What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 5

Cassandra snuggled closer to Jerry as they slept. He had his arms wrapped protectively around her as they slept close to each other. She was extremely sore between her legs, but it didn’t matter to her. She never knew how well the surgery to change her plumbing had been till tonight. She had experience her first orgasm and enjoyed every orgasm after that. She even performed oral sex on him and enjoyed it. Her jaw was as sore as the rest of her.

Jerry had been gifted with a long and thick penis. At first, she didn’t think she could take all of him inside her body, but the surgeons that had performed the surgery had done an amazing job on her. She took every inch inside her body and stretched to accommodate his wide girth.
He was gentle at first, but as she got use to his size. Her body started to move in sync with his body as they increased in pace and passion.
Cassandra could feel the hidden passion Jerry felt for her as they made love. Every position she has always wanted to try and do, they did for the next four hours.

She finally felt safe and loved in his arms. She knew by the end of the week, she was going to marry him.

“Yes, I will marry you Jerry.” She wiggles her ass against his penis as she finally let sleep claim her.

Jerry wasn’t sure what he heard in his haze of sleep, but whatever it was. It brought a smile to his face. He places a kiss on Cassandra’s cheek as he followed her into sleep.

Safe House:
Sasha searches the window for alarms, triggers and found one. A smile appears on her face. She was an escape artist and stage magician, like a simple alarm could stop her. She disables the alarm and climb inside the house. She does check the floor to make sure they hadn’t set a trap there, but didn’t find one. She spots several hidden video cameras meant to record the occupants. She actives the jammer she used at the police station and moves silently about the house looking for anything that might give her some idea where Ludlam was hiding. She wanted that asshole for murdering her people.

She stops and hears some keys being used at the door. She hides in the darkest spot she can find and observe as a figure wearing a dark color dress shirt and blue jeans come in. She sets her scanner to scan for a radio frequency to see if he was keeping in touch with someone.
He walks over towards one of the hidden cameras and pulls it from its hidden spot.

She gets lucky as her scanner picks up on frequency.

“How’s the signal now?”

“It’s still warped.”

“Let me make one more adjustment and if that doesn’t fix it, I’ll switch the camera out.”

“Alright, but make it quick. Ludlum wants an update on everything.”


A mischievous smile appears on Sasha’s face as she turns the jammier off.

“That did it. It seems all the cameras are sending a clear signal now.”

“It must have been some interference from the wiring. I’m going to check the rest and come back out to the van.”

Sasha watches as the guy checks each camera and hidden mics around the house. When he walks by her location, she tosses some dust at him that lands on his body. She pulls her special glasses out and put them on. The dust only shows up through her glasses because of the special lenses in it. She stays completely still as the guy makes his rounds and then follows him out of the house without being seen. She trails him to a van and watches as he gets in.

She makes her way to the van and attach a listening device to the side of the van so she could hear what was going on inside. The next couple of hours she listens to male chauvinist talk between the two guys inside the van. They were hoping that the mercenaries Ludlum hired to kidnap the blind woman. Would give them a chance to have some pleasure with her as well. Sasha was getting pissed and it was getting to be sunrise.

“I don’t think they are showing up tonight. Let’s go ahead and head back till we know what is going on.”

“Sounds good. I’ll contact Ludlum and tell him.”

Sasha listens closely as she hears the guy use a cellphone to dial the number.

“It’s team 2, team 1 didn’t show up last night. We were going to head back to the warehouse.”

Sasha couldn’t hear what Ludlum said in response.

“Alright, we’ll try again this evening. Team 2 out.”

“He said to go ahead and wrap it up. He’ll check into what is going on with team 1.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Sasha puts a tracker on the van and makes her way back to her car and gets in. She’ll let them get some distance from her before following.
She sends a text to Cassandra that she won’t make their breakfast appointment.

Jerry’s House & Pub:
Jerry’s alarm clock goes off at five in the morning. He hits the snooze button. He didn’t want to wake Cassandra up just yet. He heard her cellphone chirp. He picks it up and notice there was a message from Sasha telling her that she won’t be able to make their meeting this morning. He’ll have to tell her when she wakes up. He pulls her sleeping form tighter against his body. He feels her grip his arm as she continues to sleep.

He remembers when she first walked into the pub. It was her unusual hair color that drew his attention and then the pink wraparound sunglasses she wore, even inside the pub. Then he noticed her cane and the strange clicking noise she made. It took him some time to find out things about her, but once he knew her past. He didn’t care. She was beautiful and what she had been born didn’t matter to him. It was the woman he was looking at now that mattered to him.

He caresses her cheek and slides out of bed. He needed to get down to the pub and get things going. As he gets the shower going and steps under the water. Cassandra walks tenderly in and joins him in the shower.

“I was going to let you sleep a little bit longer, before I woke you.”

“I know, but I wanted to join you in the shower.” She stands up on her tip toes and kiss him.

He returns the kiss and scrub her body. She returns the favor and scrubs his body. She takes her time with his penis, which she causes to stand at attention.

“You don’t play fair.” Jerry bends down and kisses Cassandra on the lips.

She just smiles and let him get even with her. They spend a little more time then Jerry planned, but in the end, it was worth it. He wasn’t going to work with a hard-on. He picks out an outfit for Cassandra to wear to the pub. She wears one of his t-shirts that has the pubs name on it with a pair of jeans and her black ankle boots.

They arrive at the pub a few minutes later then Jerry normally arrives. He fixes Cassandra some breakfast as she sits at the bar. He had told her about the message that Sasha had sent. Which didn’t surprise her. She hadn’t seen it, but expected it. She did know she needed to stay inside the pub today and not venture outside for any reason. It was a strong feeling she was getting.

Sasha discreetly follows the van that she had tagged. She covers up a yawn as she pops some caffeine pills into her mouth. Her mother and aunt would chew her ass out if they knew she was using caffeine pills. It wasn’t harmful, but she needed the boost to stay awake. They were heading towards the out skirts of town. The warehouse wasn’t to far from the interstate and was located on the outskirts of Canton. It looked like some sort of trucking firmed owned it. She takes a few pictures of it with her camera and sends her mini-drone out to get some aerial pictures of it. She watches as the van pulls into the warehouse through one of the huge doors and listens.

She hears the van shut off and then the men walking away from the van. She was going to have to come back later tonight to find out more. She brings her drone back to her car and heads towards her hotel to get a few hours of sleep in. She still needs to test her equipment and make sure everything was working right and go through her routine.

Once she pulls up to the hotel. She heads up to her room and set her cellphone to wake her up by one o’clock. She gets out of her jumpsuit and slips on her oversized nightshirt that had a full picture of a fiery Phoenix taking flight.

“I’ll get you Mr. Ludlum and make you pay.” Sasha finally falls asleep.

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