A New Job Promotion Twist Part 4

It doesn't take long when one of our security personnel appears at my new office. Its mechanical voice speaks. “It is time Associate Gorman. Please follow me.” I get up and follow. My guide leads me down into the basement where I stand in the corridor into the same stone corridor I had been led fifteen years ago, the same corridor that I had led Collin now Kelly to take. I stand before the stone archway, but it isn't closed off it is open. I close my eyes. I relax into the yoga that has been my comfort and stay since I have become a part of Fashionable Inc. It doesn't seem to take long, but I feel a shift as I go passed or somehow through the corridor.

I am in the chamber of archways, and I again stand before the archway with the Roman numeral one at its pinnacle. Then, I step through. I am back in the nightclub that Gerry had led me into all those years ago. But something isn't right. I am feeling funny, sleepy and not my usual in control self. As I start to fall, a strange man takes me on his shoulder and begins to walk me out. He walks past security and out the door to his car. When I am in his car, he ties me up. I try to reach out and touch him but nothing seems to happen. I can't seem to focus.

He touches me, but I am unable to feel excitement or fear. I feel him pull up my clothes. He is whispering things at me. “You dirty whore! Women like you deserve what is coming to them. You deserve to be hurt and taken. Then, I will take your pretty little jewel. You don't realize how precious these things are. Things are looking bad until he falls down. Then, I am face-to-face with the people Gerry had introduced to me as Security. One of them puts something over my face, and then I remember no more.

I am sweating as I walk through the archway. Did I pass or did I fail? I do not know. I am frightened. I had once thought myself invincible, able to take any man I want for myself. I didn't see the dangers. I had followed the rules, but I had never felt so dirty and scared and weak. What was the meaning of this? Were there people who knew about us? Were there people seeking to take us and our cryxes and sell them to others? Were there people that would kill one of us for these things? I still feel that way as I stand before the second archway. Then, I close my eyes and walk through.

I am again in that club, but this time I am watching over Kelly. Or I was? Where did she go? I look this way and that way. I am about to panic when I relax and feel for her. She is no longer in the building. I motion for one of the security. Then, we go outside. By the time we get out there, we find Collin in Kelly's torn and dirty clothes, bleeding, and bruised. I bend over him. “Collin, Collin, are you okay?” There is no answer. I hear that mechanical voice, “Stand aside associate. Let me pick her up, then you and I will go right back to headquarters.” On the way back to Fashionable, Collin's pulse disappeared. He was dead on arrival. It was awful. She had been so confident and so sure. But now she is dead and her cryx was gone. There was going to be hell to pay.

I am shivering and clinging to myself as I come through. I struggle to understand if it was reality or could have been reality or should have been reality. I look ahead at the last archway. I wonder again if somehow if I had failed the archway test. I wondered again if this was real and if things like this happened. I wondered what it had to do with me and why I was seeing this.

Then, as I stand before the last archway. I do not know what is going on. I do not know why I am here. I wonder if I will succeed or fail. I close my eyes. I take a step and I am through. I am sitting in a office high above the ground. I am dressed up again but I have a serious look on my face as a man stands before me. “Lady, I was able to procure one of those diamonds, as you had asked. It was so easy. They drank it and fell for my lines. I can't believe what I am seeing, nor do I believe what I am about to hear. “You have done well, Maxwell.” Then, I push a briefcase toward him. Max opens it up, and smiles. “This is what we agreed on, Lady.” Thank you.

He is about to leave when I say, “Would you like a drink to celebrate together, dear?” He laughs. “That is a messed up joke, Lady. I don't think either you nor I would drink with the other. I will see you next year.” Then, I watch him go. I am unable to understand what is going through my mind at the moment, but then a light flash and I am through the final archway.

As I open my eyes, I look down. There before me is a black armored suit, like security wears. I touch it, fearfully. Then, I see writing on the table next to it. It says:

Congratulations, sister. If you are reading this, you have powered your security suit. Strip from your robe, leave your cryx on and put on the security garment. Then return to your office immediately.

I follow instructions. I take off my black satin robe. I put on the armored suit, and I walk back the way I came. I walk through the archway in the very first corridor. I walk down that corridor to the entrance door. I push it open. Then, I walk back up the steps all the way to third floor. Then, I return to my office. Before I make it there, I am met by others wearing the same suit. Then, I hear my associate ID number. Agent 66615821, welcome to Security. Please follow me inside.

I follow the black clad unit into a new and bigger office. Behind the desk is another dressed like myself. “Agent 66615821, do you have any questions?” I reply, “Yes. I am curious if there are people who hunt associates for their cryxes.” The one behind the desk responds. “We do, Agent 66615821. You need to understand some things. There is great power at work here. We need to protect the company. Many of these associates are going to let the power go to their heads and screw things up. We make sure that our associates are playing by the rules. We also cull out the weak associates. I hope you are not squeamish. We will be asking you to do things like this.”

'No, I am not squeamish. I was just confused. What is your assignment for me?” The security unit ahead of me continues. “You will proceed to Club 32. You will be part of the security detachment there. Clean up any associate messes. Watch out for one years. Watch out for cryx stealers. You will have whatever you need in your suit. You are dismissed.”

I walk down the hallway, to the elevators and down to the second level garage. I find my car and I am off. I am at Club 32 and I present myself to the unit leading the work there. The unit gives me a tour of the premises. Then upstairs he briefs me on what to expect tonight. “Unit 66615821. We are expecting Sales Division Wisconsin here tonight. President's name is Jane Michael. Vice-president is Andrea Dawson. There are three new associates assigned to Wisconsin. You will tail one: Nicole Tatum. You will follow her everywhere. You will observe everything she does. You will follow her back to Fashionable. When she faints after taking off the cryx, you will take her to her room at the Hilton, 235. Then you will be dismissed for the night.”

As I take my position, I would have had lots of questions. But the suit I am wearing suddenly brings information I didn't have before. It tells me who Nicole Tatum was Nicholas Tatum. It puts a picture up before me in between my eyes. Soon, people are coming to the club. I stand still and out of sight as they do. I especially take note of the men who come in. Some of those who come in I can get a face identification from social media networks. Others I have access to their criminal record. I take extra note of one who is there and has sexual predator next to his name. There is even a famous actor that walks in. He tried to come in without being recognized, but I was able to see who and what he is. Then, I catch sight of Sales Division with Jane Michael. She has brought a few of the ladies with her – none are first year associates. They don't waste time, especially Jane. They are out on the dance floor attracting attention.

It is another thirty minutes when Andrea brings in several more, this group has Nicole. I take in her clothes and everything registers as she saunters into the room. After these girls have settled, they are out on the dance floor. I notice every man who approaches Nicole. I can feel the energy they give off and how Nicole reacts. I see which ones draw her and I see which ones repel her. But then I see her settle on one. She bumps and grinds against him. She kisses him on the dance floor. Then, she is leading him away.

I am still in stealth mode when I follow her into the back room. Then he is on her. His mouth is on her neck. His hands are on her hips. She is close and he is full of desire. She pulls off his shirt and pulls down his pants and underwear. She holds his cock until it is out to full strength. She pulls up her dress lays down on the floor and spreads herself for him. Then full of desire he enters into her. She bumps and grinds and gasps and moans as he fills her first with his meat then with his semen. She lets him empty and then she stands up, dresses and walks out.

I look at him while he lays there in pleasure. Before he is able I run over to him and down on my knees take the mask off and lick around his prick. I taste Nicole and I taste him. I find myself glow a little as I finish cleaning him. Then, my mask goes back on and I am back out in the main hall. Quickly I locate my charge drinking water and chatting with fellow associates. It is nearly an hour until Nicole is out on the floor again. She finds two more men, one she goes down on, another she lets fill her ass.

I am on extra alert as we pass 2am and as others enter in. There is one in particular that feels like something. He focuses in on the associates as if he knows who and what they are. Then, I see him focus on Nicole. I am about to move when I hear a voice in my head. “It is good you recognize him. You are supposed to. But let him work – interrupt him if he hurts her.” I continue to observe as they dance and then as he leads her over to the bar. She orders a water and he orders a beer. I move a little ways away and grab a water from the bar. I watch. When he thinks Nicole isn't looking, he pops something inside. I move behind the bar, then I replace his glass with the glass I had gotten.

She properly checks the water. Then sips and drinks the whole thing. They visit and talk, and then lays her head down on him. But he doesn't lead her out, she is leading him to the back room. She is in full and complete control when she drains him letting her fuck her three times. Then, she leaves him. As I look down on him, I walk over. I see a pendant around his neck and I reach over and look at it. My mind takes in that pendant. Again that voice comes into my head. “Time to leave him. That pendant is Fashionable created. He will be fine. Now go.”

I stand up and go back outside. Nicole and others are picking their things up to leave. I pick up their trail as they head off to a small diner for an early breakfast. Then, they head back to headquarters. I wait down the escalator. When nearly one half hour is up, Nickolas Tatum comes out the door. He nearly falls down the escalator when I reach over and pick him up into my body suit arms. Then, I carry him down the escalator, put him in a wheelchair below, then I walk him to the hotel. I use his hotel card to let him in a back way. A screen in front of my eyes gives me the fastest route to his room. I open his room, lay him down, then secure the room shut. I am out the door and back at headquarters.

I take off my security suit, and replace it in my closet. I put on my satin robe returned to my closet. Then, I sit down and take an hour to report on what happened at Club 32 regarding Nicole Tatum. I filed it under Nicole's confidential file, and then I went into the cryx chamber. I took off my cryx. I dressed quickly, and made my way gingerly down the escalator. Then, I made my way into the hotel and crashed on the bed without turning over the sheets. I slept for several hours.

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