm so proud of myself that I barely hear Carl introducing his son to us. I am caught off guard by the son reaching out to shake my hand.

"Hi, I'm Lily," I repeat dumbfounded, because of my shock I give him a weak handshake, like the one's I've gotten from girls in the past, and there goes my pride.

"So I've heard," He say's playing off my slip up, "I'm Bob it's a pleasure to meet you." Most macho looking guys like Bob here, like to take the opportunity of a handshake to try to show off their strength, so I apprentice his gentleness with me. I realize this handshake was probably gone on too long, especially with us looking in each other's eyes, smiling.

I pull away, He goes to shake Katie's hand and she handles it better. Carl and Bob lead Dad, Katie and me to the cabin, with Dad, Carl, and Bob in the front and Katie and I following close behind. The path we're walking is very steep going down, my boobs are bouncing with every step, I look over to Katie and hers are doing the same, she sees me looking and gives me a sympathetic look, I never imagined sympathizing with my sister's boob worries. I'm very embarrassed, but I trust Katie and her advice to be confident so I keep my head up, and I glad I did, this place is beautiful there's 10 or so cabins throughout the property, a big gorgeous dock with a number of boats ranging in size, and the view of the lake is magnificent.

"Here we are," Carl says stopping and pointing to a Cabin. it's not the largest I've seen here, but it's plenty big for three people. It's got a grill, a bench and a few chairs outside. "We'll leave you guys to it, got any plans so far?"

"We are probably going to relax for a while, you know, long drive, and then we might go out fishing later." Dad answers.

"Sounds fun, you'll wanna fish two bays in that direction," Bob says, pointing, "at a place called Pakent Point, the fishing is good there this time of year"

"Thanks for the tip, you're welcome to join us if you like, I might need someone who knows this lake," Dad offers.

"Not so fast Will," Carl begins, chuckling, "you might need a son, but Bob needs to do so work first."

"Maybe some other time, then." Bob offers.

"Some other time." Dad agrees.

Carl gets a call on his walkie-talkie, "We need to go, you folks have fun, and it's nice seeing you after all these years, Will. Dad nods.

"It was nice meeting you all," Bob says, looking at all three of us, then he looks directly at me, smiling, "Bye Lily, see you around." he jogs off, catching up with his Dad. I blush a little from the attention, but hide it from Katie and Dad

"I'm gonna go grab the car to park over here, you guys check out the cabin." Dad says, walking off.

Me and Katie enter the cabin. there is two bed rooms, a kitchen and eating area, a lounging area with a couch and a lazy boy recliner, there's one large bathroom.

"So Lily huh?" Katie asks, holding back a laugh.

"Shut up," I say, giggling quietly, "It's just a random name I thought of," That's not entirely true I always thought the name Lily was pretty, it's what I might name my daughter, or as it turns out, myself.

"I'm not complaining, it's a cute name, suits you well, like a delicate flower." She says, imitating a Shakespearean actor. I punch her in the arm, "Wow, you even punch like a girl."

"I cannot win with you." I say, feigning outrage.

"Come on Lily, lets check our room," Katie, say, walking into our room. It will take some time to get used to but Lily does feel more agreeable than Wilma, or Will for that matter.

Our room is bigger than I would have thought, I has two twin beds, two large dressers with a mirror on each one, and a big closet. Katie starts going through her dresser's content, I follow her lead. I recognize some of the clothes as the ones I saw at The Gorp™ they must get some of their inventory from there. I grab the bag of clothes Katie bought for me and pull out the clothes, fold some and neatly place them in my dresser, then hang up some items on my side of the closet. I hang up the red sweater I was checking out in the car earlier, I look over to Katie she is preoccupied with her own clothes. I pull the sweater off the hanger and head to the bathroom hiding the sweater behind my back.

The bathroom is pretty large too, it's got a huge shower, a toilet and a sink with a full length mirror. I look at myself in the mirror, it's easy to forget how I look, I stare at myself for a while. I take off my tank top, despite my boob's resistance. I'm shirtless wearing just a sexy lacy red bra and some short shorts, I'm a little surprised I'm not getting a boner, or my pussy getting wet, I guess. Shaking these thoughts away I pull the sweater over my head, I wonder why I was attracted to this specific Item of clothing. At the cost of sounding girly, I have to say I look so cute in it, I love how it makes my arms look skinnier and my cleavage look great. I make a ton of poses in the mirror, at one point sticking my tongue out to one side, I really do love how I look, it's an odd feeling.


I have to pee, I haven't peed all day, the craziness of the day controlled my bladder, I guess. I pull down my short shorts, I have to shake my ass a little to get them down, I feel weird doing it, not a bad weird, a good weird, I wish I knew a word for it. I pull my panties down to my knees, it's so strange calling them my panties, but at this point they just are. I sit down on the toilet and start peeing, I'm in for a little surprise when I look down, I forgot about my vagina, Katie was right it does feel very natural, I even sat down to pee like a girl, it must be those pills she gave me.

Once I finish, I wipe myself off and stand up, I reach for my panties to pull them up, but about half way I let them fall to the ground and step out of them. I walk over to the full length mirror and check out my half naked figure, I put my hand on my pussy and start gently rubbing, it feels good, I lower my fingers down a little and start playing with the lips of my vagina, I search around with my fingers until I find what I can only assume is the clit, my clit, it feels so damn good, I start fingering myself, biting my lower lip. I wonder what Bob is doing, his Dad said he needed to do some kind of work, I bet it's manual labor, he looks so strong, so manly, I realize I'm playing with myself even more aggressively. I wonder why I'm thinking of Bob, I'm not gay, so I'm probably attracted to my own girly image, even though my eyes are closed. I let out a girly moan, and quickly cover my mouth with my other hand, but I don't stop, god my pussy is so wet. I can see why other girls, real girls, might be attracted to a guy like Bob, he's very confident, and he has a cute smile. I let out another muffled moan through my hand. He's tall and got big hands and- I hear a sound in the direction of the door, I turn, with my hand still up my lady parts. The door's open.

"Aw, that sweater looks so cute on you sis, make sure not to get any of your girly juices on it." Katie says, smiling in the doorway. Well this talk is gonna be interesting.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, as always I hope you enjoyed this installment of Will's-excuse me, Lily's Journey. I wanna dedicate this author's note to Nuuan, They have been a great help to me so far, with writing tips, general encouragement, and great advice. One of Nuuan's stories; Project: Super Soldier was one of the first stories I ever read on this site a year or so ago, and that story was definitely one of many that inspired me to write my own, So I strongly encourage you to check Nuuan's work out, they are a great writer and a great person that I can't thank them enough for their help. Again, I hope you liked this chapter, I hope you comment whatever you want including plot points you wanna see, or any questions you have. How will Lily explain her behavior? how will Katie react? What is Bob working on? Will they win the Pokemon League? probably not, but you never know. THANKS BYE!!!

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