The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 5&6

Ginny winces when Dr. Weathers draws blood from her. Leonard was in the examination room with her, holding her hand for courage. Ginny hated needles and kept her eyes on Leonard as the doctor drew blood from a vein. Leonard kept his eyes on what the doctor was doing. Dr. Weathers had asked Leonard’s permission to draw blood from Ginny to see if she had been infected with rabies that their escape test subject had been injected with.

Dr. Weathers explained to Leonard and Ginny that they were testing a new vaccine to combat the different types of rabies that animals carried.
The Coywolf that had bitten her had full blown rabies, but had been treated with a new vaccine they had been working on. They wanted to see if the new vaccine would work against the rabies.

Leonard could tell that Dr. Weathers was hiding something. His lie wasn’t convincing enough, but what he was hiding he had no idea about. David should have by now gotten what he was looking for.

Doctor Weathers examines the blood he took from the young girl to see if the transference of the Were-wolf virus had occurred. He had mixed the Were-Wolf virus with the rabies. He had injected the mixture into the Coywolf he had captured. He wanted to create a new type of Werewolf breed. If it worked, he could create different types of Were-Wolves for the department of defense.

So far, he doesn’t see any of the virus in her blood work. He had examined the bite mark and could tell it had healed without leaving too much of a scar, because someone had used crazy glue to close the wound. According to what she told him.

Doctor Weathers looks up at Leonard and Ginny “well my dear, it looks like you haven’t been infected with rabies at all.”

Ginny looked relieved “well that’s a load off Doctor Weathers.”

“That is good news, Doctor. I was worried that my little girl would have to be flown to the hospital.” Leonard looks at Ginny like a concerned
father getting good news.

Doctor Weathers looks at Ginny and her father. He notices Ginny’s eyes and how they had a bright amber color to them.

“You have an unusual eye color Ms. Williams.” Leonard spoke up for Ginny.

“We thought her eyes were unusual as well when she was born, but I’ve come to love her eyes. Our family Doctor said it was a one in a million chance for her to have eyes like that.” Leonard was laying it on thick, so the Doctor wouldn’t question Ginny’s eyes. He hugs Ginny to him like a proud father.

He had seen that her eyes had originally been hazel in an old student id photo she posse, but since she was bitten. Her eyes had started to take on the coloration of a coywolf. Even as her hair coloring was slowly changing. When Ginny came down to breakfast this morning at the pack’s house, everyone notice that her hair had gone from being pure black to having streaks of blonde in it. They had dyed it back to black for her meeting with Dr. Weathers today.

“Well, she is lucky that she wasn’t infected with rabies. Her blood work shows no signs of the rabies infection, but I would like to do more test on it, with your permission.” Dr. Weathers wanted to see if the Werewolf virus he had mixed in did what he wanted it to do or was it canceled out by the rabies. If the rabies did neutralize the mixture, then he’ll try it with gene therapy.

“Well if you’re done with us, Doctor Weathers. I need to get back to work and drop Ginny off at home.” Leonard looks towards Ginny to give her, her cue.

Ginny noticed her cue “Doctor, is there anything I should look for just in case you missed something?”

Ginny distracted the Doctor, while Leonard switches her blood sample with another person’s blood they had gotten to use for hers. Bryan had figured that they would want to keep her blood sample for study, so they had gotten another source to use for her.

“Well, if you start having muscle pains, fever or headaches. Get in touch with me immediately. The longer you wait, the more danger you’ll be in.” Doctor Weathers hopes she doesn’t show any symptoms, because then he’ll come under review and his project will be canceled.

“Okay, Doctor.” Ginny gets down form the examination table she had been sitting on. She walks with Leonard and the Doctor out of the examination room. She hears the slight vibrating sound of Leonard’s phone coming from the pocket he keeps it in.

“Excuse me, Doctor.” Leonard pulls his phone out and sees a text message from Daniel.

He looks back up and at Ginny “I need to go now dear. Work just had an emergency they need me to take care of.” Leonard makes sure Ginny understood his meaning.

“Okay daddy. Thank you, Doctor.” Ginny shakes the Doctor’s hand.

“Anytime, call me if you have any questions or problems.” Doctor Weathers watches as they walk off. He wonders if she was hiding anything. He has her blood sample, so it couldn’t be hard to research it to determine if she’s been infected.

Ginny and Leonard walk out to the vehicle they had come in and spotted Daniel standing by it.

“I take it that you managed to do what you set out to do?” Leonard was looking at Daniel when he said that.

“Yep, infecting their computers with a virus so that we can remote in and look around without being seen was easy. The security on the door
protecting the sever room was easy to by-pass.” Daniel’s secondary specialty in the pack was being their computer hacker.

“Guys, can we go and get something to eat please. I’m starving.” Ginny was hungry and needed something to eat. She had eaten a light breakfast against Bryan’s advice and so now she was hungry.

“Come on pup, we’ll stop and get you something to eat.” Leonard just shakes his head as the three of them climbed into his truck. Ginny sat in between David and Leonard. She has stop trying to correct them about calling her a pup or puppy. In their eyes, she was just that.

Country music played on the radio as Leonard drove. She had found out that he didn’t like any one touching his radio and switching stations on him. Her stomach growls loudly as they drive down the road towards the nearest Wendy’s.

“We better hurry, or she’ll think about eating us.” Daniel looks at Ginny and ruffles her hair.

“I’m not into cannibalism.” Ginny turns her head towards him and sticks her tongue out.

Daniel just smiles “it’s going to be interesting having a young pup in the pack. Wait till the other members meet her.”

“Oh, I think everything will work itself out. She’ll be well protected and looked after.”

Leonard already knew to a certain extent what was going to happen. Ginny was the only female in their pack and within several states, other than Las Vegas. He knew Texas had at least three females in their pack and that Florida had five females in theirs. The packs in Montana had two naturally born women in their pack. There was a total of three hundred women from all the packs in North America. Leonard knew that there were at least one million wolves in the United States.

“Don’t I get a say in this?”

Ginny agreed to live at the packs house, but now it sounded like she was going to have body guards around her.

“You agreed this morning to the terms Bryan told you about. Believe us when we say that you are being what you are. Being the only teenage girl around for several states. We’re going to have to keep an eye on you. It’s more for your own protection than anything else. Even though we are a neutral state. There will be wolves or even other supernatural creatures that will come here and try to take advantage of you. At least with us protecting you, you’ll always have a family that cares about you.”

Daniel had done his research on Ginny and knew everything about her family from who her birth father was down to the current location of her mother and the man she had married for money.

“Good grief. If I had known being a Were-coywolf was going to be this complex, I would had run off.” Ginny gives Daniel a serious look.

“It wouldn’t have matter if you did Ginny, your body gives off a unique scent that any supernatural could pick-up on.” Daniel watches as Leonard pulls into the Wendy’s parking lot and parks.

Ginny looks at Leonard” are we eating in?”

Daniel opens his door and looks back towards Ginny “looks that way, pup.”

Leonard just smiles when he hears Daniel answer for him. He opens his door and climbs out, followed by Ginny. She follows behind Leonard with Daniel on her left-hand side. When they walk into the restaurant and get in line, Daniel stays behind her.

Ginny looks at the menu “mmm, let’s see. I think a number seven with two double stacks, two spicy chicken sandwiches and a large frosty will do me.”

When it’s Leonard’s turn to step up to the counter and the cashier ask him what he wants “I would like to order a number seven with two double stacks and a large vanilla frosty, four spicy chicken sandwiches, three double stacks, two double bacon stacks and two large cokes with little ice.“

The cashier gives Leonard their total and two cups so they can fill their drinks while the food is being prepared. Ginny walks over to the soda fountain and looks around. She could smell everything in the restaurant. Her nose was twitching and her mouth was watering. Everything was a little overwhelming to her senses. Daniel comes up beside her and lays his hand on her shoulder.

“Relax. Just relax and center yourself, Ginny.” Daniel uses a bit of his power to relax Ginny.

Ginny closes her eyes and thinks about something relaxing. She needs to learn to get her beast and abilities under control. Ginny breathes slowly and studies her nerves.

“Come on Ginny, let’s go and sit down.” Daniel guides Ginny over to a table where the three of them could talk in private and eat.

Ginny opens her eyes as they get to the table. They sit down with each guy on either side of her.

Leonard hands out the food and starts eating what he ordered for himself. Ginny takes the spicy chicken sandwich she had order along with her frosty and other sandwiches.

“Do you think Doctor Weathers has anything to do with my change?” Ginny directs her question towards Daniel and then Leonard.

“Let’s leave this conversion till we get home and talk with Bryan about everything.” Daniel looks at Ginny to emphasize his meaning.

“Fine” Ginny eats her sandwich and listens to another person’s conversion going on around her. Some of it was boring. The conversions were your normal everyday problems and conversions. Ginny listens and enjoys her sandwich. Her nose starts twitching as she sniffs the air and looks towards the door.

A young pregnant African American woman comes walking in with her husband and her other two children. She turns her sights back to Daniel and Leonard.

“Leonard, would it be alright if I get another large frosty?” Ginny was still feeling a little hungry and she wanted another frosty.

“Yes.” Leonard reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ten spot and hands it to Ginny.

“Bring me back the change.” He hands her the ten-dollar bill.

“I will.” Ginny walks up to the counter and order another large frosty for herself.

Ginny gets the frosty and heads back over to the table where Daniel and Leonard were sitting.

“Here’s your change Leonard, thank you.” Ginny hands Leonard his change as she sits back down at her place.

Once everyone is done eating, they all head back to Leonard’s truck and head towards Bryans house. Bryan wanted to hear what they discover about the doctor. Ginny sat quietly between Daniel and Leonard, as Leonard drove the truck.


Chapter Six

Ginny was curled up on the sofa listening to Bryan, Leonard and Daniel as they spoke about what Daniel had found out at the genetics research lab. Most of it was legal research, but Daniel did say he found a few files that were encrypted in a secure sector on the server. There were several files that had experiments being conducted by Dr. Weathers. Those were the files that were encrypted and Daniel was going to need time to get into them. However, the backdoor program Daniel had place in the genetics lab server had allowed Daniel to look around some.

“Does anyone know why he is conducting these experiments?” Ginny was curious why anyone would be crazy to play with the were-wolf virus.

“That’s what we are trying to figure out, Ginny. There’s no way an ordinary coywolf could have gotten a were-wolf virus in him. The virus
doesn’t cross species like that.” Daniel looks towards Ginny when he answers. He recalls everything Bryan had told him about how she came to be a were-coywolf.

“How do you explain the other type of Were’s?” Stephen comes walking in and looks at everyone present.

“Those viruses have been around for a while and come from other parts of the world. You can’t introduce the were-wolf virus to another species. It doesn’t work that way. Even if the animal ate a were-wolf, he wouldn’t become one. What I think the good doctor is doing, is mixing it with a rabies virus to make it cross species capable.” Daniel was sure that was the route the good doctor was heading down. The two viruses were similar in how they worked.

“That still doesn’t answer the question, why?” Ginny sat up on the sofa and was looking at all the guys present.

“Well, we have the blood the doctor took from you Ginny. One of our members is a Hematologist. He can analyze your blood to determine what exactly the good doctor had done to make you a Were.” Daniel was thinking about Raymond. He was one of the packs submissive wolves that worked in the medical field.

“So, you’re saying that it’s impossible for a normal animal to become infected with the Were-wolf virus, but somehow Dr. Weathers is trying to make a new type of Were-animal with the virus.” Ginny figures the good Doctor must be crazy.

Daniel looks at Ginny “that’s what we are saying, Ginny. It’s highly impossible to cross-species the virus.”

Ginny shakes her head and wonders why he would do this. She looks outside and notices how welcome the pool looked.

“Bryan, is it okay to use the pool?” Ginny figure she would go for a swim, since she had the night off from the bar.

Bryan looks towards Ginny when she speaks “Sure, do you have a swimsuit upstairs?”

“Yes sir. I have one upstairs in my room.” Ginny had let Stephen and another member cleanout her trailer and bring her personal items here to the house. She knew Bryan had talked with her landlord and talked with him about the trailer and her contract with him.

“She has a nice little mermaid one that I think you’ll like to see her in.” Stephen looks at Ginny and winks at her with amused smile on his face.

“You didn’t have to go through my things Stephen.” Ginny’s cheeks turn beet red from embarrassment from Stephen’s comment. It was the only swimsuit that would fit her when she brought it. It was at the end of the season and it was the last one left in her size.

“Okay, but be careful.” Bryan just smile as he watches Ginny head upstairs to her room to change.

Ginny couldn’t believe Stephen would embarrass her like that. She heads into her room and strips out of the clothes she had worn to go to the doctors and into her swimsuit. As she stands in front of the mirror hanging on the back of her bed room door, she examines herself. Ever since she was bitten and had her first change, her body had started feeling out more. Some of the baby fat she still had redistribute itself to her hips and ass. She still looked like an eight-year-old girl with no body development now. She stood four feet two inches and weighted forty-eight pounds. Ginny couldn’t figure out why she still looked like an eight-year-old, but she was fifteen years old. Even with the swimsuit on, it still made her look younger then she was.

Ginny heads downstairs and back towards the den and out the sliding glass doors with her beach towel that matched her swimsuit. It had Ariel the little mermaid on it. There was a handmade wooden stained lounge chair set-up nearby. Ginny tosses her little mermaid towel on it, just before she dives into the crystal-clear water of the pool. The cold pool water felt nice against her warm body. It turned her lips blue, as she holds her breathe and swims the whole entire length of the pool underwater. The pool itself was thirty feet long and at least forty feet wide and twenty feet deep.

Once Ginny arrives at the other end of the pool she surfaces and takes in a breath of fresh air. She couldn’t believe she just swam the whole entire length of the pool underwater. She holds onto the side of the pool edge for support, because the deep end was twenty feet deep. Ginny knew she wasn’t a very good swimmer and the last time she tried to swim to the bottom of a pool, it was only nine feet deep. She stays where she is and just look back towards the other end of the pool. She pushes off the pool wall and start swimming back towards the swallow end using a freestyle stroke. As she is swimming, she thinks about what they have learned about the doctor and the coywolf that bite her. She couldn’t figure out why anyone would introduce a rabies virus combine with a were-wolf virus to an animal. That would be so stupid. She takes a breath as she flips and push off the wall at the swallow end of the pool.

She used to love when she had swim practice at school. It gave her time to think about how school went and a chance to get away from her sorry life. Ginny flips again and heads back towards the deep end again, after pushing off the swallow end wall. She hopes her life has taken a change for the good as she swims. Ginny wonders now that she is living up here with Bryan and some of the guys from the pack. She wonders what restrictions Bryan is going to put on her. She already knew that Bryan had someone shadowing her when she went to work at the junkyard and the bar.

Clarence informed her that he might have to let her go, because one of the other girls needed more hours. Ginny didn’t mind if he did, because Barney was keeping her busy at the junkyard. She was no longer permitted to go out in the yard, unless it was to tell or look for a part for a customer. Barney wanted her to work behind the counter now, instead of the yard. She flips again as she hits the deep end and push off with her legs. She loved the exercise she was getting as she swam.

"Heads up, pup” A black rubber inner tube lands right in front of Ginny’s swim path.

Hey, you almost hit me.” Ginny jerks up to avoid being hit by it. She was still in the deep end as she treads water to stay afloat and looks over towards Stephen. She notices he had amused look on his face.

“I told you to look out, pup.” Stephen jumps into the pool and swims over towards Ginny.

Ginny watches Stephen as she holds onto the inner tube for support and let her legs drift upwards behind her. She holds tight as Stephen pops up in front of her.

“You know, you look like a little girl in that swim suit.” Stephen couldn’t believe how young Ginny looked.

“I know, I’m so flat chested and small for my age. I’m finally getting some curves to make me look a little bit more mature, but it isn’t doing anything to make me look older or for my breast development. I hate looking like I’m eight years old. No one is going to take me serious looking like I do.” Ginny looks into Stephen hazel eyes as he held onto the tube in front of her.

“I hate to say this sweetie, but because you are a female the male Were-wolves won’t take you serious. The reason for that is, is because there aren’t a lot of your gender around in the packs. It’s a male only club and for most packs the female’s role isn’t much. They are either wives to the pack leader or other wolves in the pack. If you marry someone in the pack, you gain their position within the pack. The female wolves are considered the lowest in the pack structure. If Bryan had a mate that was a wolf, you would answer to her. However, since he doesn’t. You assume that position, until another woman is turned or join us from another pack.” Stephen felt he should share how things were going to be for Ginny now in the pack.

“I thought women in the pack can’t leave the pack?” Ginny was confused now.

“There’s no rule that says you can’t marry another wolf in another pack, if you have the Alpha’s of both packs permission.” Stephen remembers the relationship he had with another like him in another pack.

“So, what is going to be my job in this pack?” Ginny was starting to regret her decision.

“Well, since we are in a neutral territory and it’s our job to enforce the rules here. Your job will be to play hostess, secretary and coordinator.
Bryan is well off and has interests in a lot of different businesses, so he does a lot of traveling sometimes. Sometimes, you’ll be required to travel with him as he goes to meet with different packs to arrange things. While you are traveling with him, you’ll be acting as his secretary sometimes.” Stephen had talked with Bryan about what Ginny’s job would be.

“But I thought I wasn’t going to be allowed to go anywhere without an escort?” Ginny was remembering what she had been told.

“You won’t be alone. Either I’ll be with you or Leonard will.” Stephen just smile, because Leonard had volunteered to watch over Ginny.

“Doesn’t Leonard have a day time job?” Ginny didn’t mind. She thought he was a nice person and had helped her out a few times.

“Yes, he does which means he can watch you when you’re at work. His job isn’t too far away from yours. He’ll be responsible for taking and picking you up from work; unless you want to ride you’re scooter back and forth.” Stephen knew Leonard watched her any way.

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