Becoming Annabelle Lee Chapter 12

Annabelle was ready to go through the roof when they left the courthouse. Her and Dawn could barely control their anger when they heard what Cyra parents had done to her. Then their slime ball defense attorney trying to say a lesbian couple shouldn’t be allowed to raise a little girl. How their relationship was against gods words and his Christian beliefs.

If it hadn’t been for the judge threatening to toss his butt in jail for slander. Annabelle would had gotten up and punched him in his face. The judge threw the book at Cyra’s parents and awarded permanent custody of Cyra to Annabelle and Dawn. Now the two of them were mothers to two young girls.

“You know if we adopt any more children, were going to need a bigger house.”

“We can just expand off the one we have already. After all, we do own a hardware store and we know several contractors that will give us a good deal to do the work.”

“True, did you enjoy the weekend with your relatives?”

“It was interesting to say the least. You and the girls are going this weekend, so pack a bag for you and the girls.”

“Okay. Since we have the day off from work. Do you want to do anything special while the girls are in school?”

Dawn knew what Annabelle wanted to do.

“Let’s go by the store and do the grocery shopping. Afterwards, we can go home and explore each other’s bodies.” Dawn leans over and kiss Annabelle as they head for the grocery store.

They spend almost an hour-n-half shopping. They were low on several things and wanted to buy a few extra items for the girls. When they are done shopping. They headed home and put things away. They end up spending the whole afternoon worshiping each other’s bodies. For the first time in Annabelle’s life. She lets Dawn talk her into making love to her like a normal man does without protection.

By the time it’s time for the girls to come home from school. They take a shower together and slip on something comfortable. Cyra and Gina come walking into the house. Both girls look down in the dump.

“What’s wrong sweeties?”

Annabelle and Dawn both were concern about their daughters.

“Some guys in school were picking on Gina today. We told the teachers and they handled it, but a few girls made comments about Gina being
in the girl’s locker room.”

“Where was your cousins, Gina?”

“They were putting away the gym equipment we used today. The girls not only picked on me, but on Cyra as well.”

“What do you mean Gina? What did they say?”

“They were calling her a whore and a slut.”

“Do you know who called her those names?”

“Yes, ma’am and we told the teacher as well.”

“Come here girls.”

Both girls walk over to their mothers.

Dawn and Annabelle hug both girls.

“Don’t worry sweeties. We’ll go up to the school tomorrow and talk with the Principle. We’ll try to put a stop to this. Remember, don’t let things
like this get to you. You girls are special and everyone else doesn’t know the truth about what happened. If they keep teasing and picking on you, let us and your instructors know so we can do something about it.”

Both woman hug their daughters and help them with their homework. Annabelle makes dinner with Gina’s help, while Cyra and Dawn set the table. After dinner, Annabelle serves up the dessert they had bought earlier for the girls. Cyra had liked the baby doll nightgown that Gina had, so Annabelle and Dawn had picked up a few for her on their way home today. Both ladies tuck the girls in and stayed up for a little while reading and playing a game.

The next morning, Annabelle and Dawn drop the girls off at school and talk with the principle about what they were told last night. The principle insures them that an assemble was going to be held today and it was going to be made clear that bullying in any from will not be tolerated.
Anyone found bullying will be expelled from school.

Annabelle hands a voice active tape recorder to both Gina and Cyra and told them to make sure if someone does bully them to record it. That way they will have proof.

Dawn had notice Annabelle hand the girls the recorders. When the girls had walked off.

“You are sneaky.”

“I had to do the samething when I was in school when people found out about me. Parents believe that their child wouldn’t do something like
that and that the other child is lying. So, I believe in the CYOA belief.”

“That makes sense. Come on, we have a store to run.”

They head to the hardware store and opened it up. Their newest employee Sam was already there waiting on them.

“Sorry for being late Sam. We had to talk to our daughter’s principle.”

“That’s understandable. I have children of my own.”

“Oh, what are their ages?”

“12 and 15 years old. Both are girls like your own children.”

“God, what was I doing when I was fifteen?”

“Probably getting into trouble with the guys.”

Dawn just smiles at Annabelle.

“Nay, I was in the process of changing foster homes. The one I had been in couldn’t handle certain things about me.”

“Well, I don’t know what it was or is, but you seem pretty normal to me.”

“Who wants to be normal? I want to rule the world.”

Annabelle walks off laughing.

Dawn just shakes her head to her lover antics.

“So, how was your weekend Sam?”

“Quiet. I went fishing with a few friends. I caught a few fish.”

“How many did you guys catch all together?”

“Eight totals and finished off four six packs.”

“I think I would be quiet after drinking that much beer.”

Dawn knew she would had passed out after three beers.


Everyone up front could hear Annabelle from the back.

Sam and Dawn run towards the back to see what happened.

They see Annabelle lying flat on her back. There was some blood under her head. Sam rushes to get the first aid kit. Dawn moves to
Annabelle’s side quickly.

“Are you alright?”

“Ya, I slipped and banged my head on the floor.”

She touches the back of her head and comes back with blood on her fingers.

“I think we better called the paramedics.”

Annabelle was looking at Dawn.

“No need just yet.” Sam kneels and looks at the bump.

“It’s not to serious. You just cracked your skull a little bit.”

Sam fixes Annabelle up and clean-up the blood from the floor. Annabelle rinses her hair out to get the blood out of it. Dawn and Sam keep an eye on Annabelle throughout the day making sure she was alright.

After lunch time Annabelle was back to her annoying self. She did go by the doctor during her lunch break to get checked out. She buys lunch
for Dawn, Sam and herself on the way back to the store. At two o’clock in the afternoon, the girls show up at the store.

“How did things go today girls?”

Dawn and Annabelle wanted to know.

“The Principle called everyone to the auditorium and said that anyone caught bullying would be suspended from school for two weeks. One kid
didn’t believe the principle and got caught giving me a hard time.”

“Did you record what they said?”

“Yes ma’am. I played it back for the teacher and the principle.”

“That’s my girl.”

Annabelle and Dawn both smiled at Gina and Cyra.

“Go ahead and grab what snacks you want.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Once dawn rings the snacks up and pays for the items herself. She watches as the girls go to the office and start on their homework.

“Looks like your plan worked.”

“It always worked for me when I was in school.”

Annabelle grabs her clipboard and pencil and does inventory of the shelves.

The rest of the afternoon goes by quickly. Dawn and Annabelle were scheduled to closed the store that night. Since they took yesterday off.
They had one more customer left. Dawn had gone to the diner to get them dinner. The girls had finished their homework early, so Dawn put them to work in the store. By the time nine o’clock rolled around; everyone was tired.

“Okay, lets head home gang.”

Everyone piles up into the truck and head home. Once they were home. The girls take a bath and Annabelle tucks them into bed.

“Sleep tight my little angels.”

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