Snow Angel Part 14

Anika and Hatter approached their targets on foot. Anika had study the satellite images Morgana had sent them. Her plan was to send Hatter in to cause a distraction. Then she would use her sniping rifle to drop their targets. Anika looks over at Hatter.

“You ready, Hatter?”

Hatter just smiles and starts skipping off. She had her dart guns ready to use when she got close to their targets.

“Wait! Mr. Rabbit.”

Hatter was pretending she was chasing the white rabbit.

The men that had been posted to guard the satellite building sees what looked like the Mad Hatter come running out of the woods.

They watch as she stops and looks at them.

“Do you know where the tea party is being held?”

They all looked at her like she was nuts. Her unusual looks and dress caught them by surprised. While they were staring at her, one of them drops from being shot in the head. They watched as their companion drops to the ground.Another guy drops from a sniper shot. As they were bringing their guns to bare on her. Hatter moves quickly towards a nearby tree and fires her dart gun at two guys. They drop from the knockout needles going through their body armor. The needles were thin enough to slide between the material and into the person. Hatter was aiming for the neck or a joint, not the main body.

Hatter feels her top hat shot off her head. She looks where the hat fell and notice that there was a bullet hole going through the middle of the hat. She picks it up and puts it back on her head. She charges towards the guy that shot her top hat off her head. She pulls the handgun Anika gave her after slipping her dart gun into her coat pocket. She puts three rounds into the guys face that shot her top hat.

“You shot my hat, you creep!”

Hatter shoots another guy in his knee. Which causes him to moan.

“Oh shut-up you, big baby. I only shot you in the knee.”

She moves as gunfire strikes near her head. As she drops to the ground, she rolls around and fires her dart gun into the guy’s eye that shot at
her. As she fires her dart gun, she fires the gun in her other hand at a guy. She hits a guy in his ankle.

Hatter grabs a guy’s security card and uses it to open the building door. She was lucky she was kneeling to the side when she opened the door. She grabs a flash grenade and tosses them in and goes in after they go off. She fires her dart gun and the gun at several dazed targets.

Anika had seen Hatter puts three rounds into a guy’s face for shooting her top hat and then telling another guy to stop complaining about being shot in the knee. A smile appears on her face just from the amusement of Hatter’s antics. She follows behind Hatter as she enters the building.

She notices that Hatter was staying low as she entered. Once inside, she lost track of Hatter. The reason she lost track of Hatter; she just moved quickly. If someone got in her way. She would either shoot them with the gun or dart them with her dart pistol. She heard gunfire and then several explosions as concussion grenades went off. Anika was trying to figure out where Hatter had gotten her training. She moved like a professional hitter. It doesn’t take them long to secure the location. Hatter had blood covering her face from one of the guys that got hit by one of the concussion grenades she tossed near him.

“Team one to team two, location is secure.”

Elizabeth and Bart’s location:
Elizabeth was in a fire fight with three guys and Bart was pinned down by four more.

“Team one to team two, location is secure.”

“Dam, Hatter and Anika have already secured their location.”

Bart had heard the transmission over his ear wig.

“That’s because Anika probably played sniper. Do you have any grenades left?”

Bart was looking over towards Elizabeth.

“Just one smoke, one flash and two concussion grenades.”

“On the count of three, throw one concussion grenade at your guys and one at my guys.”

“Alright.” Elizabeth pulls the concussion grenades and gets ready to throw them.

“1, 2, 3!”

Elizabeth tosses her grenades at her people and at Bart’s people. As they stood up to get away, Bart goes full auto with his gun, taking down
two of his guys and two of Elizabeth’s guys. The concussion grenades take down the rest.

“I hope there isn’t many more. I’m down to one magazine.”

Elizabeth checks her side arm making sure she still had ammo for it.

“I’m empty.”

Bart pulls the tactical shotgun he took out of the truck. He still had ammo for it. Getting in was a little difficult, but as they went further down into the control center, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Some of the people had taken their own lives, rather than be taken alive. Most of the people looked to be Oriental and Korean.

“What the fuck has Bridges gotten himself into?”

Elizabeth was looking around and notice the keyboards had been smashed and there was a countdown going.

Morgana and Troy:
“Morgana, can you tap into the computers here?”

“Let me try. What do you see?”

Elizabeth pulls her cellphone out and dial Morgana’s number and uses facetime on it.

Morgana looks at what Elizabeth was sending her.

“Holy shit! They started the count down for missiles aimed at West Point & US Army Department in New Jersey. How in the hell did they smuggle missiles into the US?”

“I don’t know, but can you hack in and stop it? They have to be using a remote firing station.”

Morgana’s fingers tapped away on her keyboard as she used every trick she knew to break into the firing station computer system to stop the count down. The count gets down to 30 seconds as she shuts the station down.

“God! I never want to go through that again.”

She flexes her fingers to ease the tension in them. She was tense when she cracked their systems.

“What do you want me to do with where they are?”

“Can you give us a picture of where they are, Morgana?”

“No, problem. There’s a satellite over us right now I can use.”

Morgana brings up an image of the locations.

“It looks like they are disguise as cargo trailers waiting to be pick-up.”

Anika and Hatter:
Anika had been listening to the conversion between Elizabeth and Morgana over their communications.

“Call General Ellsworth and have him send a bomb disposal team to those coordinates. Tell him Snow Angel instructed you too.”

“I’m assuming your Snow Angel?”

“Thank you, Morgana.”

“I think she answered your question, Morgana.”

Troy had been watching his partner while she stopped the count down and was talking with Anika.

“All she did is confirm that her code name is Snow Angel. I wonder what everyone else’s code names are?”

“You know Morgana, you’re too nosy for your own good.”

“Maybe, but I like to know who I am working for and why things are so secret?”

“My father use to say Justice means minding one's own business and not meddling with other men's concerns.”

Selena looked towards Morgana to see if she understood that statement.

“That may be true, but what do you do when other men concern means life or death to others?”

Selena just shakes her head as she continues to patrol the building they had taken over.

Troy couldn’t believe his partner. He taps away on his keyboard as he shifts threw the information they were retrieving from the servers in the building.

Morgana and Troy:
“Morgana, how is team three doing with their assignment?”

Anika was looking around the building they just took. She had sent Morgana, General’s Ellsworth’s private cellphone number.

“Like the combat scenes from the Fast and Furious Seven movie. Wraith is taking fired from a mini-gun.”

“Do they need assistant?”

“Not from what I’m seeing. Terry has given me permission to access Wraith’s combat drone. Dakota is fighting someone on the roof of the trailer part of the tractor trailer they are chasing. Terry is trying to slow down the truck by shooting the tires out, but is being stopped by the mini-gun being fired at her.”

“What’s their location?”

“They are two hours out from your location. Which puts them approaching Baltimore, Maryland. They would be gone by the time someone caught up to them. Terry just said she’s jamming all transmissions from the truck.”

Morgana watches as the pop-up guns on Wraith are destroyed from the mini-gun.

“Ouch! Wraith just had his guns blown off. Terry said the only weapons she has left are the missiles, but she doesn’t want to use them on the tires.”

Morgana watches as Wraith fires a missile at the mini-gun. Another pops out on the other side and Wraith destroys that one as well.

“Well, there goes the guy Dakota was fighting.”

Morgana watched as Dakota threw the guy off the trailer towards Wraith. Terry moves wraith just in time so he didn’t go through her windshield. The truck weaves a few times and another body is thrown from the cab section of the tractor trailer onto the highway, where the guy ends up as street pizza.

“They have control of the tractor trailer, Anika.”

Dakota pulls the tractor trailer over and climbs back up on the roof of the trailer towards the opening the guy came through. Dakota drops two grenades down inside the trailer.

“Dakota just gassed the guys inside the trailer, Anika.”

Morgana turns the drone around and sees a bunch of State Troopers showing up.

“Anika, you might want to have your cell phone standing by. The Maryland State Trooper have shown up. Dakota and Terry are dealing with them right now.”

“Alright, keep me advised.”

Anika and Hatter:
While Anika was talking to Morgana, Hatter was exploring the building they took. She found some more weapons and a list of targets.

“Hey Queenie, you might want to see this.”

Hatter was holding a notebook written in a language she didn’t know.

“What did you fine?”

“Don’t know. It’s got funny writing inside it.”

Hatter hands the notebook to Anika to look at.

Anika notice Hatter still hasn’t cleaned the blood off her face.

“Hatter, go clean your face please.”


Hatter finds a bathroom and cleans her face and her suit jacket. She is still upset about her top hat being shot at. She changes out the magazines in her dart guns and holster them. She checks her ammo in the handgun she has and sees she has four rounds left in the current magazine. She tucks the gun in her waist band behind her back.

She picks up a few more guns and notices they were the new Glock 19M. She had heard rumors about these on the streets. Her ex-boss had said that he was getting a shipment of them from a friend of his.

“Hey Queenie. Look what I found.”

Hatter shows Anika the Glock 19M.

“What are these doing out on the streets? They are meant for Law Enforcement and the FBI.”

“Don’t know, but most of these guys have them.”

Anika picks up one from a dead guy. She takes her portable fingerprint scanner and scan his print. It shows a list of crimes he had committed.
She scans each body there with Hatters help and store their information to review later. She calls for a meat wagon to come and pick the dead bodies up.

Her and Hatter head back towards the office and park the Hummer back in the underground parking garage. They head up to the conference room they used last time. Hatter takes a seat and takes her top hat off and put her finger through the hole.

Anika was observing Hatter as she put her finger in the hole in her top hat.

“I can get that fix for you Hatter.”

Hatter looks up at Anika “thank you Queenie.”

Elizabeth and Bart comes walking in an hour later. Both of them look tired and worn out.

“You two look tired.”

“We are. We had to deal with a jackass police Captain. We heard from Terry and Dakota. They are taking the tractor trailer to the building we have the box truck locked up. Terry and Dakota will be here within the hour.”

“I’ll have Shigeko order us up some food.”

“You might have to wake Hatter up.”

Elizabeth noticed Hatter had her head resting on her arms on the table. She walks over to check to see if Hatter was awake. She could hear a
light snoring coming from Hatter.

“I think she’ll come around when the food gets here.”

Bart gets a text from Dakota. He reads it.

“Dakota says they found something we should take a look at. Also, we might want to send Morgana over to the building to go through the computers in the trailer.

“I’ll tell her.”

Anika dials Morgana’s number.

“What’s up Anika?”

“I need for you to go through the computers on the trailer.”

“Anika, do you mind if I bring someone else in to help?”

“Who do you want to bring in and can they be trusted?”

“My friend Gloria. She’s really good and she can be trusted. She got a top secret clearance through the company she works for.”

“Alright, I’ll have Shigeko make arrangements to have the Lear pick her up. I’ll add an extra twenty thousand to your contract to cover her wages. You can have the equipment after you’re done with it.”

“Sounds good to me. I was going to say five, but I’ll take twenty.”

“Okay, I’ll have Shigeko call you when she’s got the arrangements made.”

“Okay, thanks. Let me give Gloria a call., bye.”

Twenty minutes later Terry and Dakota come walking into the conference room.

Dakota had a slight limp to their walk. Terry was looking tired. She had a bunch of work she needs to do to Wraith.

“Terry, how set are your brothers on buying that building you got the box truck and tractor trailer at?”

“They really like it and it would be close to their homes. Why?”

“I might have another building they might like better. Our company have been trying to decide what to do with it.”

“I can always take them over to look at it and see if they will be willing to buy it. Why do you want them to consider that building, instead of the one we are looking at?”

“Isn’t it obvious? You have been using the other one to store evidence. We might as well buy it and use it as an operation center for now on.”

“That makes sense. Give me the address for the other building and I’ll take my brothers by it and let them look it over. The purchase has to be agreed on by all three of us.”

“What are you going to do with your old building?”

“I was going to take it over and use it to do simple car repairs. We would use the other building for specialty builds. This way we can concentrate on two separate jobs without problems.”

“Make sense. Let’s see what we all found at the sites and try to figure out what Mr. Bridges has gotten himself into.”

“I need to check my wife’s car out for explosives so she can use it.”

“How long do you think it will take you?”

“Well, if Terry or one of you come along to check. It shouldn’t take long.”

“I’ll go with her Anika.”

Dakota knew what to look for.

“Thanks Dakota.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Go, and take care of that. While you’re out check on Morgana and her team. Find out what they want for dinner.”

“Will do.”

Elizabeth and Dakota leave to go and take a look at Elizabeth’s wife car.

“Let’s get started on what we have till the food get here.”

Terry glances over towards Hatter.

“You want her input on this?”

“No, let her sleep. We still don’t know what she knows.”


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