The Good Samaritan Chapter 2

The Good Samaritan

Chapter 2: What Hell Hath Roth

I had flashes of conversations with Victoria, she told me to call her Vic, and it seemed we were going to be
good friends from then on. In other flashes, I heard worried voices asking questions. I heard Vic's mom,
Stephanie, crying for her to come back.

I woke once hearing the beeps of hospital equipment, then soft voices before I fell back under. I didn't hurt at
all, so they must have me on some strong MEDs. I don't know how long I was out, but there were plenty of flashes
of things in my room. I could hear Vic say, "It's okay now, you're going to be fine. We'll be together always."

After a long time had passed where the only thing I remember was dreaming of being with Vic. Playing with her,
helping her with her homework, playing dress up, doing makeup. This whole time in dreamland as time passed in
the real world, I knew it was a dream. The only sense I had of myself was an indistinct form without substance.

The only thing that seemed to change was Vic. In this dreamland, Vic looked like she was putting on weight, not
a lot, just enough that it was noticeable. In all this time that I spent with Vic, I realized that we had spent
a lot of time nude. The strange thing was that it didn't feel wrong. It felt right in some way.

I asked her in a soft voice, "Vic, why is it that you feel comfortable be naked around me? It's a little strange
don't you think?"

She laughed. I really loved to hear that sound come from her, she deserved to laugh more. "I've been waiting for
you to say something. So I guess you're almost ready." She didn't say my name. That's when it finally occurred
to me that since we've been in this dreamland, she has not said my name.

It's hard to look stern when you don't seem to have substance, so I tried to convey it with my tone of voice.

"Victoria! Why don't you ever say my name anymore?" That came out sounding far too sweet to come from me. And
because I thought that I needed to be a little mean, "And why are you getting fat? This is a dream, you should
be able to look whatever way you want."

She said, "This is and isn't a dream. I'll try to explain. From what I've heard from the real world is, that
this is some form of psychological way for the mind to cope with traumatic stress."

"Okay, I can understand that. But, why are we together coping with this stress?"

Vic sighed, "You remember what happened?"

I said, "The last I remember was Fred kicking me, then seeing you in a doorway with torn clothes. You screamed,
there was a flash of bright light, and that was it until this dream."

She nodded, "What you didn't see, was that Fred came to my bed and started to play with me. I didn't want
anything to do with him. And after our talk that afternoon, I told him that you said it was wrong for him hurt
me this way. He got really mad, like I've never seen before. Next thing, he rips my pajamas and climbs on top of

Continuing, "He stuck his thing in me, calling me a slut, telling me that I wanted it and that he was going to
take it. That I was his. After I called out your name for help, I felt his p...enis, his thing, start to pulse
and shoot something into into me. All I wanted to do was die."

"After he climbed off of me, he went to the door. I could hear him beating you, and I couldn't forgive myself if
you were hurt by him. I crawled to my door. Seeing him kicking you, a rage built inside me. I had no control, it
grew and grew, getting larger and hotter. When I screamed out, it seemed as if all of my hate and rage for Fred
came shooting out of me."

"Then what?" I asked.

She shrugged and pointed around us. I started thinking over everything that had happened then and now in the
dream world. And the more I thought about it, the more my sense of self took hold. Soon I began to have
substance, I could feel my body move. It was different. I noticed I looked level into Vics eyes.

As I noticed more and more things, I realized that I had breasts, not just any breasts, but they looked a lot
like Vic's. I knew they were big for a girl, her age, but, looking down my cleavage, they looked enormous. Wait,
a girl her age!

"And we are not fat! That fucking asshole raped me and got us pregnant."


I woke up, sitting straight up in bed and yelled at the top of my 12yo shrill girl's voice, "I'm pregnant!" And
promptly fainted back into bed.

It could only have been moments later, I felt a cool cloth on my forehead and a soothing voice saying it was all
alright. The voice also told me that 'my mother' was just waiting to see me, being very worried about what
happened last week.

Wait! What? A week? It seemed like so much longer, I had seen Vic show in the dream world. Then, my mother, that
must be Stephanie. That means I'm Victoria now, but how? And why? Before I had time for more, introspection,
Stephanie burst through the door running for me.

She wrapped me in her warm, motherly embrace. It felt good to be loved and wanted, to be someones little girl.
What was I thinking, I have to say something before this goes too far. I started to open my mouth, when a voice
in my head said, 'Stop, if you say anything, it will just hurt her more. I know you don't want that!"

In my head, I thought, 'Vicky, is that you in my head?' She answered, "Of course it's me, who else could it be.
And by the way, it's my head, you're just the one in control. Ok Vic?' 'Why are you calling me Vic? Vicky?'

You're in a girl's body now, I can't call you Walter anymore, now can I?'

She had me there, 'Why am I here at all?' Vicky, 'I don't know, maybe ask mom what happened and we can go from
there, ok?' I answered, 'Okay!' I could feel Stephanie backing away to get a look at me, I could feel the
pressure easing as our breasts separated.

I tried sitting up, until the nurse pushed the bed controls into my hand, my hands were so small I had to use
both to get the bed where I wanted it. I pushed stray strands of long red hair out of my eyes. Stephanie helped
on the other side. I noticed her hair was only slightly darker than my now bright flaming red hair.

I hadn't noticed how tired and worn she looked. This past week must have been very hard for her, worrying about
Vicky. And I guess me too, since I was here with Vicky. In a voice that felt foreign to my ears, I said,

"Stephanie, are you ok? You look terrible?"

"Victoria Rose Tyler!" I made a monumental goof right there.

"I'm sorry mom, I don't know what I was thinking."

She smiled, "Mommy forgives you dear, you're my daughter and that's all that matters!" She hugged me again, hmm,
that feels nice. I could get used to that. "Just tell mommy you're okay."

It wasn't hard to pretend to be the hurt little girl. I asked, "What happened mommy?" Then, "I don't remember
what happened after Fred started to rape me." As I started to cry. Mom, Stephanie, held me tighter.

Stephanie explained that the police had called her away from work because of, as they said, an incident. When
she got to the apartment, the paramedics were already taking Vicky away on a stretcher. The police told her that
apparently Fred had raped Vicky and was beating up on Walter, the neighbor when something very strange occurred.

I couldn't help myself as I blurted out, "What happened to Walter?"

Stephanie cried, "I didn't know that you knew Walter so well, he was such a nice old guy. If he'd even been 20
years younger, I might not have got involved with Fred in the first place and none of this would have had to

"But what happened, mom!" I started crying too.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart, Walter is gone. Fred kicked him a few times too many. He couldn't have survived that
abuse. The police said, 'He gave his life to try and save your daughter', they were sorry that they got there
too late to stop what happened."

Well, I kind of figured that I had died, but that didn't explain why I was sharing a body with Vicky now. I
started shaking all over. Stephanie must have thought I was getting worried about Fred.

Steph, mom, I guess from now on, "Don't fret, honey, just forget about Fred. He'll never hurt you or anyone else

I asked, "So, he's going to jail then?"

She got very serious then, "That's what the police thought was so strange. They were just out of the elevator
and drawing their guns, Fred was standing over Walter about to kick him again. When a ball of fire, engulfed

Fred, and quickly consumed him, as he screamed in horrible pain. They said that the only thing left of him were
his ashes. The thing that made it more unusual was that He fell on top of Walter, but the flames wouldn't touch

At least he finally got what he deserved for how he treated poor Vicky. I opened my mouth, "St... Mom... I'm
pregnant!" I began to cry harder than I ever had before.

She held me, "Vicky dear, don't say that! The doctors haven't said anything yet, so I'm sure it will be okay."

Just then, the nurse excused herself.

A few minutes later, two doctors entered the room. The first one was a lady, average height, but very cute, her
long blonde hair in a high ponytail with pink and blue ribbons. She Introduced herself to me, "Well, Victoria,
it's nice to see you awake, I'm Doctor Rebeka Stone, your general health doctor. And this is," Gesturing to the
other doctor, "Doctor Albert Wistlebloom, he's a psychiatrist."

I shook their hands. I said, "Doctor Who?"

He thought it was funny, "I get that more than you could possibly know."

Mom looked confused, then the three of us tried to explain about the BBC television show by that name. She
finally got the joke and laughed too.

Doctor Rebeka started, "Let me start by saying that you are completely healthy and fine. That is for someone who
is just finding out she is pregnant from being raped. I'm so sorry!"

Doctor 'Who', kind of reminded me of David Tennant, who played the 'Doctor' from the show, then began, "That
brings us to why I'm here. Since Victoria here, was out for a week. We tried many tests on her subconscious. It
seems that her being 'out of it' for the last week, was, her mind's way, of dealing with being raped."

I said, "That makes a lot of sense."

The two doctors looked at one another, Dr Who said, "The only thing is, in most cases like this, the patient
would be in a catatonic state for months or even years, especially someone so young as yourself."

And Dr Rebeka said, "The only thing that doesn't explain is how you knew you are pregnant?"

I laughed, "I think I can sort that one out." They all, including Steph, were looking at me. "Well, while I was
out, I was in a dream world with myself. You could actually say that the two of us spent a lot of time together
talking and playing together. When I noticed my other self was getting fat, she told me that we are pregnant.
And that's when I woke up."

Dr Who, "Well, that certainly explains a lot. You have a very interesting mind, young Victoria."

I smiled. If you only knew! "Just call me Vicky."

"Okay Vicky, as long as you call me Dr Albie. Not everyone gets the Doctor Who jokes."

And then, "And you can call me Dr Beka, okay! We have to do a few more tests now that you're awake, but if all
goes well, you'll be able to go home in a few more days dear."

Mom said, "Thank you so much doctors, my baby is my life. I can't tell you how happy I am."


It was later that first day when they took out the IVs and the catheter, but kept the monitoring leads to know I
was safe for a while. But one thing was for sure, no matter what gender, a catheter is just not fun, to use or
have removed. At least it was gone.

Vicky and I spent a lot of time talking together, but she wouldn't talk to anyone else, she just shut down when
it was anyone but me. That and a few other things I learned during my frequent psych exams, led me to understand
the why, if not the how I came to be with Vicky.

Other than the doctors and nurses, I spent a lot of time with my mom. It still felt strange thinking about
Stephanie in those terms, but that is the way things are now. I hope that at some point in the future, I'd be
able to tell her the whole truth.

After more tests by Dr Beka, it was confirmed that without a doubt, I was in fact pregnant. Any time I tried to
discuss anything about the rape, Vicky would close down and go away. Mom and I talked about the baby and what
would be best for it. Stephanie had not raised Vicky under any strict religious beliefs. And nothing in my past
life led me to any solid conclusions either.

We were given the choice of abortion only because the pregnancy was the direct result of a rape. Before, I was
neither, pro or anti, on the whole abortion thing, but I did feel that the expectant mother should have the
right to choose what happened to her body.

With that thought, and no input from Vicky, I made my choice and explained it to my mom. I think she understood.
I told her, "I don't know yet about adoption or not. But I am sure that the child I carry is an innocent, and
shouldn't have to pay for the sins of the father."

Mom said, "I feel that you are right about that. Fred was a terrible person. And this child deserves the chance
that anyone else does. I'm happy to see that you have chosen the more mature way of dealing with a bad
situation. I am very proud of you Vicky!"

She held me for a long while, rocking me on her lap. That gave me a strange thought. In around nine months, I
could be the one rocking their child. That truly scared me to my core. What was going to happen to me.

I asked her, "Mom, what's going to happen to me? I'm scared."

She said, "What scares you sweetie?"

I cried, "I'm 12 years old and already have large breasts. With the baby and nursing, they're going to get
bigger yet. I don't want to be 13 and have everyone think that I'm a freak because of my breasts."

"Don't you dare think that! Every body's bodies develops differently and at different rates. Just because you
developed early, doesn't mean that they will continue on in that way." She hugged me some more, "And yes,
nursing a baby will increase their size, but they won't always stay that way. If you take good care of yourself
and workout afterwards, well, you don't know what will happen. Okay?"

I asked, "Are you sure mom? What about you?"

Mom laughed, "Well, for me, and don't you dare tell anyone about this," She pretended to look around to see if
anyone was listening to us. "I was just the opposite of you honey. I was a late bloomer, when I became pregnant
with you, mine grew enormously. Your dad said it was the best thing that ever happened to me for him. And he was
right!" Still smiling, "It took a lot of work getting into shape after you were born, but it was worth it."

"God mom, you're still one of the best looking women in this city, I just hope I end up looking half as good as
you. After dad, I don't know how you let yourself be conned by Fred, he was such a loser." Now, part of that was
the old me talking, because Stephanie was way beyond hot looking. How she ended up with Fred after Vicky's dad
died is beyond me. The rest was just being honest with her.

Stephanie blushed at the compliment, "Well, honey, you got nothing to worry about there, cause you're already
more beautiful than me. And well, about Fred, you can't always tell when your heart wants, what it wants. You'll
understand that when you're older."

I muttered under my breath, "I'm twice as old as you, and I guess I'll never understand."

End of Chapter 2

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