Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 1

Special note: It's been eight years since Never Pull On A Wolf's Tail Happened and Cheshire Finds a Kitten.

Tizzy’s cellphone starts ringing.


“Tizzy, this is Handan’s mother. She hasn’t come home from school yet.”

“Did you call the school to see if she stayed after?”

“Yes, I did and the principal said that she left the school and boarded the bus.”

“Okay, I’m on my way. Maybe one of her friends saw something.”

“Thanks Tizzy.”

“No problem Mrs. Keawe. I consider her my little sister.”

Tizzy hangs up and grab her car keys. Her mother was out of town doing a lecture at Ohio State University. A professor she personally knew had asked if she wouldn’t mind giving a lecture and telling them about her experience working with big cats. She took Sher-Khan with her.

“Come on Simba. We’re going for a car ride.”

Simba comes walking in from the backyard and rubs up against Tizzy. She reaches for his collar and put it around his neck. She grabs his leather leash and take him out to the SUV she uses. Her Uncle Jack said she could keep the Suv for herself. Tizzy heads towards one of Handan’s friends house to see if they might know what happened to her. She pulls up into the parking lot of the apartment complex she lived in.

“Alright Simba, guard the car.” She leaves the A/C running for Simba.

She walks up to the second floor and knock on apartment 208 door.

The door opens and a middle age Polynesian woman with long black hair answers the door.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Kahue, I was wondering if I could speak with Tabby please?”

“What’s wrong Tizzy?”

“Handan didn’t show-up at home and her mother is concern. So, I thought maybe Tabby knew something since they are close friends.”

“Come on in, please.”

“Thank you.”

Tizzy walks inside and Mrs. Kahue closes the door.

“Tabby, could you come here please?”

A young teenage girl comes walking into the living room. She notices Tizzy standing near her mother.

“Tabby, do you know where Handan is?”

“She caught a ride home with a boy from our school.”

“Do you know his name?”

“Yes ma’am. His name is Tadaaki Hekekia. I’ll send his picture to you.”

Tabby sends a picture to Tizzy’s cellphone.

“Thanks Tabby.”

“Please find Handan, Ms. Tizzy.”

“I will Tabby. Thank you Mrs. Kahue.”

Tizzy heads down to her SUV. Simba was looking at her.

“I know boy, you don’t like being cooped-up.”

Tizzy climbs back into her SUV and drives towards the address Tabby sent her. It didn’t take her long to get to the address. Tizzy parks and gets out and walks towards the house the address belonged too. She hears gun shots and a girl scream. She presses the hatch release for the SUV.


Simba jumps out of the back of the SUV and follows Tizzy as she runs towards the house. She had her gun drawn and as she runs inside, she spots the shooter and the young boy laying on the ground in a pool of blood. Handan was laying on the floor unconscious.

“Drop it!” Tizzy had her gun pointed at him.

He fires at her and hits her in her right shoulder. She fires her gun and hits him in his left shoulder. Simba growls and starts charging towards him. He spots the liger coming towards him and runs. He dives through an open window to escape Simba. Simba dives through the window as well and chases the guy to a truck. The guy starts the engine and drives off. Tizzy takes a picture of the license plate and truck. She dials her boss and inform him what is going on and tells him she needs an ambulance.

“Simba Stop!”

Simba was starting to chase after the truck. He stops and turns around and heads back to Tizzy. Tizzy checks her right arm and notice that she only had a flesh wound. She walks over and checks Handan. She was just unconscious from the blow to the side of her head. After a few minutes, she could hear sirens coming towards her location. She pets Simba as she calls Julia.

Montana Police Department:
Julia was working on her paperwork. Sphinx was laying down by her feet.

“God, I hate paperwork.” As she finishes up the report she had been working on.

As she was grabbing another file to work on. Her cellphone starts ring. She picks it up and sees that it was Tizzy’s number.

“Hey cousin, what’s up?”

“Oh, I just got shot and I need some help.”

“Getting careless again cousin.”

“No, the prick thought he could take me, before I shot him.”

“So, you’re saying that your person got away?”

“Yep, can you run a plate number for me, please?”



Julia runs the plate and an address comes up.

“Got it. I’m sending the information to you now, cousin. Let me know if you need any help.”

“I will Julia. Thanks a million.”

“Any time cousin.”

Tizzy calls the police station and puts out a BOLO for the truck and the man.

Police Officer Hale spots Simba and Tizzy. He noticed that Tizzy had been shot.

“When are you going to learn to dodge?”

“He shot me at the same time as I shot him.”

She was scratching Simba between his ears with her uninjured arm.

“I see you brought the puddy cat with you.”

“Yep, I figure he might come in handy.”

“The suspect got away. I have a BOLO out on him right now.”

Tizzy tells Hale everything that happened and why she was here at the house. Afterwards she calls Handan’s mother and tell her that she found her and where she is. Now the thing that was bothering her, why did the other guy shoot Tadaaki? She lets the paramedics take care of her wound.

As she is walking out to her SUV with Simba by her side, her cellphone rings.


“We found the truck Tizzy. It’s at Ala Aoloa Loop.”

“Okay, I’m on my way.”

Tizzy heads over to the address and notice there were several police cars. She parks her SUV and shows her badge as she heads inside. She finds the shooter laying on the floor in his own blood.

“He’s the bastard that shot me.”

Tizzy looks around the house and finds a desktop computer that was on. She takes a pair of gloves out and start looking around and comes across several pictures of young girls and an email sent to the guy that shot her for the money for Handan. She notices that there were several pictures of girls in or around Montana where her cousins lived.

Tizzy pulls her cellphone out and calls Julia again.

Montana Police Department:
Julia was coming back to her desk when her cellphone goes off again. She checks the number and notice it was her cousin again.

“Twice in one-day cousin. What’s up?”

“You might want to look at this cousin.”

Tizzy sends a copy of the email to her cousin’s computer.

Julia checks her email.

“Holy crap. This is a sex trafficking pick-up list. Does this have something to do with your case?”

“Yep, I shot one of their kidnappers.”

“Well, why don’t you see about coming to Montana and we can go and put these guys out of business.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’m bring Simba with me.”

“I figure that much, cousin.”

“Alright, I’ll tell dad to be expecting your Lear in five hours. Is Aunt Cheshire coming with you?”

“Nope, Mom’s in Columbus, Ohio giving a lecture about big game cats with Sher-Khan.”

“Oh, I bet the college students are loving seeing Sher-Khan.”

“He loves attention cousin.”

“I know. I’ll tell my Captain about you coming to help on this case. Do you want Gina to help on this?”

“Yea, we better tell her or she’ll feel left out.”

“Alright, I’ll see you in five hours.”


Tizzy hangs up and calls the pilots her mother uses.

“Jerry, I need you to prep the Jet and take me to my Uncle’s place in Montana. Yay, I’m taking Simba with me. Okay, I’ll see you within the

Tizzy takes Simba back home and grab her go bag to take with her. She also grabs her spare magazines for her handgun. If she needs anything else, she can get them from her Uncle. She texts her mother where she is going and why.

Cheshire’s response was be careful and good hunting. Tizzy drives to the airport with Simba. She brought a tranquilizer with her, because Simba hated to fly. Once he was aboard the plane, Tizzy gives him the shot to put him out.

“Alright Jerry, he’s out. You can take off.”

“Thanks Tizzy. How long are you going to be at your Uncles?”

“I don’t know, but you can either stay at my Uncles place or the hotel in town.”

“I’ll take the hotel in town. Your uncle’s dog scares the crap out of me.”

“That’s not a dog, it’s a wolf.”

“That can’t be a wolf. It’s too freaking big to be a wolf.”

“My uncle breeds them.”

“He breeds them to be that big?”

“Yep, he does.”


“Who knows.”

The rest of the flight goes quietly as Tizzy catches a catnap during the trip.

Jack’s Ranch:
Jack had been informed his niece was flying in. He drives to the airstrip to prepare the strip for his niece’s Jet. He turns all the landing lights on and has the tractor standing by to pull the Lear into his hangar while she is here. He hears the pilot of the Lear requesting permission to land.

“The landing strip is all clear for your approach.”

He stands by and watches as the Lear touches down and finally comes to a stop. He waits a few minutes and the door opens.

“Hi Uncle Jack.”

“Come here and give me a hug.”

Jack opens his arms and Tizzy runs to him and gives him a big hug. Jack returns the hug. He holds her for a few minutes and then lets her go.

“So, does your mother know you are here?”

“Yes sir, she said be careful and good hunting.”

“That’s sounds like your mother. Here, let me help you unload your things and wake Simba.”

Jerry pops his head out of the Lear.

“Hey Jerry, you can use the pick-up while your here.”

“Thanks Jack.”

“You’re welcome.” Jack carries Tizzy’s bags to the hummer.

“Has Julia or Gina gotten home yet?”

“Julia should be home in a little while and Gina’s on her way back from the restaurant with dinner.”

Jack steps inside the Lear with a needle to wake Simba up. Jack administers the doses to him like Cheshire showed him. After a few
minutes, the big cat starts coming around. Tizzy helps Jack get Simba out of the Lear. The big cat starts sniffing the air and looks in a direction behind Jack. Chaos was standing in the shadows watching everything. He might be turning gray, but he was still protective of his territory.

Mischief, Manes and Terror come out from no where to play with Simba. He takes one look at them and start chasing them.

Jerry was looking at the three wolf pups and couldn’t believe how black their fur looked.

Jack looks at the pups “Baile!”

The pups turn around and start running back towards the house.

“Come on Simba, house.”

Jack, Jerry and Tizzy takes the Hummer back to the house with the animals running behind them. When they go to park, they spot the old hummer parked next to a Montana Police SUV.

“Looks like Julia is home.”

Jacks walks into the house and grabs the keys to the truck.

“Here you go Jerry. I’ve already booked you a room at the hotel. I told them to put it on my account. Here’s a credit card to buy your food and put gas in the truck.”

“Thanks Jack. Tizzy, call me when your ready to leave.”

“Will do Jerry.”

Jerry walks over to the truck and leaves in it.

“Come on, your aunt and the twins are going to want to see you.”

Jack takes her and Simba into the house. Dinner is set out for the animals and the table is already set for everyone.

Julia still had her uniform on and Gina was dressed in a business suit.

“It’s about time you and dad got here. We’re starving.”

“It’s good to see you too cousin.”

Tizzy hugs her aunt first and than her cousins.

“Alright, lets eat and you girls can tell me what is going on.”

“Alright daddy.”

Everyone takes their seats and sits down around the table.

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