The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 4

“Ouch! That hurt.” Ginny was laying on her back on the practice mats. She was hurting from this afternoon’s training session. She flips back up on her feet like she had seen in some of the martial arts movies she has been watching lately. She turns around to face her teacher/mentor.

Shawn just watches their newest recruit. She was a mutt and undisciplined in every sense of the word. She was also the only female Werewolf hybrid the pack has ever had in its history since it was established here.

“You need to practice some more on your own.” Shawn stands ready for her attack. He has already figured out her pattern of fighting.

“When do I have time to practice anything?” Ginny attacks Shawn with several punches and kicks. She knew it was useless, because he could counter each one of her attacks easily.

Shawn blocks and parries each of her attack effortlessly. She was quick and used moves he hadn’t seen before. They were a little sloppy on their execution, but impressive if she had managed to connect.

“Well, you could accept Leonard’s offer to live with him and let him take care of you, since you’re still a minor or you could come and live here. That way you can quit one of your jobs and practice what we are teaching you.” Shawn and his Alpha had talked about her living here. She was a minor and the only female hybrid wolf in North America of any pack. Her age alone already made her the youngest bitten wolf around. Add her being a female on top of that and a hybrid to it; it made her a unique pack member. He had felt that she posse some sort of a unique talent as well.

“But then you guys would be smothering me all the time and restricting my movements. As it is, I can’t go to work unless one of you take me or to the store unless one of you are watching over me. People are starting to talk and have been asking me questions about my relationship to you guys.” Barney had asked her if she was sleeping or turning tricks. He was concern about her and the fact she was under-age.

She told him that Leonard, who had been the one that took her to work and picked her up from work, had saved her life. She told him how she had been walking back from the store when a bunch of guys had jumped out and attacked her. Leonard had seen what had happen and came to her rescue. It wasn’t far from the truth. She had been assaulted last weekend after working most of the night at The Crazy Horse and had killed and eaten some of the flesh of her attackers. She had been introduced to the Alpha of the Kingman Pack by Leonard when she had first met him at the bar and followed him to the property the Pack owned. They owned the old 000 S Aquarius Mtn Ranch Road property. She had seen that the lone cabin on the property had been kept and refurbish for guest, but a newer three-story Spanish style mansion had been built on the center of the property.

The guys that had attacked her, were sleaze ball bikers that come through occasionally. She knew them because her mother had sex with both the last time they came through Kingman. The last time they were here, she had to spend the night down at her neighbor’s house, because they thought she was on the menu that night. She was thirteen at the time.

They had showed up on Saturday afternoon and came into the bar to watch the dancers perform and order drinks. Since they were sitting at the tables she was taking care of that night, she had to interact with them. Most of the night they ignored her and just paid attention to the dancers and ordered drinks and wings. It wasn’t till closing time that things took a bad turn and she had her first change.

They had left the bar emptied handed, because most of the girls didn’t like the way the men treated them. When she left, and headed to her scooter. She saw that someone had sliced her tires on it. She was about to call James to come and get her and her scooter. When she was grabbed from behind and shoved up against the back-brick wall of the bar. She could smell the whiskey they had been drinking when he told her, since her mother wasn’t around to please them that she would do. He had held her tight and dragged her over to a secluded area and pushed her down on the ground. His partner had grabbed her hands and was holding them above her head. She had tried to fight him off with her feet kicking aiming for his manhood, but he managed to dodge her kicks and pinned her legs down.

That was when she felt the beast inside of her come to the surface. Her fear had triggered her first changed. She had managed to break free from their hold and changed into her beast instantly. It had hurt and there was a popping sound that had followed at the same time she did it. She had instantly changed into her beast and attacked them. She had ripped the throat out of the one guy that had ripped her cheerleader outfit and then disemboweled the other one. She had eaten some of their flesh and ran off afterwards. She remembered waking up hours later in Metcalfe Park covered in blood and in her birthday suit. She didn’t remember how she got there, but she knew something bad had happen. She had managed to break into the men’s restroom at the park and clean the blood off her. She threw up when she found a piece of flesh in between her teeth.

She sneaked back to her scooter without being seen and found her torn clothes and the men she had killed. She found her cell phone and dialed the number Leonard had left her with after the meeting she had with the Alpha. Leonard had answered the phone and she told him where she was and what happened. He had told her to hide and remained hidden till he and Bryan got there. After she had gotten off the phone, she hid nearby like she was told to do. She waited till Leonard had gotten there along with his Alpha, Bryan. Leonard had found her instantly with his nose and carried her to the pick-up truck they had come in and put her inside first. Then Bryan and Leonard cleaned up the area and put the dead bodies, her scooter and their motorcycles in the back of the truck and drove off from the crime scene. She was getting nervous again and could feel herself ready to change again.

She remembered Bryan touching her on her arm. When he touched her like that, she remembered calming down immediately and putting her beast to sleep. He had kept his hand on her arm till they got back to his place. Bryan had carried her down a hidden flight of stairs and into a room that had several jail cell style cells in it with a cot. He told her it was for her owned good right now and he would stay with her for the rest of the night. He told her that she could change and not hurt anyone. He said the bars would make it so she couldn’t touch them for long. Because the bars were covered with silver impregnated paint and a solid steel and titanium core. She wouldn’t be able to break herself out of them. She would be safe inside, till she learned how to control her change.

She remembered him laying her down on the cot and locking the cell afterwards. She had broken down and cried all night long. She was kept in there all day Sunday and was allowed out later, only if she agreed to have a pack member keep an eye on her. If she didn’t agree to this, she would be kept in there all week till he was satisfied she could control her beast. She was taken upstairs to the Master bathroom and given a bath. Leonard had gone out and bought her pajamas suitable for a girl her age and dressed her in them. She was feed and finally put to bed so she could get up and go to work on Monday.

Bryan had said that for now on, she would always have a pack member shadowing her, till she learned to control her beast. If she didn’t like it, she could quit her job and live with Leonard or move from where she lives now and move in here at the mansion. She was now considered part of the pack and since she was still under aged she would be taken care of.

“Look Ginny. You’re a very rare occurrence. Most women don’t survive being bitten. On top of that no one your age has ever survived being bitten, male or female, that along makes you very valuable to any pack around. If you add the fact that you are the only female hybrid wolf around, which we still don’t understand how that is possible. It gives you a unique status in the Werewolf community. Since you are the only female wolf around, it is the Alpha’s duty to protect you. It’s a wolf thing, not a human thing. It is part of his nature or I should say our nature to protect the females and the submissive in our pack. It is the reason we fight among ourselves sometimes. First, we must find where we fit in a pack structure and then once we discover our rank or place in the pack, then we protect the submissive and females. You guys bring order and calmness to us, so that makes us very protective of you guys.” Shawn watches Ginny as she digests what he just told her.

Ginny didn’t know what to make of this. She knew that there were twenty members in the pack so far and that a third of them were submissive. She was the only teenage female in a group of twenty men. She knew one of the men in the pack was a known gay guy in town and someone you didn’t want to get in a fight with. He was ex-special forces and he owned a local bar in town. It was called the Desert Moon. She had thought about working there, but she heard the owner played by the rules and wouldn’t hire someone her age.

She looks towards Shawn “Let me think about it some. I can see some benefits with either moving in with Leonard or here. It would allow me to save some money and maybe go back to school as well.”

“See there is a bright side to all this. Now, let’s get back to your hand-to-hand training, shall we?” Shawn runs towards Ginny to throw her off guard.

Ginny is caught off guard as she is sent to the mats again. She gets up and goes at it again with Shawn. She already knew it was going to be a long three hours and she’ll be going to work all bruised and sore tomorrow morning. How she was going to explain her condition, she’ll have to twist the truth and tell Barney and the guys she is learning to protect herself, after last weekend.

She and Shawn continue to work for a while more. Since she lost, it would be her job to clean up the exercise room. She cleans up the exercise room and wipes down the mats, before heading upstairs to the bedroom she was using as her own. She pulls out a pair of shorts and a tank top and lays them out on the bed with clean underwear. Since she really didn’t have much of a chest, she decided not to wear a bra today.

As she walks out of her bedroom, she spots Shawn coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“You’re turn, pup.” Shawn just smiles and heads into his bedroom to get dress.

“I’m not a pup.” Ginny just shakes her head. Ever since Leonard started calling her a stray puppy, all the other people she interacts with here at the mansion has picked up on it.

Ginny heads into the bathroom with the toilet seat still up and Shawn’s sweat soaked exercise shorts and shirt hanging out of the dirty clothes hamper. She stuffs them in and then her own exercise clothes afterwards. Hers were more sweat soaked then his were. She loved the fact that Bryan had a huge bath tub and shower. It could hold six or eight people at once and have plenty of hot water to use. She relaxes under the hot water and thinks about what Shawn has been trying to get her to do. It would be easier to explain things at work to Barney. She could just tell him that she was renting a room up here or even at Leonard’s place. Leonard’s place was closer to her work and could easily get there on her scooter or walk there on foot. Here she could still get to work by her scooter, but it was a longer ride. She could quit her job at the bar and only work six days a week, instead of all week long each week.

Ginny thinks about this during her shower. She gets out and dries off and heads back towards her bedroom with the towel wrapped around her slim body. She was skinny and notices that her appetite was more than normal now. As she walks into the bedroom, she notices that someone had called her on her cell phone.

“Hey, Ginny its Marshall Ridges. A gentleman from Eugenics Research stopped by and wants to talk to you about what happened with one of their escape research animals that bite you last week. I’ve texted you his name and phone number and he wants you to call him when you can. I hope you’re feeling better. Thanks again for all your help. Bye.” Ginny checks her texts messages and notices the text from Marshall. The person name is Dr. Carl Weathers and his phone number is 928-374-5231.

“I better show this to Bryan and see what he says.” As Ginny starts to get dress, she notices someone has left a braided gold bracelet with a charm on it that said: To our, newest stray puppy, The Pack. Someone had left it lying on top of her folded-up tank top.

Ginny shakes her head back and forth as she puts it on around her wrist and finishes getting dress. She brushes out her hair and notices that it has gotten longer and was down past her shoulder blades. She’ll have to ask Bryan about that as well. Ever since her first changed, she notices her hair has been getting longer. Also, when she was in the shower, she noticed her body was filling out more and she was becoming curvier then she used to be.

Ginny walks downstairs and hears voices coming from the living room. There were at least six voices coming from it. At least three of them she knew, but the other three she didn’t know. She cautiously walks in and looks at all the men standing around drinking whiskey and talking.
Leonard, Shawn, was standing over near the fireplace. Bryan was sitting in a custom-made recliner and smoking a cigar. The two of the three guys that she didn’t know were sitting on the sofa and drinking whiskey. The other guy was leaning against the wall near the door she was walking through.

“Sorry, if I’m interrupting anything.” Ginny stops and looks at all the guys standing around.

Bryan looks up at Ginny’s voice “you’re not interrupting anything Ginny. We were actually talking about you as a matter of fact.”

Bryan puts his cigar down and stands up and walks over towards Ginny.

“Did I do something wrong?” Ginny watches as Bryan walks over to her.

“Nope, I want you to meet three more members of the pack.” He gives Ginny a smile and takes her hand in his and turns her to an older gentleman with a bald head standing near her.

“This is David Robins and he works for Arizona’s MVD.” He was shorter then Bryan and a little bit more muscular then Leonard. He looked to be in his forties.

David looks at the pack’s newest member. She was short, young and kind of plain looking. She had straight black hair past her shoulders and a light tan to her skin. He could tell she was of European decent, because of her facial features. He had run her mother’s name and her name through the data base and found nothing on her, but found out that her mother had a suspended license for a DWI two years ago. She was still using the same address that the girl was listing as her address in the trailer park.

“It’s nice to meet you, my dear.” He lifts Ginny’s hand up and places a kiss on it.

Ginny blushes from the kiss on her hand, because no one has ever done that before to her.

“It’s nice to meet you too, David.” Ginny felt a little nervous being around him. She could feel the power he posse. She could tell he was
weaker then Leonard, but stronger then Shawn.

Bryan smiles, because he had watched her expression and could sense she knew how to tell the pecking order in the pack. He walks Ginny over to Tom Anderson and his cousin Andrew Cables. Ginny learns that both own an aircraft supply and rental company. Tom was the older between the two and was a Marine. He had dirty blonde hair and a scar on the left side of his face from a challenge he had been in. His cousin Andrew was an aircraft mechanic and flew airplanes. He had joined the Air Force at the same time his cousin Tom joined the Marines. Both had short brown and black hair. Tom had black hair, while his cousin had brown hair. Both were about the same height and build and had very dark tans. She figures that they spent most of their time outside in the sun.

Tom and Andrew saw the same thing that David had in their newest pack member. She was short and underage. They could also smell that she wasn’t a pure wolf, but a hybrid like they had been informed.

Andrew looks at their newest pack member “So? I heard you had your first change last weekend. What did it feel like to you?”

Ginny had to think about that question. She thought back to how she had changed and how her beast had sprung forth out of her body instantly.

She looks at everyone before speaking “I don’t know what normal change is to you guys, but mine was instant. It was like my beast just sprung forth from my body. One minute I was human and the next I was a Coywolf. I didn’t go through what you see in most Werewolf movies. My
Coywolf just sprung from my human form.”

“You’re saying that your beast just sprung from your human form instantly?” Shawn and Leonard both looked at Ginny.

“Yes, it just sprung forth and attacked the men who were trying to rape me.” Ginny remembered what they had intended to do to her.

“Wow, I would have given money to see that.” Shawn couldn’t believe it.

“Ginny, could you change right now if I asked you too?” Bryan turns to look at Ginny.

“I think so, sir. However, before I do change. I just received a text message from Marshall at the junkyard I went to last week. He told me a representative from some genetics company that was using the Coywolf for animal testing had visited him and wanted to talk to the person their test subject had bitten. I can’t legally agree to this, because I am underage and the fact that it was his test subject that has turned me into what I am now.” Ginny looks towards Bryan.

“They might want to draw blood and question her about what happened. How they managed to administer the virus that creates us to an ordinary Coywolf and then have it passed on. It would be interesting to learn about. Also, where did they get their hands on the Werewolf virus in the first place?” Andrew looks at Bryan and Ginny.

“I wouldn’t mind learning what they were up too as well.” Ginny looks at Bryan.

“Alright, Leonard, David, I want you two to go with Ginny and act as Ginny’s father. David, I want you to go and search their place and find out what they are researching.” Bryan looks at Leonard first and David afterwards.

“Yes sir.” Leonard could easily act like Ginny’s father.

David figures it shouldn’t be too hard. He’ll just use his NSA credentials to get in and look around.

Bryan turns towards Ginny “I think it might be best if you move in here till you learn how to control your change. I know you might not like this, but you’re unique and new at being a shifter.”

“I’m under contract for two years and I own my trailer.” Ginny didn’t want to leave her home. It was hers and she wanted to stay there.

Bryan puts his hand on Ginny’s shoulder “look, I know I’m asking a lot from you, but it’s for your own good and those around you. You need to learn how to control the beast inside of you and you can’t do that on your own in this territory. Normally, the wolf that changed you would be responsible for teaching you how to control your wolf. However, in this case the wolf that has bitten you can’t teach you. To add to your problems, you’re the only female wolf around for several states. That makes you an asset. The only other female wolf around is in Las Vegas and there are only three of them and the pack they are part of protect them jealously. One is the mate of the Alpha and the other two are unmated. They have body guards around them always. Since Kingman is considered neutral territory among the packs. A lot of packs meet here to hash out their problems with each other and with other supernatural creatures that would love to see each other dead. You would be a trophy for them to have.”

Ginny looks at Bryan “fine, I’ll move in here, but I won’t quit my job at the junkyard.”

“You don’t need to. You can keep both your jobs if you want to. Having you at both locations is an asset to us.” Bryan figures being honest with Ginny would work best.

“Fine, you’ll need to talk with the manager at the trailer park and inform him. He will want to speak to me.” Ginny didn’t mind the manager. He had been a good friend to her and helped her when her mother left her.

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