The New Daughter

The New Daughter
By Ryan Rose
Chapter 1

His step mothers gives her stepson an impossible choice with the fate of his family and his future depending on what he chooses.

“What the hell does she want now,” Kevin thought to himself as he stood up and headed toward his front door. He had just woken up and was about to make himself some breakfast before heading to work. He saw who it was in the screen. What ever the bitch wanted, he knew it couldnt be anything good at all. He thought she would be happy by now.

He opened the door and saw who was it. “What the fuck do you want now,” He spat at her with barely concealed hate.

She just eveningly held his gave, their eyes locked with eachother. She saw how he felt, the hostility burning in his eyes. She gave up, “I need to have a word with you, kevin. May we come in?” She asked, knowing the answer.

“You may come in, if you really think we need to talk. Samantha but your friend there must remain outside. He cant come in.” The larger man behind her approached threatening.

Kevin glared at him and approached. “I said you cant come in, You and I both know there is no need for you to protect her. I know how things stand between us and my family. I wont hurt her. But I cant say the same about you.” He looked at the man looming a foot over the smaller man. He looked much more muscular. But they knew how things stood. “If you want to try,” Kevin just waited for the larger man to act.

“I need to come in with her, and you know that.” The larger man said as he tried to enter, following the woman. What ever followed happened so fast. Kevin grabbed the mans arm and pulled him closer. Something happened so quickly, Kevins hand flashed so quickly across the mans face in several successive blows. The larger man fell back hard.

“Now that is solved, lets go in and talk, Samantha and find out why you feel that you must speak to me.” they both entered his own place and sat at the table in the Dining room.

“Samantha, I have done everything you asked to get you out of my life.” He stated harshly. “I totally renounced my fathers inheritance. You married him and its yours to take care of my siblings. I signed multiple documents saying I wont ever challenge you for it. As I told everyone, I want to make my own way just like my father did. The millions are yours, His position and company are all yours. So what more do you want from me? I have nothing left.”

She shook her head and smiled at the younger man. She wondered how such a man could be here. He had everything. He had the stunning looks, but he was so beautiful and small for a man. He was totally unlike his father. But as she examined his medals and trophies he earned in high school from wrestling, boxing in the junior golden gloves and even some underground MMA before he found his true calling. He was planing to apply at the police academy. He wanted to be a detective. “We arent done by along shot, Kevin. I want much more from you?” She said with a smile. “And you know what that means.”

He held up his hands. “You have my fathers power, the many millions, you own his companys and he showed you how to lead them. You have everything any woman could want. I did this all in return for you caring for my siblings. They still need someone to care for them. I will stay out of your way, I gave it all up. Never wanted it anyway. So what more can you ask for?” He asked, holding her gaze. She looked into his beautiful brown eyes and his smooth soft skin. She had imagined this for him for such a long time. It would be perfect.”

“I have much more to ask you, Kevin. You must admit you were horrible and insulting. You were totally disrespectful of me when I was married to your dad. You did everything that you could to sabatog our marriage, even trying to forbide him from marrying me. You insulted me, demeaned me. He tried to get you to accept me, you refused and tried to make him leave me. The things you said about me were terrible.”

“I never accused you of something you wernt guilty of. You and I both know you never really loved him. It was his lifestyle and money you were after. You did have sex with other men before you and I dated. You didnt love him at all and you were way too young. Hell, you were in my grade Samantha. You dated me before you went after him. You dated other rich older men. So dont play innocent with me Samantha. I know what kind of woman you are. So just tell me what you want of me now? I cant imagine its much, I dont have anything to give you.” He started to guess that she didnt want him to give her anything more. He didnt have anything, she more than likely now wanted him to do something for her. There was some task, or something to perform, or to help her out.

“Okay,” She conceded, smiling sharply. “Lets get to it. You know that I can ask anything of you, and you must do what ever I ask of you. Right?”

|”Well, of course.” He admitted, looking at her. “You know that as well as I do. You are the one taking care of my young sister and brother. I know what happens to children in foster care. My friend was abused and raped for years. His foster mother was a prostitute, and the men she brought in went after him more than onec. There was nothing he could do, and some of her men were in the system too, shielding her from investigation.” he glared at her hard. “So its you or no one. We have an agreement, and you know I will do anything to protect them. So what in the hell do you want! You can ask anything. Money, I don't have, but I will work to get what you want. Or want me to help you with something, or someone, I will. I am not sure what I can do for you, you have my fathers company, his people his power he had was given to you.”

Then he began to understand this. There was nothing he could do for her to help her in anything. She had his fathers people, his attorneys, his power he had. Nothing he could do that she could have done better. She didnt need or want his help. There was no money, sure she could probably demand everything and he would give it, and live on the streets. But what would be the point of that, But maybe she was spiteful enough to demand everything he owned. But, now he know that just out of spite, she was going to have him do something very unpleasent and she was going to enjoy it.

She smiled at him darkly. She pulled out a large brown envalope from her purse and held it in her lap. He held her dark gaze, waiting for her to get the point. “Do you remember Madonna?” She asked him with a sweet smile.

He shifted uncomfortably. “I was 12,” He said flatly. “That was just something silly that I did at eight. I didnt know what I was doing.”

“That lasted for months, or so I hear.” Samantha replied. “Then there was others during that time. Katy Perry, Tailor Swift, Lady Gaga, christina aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanaa, There are so many more. It was very cute, can you explain yourself? I know it was a phase, but it was very serious and it continued for quite some time. I have a large folder of pictures you had taken of yourself as those people. And they were very professionally done. And your Videos of you singing as those people, actual professionally done music videos of you being done professionally as them. You look very pretty and you also looked very happy in them. So can you explain?”

Kevin looked down feeling total embarrassment. How did she find out about that time in his life? Then he looked up, glared at her. “I was Twelve. Theres nothing much to explain. I was a young child experimenting with myself. Those were very popular and beautiful women. So I had myself made up as them and sung some of their songs. We made a seies of music videos of my singing their songs. It was fun and I enjoyed myself. Then it passed and I got into girls and started being a normal teenage boy.”

It wasnt very convincing, he was twelve when he did all of that. But it was the best he could come up with. Now it started coming clear what she wanted him to do. He also knew he would have no choice but to do it.

“Sure,” Samantha said with a grin. “A twelve year old boy has himself made up as a beautiful female singer and goes though that effort and you want me to believe it was just a silly childish phase. Sure.”

“Let me guess what you want from me,” Kevin said before she could continue. “You want me to do something like that now, have myself made up as a woman for a series of photos or a video for your amusement and to humiliate me.”

She shook her head, “You are getting close, kevin. But not quite. Now can you explain these photos,” She held out a series of very professionally done photos. He was sixteen in these. He was standing up, wearing a a very reagal scarlette dress and a robe. He had a crown on his heard and he was holding a large gold staff with a cross on the top. His face was done very professionally. He almost looked like a woman there. He even had something in his chest that looked convincing. There were other photos of him sitting on a throne. It almost looked like her. They were all labeled Katherine the Second. And in the photos, was that label in Cyrillic script. Russian.”

“It was for a project. I wanted to look like her, and have some photos of me looking like she did to get into it all. And a few girls at school helped me and put me up to it all. So what do you want?” Kevin demanded.

Samantha looked up into Kevins eyes and smiled. He would now understand what she wanted from him. “Kevin, “ She asked directly. “ You have met my friend Heather, havent you?”

“Yes,” He said then understanding. “You cant meant that,” He said.

She didnt think he knew all about that. She knew that they met and talked. She knew they spent a lot of time with eachother and that Kevin liked in in that special way. He flirted with her, hit on her and they went out. She guessed that she would have to explain it to him.

“How can you ask me to do what she did?” Kevin demanded. “that isnt possible and you know it. I am not like Heather. Yes I dressed occasionally from time to time and I have no problem being a woman at times. But I have no desire to live that life full time. Nor do I have any desire to actualy transition my body like Heather has done. I am happy that Heather has achieved her goal. But I cant do that, you cant ask me to do that, Samantha. That wont work.”

Samantha didnt know how he figured out that Heather transitioned from a male to female. But he was always very observant. Samantha guessed that since he was so into heather that Kevin couldnt possibly know about her. He did, and it didnt bother him all that time he was trying to woo her to be his girlfriend. She smiled at him again, this was so fun. “Sure you can do it. Any guy can go though the process if he wants to. I will be more than happy to held you along your journey to womanhood. It will be so fun kevein. Theres no reason you cant get approved.”

He studdered. Shaking. “But, my life, everything. How will I explain it to my brother and sister, what about my job, and everything. And who would approve me, I am not transgendered and have no desire.”

“In the question about your job, there are laws to protect you. I will see to it that they accept you and that you wont face discrimination. I will be more than happy to defend you. Your siblings may have a difficult time accepting you. But thats okay, I am raising them. Just remember that?” She flashed a very sinister smirk. “I am their guardian, their safety and protection is in my hands. So we will be okay as long as you comply, Kevin. I know the right doctors who can help you get the approval you need. I know people to help you get accepted for the process. It is expencive. But I will help you with this. You will do what you need to, wont you Kevin?”

“So to be clear,” Kevin said to her. “You want me to start saying that I am transgendered, start taking hormones, begin dressing as a woman full time, and change my sex, and tell the doctors that it is my deepest desire?”

“Yes, no one must ever know that you dont want to be a woman. I have people who will tell you what to say. It wont be a problem. And it starts immediately. Do we agree?”

“Why you vindictive bitch!” he snarled. “You know I have no choice. But you better care for my brother and sister very good. Make sure they are loved, and have everything they need. If I even begin to feel that it isnt in their best interest, I will have no problem stoping this, and reporting you.”

“I love them Kevin, so I will take care of them as long as you do this.”

“Fine,” he said in a terrible convincing female tone. “Tell me what I need to do?”

“You start dressing as a woman, starting now. Find a convincing female name, and then tell your doctor this is what you are starting. I will help you get referred to the proper specialists. And get some womens clothes tonight. I will leave you further instructions tomorrow, which you will follow. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I willl” he said bowing his head in frustration. She stood up and walked out.

Note from the Author.

This story is adopted from the other story I posted.
I decided to change it and make it into something darker than I originally intended to. But I think it makes the story better. I hope it doesnt upset anyone.

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