The Good Samaritan Chapter 3

The Good Samaritan

Chapter 3: Police Involvement

It was a few days later that Dr Beka and Dr Albie said I was going to be allowed to go home. Mom was with me again, she was there as much as her jobs allowed her to be. I was trying to convince her that she needed to quit all except the one she liked doing, and we were arguing about it, when HE knocked on the open door of the room.

After almost two weeks in this body with, and at times without Vicky's influence, I knew that my preferences were starting to change. God, this guy was just so gorgeous, he reminded me of Jimmy Smits who played on NYPD Blue.

He looked good in the cheap suit he wore, he had to be a cop. That was confirmed when he introduced himself, "Sorry to interrupt the argument, but the nurse at the charge station said I could find Ms and Miss Tyler here." We both nodded, "Good, I'm Det. Bobby Simone. I'm here to ask some questions if you have the time?"

I could tell that mom thought he was cute too. She flushed a light pink when she said, "Certainly, Det. Simone, we'd be glad to help you. Please call me Stephanie," Turning to me, "This is my daughter Victoria."

I said, "Vicky, please!"

"Thank you, Ladies! In that case, call me Bobby, okay?" He was very disarming, genuinely a nice guy.

A nurse came and left before he began.

He began, "First, let me say, I'm sorry for what happened to you! Rape is a horrific thing for any mature woman to have to endure, much less a 12 year old girl as yourself. I'm happy to see you are recovering so well."

It's a good thing I was now only 12, oh boy! "Thank you Det. Bobby." He must have thought it was cute that I called him Det. Bobby, cause he didn't correct me. He probably gets that a lot at his age, early thirties. Maybe a few years younger than Stephanie.

Bobby asked, "I hate to do this, but I have to ask you to tell me in your own words what happened to you?"

It took almost two hours to tell the whole story, I began with the fight that happened earlier in the day with Fred. The long talk I had with Walter, who Vicky felt had rescued her. How Walter had wanted to call the cops then, and how Vicky had pleaded with him not to. I covered everything up to the flash of light, and what mom had told me afterwards. I couldn't help myself, his soft brown eyes made me trust him completely.

He took our contact info before he made to leave, "If I have any more questions, I'll let you know. I wish we could have met under nicer circumstances." He took my hand and kissed it, just as I did as a young man. Then he kissed mom's hand and walked out the door.

Mom watched at the door as he walked down the hallway, he must have turned and seen her, cause she gave a tiny wave of her hand. She returned to sit next to me.

"Did you notice?" I asked, breaking her train of thought.

"Notice what dear?" Still a little dazed.

I smiled, "Nothing really! Just that he wasn't wearing a wedding ring."

"That's nice dear." Then she seemed to hear what I said, "Wait... what?"

I laughed so hard, I almost fell out of the bed.


I finally got to go home. Things were very strange. I had to remember to stop at our door, instead of continuing past to my old apartment. Waiting for mom to open the door, I noticed that there was a faint outline of a body leftover, forever burned into the flooring. And a slight smell.

Mom noticed I was sniffing the air, "Yeah, I smell it too. But I can't place the odor, kind of sweet and a little acrid."

Without thinking, I said, "Kind of reminds me of church."

She nodded her head as we went into the apartment, "Kind of does."

Not knowing what to do, I followed her around. I realized that all traces of Fred were gone. Mom had spent her time while I was at the hospital, trying to erase him from our lives, and I was happy for that. I decided it was best not to say anything in case it would upset her.

Mom said, "Why don't you take a bath to settle back in, light some of those candles you like and ease into it. And if you want, I can wash your hair for you, like when you were just a little girl."

Feeling like she needed that more than I need, I agreed. I headed to what was now my room and got undressed, grabbed a robe and headed for the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I found that mom already had the water running and candles lit. I removed the towel and hung it up on the back of the door. Turning back to the tub, I got my first real long look at Vicky's body.

Even though I was now only 12, I knew I could easily pass for older. This body had developed early and was quite something for this former old man to see. What I saw reflected was a striking young girl, already with a healthy figure. The breasts were large for a 12 year old, at a C cup. Narrow athletic waist with the hint of solid abs. And wide hips, fitting for this figure. If I had to guess, I would say that my dimensions were 32c, 20, 34.

I had natural bright red hair, the color of a new penny. Bright green / hazel eyes. Pouty lips with a little nub of a nose. Flawless fair skin, with just a dusting of freckles to prove my red hair was genuine, not to mention the almost bare with a wisp of red above my womanly opening.

Mom entered the bathroom putting her hands on my shoulders, breaking me out of my reverie of checking myself out. I know that I probably should have made a fuss about her seeing me this way, but she was this body's mother. She said, "There's my beautiful girl."

I said, "Thanks mom. That means a lot."

Looking me in the eyes through the mirror, "Sweetheart, I know it's been hard on you developing early like you did, but it's just as hard if not harder to be a late bloomer like I was."

Looking back into her eyes, "Really mom, it was that hard on you too?"

She guided me to the tub, I stepped in testing with a toe, it was hot, but it felt good. With steam rising from the water, I lowered myself down, sinking down till only my head stuck out of the water. Mom had added strawberry bath salts, and it felt amazing.

Using a plastic cup, she doused my hair with the hot water and began washing it with another strawberry scented shampoo. We talked as she washed, rinsed and conditioned my hair. If you're thinking the conditioner was more strawberry, you'd be wrong, it was strawberry shortcake. I learned a lot about Stephanie that even Vicky didn't know.

There was one thing that I seemed to notice though. The more time I spent as Vicky and became comfortable in her body, the less she made her presence known.

After mom left me on my own, I thought to myself, 'Vicky? Are you still here? Speak to me please.' Nothing, no answer, 'Vicky, I can't do this alone. I know you're there, I can feel you, sense your being. Please Vicky, talk to me, I need your help.'

After a bit and still no answer, I figured that desperate times called for desperate measures. There was one way I felt sure would make her take notice, and I was not sure I could go through with it. Mostly because it would be a turning point for me, with two possible outcomes. Either Vicky would answer or be so traumatized that she would retreat so deep into the back of the mind, that she would effectively be gone for good.

I figured that if this didn't work, I would really be off no worse than I already was, so I gave it a go. Reaching up with both hands toward the nipples that were just at the surface of the water. A light pinch to one and then the other, a ripple ran through my body like a live wire. Oh, that felt nice, these nipples were sensitive. I tried to clear my mind and think Vicky as I kneaded my swelling areola's.

I felt Vicky's presence in the background, but she still refused to come forward. I let my right hand start moving down, once into the wisp of red fuzz, the destination was clear. Though it took until I had most of one finger buried inside the wet folds of our vagina, before I got a response.

Considering that Fred had raped her, Vicky's reaction was just about what you'd expect. She screamed, thankfully in my head. Quickly, 'Vicky, I'm so sorry to have to do that to you to get your attention, but I need you.'

In a furious tone, one that I never would associate with the girl I thought I knew, 'What is it you want Vic? I don't want to be here anymore. To tell you the truth, if things had kept going the way they were with Fred, I probably would have killed myself within the month. So I guess that since you are here now, you can have this life, it's all yours. If you want to play with yourself, then go ahead, but I will bury myself so deep that you'll never reach me again.'

'Vicky, you can't mean that?'

'I do!'

'But Vicky, if you give up completely, you'll never know how you stopped Fred with that ball of fire. At least you should want to know that. And you can hardly expect me to take over your life when I know nothing about you. Without you, I'll soon find myself making mistakes that for you are common sense.'

She said, 'I'm not so sure, life since dad died hasn't been the same.'

'I understand that Vicky, but things will get better. I promise! And I won't touch us again. But when the time is right and when you're with the right person, those touches can feel like nothing else.'

I got out to dry off, though Vicky was quiet, I could still feel her presense very close now. Softly, I thought,'Vicky, I love you!'

End of Chapter 3

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