Chasing Tales Chapter 5

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Chasing Tales

Chapter 5

Coming Together

Note; I know it has been awhile since I last posted a chapter of this story. I hope you the readers will give me chance to get back into the storyline properly. Hopefully I will be able to put out chapters regularly from now on till the story is done. Now on with the story.

Amber #1 said "We can't go elsewhere till we know more magic so looks like we are stuck with each other." She sighed and looked at Amber #2. "I am Keeping the name Amber.

Amber #2 said "Our ring does not feel magical anymore, Our pendent is drained as well. I don't know what we are going to do to get back to Wind Haven. I am using the name Lynn."

I shook my head "You were meant to be twins but for some reason only one body was born with two minds. Now you will reach your full potential. The Elemental left me that much knowledge when she left." I sighed. "Think on what you want out of being in Sanctuary. We will talk later."

I left Amber and Lynn to think of what they want out of their time here. I needed time myself to think on the meaning of these dreams. These dreams seem to be leading somewhere. It seemed it will soon be time to bring all the twins together to see what happens. We could end the war or start it.

Well I need my snuggle time so I went looking for Ben. I found him waiting for me on our porch couch. With a look he opened arms and I settled into the warmth and love I needed right then. He waited till I was ready just holding me. With his loving arms around me I could relax and let my mind drift while my back brain worked on the problem. This is why my snuggle time was so important to me. It was when all the information I collected comes together to become a whole idea. With that idea I can form a plan.

Half hour later I had it, the plan. It was simple and direct. So it should work or blow things sky high. In other words normal style for Sanctuary. Something told me time was running out to put my plan in to action.

After a good sleep I gathered the many twins in Sanctuary at the base of the statue on the Island. Using the combined potential magical energy to force a convergence of all the possible earth twins timelines. In a moment it was done. There formed a nexus point in time space in the center of the circle. I stepped forward and passed into the Nexus point.

I stepped out at a point in time when Sanctuary was at it's greatest. Waiting for me were the greatest Mages of that time. How they knew I was coming I don't know but they did. The three Mages looked me over and shook their heads. It had been awhile since I had ran into this. They were just looking at me like I was just a punk kid. Well I will put a stop to that right now.

I stood up straight and looked the lead Mage in the eye. I and gathered a bit of crystal from the stone around me and created a dress crown and staff right on me. That got their attention. I said "I am Queen Ember Rose Del La Silver Skyflower-Starstone Queen of Crystal Dragons, Princess of The Great Hall of Crystalis, Princess of Sanctuary, Duchess of Dragon Scar Castle, Countess of Starstone, Grand Mage of Sanctuary, Daughter of Queen Aslina of the Great Hall of Crystalis, Sister of Queen Angelica of Sanctuary, Sister of Prince Samuel of Sanctuary, Granddaughter of the former Archmage, Wife to Count Ben of Starstone Captain of the Royal Guard of Sanctuary, Re-founder of Sanctuary, Leader of the Six of Sanctuary, Creator Mother and Queen of the Crystal Dragon Race, Member of the Dragon Seven, Teacher of Advanced Magic at the Academy of Sanctuary, Founder of the Sorority of Magic, Founder of the Princess Betterment Group and Time Traveler.

"Well, That is a lot of titles for one so young. What brings you to our time your Majesty?" The first Mage asked. The other two were looking slightly overwhelmed by my speech.

Speaking in a firm tone I said "Sanctuary is in Danger of being over run by ones called the Hidden Ones. I traveled back here to the height of Sanctuary's power to seek help in defeating this threat!"

She looked down at me and said "Our Prophets have spoke of these beings. Only shining a light into the deepest darkness will they be revealed. The light of many coming together as one will kill them. Only the one that is many can produce this light. This is all we know." With that they stepped back. I turned and entered the nexus. Coming out onto the island allowing the others to move apart and release the nexus. Angel came over to me with the 'Well' look on her face.

"I need to think on this. Prophecy is tricky to interpret. I'll let you know what I come up with." I wondered over to all my twins and checked on them. They all were tired but fine. After I got everyone back where they belonged I stated to think on what I was told.

Ben came up to me and told me that the attacks that were hitting the mirror rooms seems to have stopped for now. That was good news at least. One less thing to worry about for the moment. I kissed him and he went back to work.

Summer in the caves was deceptive. You would never know it was if school was not out. No classes till the fall. That did not mean I was not busy. I was always doing something for Sanctuary. This was my domain, my home I was not going to let it fall to anything. I looked after everyone in the caves and tried to keep everyone happy and safe. That left me little time to get bored or to goof off. I had to look after Dragons and humans as well. In there I had to find time to be a wife and mother. This was not easy but so far I have managed to get it all done. As the number of my titles grew I could see people were noticing. When I was young I never thought I would grow up to be the Queen of a race of Dragons or for that mater someone's wife. Till I was 10 years old I never thought of being a girl. Now I am a full time woman and Mother. My children were many both human and Dragon. I even had Dragon Grandchildren. No I did not have much spare time to do anything.

Darla came up to me "We need to talk. I have been hearing some rumors around you should know about." I glanced behind her at the girl she had been tutoring for a bit Kate.

"Do you want to talk inside or here. How is Kate doing by the way." From the look Darla gave me I knew it was fine to talk here in front of Kate. "OK what have you heard?"

Darla sighed "There is rumors that a faction is trying to take over the caves. These are yet undeclared and are after the Queen and you." Kate nodded at this. Darla looked back at her "We have both heard the same rumors from different people. I think this needs to be looked into right away. Once something like this starts it is very hard to stop." Oh goody more worry for me. I caught sight of Grandmother coming this way and she did not look happy. Oh well all the bad news at once.

Grandmother stopped in front of me with hands on her hips glaring at me. I went over in my mind anything that could have set her off? I came up with nothing. So I held my breath for her to speak. What she said was so quiet it was almost a whisper. "You know what you've done opening up a nexus? You endangered us all. What if it had failed and one or more of the twins were killed? That was the most reckless thing I ever seen you pulled and you have pulled some doozies. What were you thinking?"

I stood up straight and faced her. My hackles were up and I was not going to be talked down to no matter who was doing the talking! "Grandmother It was necessary to get the information about who was after Sanctuary. I think I now know where to find thee enemy and how to defeat them! One of them anyways." I stared her down till she relaxed a bit. I could tell she knew that she had lost this argument.

She looked at me "Please don't give me shocks like that not at my age. Talk to me that is what I stayed in Sanctuary for. You taking chances makes my hair even grayer. I know you are Grand Mage here so you have to do what you see fit. I was the Archmage so I know a thing or two. Just please talk to me about the big things and I will live longer. I want to see my Great Grandchildren grow up and happy."

I smiled at her "I will try but some times time is of the essence. I was acting on my feelings as well as what I had found out. My feelings are telling me we are running out of time to prepare. So I acted." She looked at me closely.

"You are sure about these feelings? you are betting a lot on them." I nodded. She relaxed some more. "Well it is done now and we have had our little talk so we can put it behind us."

To Be Continued Please leave a comment.

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