Aaron -Chapter 11 A science lesson - gravity

Sunday was a lazy day. We spent some time exploring the “servants quarters”. The place was separate from the main house, and was more spacious and luxurious than most homes. We turned on the air conditioning to get rid of the stale smell. Lisa claimed a bedroom. If her and her mom decided to move in, I didn’t see any reason they shouldn’t stay in the main house. It could house 10 to 15 comfortably. Lisa claimed the room “just in case”.

Later that day, we found that Aunt Kim, after receiving a call from my mom, had “tentative” plans to move Lisa and herself to Houston. My dad had also said that he thought we should both go to a private school. He was researching several schools in Houston, and said he would foot the bill for both of us. He asked my mom not to share that information with my aunt, however, because he thought if might make her feel she was a burden and discourage her from moving.

So, Sunday was restful after an exciting Saturday. Mom didn’t rest, however; she spent the day washing, drying, folding and hanging the clothes we had bought…or had been “donated”. She only left it to us to bring the clothes to my room. We discovered that, amazingly, gravity only works in one direction, so two lazy rich girls had to carry all the clothes up the stairs. We didn’t complain, but I hoped my mom would be hiring a maid soon. I think she found everything acceptable, but she may have trashed some without us knowing.

There’s not much more to say about Sunday. We went to bed early. Three or four trips upstairs carrying clothes tires a girl out.

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