Aaron -Chapter 6 – Brooks’ Mansion

We got into Houston early in the afternoon, but it looked like the rush hour was already underway. Luckily we were going into town and most of the traffic was headed out. After exiting the freeway and making numerous twists and turns, we were home. We pulled into the driveway that must have been a quarter of a mile long. The house was a great distance from the road and huge oak trees shaded the massive yard.
I was incredulous, “Mom, are you sure this is it?”

“Yes, honey. Your dad said it was big, but I’m a little surprised myself!”

The house was huge. Behind the main house was another residence that was larger than most people could ever hope to live in. My mom explained that the house was very old and the extra house once served as the servants’ quarters.

“Well, “Lisa spoke up from the back seat, “I think I know how to do servant work.”

Mom had stopped the car. Before she got out, she turned around to look at Lisa. “You and your mom would both be welcome Lisa, but I’m sure your mom would be hesitant to move.”

“It’s not like she’s tied down by her job. She works online, you know.”

Mom looked puzzled. “She does that full time now?”

“Yes, ma’am … She was doing so well with her online business that she quit her job with the law firm.”

“She’s really lucky, “my mom said thoughtfully.

We climbed the stairs of the high porch, and Mom punched in a code and pushed on the giant door and pushed. The door opened smoothly without a sound. The living room was as large as a small gymnasium. There was no carpet, and echoes answered our every footstep and every syllable we uttered.

“Can we get carpet, mom?”

“I’m thinking more along the lines of large rugs. I hate to completely cover this beautiful wood flooring. Go upstairs and pick a bedroom, honey.”
Lisa and I headed up to the second floor; we were surprised to find that the stairs continued to a third floor. “Dad must be doing OK at work”, I told her. Everything was oversized. The stairs were about eight feet wide, the ceilings were … way up there. I found my room. It, too, was oversized. I turned to Lisa. “You gotta come to stay.”

“Hey … I’m ready. Once my mom sees this, she will be also!”

“Lisa, this house is too big for three people, and then there’s a separate house in the back! It would just be a sin if y’all don’t come and live here!”

I opened the closet and found dozens of outfits … girls’ outfits, of course. Mom must have sent them by dad when he moved.
“Change clothes, Amie. We’ll burn those boy clothes!”

She was serious. She picked out panties, a bra, and a dress for me. “Why a dress? You’re wearing jeans.”

“Have to get you accustomed to your new gender.” She handed me a pair of pumps.

“Why the heels?”

“So you can learn how to walk in them. By the way, they’re not technically ‘heels’”.

I put on the dress and shoes, stood up, and started walking. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

“Keep your feet horizontal. Point your toes when you take a step. Relax your hips put the palms of your hands forward. This will make it almost impossible to walk like a boy.”

She was right. I was walking like a girl naturally.

“Most importantly, don’t be self-conscious. People will never think you’re a boy, but be able to see your self-consciousness and wonder why. As your hips develop, your walk will become even more natural.”

My mom poked her head in the door, “I’m going to take a shower. You girls look around if you want to. Oh, that’s cute, Amie.”

“Thanks, Mom.” I turned to Lisa, “Let’s explore!”

As we headed down the stairs we heard a car door close. Lisa peeked through the shades. “It’s your dad.”

“Oh, no, He’s never seen me like this!”

“So what? He’ll get used to it.”

We stood in the living room. My dad didn’t see us at first. Finally, he looked up. “Oh, hi girls. Glad y’all finally got here.” He hugged Lisa and kissed me on the cheek. “Where’s your mom?”

“She’s taking a shower. Dad?


“You didn’t say anything about my clothes.”

He smiled. “You’re very pretty uh…Amie. I didn’t want to make you self-conscious. He hugged me again. “You’re my beautiful daughter.”

Suddenly, I burst into tears!

My dad frowned. “What is it? You’re acting like a girl…oh, yeah! He smiled again. It’s OK, honey. I’m sure it’s stressful.” My dad held me as I sobbed. I couldn’t explain it. It was so good to see my dad after 2 weeks, but I was exhausted from the trip. The clothes were symbolic in a way. I was a boy for almost 14 years, but I had just taken off the last boy clothing I would ever wear. I had left my home behind, but I was happy. I had a beautiful new home, a new life, and three people who loved me and supported me in a trying time.

I finally stopped crying. “I’m OK, dad. We’re going to explore the house, OK?”

“Sure Amie … Lisa … have fun!”

We ran back upstairs to explore. “One thing, Amie…when a guy hugs you, put your arms around his neck. It’s more natural it makes your bodies fit together. Now, that rule is for if your hugging someone that you actually want to hug. If it’s some asshole just wants a hug to cop a feel, put your arms around his chest or waist and keep a distance between your bodies. He’ll get the message.”

“There seems to be a lot to learn.”

“A lot of it will come naturally. Also, watch your posture. You’re proud to be a woman! You’re not some wimpy little girl waiting for Prince Charming!”

“You’re right about that! I’m not waiting for Prince Charming.”

“Great. You don’t have to, but someday you just might find a guy worthy of you.”

“Problem is…I won’t be attracted to him.”

“Stranger things have happened!”

“Yeah, in fairy tales!”

We continued our tour and found a swimming pool with a clear covering surrounded by an 8 foot privacy fence between the main house and the “servants’ quarters”. It seemed to be in good shape, but filthy. I told Lisa, “Oh, dear, my dad has got to get someone to get this in working order like…yesterday. We also have to get bikinis!”

“Why”? responded Lisa, “This is so private it could be clothing optional.”

“Well, maybe after my little operation.”

As we walked the halls and peered into various rooms, I told Lisa, “I’ve made up my mind. You and your mom have got to come live here. You can live in the main house, or the other house. It doesn’t matter. I need you here!”

“Done, well…almost done. We just have to tell my mom our plans for her. She can’t stand against the two of us when we set our minds toward a goal. She has no reason to stay in crappy Austin, anyway!”

Mom’s voice came from downstairs, “Girls, clean up and let’s go out to eat. Put on something nice. It’s a ritzy place.”

“Acid test!” said Lisa, “you have to eat like a girl!”

I looked at her…mouth opened. “It’s different?”

“Not that much. Just eat a little neater, slower and mind your manners.”

We headed toward my bedroom to clean up.

When we got into my room, Lisa stripped down. She seemed totally unaware of my staring.

“Guests shower first. Pick out something really cute, OK?” She stopped. “What?”

I couldn’t help staring at her body. “Lisa, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful!”

“Aaron … Amie! I barely have boobs. I have a ways to go!”

“You’re off to a good start!”

““Thank you. You’re off to a good start to lesbian…hood? ism? Whatever! That’s cool. Boys are overrated! Of course, I wouldn’t have told you that a year ago. Look, stand here.” She placed me in front of the mirror and stood next to me. We were both in just bra and panties. Look at our bodies. We’re cookie cutter twins.”

She was right. Our bodies were very similar. “You’re right! I don’t take it back. You’re beautiful! But, what you said about boys….”

“They’re OK, but they’re not all that. Sometimes they’re more trouble than they’re worth.”

“Are you a les….?” I let my voice trail off.

“Who knows? Your house is not the only thing I’ve been exploring.”

“Cool. Too bad we’re cousins.”

“I was thinking the same thing, but that would just be gross…somehow. Let me shower now. We’ll shower separately…this time. She winked.”
After seeing Lisa nude, I knew there would be no boys for me. I had seen enough naked boys for a lifetime. I couldn’t stop thinking about how
beautiful Lisa was. I lay across the bed listening to the water running. I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll meet a nice girl.”

She came out of the shower and I started in. “I’ll set you out some clothes.” This meant, “You’ll wear what I tell you to wear”. I didn’t mind. She had very good taste.

When I stepped out of the shower she had a beautiful dress and some heels set out for me. “You did OK with the pumps. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with heels.”

She was dressed similarly so I wouldn’t be self-conscious. She brushed my hair and put some clips in it. She made up my face a little. When she was done, a beautiful teenaged girl who I barely recognized looked back at me from the mirror.

We finished cleaning up and got into the car with my parents.

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