Becoming Annabelle Lee Chapter 13

“I’m taking the girls to their ballet practice.”

Annabelle grabbed the keys to the used SUV they bought recently. They had bought it from one of their customers. He was downsizing and wanted something smaller. Besides, their truck wasn’t cutting it any more with four people inside the cabin area.

They had just gotten it the day before her and the girls were whisked off by Dawn’s family for the weekend. She was taking the girls to their ballet class. The instructor that taught the class was a client of theirs and she had a good reputation. She had been in several productions and visited a lot of places. One of the productions she had been in was CATS. She played Rumpleteazer in several productions. She treats Gina like she would any other girl and reinforces lady like behavior into Gina.

Annabelle pulls into the parking space in front of the studio.

“Alright girls, go in there and do what your instructor tells you to do. I love you two.”

Annabelle hugs each girl and gives them a kiss on their cheeks before they leave the SUV. She watches as they enter the studio and wait a few minutes before leaving. She knew the girls would be in the studio for at least two hours.

Annabelle heads back to the store to work the floor and register, while Dawn does the books and get payroll ready for Friday. Since she ran into Dawn that morning several months ago, her life has changed. Before she had no idea where she was going or what she was going to do. She had patterned her looks off the actress Helena Mattsson. Her own breast were growing and she figures, she might be a bit bigger then the actress. The rest of her body matched the actress body measurements and weight. She could be standing right next to her and pass as her twin sister.

Annabelle arrives back at the hardware store and takes over for Dawn. The rest of the employees were helping people. She spots a young teenage boy trying to steal an item from one of the displays.

Annabelle walks quietly up behind him and instead of accusing him of stealing. She drops a few dollars near him on the floor and walks back to the counter. She discreetly glances at him as she notices him picking the money up. She walks up to the counter and waits to see what he does. She has seen the boy around and knew he was a good kid. She also knew that his parents were down on their luck and the boy would beg or try to make money to help his family out.

Derick thought for sure that Annabelle had seen him stealing and was about to stop him, but she didn’t. She had continue to walk up to the counter checking the shelves as she went. When he turned around and saw the bills on the floor someone had drop and decide that with the money he could pay for the item instead.

When he went up to the counter, Annabelle acted surprised to see him.

“Hey Derick, how would you like to make a few bucks tomorrow?”

“Sure, what’s the job?”

“Well, we could use someone to pick-up the trash around the building outside and due some minor yard word. Do you think you could handle the job? I’ll throw lunch in as well.”

“Sure, I can do it. What time tomorrow?”

“Let’s say 8 o’clock tomorrow.”

“I’ll be here.”

Annabelle gives Derick the change from the money he gives her for what he just bought.

“See you tomorrow morning Derick.”

Annabelle watches as he leaves the store.

Dawn had over heard everything. She walks over to Annabelle to speak to her.

“Found another cause?”

Annabelle plays innocent. “I know we can’t help everyone, but Derick is a good kid and is looking out for his family. I thought maybe, I could hook him up with one of the contractors we know that could take him under their wing and teach him their business. Besides, I’m paying Derick out of my own pocket, instead of the stores.”

“That’s why I love you. You have a big heart.” She leans in and gives Annabelle a kiss.

“And here I thought it was my body you were after.”

“I already own that. I just needed the heart to go with it.”

Dawn smacks Annabelle on the butt gently, as she goes to ring up a customer.

Annabelle gets back to work in the store. Sam and another person was their evening manager. Sam didn’t mind being the evening
manager and if he wanted to work a morning shift, she knew Dawn or herself would trade with him.

The afternoon goes by quickly just from the sales they were having. Dawn left to pick the girls up from ballet practice and by she got back to the store, Annabelle had an hour left on her shift.

The next day, after the girls were dropped off at school. Annabelle and Dawn opened the store like normal and Derick was there when they arrived.

“Have you been waiting long Derick?”

Dawn opens the store as Annabelle leads Derick into the store.

“Only a few minutes. I got a ride with my next door neighbor. He was heading this way and allowed me to ride with him.”

“That's always good, let’s go ahead and get you geared up and working.”

Annabelle gets everything Derick was going need.

“Look, if it gets to be too hot outside for you. Come inside and grab some water or if you want a juice or soda, let me know, okay?”

“Thanks Annabelle.”

“You’re welcome.”

Annabelle watches as Derick heads outside and start picking up all the trash on the property. She checks on him throughout the morning and couldn’t believe how thoroughly he was doing the job. He wasn’t leaving anything on the ground. After three hours he comes in to grab a bottle of water.

“I have most of the trash picked up around the building. Just one side left to do.”

“Okay, let me know when your done.”

“Okay, Annabelle.”

Dawn and Annabelle just watched as Derick goes back outside to finish the job. An hour later, Derick comes back in and Annabelle shows him what she wanted done.

“Derick, Dawn and I are getting subs for lunch. Would you like one or would you like something different?”

“Subs are fine. Would it be okay to get a steak sub, Annabelle?”

“It would be fine, do you want a full sub?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay. Anything special to drink?”

“A medium coke if that’s okay.”

“That’s fine.”

Derick goes back to work.

Twenty minutes later, Annabelle returns with their lunch. She got a full sub meal for Derick with a medium soda like Derick asked.

“Thanks Annabelle.”

“You’re welcome Derick. I think Dawn wants to talk with you when your done.”


Derick goes back outside to finish the work Annabelle assigned him and when he is done. He heads inside to speak to Dawn.

“You wanted to talk with me Dawn?”

“Yes, let’s speak in the office.”

“Okay.” Derick follows Dawn into the office.

“Shut the door please and have a seat.”

Derick does as instructed and looks at Dawn.

“Derick, Annabelle has said you were looking for a job. I don’t have any full time positions opened right now, but if you don’t mind working part time, I could use you. Also, I spoke with one of my customers and he could use a part time person to help do clean-up and miscellaneous jobs around the construction site. Would you like to accept these jobs?”

“Yes ma’am and thank you.” Tears were coming from his eyes.

Now he could catch some of their bills up. The disability checks coming in were barely allowing them to have any money left over for food.

“Don’t thank me, thank Annabelle. She knows your a good person and wanted to help you. Do you know Freddy Graham?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“He’s willing to take you on part time. After you leave here today, go and see him.”

“I will ma’am and thank you.”

“Your welcome. Here is some paperwork I need you to fill out.”

Dawn gives him the paperwork she needed done for his employment.

“Let me know what days Freddy gives you and we’ll work around that.”

“Thank you, Dawn.”

“Your welcome Derick. Go and see Annabelle for your pay for today.”

Derick gets up and heads out the office and over towards Annabelle. He hugs her.

“Thanks Annabelle.”

“You’re welcome Derick.”

Annabelle hands a bank envelope to Derick.

“That’s for today.”

Derick stuffs it in his pocket. He’ll see how much he made after he leaves here.

“I arranged a ride for you with Freddy. Good luck and I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon if you’re available.”

Annabelle watches as Derick leaves the store. She goes back to what she was doing.

Derick stops to see how much Annabelle paid him and was amazed to find two hundred dollars in the envelope. He finds a note among the cash.

“You did a wonderful job today and hope to see the same dedication from you.”

Derick just smile and put the note in his pocket. He was going to frame it when he can.

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