Interesting Summer Vacation Part 1

Interesting Summer Vacation Part 1

By: kokopo618

“Will! Get down here!”

I scrabbled out of my bed and to my door tripping repeatedly along the way. My dad always uses the same tone of voice no matter what emotion he might be feeling, so I may be in trouble or he may be congratulating me on my excellent performance as his son for the last 16 years, but given my performance it is probably the former.

As I am running for the stairs I can hear pop music coming from my sister's room. I don't really like pop music, to me it all sounds the same with indiscernible catchy lyrics to boot. I've talked to my sister about it she says I don't "get it" I've always looked up to my sister and she is probably right, most times I feel like I "don't get" a lot of things.

"What's up dad" I say casually, while wracking my brain for things I could have done wrong.

My dad, William Collins Smith Sr. is the very definition of a man's man he's tall, strong, confident, square jaw, short dark brown hair, he's a handy man, he knows how to do just about anything a man is supposed to know how to do. Unfortunately I inherited none of these traits from him, and I'm sure I not the only one of us that's noticed, he has never voiced disappointment of me but I suspect I am not what he envisioned when he imagined a son.

"Don't worry you are not in trouble" he said picking up on my fake casualness, "I just got off the phone with Carl Olsen, an old buddy of mine from childhood, who I haven't spoken to since you and your sister came along, anyway he is opening a lake side lodge resort and he doesn't have enough people booked for opening weekend and he doesn't want the place to look like a failure so he offered to send us up there for free"

"Wow that's awesome, are we going soon? Should I pack now?" I asked.

"Yes and no, we're going on Saturday and staying for a week but you don't need to pack the resort provides clothes and everything you could think of, no packing required."

"That seems a little strange," I say.

"I thought so to but all I had to do was put all our information in the computer and send it to them and our cabin should be prepared by Saturday, they advertise as the most all-inclusive lodge on Swan Lake."

"Okay, I'll go tell Katie." I say, heading up the stairs.

This sounds way too good to be true I thought as I headed up stairs to tell my sister, something has to go wrong. I don't like thinking this way I would like to be more positive, but I have not had the easiest life and negative thinking often seems more realistic to me. I shouldn't complain we're not dirt poor, I haven't had much tragedy in my life besides the death of my mom but that happened when I was very young, I don't remember much of her, but I am still unhappy a lot, especially at school, I'm not very popular in fact I'd say I'm actively unpopular I often think if I started talking in a southern accent people wouldn't bat an eye. I used to do volleyball and gymnastics until about 6th grade when it became way less cool for a boy to do that sorta thing, plus I didn't need to appear less manly than I naturally do. I am very small for my age shorter than all the boys and some girls, I wear baggy clothing to hide my skinniness, I keep my hands in my pockets and wear a size too big shoes to cover my dainty hands and feet, I try to go as unnoticed as possible and it works.

"Hey Katie?" I say while knocking on the door. I can still hear the pop music on in her room I can't tell if it's a different song or not.

"Yeah, come on in little bro" I walk in and see Katie reach for her phone to turn her music off, "sorry I know you don't like this music"

"Don't worry about it," I reply.

My sister is 21 years old, beautiful, and to put it nicely she enjoys the company of men, nothing I judge her for, of course, I respect the hell out of her, after mom died she took over a lot of responsibility and basically helped raised me, she cooks and cleans, and I don't think dad could do it without her, which is perhaps why she doesn't move out, but despite all her hardship she is one of the most positive people I've ever known, she is about the only person who can cheer me up when I'm down.

"So, what's up Willy," she says with a big dumb smile on her face.

I look to her side at her mirror where I can see the both of us. People have often said we look similar, we are both blonde and we have similar features unfortunately those features look much better on a girl than a boy. Full lips, a small nose, big doe eyes with thick long lashes. It's partly my fault I do keep my hair pretty long for a boy.

I tell her about the trip and the all-inclusive stuff and of course she is very excited.

"I can't wait for all the shirtless hunks," She sings.

"What about John, you know, your boyfriend?" I ask although I expect I know the answer.

"Oh he's done," she says.

"That was your quickest one yet."

"I'm going for a world record" she counters, smiling.

"Good luck with that," I say walking out the door.

Maybe this is just what I need, we haven't had a vacation in a while and I don't have much going on here, so maybe this will get me out of my slump, at the very least It should be interesting.

Author's Note:
Uh, hi there readers or no one, I've been a fan of the stories on this site for a while and got an idea for one I haven't seen on this site so I decided to write it. To be clear I am no writer, I do not know what I am doing, and I will make many mistakes along the way, but I believe trying new and stupid things makes life Interesting see what I did there, so wish me luck, anyway I hope you got some enjoyment out of this beginning chapter of William Smith's story, I know it's pretty short but the following chapters will be longer this was just the beginning. Oh, and feel free to comment whatever you want, If it's positive that's great, if it's negative I'll probably agree with you, again I am not a writer.

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