Snow Angel Part 16

Anika had been going over the notebook Hatter had found. It had taken her almost all night to translate and decode to read it. The whole purpose of the attack on West Point had been to kill several family members blame Russian agents. There were children and grandchildren of certain Senators and Congressmen. The command center had been heading towards Washington D.C. to launch missiles towards the pentagon, the FBI and CIA building. That was why they were using Russian made missiles that could be trace back through North Korea. The trailers had already been set-up and prep to launch missiles. They just need the activation command from the command center. They were the same missiles that had been aimed at West Point and the US Army Department in New Jersey. The New Jersey office had several more children and grandchildren of importance working at those sites related to other congressmen. The whole thing was a revenge and blame tactic against certain members of congress to get them to act against North Korea.

They came across another plan to add a deadly contagious compound to the ink at the different Bureaus of Engraving and Printing. There was a list of things they had planned on doing. The major one was the attack at the airport to blame America for the murder of several major Chinese and Russian leaders on route to the White House tomorrow. The second one was to seized control of the drones and shoot down Air Force One and Air Force Two. This way they could eliminate the President and Vice President. They had ways to make the speaker of the house do as they wanted by kidnapping his family and holding them.

Anika couldn’t believe what she was reading. They had their plans laid out for almost every possibility. They were even going to take control of the energy grid hubs. They had stopped them for now, but she knew some of their plans were already in play. She had no idea which ones, but hopefully they will locate them as they went through the computer files.

She glances at Hatter, who has slept the whole entire time so far. Occasionally, her or Elizabeth would hear whimpering sounds or Hatter would beg the doctor to stop doing what he was doing. When she did that, Anika would write down the name of the doctor and have Shigeko check it out on what they knew so far about Hatter. She even called out for her mother and beg for her father not to send her away. She even sat straight up at one point and screamed like someone was killing her while still asleep. It had startled everyone in the conference room.

Dakota had been observing Hatter while she slept and when all this started happening. Especially the begging for her father not to send her away. Brought tears to Dakota eyes.

Terry had gone and brought some equipment from her shop and worked on Wraith down in the underground parking garage. Dakota left the conference room and gone down to help her with the repairs. Dakota was amazed at what she saw as she helped Terry with the repairs. She had seen many specialized vehicles while working in the special effects department on movie productions, but Wraith put them to shame. Everything built into the car, worked. It wasn’t a prop, but an actual kickass assault car. When Elizabeth and she had gone to check on Morgana and check Elizabeth’s wife car for a bomb; which they didn’t find one. Dakota learned a little bit more about Elizabeth. She learned that Elizabeth's wife was a fashion designer and had very successful line of clothes that several big names chain stories carried.

Anika had shown some of what she decoded from the book to Bart. Some of it were access codes and secret black site locations. Plus, their contact within the Secret Service and CIA. Access codes to certain restricted areas and numbers. There was a plan worked out for getting into the White House. There were some coordinates that didn’t make any sense to them.

As Bart was looking at the coordinates an idea struck him. He checked his hunches out by checking several flights that were due in at Washington Dulles International Airport.

“Oh boy! We have a problem.”

“What’s the problem?”

Anika knew Bart’s tone of voice.

“There’s a four-man crew waiting for a flight to come in at Dulles tomorrow at eleven o’clock. According to the information in this book, it has several heads of states that have been invited to the White House.”

“Crap! We better send Terry with wraith and Dakota down there.”

“Is she done with her repairs yet?”

“I don’t know, let me check with her.”

“Team Leader to Wraith, are you almost done with your repairs?”

Underground Garage:
“Hey Terry, Anika wants to know if the repairs are almost done?”

“They are three quarters complete. I’ve fixed what I can here, but the rest has to be done at my shop.”

“Terry which button allows me to put Anika on speaker?”

“The yellow LED glow one on the radio.”

Dakota presses the yellow button on the radio.

“Terry, is wraith almost operational?”

“Yes, why?”

“I need to send you and Dakota to Washington D.C. again to stop a fire team that is about to shoot down an incoming flight.”

“Send the information to my on-board computer systems.”

Terry slips out of her work coveralls she had on. She was still wearing the skintight body suit Anika had given her. She grabs her helmet and her side arm and gets into wraith. She notices that Dakota was already securing herself like she showed her last time. She had replaced the two pop-up guns with two mini-guns that came up. On the prototype chassis she tested them on, they had worked fine.

Anika sends the information to wraiths on-board computer systems. Terry has the GPS system plot the fastest route for them to take. It was a good thing she had topped off the main and Secondary fuel tanks. Wraith could run normal octane gasoline, but he performed better with the racing fuel Terry normally used in him.

Dakota looks over towards Terry “is wraith going to be able to handle this mission?”

“He’ll be able to handle the mission. Hopefully, the light bar will help us this time around. I don’t feel like having a bunch of State Troopers or city police chasing us.”

Terry starts wraith up and put him into gear and shoot out of the secondary garage heading for Washington D.C. again.

Conference Room:
Anika watches as wraith takes off and starts heading towards Washington D.C. Her and Bart get a message from Morgana about securing two data centers. The one in Texas and the one in Washington State.

“I got the one in Texas covered. I have a friend who owns a Private Security Contractor company. They can secure that location.”

“That still leaves the Washington state one.”

“You know Jack could send people from his contracting company to secure that center.”

“Yay, he could and than he would want an explanation on what is going on with his company.”

“The last I heard, his youngest daughter is being groomed to run the business.”

“She’ll still report to her father.”

“We need his resources Anika.”

“I know.”

Anika dials Jack’s secured number.

Jack’s Ranch:
Jack and Denise were sitting on top of their horses enjoying the quietness around the property. The girls were in school and Chaos and the other wolves were some where on the property tracking game. Jack feels his cellphone vibrating against his body. He pulls it and checks the number and notices it was Anika’s number. He wonders what she wanted.


“Jack, it’s Anika. I need some help from you.”

“What type of help do you need, Anika?”

“I need for you to send some of your Private Security Contractors to an address in Washington State that belongs to the company and secure it from some bad guys.”

“How soon do you need this done?”

“Right away if you can swing it.”

“It will be done within the hour and you know I want to know what is going on as well.”

“Trust me, I planned on telling you Jack. I was just hoping we could keep this mess internal.”

“I’ll be in New York in a few days. You can tell me about what is going on.”

“I will Jack and thanks for the help.”

“Any time Anika. You know I don’t mind helping you.”

“I know. Give your wife a kiss for me and a hug to each of your daughters.”

“I will. Bye.”

Jack ends the call and then dials another number.

“Barbara, its Jack. Send Alpha team to 3452 High Water Street, Yakima, WA. I need them to secure and apprehend any one on the property. That includes any equipment. Let me know when its done.”

“They are on their way sir.”

“Thank you Barbara.”

Jack hangs up.


“Yes and no. Anika needs my help with a problem concerning my telecommunications company in New York. She asked me to send some men to a data center we have in Washington State.”

“So, I guess you’ll be visiting New York soon to find out what is going on?”

“You got it sweetie. I’m going to take Gina with me. I want her to take over several of my businesses.”

“What about Julia?”

“She’s more interested in law enforcement. No, I think this suits Gina better. Besides, she’s got a head for numbers and gets along with people really well.”

Conference room:
Anika looks toward Bart “he’s going to send people to secure the location. I’ll send a text to Morgana letting her know.”

Anika sends a text to Morgana informing her that help was on the way towards the two locations and that any information she could supply for the teams heading there would be helpful.

“Do you miss being an Olympic Sport Super Star, instead of a specialist?”

“I do miss it at times. That’s how I got my code name from my Uncle. He saw me jump at the Olympic weather games and said there were wings behind me as I made the jump. I walked away from the games with two gold medals and one silver medal. I don’t miss working for the NSA. After the crap they pulled and the lives lost. No, I prefer doing this. What’s Dakota’s background?”

“She’s a former LAPD undercover police officer that had been betrayed by a crooked cop in her department. She used to work in the Vice and Narcotics division. She worked part time in the movie industries as a stunt person and special effects artist. Her father is a former Seal, now stunt person. Her mother is a special effects person. I found her near death while chasing down an escape convict. I got her the medical attention she needed and she’s been working for me on my ranch.”

“So, she’s good with infiltration and undercover work?”

“Yep, she speaks twelve different languages and can pass for almost anyone. A lot of the production companies she did stunt work for, also had her act as a double for their actors or actresses. You couldn’t tell the difference between the two. She already has several establish identities, thanks to the LAPD.”

“She’ll come in handy. I think she’s a good partner for Terry.”

“What’s the deal with?” Bart points over towards Hatter.

“She’s a mystery. All I do know about her, is she’s not all there. She’s wanted over in England for the thief of several valuable paintings, four murders and malicious wounding of six others. She’s had some sort of operative training, because I have never seen anyone move like she does.”

“Did you try to run her prints and DNA?”

“Yep, she’s never been arrested and she has no prints. Either she did it or someone else in her gang got rid of her prints.”

Bart just stare at her. He had been startled when she sat straight up and screamed like someone hurt her.

“We think she’s been abused and had experiments performed on her. There are areas of her skin that have been removed and left behind a thin layer of skin covering that area. Shigeko been trying to identify her. She’s using our friend in England to see if they have more info for us. We do know Hatter was born in England. That much we do know, but where and to whom we don’t.”

“Actually, we do now Anika.” Shigeko had been reading an email from their contact in England.

Bart and Anika looks at her ‘what did you find out?”

“Hatter’s real name is Aylin Christian Green and she is sixteen years old. She’s the first born daughter of Baron Wright Green and Lady Hollace Smith in Ravenstonedale, England. A girl matching her description killed Baron Wright Green three years ago. According to what our friend found out from a former employee of a mental hospital. She was placed in the mental hospital at the age of six by her father. The administrator of the hospital was known for performing illegal human experiments on her. There’s a death certificate with her name registered in Ravenstondale. The death certificate was filed by the administrator of the hospital that was mysteriously murdered in a car explosion three years ago. Her father was killed by her two days afterwards.”

“Dam! No wonder Hatter is so crazy. She was left in a mental hospital since she was six years old and had illegal experiments performed on her. Was there anything else?”

“Yes, the night she finally managed to escape, she bit off the penis of an orderly that had raped her. She killed the other orderly that had raped her with a lethal dose of drugs they use to give her. He was found dead in the men's bathroom. As far as England is consider, she’s legally dead. She has a younger half-brother, but her birth mother is dead. She died the night before she was put into the mental hospital.”

“The question now is, why does she dress like she does?”

“Because the only thing she had that meant anything to her when she was placed into the mental hospital was an Alice in Wonderland book. She identifies with the Mad Hatter from the story.”

"That explains her style of dress, the question is. What type of experiments were performed on her?"

Anika, Elizabeth, Bart and Shigeko all look at Hatter as she slept.

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