Street Child Part 2

After church on Sunday, Rose took care of everything she needed to. Including paying someone to sign the permission slip for her. She ran by Officer Cassidy’s house and dropped it off. She spotted a married couple and their children playing in the park and stood watching them have fun with sadness in her heart. She missed her mother and she wishes she had a family like that. Tears were leaking from her eyes as she wipes them away and head to the nearest bus stop.

The next few days she works at the restaurant and get in touch with the Celtic Angel’s manager. The manager has her come down to their studio and practice a few cords and songs. By the time the weekend arrived, she is all set to go on the camping trip. At the camps, she is paired with Cassidy. Rose has fun throughout day horseback riding Cassidy.

They go swimming and canoeing. Rose was a little jealous she had to share Cassidy with the other kids that were there, but she hid it. When they laid down for the night, Rose laid close to Cassidy. A thunderstorm had blown in and every time the thunder boomed, Rose whimpered.
She hated the thunder.

Cassidy had fun with the other kids and with Rose. She could tell that Rose got jealous when the other kids were around her. She pulls Rose close to her and holds her. After a while, she feels Rose calm down and snuggle closer to her.

The rest of the camping trip, goes well. Rose does stay close to Cassidy and around lunch time on the last day. Cassidy takes Rose on a little picnic.

Cassidy had thought about this and felt maybe should see if Rose would be willing to come and live with her and they would go from there.

As the two of them ride out to the area Cassidy had picked for the picnic.

“Rose, I need to ask you something and I need for you to be honest with me, okay?”

“Yes ma'am.”

“Is your mother alive?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Who looks after you?”

“My friend Roger, Molly and the Boston police department.”

Cassidy looks at Rose for a second “where do you sleep a night?”

“Sometimes the shelters, sometimes my van.”

“What van?” Cassidy was curious.

“It’s an old van that is like a little home for me. It’s hidden in a junkyard and only me and the owner of the junkyard know it’s there. He showed it to me and helped me make it livable.”

“Hhhmm. Look, I was thinking when we get back. You might want to come and live with me. We can see how things work out and it’s okay with you. I could adopt you as my own daughter. What do you think about that plan?”

Rose looked at Cassidy and could tell she really care about her.

“Okay.” A smile appears on Rose’s face as she hugs Cassidy.

They have lunch and later head back to be with the others.

After the camping trip and they return to the city. Rose shows Cassidy where she had been sleeping as they gather her few belongings. Cassidy’s father had come along and helped load his pick-up truck up with Roses things and her scooter. Cassidy said she could still sing up at Paddy O’s part time, but after school and on the weekend. Cassidy didn’t want to take that away from Rose.

When Christmas approaches, Cassidy adopts Rose officially as her daughter.

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