Angel Of Justice Chapter 2

Katlain cuddles her teddy bear tighter. One of the new transgender girls that had joined the group a few weeks ago had been killed. She remembered the girl, because she was half-Asian and half-African American. She was going to take Kimiko shopping next weekend to get some new clothes that fit her better. The ones she wore came from the Good Will store in her neighborhood. They were kind of mismatched and thread worn. They didn’t fit her small frame that well. She was a sweet girl.

While Katlain was laying in her bed. Her doorbell rings. She grabs her cellphone and use the app that allows her to see who was at her front door.

“Hello, what can I do for you?”

Detective Harrison heard a female voice coming from a small white box. He had seen them before and knew they had a small security camera built in them.

“Yes ma’am, I’m Sgt. Harrison with the Augusta Police Department. I would like to ask you some questions about the shooting that took place at the park.”

Sgt. Harrison had done a background check on Katlain Ann Brownlow. She was a descendent of one of the original Southern families of
Augusta. Her mother and father were in jail for drug possession and drug distribution. Her father had extra time added to his sentence for the murder of a man in jail. She used to be known as Andy Edward Brownlow.

He had found out that she was a freelance model, worked part-time at a restaurant and was a freelance truck driver. She owns a garage over on 2917 RiverWest Drive. She had several guns register to her. One of them happened to be a.45 caliber handgun.

A few minutes later the front door opens and standing before him wearing a long yellow t-shirt with Garfield looking up at the sky with a white cloud asking WHY ME? Printed in the cloud.

“Come on in Sgt.” Katlain steps aside to let the Sgt. in.

Sgt. Harrison walks in and notice the inside of the house still had an older feel to it. There was a couple of new items like a 72” television set with a high dollar entertainment system. Brand new leather sectional furniture. The end tables, living room table, shelves and bookcases on the wall all matched and looked to be antiques.

“Please sit.” Katlain motions to the sofa.

“Thank you.” Sgt. Harrison sits down on the sofa.

“Would you like a coffee, tea or water Sgt. Harrison?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you.”

Katlain sits down on the L shape portion of the sectional.

“So, what can I do for you Sgt. Harrison?”

“I wanted to talk to you about your statement and what you saw at the park.”

Sgt. Harrison could tell she had been crying. Her eyes were still red.

“In your statement, you said that one of the shooters shot your friend Julie.”

“Yes, he was standing near our stand and two of the bullets hit my friend. I turned around and drew my gun and shot him, before he could shoot me.”

“How about the other guy that was with him?”

“He came over and was checking his friend. As he was standing up I shot him. I wasn’t about to give him the chance to shot me.”

“Do you normally walk around armed all the time?” Sgt. Harrison was watching her body language.

“Yes, I had a stalker a year ago after I did a swimsuit shoot. He was following me around everywhere and when I came home. I found him in
my house naked. He managed to overpower me and would had raped me, if I hadn’t kneed him as hard as I could.”
Sgt. Harrison took notes on what she said.

“Ms. Brownlow, can you tell me what you do for a living?”

“I’m a freelance model and I work part time at a friend’s restaurant. I have a trust that was setup by my grandfather that comes out of the family
fortune. My parents have been disowned by the family. So, I get my mother’s share of the family fortune.”

“How long have you and Julie Andrews been friends?”

“About a year and a half now. She is turning her life around.”

“What do you mean she is turning her life around?”

“She used to be a drug addict. She got hooked on drugs as an escape from her family life. Her family was controlling and strict. She was disowned by her family and spent years hooked on drugs. She came to the center and I worked with her to get her straight. She’s one of my best friends.”

“That’s kind of you.”

“No, it’s doing the right thing. I see a lot of potential in her. She loves working for the florist.”

“Now, that I have answered your questions. Would you mind telling me who those men were?”

“I can’t go into details with you, but they were members of a local militia hate group. Their group wanted to make a statement.”

“Do you happened to know what the name of this group is?”

“I’m sorry I can’t give you that information.”

Sgt. Harrison was wondering why Katlain wanted to know.

Katlain figures she’ll have to use her criminal connections to find out who they were.

“Is anything being done to them?”

“Yes, we are going after their organization. Since they committed a hate crime and was responsible for several deaths.”

“Good, I hope you get them. If you need me to be a witness, feel free to subpoena me.”

“I will Ms. Brownlow. I believe that’s all the questions I have for you.”

Sgt. Harrison stands up to leave.

Katlain stands up as well and escorts Sgt. Harrison to the door.

“Have a safe day Sgt. Harrison.”

“Thank you.”

Katlain watches as the Sergeant walks to his car and gets in. She closes the door and heads to her bathroom and prepares to go out. She was
going to go and plan for Kimiko’s funeral and visit her friend Julie at the hospital. She wanted to make sure she was doing better and inform her if she needs anything, to let her know right away. Katlain heads to the restaurant she works part-time to get her work schedule and pick-up some lunch.

As she is waiting for her lunch, she pulls her cellphone out and calls her friend Red.

Red was just walking towards his car when his cellphone rang. He checks the number and notice it was Katlain.

“Hello Katlain, what can I do for you?”

“Hey Red, are you going to be at the garage later?”

“Yes, why? Are you looking for some work for tonight?”

“Nope, I need some information and I’m willing to pay for it.”

“What’s the information your looking for Kat?”

“Not over the phone, Red. I’ll tell you when I come to the garage tonight.”

“Alright, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Thanks Red.”

Katlain hangs up and puts it away. She takes her lunch and head towards her garage to eat her lunch and do some work on one of the Mustangs she owns. The High-performance parts she had been waiting for has come in and she wanted to get to work installing them on her Mustang.

She slips on her work coveralls and start working on her Mustang.

This Mustang was getting a major upgrade in performance. She was going to make this one special. It wasn’t going to be used for street racing. It’s going to be used for other things. She works for a couple of hours. Once she gets what she wanted to do done to the car. She cleans up and drive towards the garage Red would be at.

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