Disappointment- A Solo Story

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for my family when my three children came home from a day with their friends. My daughter had a huge smile on her face while my two sons were shocked to see me. As soon as they saw my look they ran off scared, knowing that I was going to have a long talk with both of them over what they were wearing.

I shook my head at my daughter who acted casual. She didn't make any reference to her brothers wearing dresses nor did she seem to care. I shook my head in disappointment, she was a sneaky little devil and knew I'd have this reaction.

Telling her to keep an eye on the stove I made my way up to the boys' rooms for our needed chat. Both were still wearing their dresses but taking a closer look I saw they were wearing makeup and had their hair styled. I couldn't help but sigh loudly at the sight, I hated seeing it.

I sat them both down and calmly told them "you know you aren't allowed to bet with your sister. No matter how much you think you are going to outsmart her she is always one step ahead of both of you. She may only be 10 but she is a genius. You are 13 and 14, it's time you acted like it."

Shaking my head I asked what the bet was. It was seemingly innocent, she and her friends bet them that they couldn't make them over to be passing girls. I had to smile at that, they were smaller than their friends and their sister was apt at making you look great even at her young age.

I steeled myself then told both "you should have known better. She's her mother's daughter, you two take after me but she is the spitting image of your mother. She may have been born a boy but she has always been a girl. Always remember that, your mother is smarter than all of us and your sister is a close second."

I hated to do it but I had to punish them. I asked the terms of their deal and hearing it was just for the weekend they were relieved that I wasn't extending it. I did add a strong caution "I warned you before not to bet with her. She always collects. Your mother is no better, why else do you think I'm in a dress tonight!"

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