Becoming Annabelle Lee Chapter 14

It’s been two weeks since they hired Derick on part-time and he was working out fine with them and with Freddy. Annabelle looks over towards Dawn as she slept and smiled. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. Annabelle herself was having a hard time sleeping. So, she eases out of bed and grab her house robe and goes to peek in on their girls.

Gina and Cyra shared the same bedroom and of the two, Gina was the more girly. Cyra teased her some about how girly she was, but it was all in fun. Both girls loved wearing their baby doll night gowns to bed and around the house. Gina had a canopy bed, where Cyra had a normal bed with a custom-built headboard for her books and nick knacks she liked collecting when they went horseback riding or hiking. Gina and
Cyra might not have been born together or from the same mother, but they were closer than most siblings.

Annabelle heads towards the kitchen and makes herself some hot coca and head out to the back porch and sit in the swing and stare out into the darkness of their backyard. There was no moon in the sky tonight and she could see the sky filled with stars. She takes a sip of her coca and enjoy its warmth as it travels down her throat and into her stomach. Months ago, when she got caught by her foster mother dressed in her female attire, she would never imagine having a life like she does now. She’s got a beautiful woman she is going to marry in a few weeks and two adorable daughters and a good job.

Her own breast was coming in and her body fat was moving where she needed it to be. She was almost the cup sized she needed to be to maintain her look as Annabelle Lee from the movie. Her hair was styled just like the actress to maintain her look to the actress. She was all legal now. Her name, social security and birth certificate had been changed to her new name. The only thing left to do was to have the operation to fix her birth defect. Dawn had managed to talk her into having sex several times like a normal couple does. She could already tell Dawn was pregnant. She knew when Dawn started and stopped her period ever since they started sleeping together. She had been jealous that she would never experience that experience. Dawn was two weeks late on her period. On top of that, she noticed Dawn’s areolas have started to darken and she has going to the bathroom more. Plus, she notice Dawn was feeling more tired during the day then she normally did.
This baby will be hers and Dawn’s only child. She’ll have to see if there is a way for her to breast feed their child herself.

She already knew Gina was jealous about Cyra getting her first period. Dawn had to explain to Cyra what to do since neither herself or Gina were ever going to experience periods. They did watch, so if there was a problem they would know how to help Cyra out just in case.

Annabelle takes another sip of her coca and just enjoy the peacefulness of her home.

After a while, Annabelle heads back into the kitchen and rinse her coffee mug out and check the girls one last time, before crawling back into bed. Dawn snuggles up to her as Annabelle wraps her arms around her and hold her tight. She closes her eyes and just let Dawn’s warm body put her asleep. Later, she feels the girls crawl into bed with them. Gina crawls next to Dawn and Cyra crawls next to her. The girls normally crawled in bed with them when they couldn’t sleep. Cyra buries her face against Annabelle’s chest and sleeps curled against her.

When morning comes, no one wakes-up early. All four of them sleep in late. The girls wake-up first after a few hours and rush to the bathroom. Dawn is next to follow them and finally Annabelle. They have a simple breakfast of fruit and juice. It’s starts raining outside, so all of them decide to have a movie day and just camp out in the living room.

The girls get Dawn and Annabelle to lay next to them. They have a marathon of Harry Potter movies and a couple of Nicholas Cage movies they had on hand and finally, Dawn grabs the movie Guns, Girls & Gambling.

“Go on Annabelle.” Dawn motions for Annabelle to dress as Annabelle Lee from the movie.

Annabelle heads into their bedroom while the girls were watching the movie and Annabelle waits for the right moment to come out as her name sake. She stands in front of the girls and say the line.

The girls couldn’t believe how Annabelle looked dress as the character from the movie. After the movie is over, Annabelle heads back in the bedroom and change back into her night gown and join the girls. Dawn fixes grilled chicken salad for dinner for everyone. They basically have a nice boring family day. The girls enjoy bonding with Annabelle and Dawn. Dawn’s relatives and Dawn herself petition the council for Annabelle, Gina and Cyra to become members of the tribe. Gina already had her tribal given to her. Now, they just had to find Cyra’s tribal name.

Instead of sleeping in their bed, Gina crawls up with Dawn on the sofa and Cyra curls up with Annabelle on the floor on top of two sleeping bags they put together.

Sunday morning, Annabelle and Cyra wake-up first and makes waffles and pancakes for everyone. Sunday is another lazy day and any homework or school work that hasn’t been completed is done and checked by Annabelle and Dawn. The girls had all their homework done and had their stuff ready for school. They have another movie marathon and a simple dinner for the day.

Monday morning, all four women don’t want to get out of bed, especially Dawn. Annabelle lets her sleep for a little while longer while she smiles and takes her shower. If Dawn hasn’t figured it out yet, she soon will. While Dawn drags herself into the bathroom and into the shower. Annabelle gets dress and gives the girls their lunch and snack money. They drop the girls at school, before heading to the store to open up. Sam and Derick were already there waiting on them.

“Morning fellows” Annabelle knew Sam was covering for their full time morning person.

Dawn wanted to make Annabelle the assistant manager, but Annabelle thought someone else might be better and recommended Sam for the position.

“Annabelle, can you cover the register please?”

“Sure.” Annabelle stops what she was doing and walks around to the register to cover for Dawn.

Dawn looks towards Sam “Sam can you come to the office please?”

Sam was putting up a few cases of merchandise they had gotten in.

“Sure” Sam follows behind Dawn as she heads into the office.

Sam was wondering why Dawn wanted to talk with him. He’s been doing more than most of the people working in the store.

“Close the door please, Sam.” Dawn heads over towards her desk and pulls Sam’s employee records.

Sam walks over and closes the office door and takes a seat in front of the desk.

“Sam, you have been a valuable asset since I hired you. You have taken Derick under your wing and trained him well. You have been polite to those contractors that turned you down for employment because of your record. You have impress me and Annabelle a lot. So, I was wondering if you would like to take on some more responsibility around the store?”

Sam was confused about where Dawn was heading with her speech and now she was asking if he wouldn’t mind taking on a little bit more responsibility.

“Sure, I don’t mind. What else would you like for me to do around here?”

“Would you mind being my assistant manager?” Dawn had a serious look on her face whens he looked at him.

“I thought Annabelle was your assistant manager?” Sam was a little confused.

“She has various duties around here that she does. She’s more like my helper. Plus, we talked about it and felt you do so much for this store, that you deserve the position.”

“I would love to be your assistant. Also, thank you for everything you have done for me. You gave me a chance when no one else would.”

“Your welcome and it was their lost. You are a hard worker and I have had nothing, but praised about you from our contractors and from our customers. A few contractors have said that they should had hired you when you applied with them. They feel stupid for what they did.”

Sam just smiled at that statement. He wanted to comment on it, but wouldn’t in front of Dawn.

“So, you don’t get burned out of closing every day. Annabelle has offered to come in the evening to close, so you can come in during the morning and work with me. Which, means you will work the mornings with me four days a week and close three days a week. Sunday’s will be alternated with Annabelle and me so you can have them off as well.”

“You don’t need to do that Dawn, I like working Sundays. It’s only half a day any way.”

“Are you sure Sam?”

“Yes ma’am I’m sure. Just let me work half a day every other Friday.”

“Okay, I think I can arrange that. Here are your keys and I’ll have you added to the security list by the end of the day.”

“Thank you, Dawn.”

“Oh, there one more thing. It comes with a pay raise as well. Your pay raise will appear on next weeks check.”

“Okay.” Sam was happy. He gets up and head out of the office.

Dawn watches as Sam leaves her office. She makes a few notes and calls the security company to have Same added to opening and closing of the store. She did offer the position to Annabelle, but Annabelle didn’t think it was fair to people who had been here for awhile. Even though Sam was still fairly new. He was one of her hardest working employee’s.

Annabelle watches as Sam comes out of Dawn’s office with a proud look on his face. He glances at her and a big ole’ smile appears.

“So, Mr. Assistant Manager. Are you ready to learn a few things?”

He just laughs and walks over towards Annabelle.

“Watch you got for me Annabelle.”

“Its easy.”

Annabelle starts showing Sam a few things that Dawn gave her access to, that was normally reserve for the managers. Most of the morning
she goes over paperwork and procedures Sam had seen her do or Dawn do.

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