Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 11

Theia was panting hard as she swung her sword at another zombie. Another wannabe wizard had summoned a bunch of zombies. They were fighting at an old Roman battlefield that dated back to 388, Battle of the Save.

“Why can’t they just let the dead, stay dead?”

Theia cuts two zombies down.

“Because the wannabes are trying to be black wizards.”

“So, why don’t we track their teachers down and eliminated them?”

‘Because that's not our job. You don’t use a cannon to kill a fly. We’re cannons and we handle the real serious threats.” Titanis blocks a swing towards her.

“You mean like killing zombies?” Theia’s sword cuts through another one.

“Yes and no. We’re really supposed to handle the heavy stuff like dragons, other demi-gods and so on. A vampire every so often wouldn’t be a bad thing. I haven’t killed a Master vampire for the past 5 years.”

Titanis remembers the last one she killed. It was how she met her wife. A Master vampire had found the legendary pool of immortality and was going to drink from it. It would had brought him back to life with his full vampiric abilities. That couldn’t be allowed.

Shayla had tracked the Master down and wanted to kill him for turning her sister into one of them. She ended up killing him and her sister. Her sister’s turning hadn’t gone as planned and she was more animal then vampire.

For the next hour-n-half Titanis and Theia busted their butts fighting an army of zombies.

“God, this is the second time we had to battle zombies. Can’t these wannabe’s find something else to bring to life?”

“Wait till you have to fight a demon. Then you’ll be begging to kill zombies.” Titanis was wiping her sword down with a cloth she brought with her.

“Here, clean your sword or mom will spank you with it.”

Theia catches the cloth and cleans her sword before putting it back in its scabbard. She removes a small flask from her belt and takes a drink
from it. She could try to drink the flask empty, but it would refill itself. The water inside came from a pure source. It was cold, clean and refreshed. The flask always refilled itself after she emptied it.

“God, I love this flask. The water is so clean and cool.”

“That’s because it comes from an underground source that hasn't been touched or polluted.” Titanis takes a sip from her own flask.

“Are we using a portal to get back home or is mom going to beam us?”

“We’re using a portal. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Titanis cuts a portal with her sword and opens it just outside her house. She walks through first, followed by Theia. Both their armors disappear

as a tailored dress appears around Theia with a nice pair of shoes on her feet. The only thing that hadn’t disappeared was her sword.

Titanis takes a deep breath and could smell the aroma of Shayla’s famous lamb dish.

“Mmm..Shayla is fixing her famous lamb dish tonight.”

“How can someone who can’t see, cook something so yummy?” Theia’s mouth was watering at the smell her nose had picked up.

“Because she has Leo helping her and since her other senses are taken-up the lack of having no eyesight. She can smell and taste a lot better than your average cook.”

Titanis heads inside the house with Theia following behind her. They head towards the kitchen where they see Shayla removing the lamb from
the oven. All the side dishes were already on the dining room table.

“I timed it just right for the two of you.”

Titanis steps behind Shayla and wrap her arms around her waist and gives her a kiss.

“I would say that was a yes, Shayla.”

Theia walks over to her spot and sit down. She pours herself a glass of tea and takes a sip from it. She missed having sweet tea in Olympus when she was visiting her mother. They had stayed a week before being sent on that task in Greece to deal with those zombies at the battlefield. They didn’t find the wizard who had summoned them, but when they do. She was going to give that person a spanking like they never had.

Shayla brings the lamb into the dining room and set it on the table. They sit at the table making small talk and enjoyed the dinner Shayla made for them. Theia has been noticing her appetite has been increasing each time they go and fight.

“Hey sis, I mean to ask mom this question, but should my appetite be increasing with all the fighting we have been doing?”

“Yep, you burn more calories than I do when we are fighting.”

“Okay, I didn’t know that.”

“That’s why mom told you to keep a pouch on your belt filled with trail mix and jerky. That way you can take a handful and munch on it after you
fight or while you’re fighting. I would recommend you go and soak in the sauna for an hour or so after dinner.”

“I was thinking about it or the hot tub.”

“Either one will be good for you.”

After dinner, Theia helps put away the left overs and clean the kitchen up. She heads up to her bedroom and grab a towel and head down to the hot tub. She was going to soak and relax for a while. She notices when she gets undress, another flower tattoo has appeared on her body.
As she is resting in the hot tub. Sparrow crashes right in the tub next to her. Sparrow looked like she has had the crap beat out of her. Theia looks up and notices several Jackal men coming through the portal Sparrow had opened. She summons her armor and sword like her mother taught her while she was on Olympus.

“Titanis, we have intruders!” Theia sends mentally to her sister.

“I know, they are up here in the living room.”

Theia blocks a swing towards her with her sword and spins kick another Jackal man, sending him back through the portal. Someone was keeping the portal opened and from the look on the other side. It looked like it was inside some sort of ancient pyramid room. She glances towards Sparrow, but she was out cold in the hot tub.

Theia spins and slice through three jackal men that tried to surround her. She had to close that portal. She channels her magic through her sword and slices through the portal from the side cutting it in half. Titanis has been training her on making her own portals and how to close them. The feedback she got from her sword and magic cutting through the portal made her body go numb. She couldn’t let that stop her from fighting.

She takes down the last four jackal men that had come through the portal before she destroyed it. She looks around and notice that there was black ash covering the floor from where the Jackal men dissolved. Theia lifts Sparrow from the hot tub and carries her upstairs to a spare room. She lays Sparrow down on the bed and run back downstairs to grab Sparrows scimitar. She knew better to touch an enchanted mystical sword, so she wraps a towel around the sword before picking it up out of the water and carry it upstairs to the room Sparrow was in.
Sparrow had claw marks on her body that went across her stomach and over her chest area. There was a nasty cut that went across her forehead. Her arms and legs were covered in claw marks and what looked like a cut made by a sword or something.

Theia checks Sparrow’s vitals, but wasn’t sure she would feel anything. She felt a slow pulse at her neck and on her arm.

Titanis comes running in covered in her armor and her sword ready to strike.

“Are you alright?”

“Ya, I’m fine, but Sparrow looks like she went twenty rounds with Muhammad Ali.”

“She’ll be fine. She’s an agent of death. You can’t kill her. You can hurt her badly or chop her body up, but you can’t kill her. Only death can do
that. Not even Uncle Hades or any of the death gods or goddesses can take her life.”

“What did you see when the portal opened down here?”

“Like the inside of an ancient pyramid. My body is still recovering from the feedback I got from cutting the portal in half with my sword and magic.”

“That’s because, unless you make the portal you’ll get a feedback from closing someone else’s portal. Sparrow must have made it and locked onto the one I made when we came from Greece.”

“But we appeared outside in front of the house.”

“I know, but when you lock onto someone else’s that might be closing, it can open up anywhere. Sparrow must have been thinking of you when she made hers and appeared down in the basement where you were. Another portal opened downstairs in the living room. Luckily, Shayla and I were watching a movie when it opened.”

“How is Shayla?”

“She’s fine. Leonidas protected her while I kept those Jackal men away from her.”

“Don’t they belong to Anubis?”

“Yep, they are his foot soldiers.”

“Couldn’t he appear here?”

“Not unless he wants to explain to mom or grandfather what he is doing here. He may be the guardian and protector of the dead, but he won’t
step foot on the property or inside the house without asking first. No God or Goddess is permitted to step foot in the home of a child of the gods, just like we can’t either. We have to have permission just like them.”

“So, how did his soldiers get in our house?”

“Minions don’t need permission and the portals opened here.”

“Do we need to contact Sparrow’s husband and let him know she is here?”

“Her mate bond will tell him where she is and what condition she is in. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t appear any time soon. Her children can open portals on their own.”

Just as Titanis says that, a portal opens right behind them in the hallway and a very huge pitch-black wolf comes walking through with a tall muscular man walking behind it. The wolf’s eyes were glowing white as it moves aside to let the man come through.

“We were just talking about you Daigh. That must be your son Seamus.”

“Sorry for not calling you first Titanis. How is Sparrow?”

“She’s going to be out of it for a while. I don’t know if your wife told you, but I would like you to meet my little sister Theia.”

“So, your Titanis’s little sister? My wife told me about you. She said you were more polite then your sister."

He smirks when he says that.

"Ha,ha, very funny."

Titanis sticks her tongue out at him.

"It looks like you ladies had some company.”

“That we did. Why don’t we go downstairs and let Sparrow recover?”

Seamus walks over to his mother and nudges her hand with his nose. He gives her a few minutes to respond and when she doesn’t. He
whines some. He was worried about his mother.

“Come on Seamus, let’s let your mother recover. She’ll be okay.”

Seamus turns towards his father and then jumps upon the bed and lay his head on her stomach and close his eyes. He wasn’t going to leave his mother.

“Okay, you can keep watch over your mother.”

Daigh follows Titanis and Theia downstairs to the living room, which had ash everywhere. Shayla comes walking into the living room with a tray of coffee.

Titanis waves her hand and all the ash on the floor disappears and reappears out in the compost pile along with the ashes from downstairs.

They all sit, drink coffee and talk about what happened.

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