Night Fox Chapter 2

“Move it Cora.” Two Bear was chasing after Cora as they ran an obstacle course that had been constructed for her training.

Marcus Two Bear and Josephs Kicking Dog were two modern day Navajo warriors that George knew who could help train her in ancient weapons the spirits had given her. George and she had managed to get her car, purse and the winning tickets she had hidden and cashed them in. She paid the taxes on the money and donated three quarters of it to the tribe to help build homes for other tribal members.

George and some of his relatives helped pack up her apartment and anything she didn’t need. She either sold or gave to the local Good Will store. She moved onto the reservation and was living in a 2007 Airstream trailer on George’s property. She had to buy a used 2008 Ford F450 Dually Pickup to tow her trailer.

Even tho she looked at her reflection when she got to George’s house two nights ago. She never examined how much of a change her face underwent. George wasn’t kidding when he told her she didn’t look like she used to. You would have to have a computer image of her old looks to see any of her old facial features. Her face looked more Native American now. Her eyes were what unnerve people now. Her eyes were a brighter shade of amber with a slight redness to them.

Cora could hear Two Bear behind her and didn’t want to get caught by him again. She moves faster as she went through the obstacle course. It was setup to be as difficult as possible.

The first few times she went through the course and fail. Two Bear and Kicking Dog made her jog with a full backpack of rocks for ten miles. Each time she failed the course they would add additional ten miles to the jog. Each day she had a different training lesson. She started off with tracking and ambushing to using the glider wings on her new suit.

Kicking Dog was airborne trained and was familiar with the squirrel suits and was increasing her training in the use of it with her new suit. The suit provided the surface area she needed to glide and land without a chute. She just had to be careful when she landed. Two Bears wife had tested the thread of the suit and found it to be some sort of special spider silk weave. It felt smooth to the touch and was very flexible. She had to hand wash the suit to clean it. When Two Bear and Kicking Dog trained her with the spear, arrows and tomahawks, they were gentle at first and afterwards their training got faster and deadlier. Kicking Dog made her a special modern compound bow for her arrows that could be broken down and put back together in less than five minutes. The bow itself was made of carbon fiber and had a 100lbs of draw to it. Kicking Dog started her off on a 50lbs draw bow and moved her up gradually to a 100lbs. She was fast and accurate with her shooting.

The knife and tomahawk fighting was the hardest for her, because she never used a bladed weapon before. Several friends of Kicking Dog and Two bear joined in the training of her hand-to-hand knife fighting and tomahawk training. When she wasn’t training, she was investigating the murders of the four bodies that had been found where she had by George. George had managed to get her what his police friend had so far. All they managed to do was make cast of tire marks and retrieve the bones of the four other bodies they had found at the site. Two of the bodies had been identify as missing person who had been filed by their life partners. The other two bodies were male skulls that had a lot of damage to their face and haven’t been identify.

Cora had gone and visited a few nightclubs frequent by transgenders like herself and support group centers to see if anyone had been missing lately. She struck out at both places. The adult toy store she worked at had a camera inside the store, but it never worked right. As she was standing outside a restaurant that many gays, lesbian and transgender frequent.

A young woman approached her “Ms., why are you looking for those people?”

“Because, if I don’t care about them, then who will?” Cora was looking at the young woman.

“I might know one of them, ma’am. She is a friend of mine.” Gail has been worried about Helena. She hadn’t been home for a month and half.

Cora pulls out a note pad and a pen.

“What can you tell me about your friend?”

“She hasn’t been home for a month-n-half and its unlike her not to check in with me.”

“When was the last time you talked to her or seen her?”

“Just before she left to come here. She was meeting some friends.” Gail was looking around to make sure no one heard her.

“Look, I’m not a police officer. I’m a private investigator.” Cora shows Gail her badge and identity card.

Her and George had talked about it and if she was going to be investigating the murders. She should have some sort of cover just in case.

That way she could cover her butt. So, she was register as a PI in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. She had a carry and conceal permit, but the spirits wouldn’t let her carry a gun. She found that out by accident when she touched Kicking Dog’s gun. It burned her hand.

Gail goes into detail of that night and what she looked like and any special marks or unique things about her. She even tells her about what she was wearing that night and sends some pictures to Cora’s cellphone.

“Did she own a car?”

“Yes, ma’am. It’s a 1998 Honda Accord. It is a tan color.”

“Okay, Thanks Gail.”

Cora watches as Gail walks off and head inside the club. She takes her camera out and takes a few pictures of the club and some of the patrons. A few people catch her eyes. They don’t really seem to fit in around the neighborhood. She takes a few pictures of them. She steps into the shadows and just watch what they do. Part of her training with Two Bear was learning how to blend in with her environment. Since she wasn’t dressed in her black jumpsuit. She needs to be careful dressed in her jeans and blouse. Two Bear taught her how to use the shadows to her advantage.

Occasionally, something or someone would catch her eye. She uses her camera to take a shot of them. She watches for some time and after a few hours she heads back to her beaten up looking Ford Escort. She may have a truck now, but her Escort blended in more with the neighborhood. She heads back to her Airstream on the reservation. George wanted her to meet someone tonight and she didn’t want to be late.

As she pulls up to George’s house. She spots five other cars and three trucks parked at his place.

“I wonder what is going on tonight?”

Cora parks her car next to George’s vehicle. She heads into the house and about ten people were there waiting on her.

“Cora, I would like for you to meet Smokey Mountain, Running Dove, Light Storm, Floating Cloud, Drunken Bird, and Floating On Air. They are the medicine men and women of the other tribal groups.”

“Hi.” Cora walks over to stand next to George.

“They wanted to see if what they saw was true. It seems the spirits let them know you were part of us now.”

“Well, I hope the spirits were nice about me.”

Cora felt uncomfortable under the gaze of some many wise men and women of the tribe.

“So, Night Fox. Is it true the spirits have given you a purpose to fulfill?”

Gray Cloud looks at the young girl he has been having spirit dreams of. She was being protected and guided by the Fox and Eagle spirit.

“Yes, they have given me a task to accomplish. They have also given me the tools they wish for me to use.”

“You have accepted what the spirits asked of you and are willing to do their bidding?”

“Yes, I have accepted their request and I am willing to do what is required of me.” Night Fox meant what she said.

Gray Cloud looks into her eyes and see the fox looking back at him. He has the feeling that she is meant to administer justice for what was done to her and to others like her. The fox spirit was going to make sure she administer the justice and was trained properly in order to accomplished it.

For the next few hours, Cora answers questions and allows the people gather to examine the gifts left for her. One medicine woman places a necklace around her neck and gives her two earrings with Eagle feathers made into them.

Night Fox watches as everyone leaves and than heads towards her Airstream to go through the pictures she took and see if anything was out of place.

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