A Model is Born 3 – Family in Support

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A Model is Born
3 – Family in Support

By Jessica C

I was surprised that while we were shopping, I relaxed. I enjoyed myself and began to think more about our modeling trip to the capital. I helped to pick out a dress and an outfit that I as Teri would look special in.

Once we were home, I hurried to get back into my clothes. I continued doing so even after I found them to be less comfortable. They were scratchy to my skin.

Hattie comments, “Teri, you make a good girl. Each time out as a girl you are becoming more natural as a model and my sister.”

“Thanks Hattie, but let’s remember it’s only as part of our modeling and the need to practice. I have times I need to be more convincing as a girl model. It doesn't mean I like it.”

Come morning, Terrance got up and ready for school quietly. He was in full Terrance mode. He was even part of a guy’s pick-up basketball game when he got there before school began. Jamie saw him and strongly asked, “Teri, what are you doing?”

She looked at his hands and could tell two of his longer fingernails were broke or damaged. When they went into school she says, “Did you notice how hard that was on your hands and fingernails, from having played basketball with those boys.”

She could see some disappointment on his face, but it quickly disappeared. Terrance said, “Well what did you think was going to happen. I am a guy you know.”

Hattie joined them and asked, “Hey what’s going on?” Once at her locker, Jamie got what she needed and walked away. All she said, “Your brother has an attitude and he took it out on his hands.”

Hattie walks with Terrance to their lockers, one next to the other. Hattie simply says, “We know you’re a boy but you don’t need to look and smell like a sweat hog to prove it.” Once at their lockers she lifts his right hand and sees the damaged nails.

She didn’t say anything, but Terrance did. “A bit overboard, but I felt a need to do it and I feel better.”

Another friend, Tess sees them talking and looking at his nails. She jokes, “Good thing that is you and not your girly sister. She’d be freaking out.” It wasn’t fully true, while Hattie is quite girly she’s not so fragile as to freak out per se. She had once broke a nail, punching a guy in the shoulder. The guy and his friends had picked on Terrance and another boy both small for their age. Girls got in less trouble in fighting back, even if it was for their brother.

Come Saturday morning Hattie and Terry both slept in until 9:00. When Hattie announced, “Hey, let’s get in some modeling practice; beginning as close to 11:00 as possible. We each have set out 3-4 outfits with accessories for each to model.”

Terry asks, “How about we just practice with the clothes and then practice makeup later? We should also practice going by Attie and Teri.”

Hattie says, “Good idea, but I wonder if there’ll be more or less times models need to do their own makeup?” They get into a discussion about it. It is Teri who says, “I don’t know about you but I need to learn to do my makeup better. I don’t want to be the captive of someone doing my makeup if we differ.”

Mom was already down stairs and had a lite breakfast ready to prepare. “Here, I got some fresh fruit cut up for you. It should help provide energy, without adding fat.” Terrance understands but it rubs him the wrong way as he’s wanting to grow and bulk up like a regular guy. Yet he also wants to model and easily pull off looking like a girl or woman in doing it.

They were about ready to start their practicing with mom watching on to critique them. Mom stops them before they start. “Teri, you need to atleast have your hair in some feminine style.”

“But Mom…” Teri began and was interrupted by Attie and then Jamie. “If you don’t, you’ll find it’s not complete.” And it wasn’t enough to put it up in a ponytail. That might have been okay for the third change, but not to start out with.

The long hair is swept mostly to one side, and some curls are added. Jamie will help Attie if needed and mom will help Teri as needed. It hadn’t dawned on me that I was down to wearing a panty and bra in front of my mother and Jamie. I rationalize it as the way it needs to be as a model.

My first outfit is a long dress that my mother insisted I buy. Today I like it, as it falls down over my body and I have a good sense of how it should fit and look. Mom says, “There was no trying to be seen as being a boy in this dress.” Attie and I both agreed that it did not lend itself to that.

Jamie says, “It would be both good for trying to show off the dress as well as to impress others. It is a look that could attract both boys and girls but for very different reasons.”

I thought the second outfit should be my third one as it is too dramatic of a change from the previous dress. This is a poufy skater dress that presents the challenge of white stockings and a garter belt. I didn’t want my mother’s help on this if I could help it. But I couldn’t balance the look of the stockings with the dress on my own. But Mom’s hands touching me as she helps hook the stockings was way too much help from a boy’s mom.

The worst part is how much I like the look and think it would be a nice look for me in wearing this or another outfit like it. that would be especially on our own time at Indianapolis. With mom’s help, I’m able to make the change in five minutes. With makeup and hair it would be tight in keeping it to eight to nine minutes. I don’t know where mom came up with the big daisy she puts in my hair but it works well and brings out a broader, more cheery smile from me.

This time, mom opens the sliding door and has me walk out back on the stepping stones out to an area nestled among the trees in our back yard. With three inch heels my stride is quick, more pronounced like the professional models we’ve see.

I enjoy the sound of my heels hitting the stone walk. There is a place at the end where I had to move around and show the outfit. I pause a little longer as Mom says they will probably take longer describing the different pieces of clothing, i.e. shoes, top, skirt/dress and in this case even the stockings as it is part of the look. Attie and Jamie have ideas of what I should be doing; I repeat the walk three times until I get the walk and displaying the outfit done real well.

The third outfit is with an open top in the front. Mom needs to blend the edges of my faux boobs with me skin. We do the presentation without a bra or tube top. Once again there is a suggestive hint I might be a male model. Then with the bra and padding and there is no question that I’m presenting as a girl. I’m having fun but between Attie and me I’m the one working her butt off this time.

The next outfit is a flaring skirt open down the front from thigh high. I like the look but it should be on an older girl. Mom assures me with the proper makeup I will look like a twenty year old. The top at its longest sits on the top of the skirt with my waist peek a booing out as I move. Attie stops me and ties the bottom of the blouse and now there’s more of my waist showing. Jamie and Attie swear it makes the outfit. I’m not sure, I think they are just playing with me. Mom loosens my hair until it falls down the sides and back. She too likes how I now look.

I put a swagger to my walk as I walk out and back. Jamie corrects me, “You’re a girl and the swagger should be a swaying of your hips. Lose the tough boy look and bring on the teasing look of a girl being a free spirit.” This time Jamie walks out if front of me to help me get the walk done properly.

I’ve put on the fourth outfit and see another dress suggesting one more change. I say, “What gives, we were doing a maximum of four changes?”

Mom says, “Suck it up and consider yourself a model. If they ask you to model another outfit or three more, you need to be able to do it. Whatever the reason, be it because a show is short of models or it’s a photo shoot and they’ve added some more outfits to the shoot. You should be ready to perform up to their expectation. Remember there are models waiting to take your place.”

The fifth outfit is more like work, but Attie checks my attitude before I’m to walk out. "Sultry, not pissed, Teri. Look it’s a beautiful outfit and there’s a boy on the right and two girls straight in front that you’re trying to impress." She sees my expression change and she slaps my butt to send me out. Attie is correct it’s a terrific looking dress. It is a dress many girls would love to see themselves in.

I am asked to repeat the walk two more times before I have it all down. I want to be done, but I do it even one more time to put it all the pieces together. I am happy and Hattie is there as I finish with a smile and big hug. “You blow my mind Teri. It was like we were pretending and you got into it big time.”

We’re visiting but Mom had gotten a phone call. I had just finished telling Attie, “I’m not practicing tomorrow!”

Mom said, “There’s a change in those plans. Ms. Briggs wants the four of us at the store come closing tomorrow. Jamie if you can help, she said you’d continue to be on the clock for up to two hours.” Jamie excuses herself as she needs to be there in another ninety minutes. She has begun to work there part-time.


Smoothing out her dress as she/he sits Terrance’s mom smiles. “I like that even tired you handled yourself like a girl. That is what you’re to do anytime you’re presenting yourself as Teri. It looked like you were very much into being Teri the longer you’re into modeling.”

“Until the last outfit you stayed into character as a young woman. Were you enjoying the outfits as much as it appeared?”

“Mom, it is the little things like Attie stopping me to correct my attitude or to have me do it over again. And Jamie actually walking and moving her hips how she wanted me to do it. They got my mind and body moving more and more in sync. There were two outfits that I want to go out in and do something. If I had a boyfriend; I would have wanted to be out with him to see his reaction.”

Mom looks to Hattie, “So Hattie, do you think your friends would be too stunned if Teri went along?”

“Mom, I was just going to go out with Morgan, and she was hoping we could go to the theater. Some guys were going to be there; hopefully two taking us to a movie.” There’s a pause.

“Isn’t Morgan, the one you wanted to tell that you’re the Slade Sisters? Maybe tonight would be a good time to do that. She is coming here to give you a ride isn’t she?”

Morgan already knew we were the Slade sisters. She was in the group when we were at the mall the first time we modeled. Morgan is a cute girl, but much shier than most. It is partially why at sixteen she’s a friend to us though we’re a year younger. She likes clothes and the idea of modeling but she’s much too shy to be out in front of people.

I go with Hattie to her room as she calls Morgan. It is only early afternoon so there is time to get ready if I’m invited. I can hear Hattie’s phone ringing hers. It was the fourth ring I heard that Morgan answers. I can even hear her giggle. Morgan says, “I was just going to call you and say we have a small problem. Ronnie’s friend Bart has a cousin who arrived unannounced. We can’t go out unless we find someone for Bart’s cousin Jeff to go with him.”

Without asking me, Hattie says, “If I’m pretty enough for Bart, do you think Teri’s good enough for this Jeff?”

I start to speak up and Hattie quickly covers the phone. “You said, you’d like to go out in one of those outfits and even see what your boyfriend thought of how you looked. Now be quiet.” She lifts her hand.

“Yes Morgan, I’m still here and while I can’t say Teri’s excited about a date. She is anxious to practice getting out and acting like a normal girl.”

“That’s what I said, so yes we have a third person for the evening… We’ll not say that but let her handle it if it happens. …Yes, we can be ready shortly after six this evening. Thanks, I’m sure our Mom will like to meet you again and know everything will be okay.”

“Oh by the way can we dress up a little, Teri wants to wear one of two outfits and they’re both real nice. Great, do you want to talk to her, she’s right here.”


Terrance was a little nervous about going out to a movie as Teri, but she was more excited as her sisters and mother made sure she’s a convincing girl. It is not until they’re getting out of the car walking to the movie theaters that Morgan mentions about meeting up with others. He’s now worried that it will be someone who might recognize him as Teri.

Ronnie and Bart were recognized from being a grade ahead of them and Jeff who they were introduced to is another year older. He’s introduce as the boy who is paying Teri’s way into the movie. Teri tries to protest, but Jeff said, “Please don’t worry about me paying. I’m glad to pay your way, seeing how pretty you look.”

Teri melts a little at the compliment, especially coming from an older boy. Teri recognizes he’s good looking from a girl’s point of view. The movie is good. It has action, but not bloody and its humor fits the story and has a bit of romance. It was after the hero gets hurt and the female lead consoles and protects him that Jeff hugs Teri. He asks, “Do you think you would be there for me if that happened?”

Teri tilts her head until she’s seeing him eye to eye. She knows Jeff for as tough as he looks is being vulnerable. It touches Teri as she said, “Of course, I am sure you’d be there for me as well.” Teri wetted her lips and he hugged her and held there for a moment.

“I believe you would be, thanks!” He looked like he wanted to kiss her, but he decided it was too soon and did not. It was shortly after that when the woman in the movie was frightened that Teri took hold of Jeff and the guy in the movie rescued her. Terri was squeezing Jeff, pulling him close. His arms were warm and stronger and Teri felt safe. Jeff gave her a kiss on the cheek whispering “You’re safe.” And when as she looked to him their lips met in a kiss. His arms embraced her as the kiss continued. It felt awkward but to Teri it felt good and she did not pull away.

Teri was worried that others, especially her sister saw her and would make fun of her. Teri didn’t look around nor had she heard anything from others. They were soon riding back to their house. She was pleasantly surprised that both Morgan and Hattie had seen her. All they said was, “We were frightened then too and it was nice to have someone stronger there.” If Teri was being accepted as a girl, it was okay for now.


When Teri woke up in the morning she remembered she’d be modeling today. She got dressed as Teri and went to the kitchen. Mom was a bit surprised and even more amused. “Teri, I’m surprised you’re up and dressed already. You do remember what day it is, don’t you?”

Teri says, “All I remember is that we’re to do some modeling at the store so I decided I might as well dress as Teri.”

Mom says, “Well it’s Sunday and we’re going to church first and then eat out as a family with your grandparents. Your sister Eva is back from university and that’s what she wanted to do. I guess we’ll be going to Grandma’s church in west valley.”

“Mom, I don’t want to change, so I’ll just stay home. If that’s okay?”

Mom says, “No, it isn’t. Your sister came to spend some time with you as well as to see you practicing. She and some of her friends even plan to be there when you model for the big fashion show in Indianapolis. She’s going to tell her friends she’s related to the Slade Sisters.”

“If you want to change for church or do your makeup for it go ahead. But you need not change out of girl mode.”

I went back to my room and changed dresses and was doing my makeup when Eva knocked and came in. “I can’t believe it,” she said, “my brother’s competent at makeup. Look at how pretty you are.” She comes and gives me a hug from behind and we’re gazing at each other in the mirror.

I think my sisters are beautiful and it always make me happy when they’re proud of me. Eva could not know how proud of her comment I am, because Terrance wouldn’t say anything.

Two things have me frightened about going to Grandma’s church: The biggest was someone would recognize me or that God and the church would be upset with me if they figured out I am a boy. It is a good reason however to wear one of my nicer outfits. I put on my robe instead of my skirt and blouse to sit with others around the kitchen table.

Eva, Mom and I were going to meet my grandparents at their church at 9:30. It was right at 9:00 a.m. when we’re going out the door that Hattie comes walking down and is coming with us to the car. She too was wearing one of our nicer skirt outfits, now I’m amused.

Getting to church on time was no problem as the traffic was light until we got right to the church. We were going up the steps when one young girl said, “Look Mommy and Sis, it’s those model twins, the Slade Sisters.”

I started to say no until my sister punched me. “Don’t correct them, you can’t be my brother Terrance. Hattie introduced herself as Attie”

The girl said, “I can tell the difference you’re a half inch taller than Teri.” I say, “I don’t think she that much taller.” No one is listening.

Mom says, “Girls just focus on finding where your grandparents are.” Granddad stands when he see us and laughs when he hears the name of the Slade Sister being mentioned.

He said, “Grandma said someone here would recognize you.” Grandma says, “That’s the Logan girls; they’re pretty sharp. You can expect them and others to want autographs after church. Pray that they go to a Sunday school class and don’t come over.”

“Trina and Sara Logan did ask if we were the Slade sisters and asked for autographs. Two other girls and a younger brother also wanted our autographs. The boy was teased, but his Mom said, “Go ahead Brian, don’t mind them.”

Brian was twelve and said, “Teri, you’re the one they said looks like the male model, but I don’t see it.”

I say, “If you don’t mind, I’m going to keep people guessing for now.” I hand him a small autographed photo with me email address. “I’d be proud if you’d kept in touch. Someday they’ll have nicer clothes for guys.”

We went out to eat and Dad met us there. Several girls walked by us staring. When Eva asks, “Attie and Teri lets got to the powder room.” Two other girls got up at a table nearby and two other girls and their mom are also soon in the women’s restroom. It is unusual for me to be waiting to use a toilet or have girls talk to me while I am. Tina lifts her skirt, “Are these the kind of self-standing stockings you like to wear?”

All this is more than overwhelming for me. I experience myself getting excited as she’s exposed so much.

The meal goes fine and the maître de says, “It appears you two are building a good reputation. I was wondering if you have glossies that you can sign or allow our photographer to take a picture of you for our wall.” He turns to my father, “Dad, their meals are on us.”

Attie speaks up, “If our names become bigger will you be willing to reserve tables for us?”

Dad says, “That’s enough Attie.”

The Maître de says, “Dad, she’s just being a business savvy young woman. And the answer to re question is ‘Yes’. She will be doing us a favor and we’d be happy to show our thanks.”

Everything took extra time and when we got home Attie and I only had enough time to shower, refresh ourselves and use minimal makeup. Ms. Briggs was happy to see us and showed us the ten outfits we were to be practicing with. She said, “Several of these may be dresses you’ll be wearing in Indianapolis. No photos are to be taken or descriptions to be shared with anyone. Jamie already knows the rules.”

I barked at Jamie, “You didn’t warn us these might be the dresses?”

“Ms. Briggs says, “That’s best for all of you, take the lesson to heart.” Attie and I are both looking at two outrageously beautiful satin party dresses. We’re saying, “Oh my”… but no words are coming out. Ms. Briggs says each one gets to model one of those dresses. …You do well and they might be yours.”

Mom giggles when I say, “They’re to die for.” The best part was when we modeled them. Each felt and hung on us even better than they previously looked. We practiced with five outfits or dresses each. We worked there three hours, which Jamie got paid for six hours and we got three hours at minimum wage. Mom says, “The practice pays dividends when you’re modeling in the fashion show.”


Jan Coffman came before we left. “I would like you here Wednesday and Thursday. You will have seven changes to be made in an hour and a few minutes. The changes need to be flawless the first time, no second takes. The crowd will be much bigger, the lights hotter and there will be judges and critics and in addition to Ms Briggs, myself there will be many more important people from the corporation.”

“If you feel sick or wet your panties then make sure it does not happen on the runway and preferable not on the dresses. You clean up a lot easier and can be replaced than the clothes…”

To be continued…

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