On The Run Part 11

Sara couldn’t get over what she had seen when she visited that school. It made sense to put everyone on even ground by having one dress code, but was it right? She was sitting by the window watching the shoreline as Lucas piloted the boat. It was overcast and was threatening to rain soon.

Emma had told her earlier that the FBI were getting some help in tracking down those few Russian traffickers that were still looking for her.
They were also stopping those that had brought more women and children into the United States.

“What’s wrong kiddo?”

Emma had just left Lucas after taking him some of his favorite coffee. She had spotted Sara staring out of the window behind the sofa as they traveled on the Atlantic Ocean.

Sara looks over towards Emma “just thinking mom.”

Sara had gotten into the habit of calling Emma mom or mommy and calling Lucas father or dad. They needed to keep up appearance that they were a mixed-race family.

Emma walks over and sits down next to Sara and holds her.

“Lucas and I have been talking and were going to pull in at Shelter Cove Marina. They have some slips available, restaurants and few places we can explore while we are in port.”

Sara looks up at Emma “how far are we going? Are we going to travel the whole intercostal waterway?”

“Getting tired of being cooped up on a boat all the time?”

“Yes ma’am.” Sara leans against Emma.

“I think we might end up doing the whole circuit. I know how boring this type of trip can be for you, but it’s the best way to protect you as well.”
Sara looks out the window as they travel further down the coast. She was enjoying being held by Emma. They sit like that for a while.

“Come on, let’s make some cookies.”

Emma gets up and walks over to the counter and start grabbing everything they needed to make cookies. Sara gets up and stand next to her.

While they are making cookies, it starts raining.

“It’s good that dad is only going to get a little bit wet.”

“True.” Emma was expecting Lucas to come down soon.

Lucas comes in after a few minutes. He had waited for the rain to slack off some, before leaving the fly over bridge.

“We made cookies daddy.”

Lucas still felt a little uncomfortable being called daddy by Sara.

“It does smell good in here.”

Lucas walks over and takes some of the fresh baked cookies.

“Mmm… They taste really good.”

Lucas was enjoying the cookie he bit into. It was still warm and gooey.

“If you ladies don’t mind. I’ve dropped the anchor for us to stay here tonight. I can barely see where I am going.”

“It’s fine. It’s not like we are on a time table.”


Sara was eating a few of the warm cookies. She pours herself a glass of milk and sits down at the table. Lucas and Emma join her.

They sit and enjoy the cookies and watch as the rain comes down in buckets. The sea was a little rough, but nothing serious.

“It’s pouring out there.”

Sara was trying to see further out past the boat, but it was a heavy rain storm. She couldn’t see past the handrails on the side of the boat.

“It’s good we stocked up on groceries before we left port. How about we have barbecue, onion rings and coleslaw for dinner tonight?”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

Lucas walks over to the radio and puts some music on for them to listen to. Sara didn’t know what to think of the music at first, because she
had never heard any of it while being moved around. She sings in tune with a few songs with Emma.

After they have had dinner and the rain has slack off enough to see outside some. It was pitched black, except for the lights the boat was given off. Sara goes and stands by the railing. This part she liked the best. When they were in port the marina lights blocked the stars. When they were out on open water like they were, she could see all the stars.

Unfortunately tonight, she couldn’t because the stars were covered by the clouds. Sara walks back inside the cabin and over to Emma and give her a hug.

“Night mom.”

“Night sweetie.” Emma places a kiss on her forehead.

Sara walks over to Lucas and hugs him.

“Night daddy.”

Lucas just smiles and returns the hug.

“Night Sara.” He watches as Sara walks towards her bedroom and shut the door.

“You know Sara has changed since we first met her.”

“I know, but I think she is getting bored being cooped up on the boat all the time.”

“Do you think she’s going to be safe after that meeting we had?”

“I don’t know, but I hope so. Sara deserves a nice life now that she has been freed.”

“You know its ironic that we’re in an area that use to be famous for slavery and how Sara managed to escape her enslavement.”

“Like the slaves so many years ago.”

“Yep. Why do people always want to enslave others?”

“Because people like having power and exploiting others.”

Emma was looking out the window into the night.

“I wonder what Austria is like?”

“Maybe when all this is over, we can take Sara back to Austria and she can show us where she was born.”

“If she wants to go back there.”

Lucas heads towards the bedroom where him and Emma shared. He notices that something was bothering her, but what?

Emma just stands and stare out into the night. Something was bothering her. What it was she wasn’t sure, but she was feeling uneasy about
something. She takes a breath and head into the bedroom with Lucas.

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