A M.Y.T.H.ical Start Part 2

The two enjoyed a long soak in mud with Mathias digging out Violet her own mud bath pit with her own dressing chamber made from partitions and curtains. She enjoyed that he cared enough about her to do this for her but he tutted her- it was the job of a parent to do that for their child. He happily added "I would rather not see you au naturale even if we actually see each other like that as animals. Some boundaries are never to be crossed, you are my daughter and I refuse to even think of you in any way as anything other than that. Plus you are a developing young woman, I can see the small breasts forming and it won't be long before you experience the joys of menstruation."

She hugged him for doing that for her. It was done out of respect and affection and she appreciated that he cared enough about her to do this for her. She loved the idea of having a father who cared about her no matter what, her birth family were horrible to her and treated her like a slave when they weren't beating her for any little infraction.

Violet cleaned herself off in the new shower, while Mathias explained how she would go shopping for clothing and other special items with his close friends the Greenfields. Mrs. Greenfields' daughter Melody was roughly Violet's age and needed some similar items and could use the companionship. Mathias saw right through the deception and smiled at her trying to make Violet comfortable around young ladies like herself, even if they were different.

The first order of business though was breakfast which was simply sliced beets. Violet loved the taste and was happy that she could enjoy sweets even if it wasn't "normal" sweets. Mathias happily pointed out "a lot of beets are grown just for their sugar, they are some of the sweetest fruits and veggies after all."

Breakfast out of the way Mathias had Violet dress in a long, flowing dress then brush her hair out so she was ready for their guests. She smiled and rushed upstairs with Mathias shaking his head at the little girl in her being put on full display without her knowing it. Violet, in turn, rushed to get herself ready and presented hew new father with a lovely sight, one that made Mathias shed a tear as Violet was the spitting image of her long deceased youngest aunt.

The doorbell rang at exactly 9 AM with their first guest entering without prompting. Violet came into the room to see the new guest and stopped cold, seeing Dorothy in the flesh scared her as she didn't know how to react to the woman who had put her in danger in the first place. Dorothy simply offered her a soft "hello, Violet. I am pleased to see that your transformation went well and you are the beautiful young woman you should have been born as."

Violet had tears in her eyes as she heard that, it was the best possible thing Dorothy could have said to her. Mathias knelt down and softly explained to her "Dorothy is an oracle, one of the gifted who can see the future of what may and may not happen. She saw that there was someone who was in danger and who was my true daughter. She brought you to the town so I could find you."

Her tears increased as she blurted out "why?" Dorothy knelt down and hugged her, offering her a tear-filled "because you are his daughter. He fathered you many years ago but your mother believed you were your father's daughter. She knew Mathias through traveling through town and enjoyed a few days in his bed before moving on. A day after she met her future husband but didn't know she was already pregnant with you. You are his true daughter."

Looking up at Mathias she saw that he was unaware of that revelation. Dorothy shook her head and explained "you were in need of love and she was in need of a place to spend the night. The change was your blood taking over her body and unlocking the true being, she was always meant to be a woman but human of course your rivals among the mages and witches blocked it. She is as she should have been, a beautiful young woman who is the spitting image of your sister. I just wish she can one day meet her, but you know how those werewolves can be."

Violet's eyes shot right towards Mathias as he shook his head and offered a somber "she was 'turned' just after she reached 18. She fell in love with a local boy who intentionally kept his lineage a secret from our family as he knew we would never allow her to mate with him. She ran off and has kept in contact with me but wants to live her own life and enjoy her children without interference."

Violet was puzzled and asked "does she know about me?" Dorothy smiled and offered her a happy "she heard from the other magical creatures. She can feel a companionship as the females of your family share a special link. She will seek you out when the time is right and help you through the rough spots. She loves her brother and will be pleased to know that you have turned out so well and her brother now has someone to carry on the family legacy."

Mathias added a firm "she doesn't have to take over for me, she has her own life." Violet countered with "but daddy, I want to do it. I love what you do and I want to be like you. You gave me life, it's the least I could do."

Dorothy added "there will be troubles but nothing she can't endure. She is instrumental in helping others like herself who have been suddenly forced to change by accident not of their doing. She may have been your daughter but she was not meant to be like you. The intervention by the witches and mages changed her life but you changed it back and gave her a chance to find her own path. I can see several, all of them leading to happiness. It's up to her to figure things out on her own."

Dorothy hugged her and added a soft "your aunt will come by in a day. She will bring her offspring. Her husband is still too proud to try to make amends with his brother-in-law so you may not meet him yet. But you will, in time."

Dorothy added a somber "I technically kidnapped you and took you to another country as this is Montana not Manitoba. I had to have some friends cover up your trail and make it appear that you had been attacked by a bear and devoured by wolves. I retained your old clothing and left them by the side of the road so when found it'll stop all investigations. It helps to have friends in the RCMP who are mages who are trying to help youngsters like yourself. I apologize again for forcing you to go out alone and getting hurt but I hope the ends justify the means."

Violet was in tears again, asking happily "does this mean my old family will never look for me again? I am truly free of them?" Dorothy nodded, adding a happy "they believed you got what you deserved, your mother said the animals did the world a favor. She was right, you are going to help the world."

Dorothy hugged both and offered a happy "be nice to Melody, she is a good person but doesn't realize her mistakes just yet. She will need a caring shoulder for when she does what needs to be done. She needs a friend, one that her significant other can't be."

After Dorothy left a flash of light appeared in the sitting room as four people stood scowling at one another. A second lighter flash occurred with a woman holding scales appeared and asked that they sit down and shut up. She smiled at Violet who smiled back, while Mathias waited for them to finish their farce of a trial so they could move on.

The woman with the scales stood before Violet and introduced herself as Themis, the Titan of divine justice. She was only there because the four couldn't stop arguing over whether Violet was male or female. Themis shook her head and asked her if her colleague Dorothy had spoken to her, getting a nod from Violet and a smile from Themis.

Themis announced "begin, I already have my decision but by rules I must hear your arguments. Personally you four shouldn't be bothering this child and should leave the creatures to themselves like you are supposed to be doing but I guess the modern era has thrown all of you for a loop. The child isn't a normal child and none of you figured out just why there was a change made, so once you are done I'll explain everything in terms even you Bacchus can understand.

Violet asked who they all were with the two women explaining they were Artemis and her cousin Diana while the guys explained they were Dionysus and his cousin Bacchus. Violet's eyes grew wide as she recognized their names. She happily blurted out "the goddesses of the hunt, the mood, and the woodlands! And you two are the gods of wine and grapes! Wow you are the coolest of the gods and goddesses!'

She had unknowingly made the four humble at her knowing them and their true roles in life and them believing that she was just some ignorant kid. Themis grinned, her oracle abilities may have been muted since she left the job but she could tell the kid was going to be great and make the lives of others better simply by being herself. It helped a lot that the four needed that kick in the ego, they may have been powerful deities but they were still getting their egos ripped to shreds by someone who learned about them the right way- with respect and admiration.

Dionysus made his argument that as she was born a male she should be forced to live her life as a male including being turned back into one in body. Bacchus added that her mental feelings didn't matter, what you were born with did. Both felt great pride in pointing out their large members which made Violet blush while feeling a tingle down in her panties, the first sign of sexuality in her ever and one that was a natural point towards the ladies' argument.

Violet's reaction caught the two off guard allowing Themis to grin at the guys underestimating her. Artemis went at their notions about women and pointed out that the former boy had never acted as a boy and had tried to live as a girl until having the change forced on her. She deserved to live as she saw fit even if it meant that masculinity was no longer tied to the groins like the two believed.

Diana was logical and argued that she was never going to become a man as she had been forced to stop becoming one by her violent father. The guys looked at her oddly to which Themis announced "he had her sterilized so she would never have children or fell in love with men." The two cringed while Violet shed a tear over realizing that it was the truth, she never remembered the appointment but she did recall being in the doctor's office for several hours asleep.

Themis sighed and told the four "you need to look closely at her. See the aura? She is magical. It's in her blood. It was in her blood before she changed. She is the daughter of a quote 'vegepire', the offspring of a vampire and a nymph. She was supposed to be female but her body and soul were caught in a spell cast upon Mathias Sangue by jealous mages and witches which made her body develop as male but her spirit was always female. She was meant to be the next hybrid but the curse prevented it, that is until she was attacked and saw her blood mingle with the one being who could break the curse- her father. So you see, she was always female and her body now matches her spirit. End of story."

The four were miffed. Their arguments were moot, they couldn't refute the nature of her being and had to give in. The ladies weren't wrong but they should have taken the time to look into her life the right way instead of rushing to protect her. The guys were forced to admit that they were wrong and deserved their admonishment. They left with the four arguing about something else, Themis just shaking her head at her stepchildren, niece, and nephew arguing constantly.

Mathias came in and was immediately hugged by Violet. She looked up at him and told him firmly "they mutilated me! They destroyed my future just because I was different! You saved me from a lifetime of agony, thank you daddy!"

She cried herself to sleep as he put her down for a nap, the emotional morning taking a toll on her. The Greenfields could wait, they would understand. Melody might be a bit upset but she would understand.

The Greenfields arrived an hour later with Violet still asleep in her room. Melody sensed something was up and asked to be excused so the adults could talk without her. She went exploring as she normally did and was shocked to see a girl younger than her there asleep in one of the rooms.

She rushed downstairs and demanded to know who she was, fearful that Mathias was doing something wrong to the girl. Mrs. Greenfields smiled at her daughter and happily told her "she is Mr. Sangue's daughter. She just moved her after escaping her horrible home life. She probably had to endure the usual male/female arguments that the gods have whenever they see something that intrigues them."

Melody was shocked and asked "why were they doing that?" Mathias knelt down and somberly admitted "my daughter was born as a male but was female in mind and spirit. A curse put against me caused that issue and thanks to her supposed father and her birth mother she was tormented and abused for years. They learned the truth and it took a lot of strength for her to hear others speaking about her but her unable to speak. I had hoped you would meet her and help her but if you don't want to I'll understand."

Melody shed a tear, she understood full well. She offered as soft "she is what Bonnie isn't, she was a girl inside." Her mother comforted her while Mathias smiled at the two scene. Mr. Greenfields nodded to him, adding a knowing "she changed Bonnie by accident but this is something else, this is someone who needs her help. She is a good person at heart, I just hope Violet accepts her offer."

Melody went back upstairs and saw that Violet had awoken. She smiled at Violet, offering her a happy "hi, I'm Melody. I'm a unicorn. Mom said you are Mr. Sangue's daughter."

Violet looked at her in disbelief. Melody smiled and in a flash became a unicorn, lowering her head to touch her horn to Violet's head. Violet felt the warmth and saw that Melody was trying to be nice to her and get to know her, she happily smiled back and thanked her for the friendship offer.

Melody quickly returned to human form and told her timidly "your dad told me you weren't born a girl. You are so pretty though, and you have nicer boobs than I do." Violet blushed and offered her a timid "dad's blood overrode the spell that turned me into a boy. I am girl now except I have more powers than I could ever dream of."

Melody asked if she wanted to go for a ride. Violet thought she was joking but she grabbed her hand and took her downstairs and out the back. She then turned into her unicorn form, telling her to do the same with her horse form.

Violet shifted into a horse and through her telepathic link offered her a happy "I always wanted to become a horse...well to ride one but this is just as much fun!" Melody added a happy "once you get out for a big run it becomes irresistible. My girlfriend and I run around all the time in my special room."

Violet gave her an odd look which Melody blurted out "I accidentally changed my boyfriend into a unicorn when I changed into one for the first time. She is stuck as a girl, we unicorns are mostly female so he unfortunately is now my girlfriend. I love her no matter what, but if she starts to fall in love with boys I understand. It's my fault, I shouldn't have let him stay but he refused to leave my side until mom got there. The magic was intense and bathed him in it to the point that he became magical like me. He's stuck as a girl because of me."

Violet consoled her, nuzzling her while sending her reassuring thoughts. Melody showed the image of her newly dubbed girlfriend Bonnie who to Violet was even more beautiful than Melody getting an annoyed "Hey!" from Melody followed by a happy "she is beautiful and I love her." Violet added a happier "she is taking it better than I could have, I wanted to be a girl but she didn't."

Violet shared her memories which led to Melody saying "Dorothy knows a lot and told me to be careful about my change. I didn't listen to her, I thought I could endure it without mom. I was wrong and Bonnie paid the price." Violet again showed her that Bonnie was accepting of her fate and would not hold it against her especially as it was true love. She did add a somber "he was handsome though."

The two ran around the forest for several hours while the adults talked. Mathias sighed and added a somber "they should be here soon." Mrs. Greenfields looked at the time and announced she'd take Melody home while they made the proper arrangements so Melody didn't get too excited. Mathias smiled, seeing the two running but adding an unhappy "they have no idea how dangerous the times are right now. I just hope they don't get scared when the truth comes out and the dangers are exposed."

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